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Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Nemesis, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    He opened his eyes, adjusting to his new surroundings. Trees, every which way. As the figure climbed to his feet, he felt his belt, checking that he still had his Pokeballs. Happy with what he found, the trainer looked around at the small clearing he had found himself in.

    However, there didn't seem much to look around at. It appeared Arcinius had materialized in the middle of a dense forest, placed neatly in a small circular clearing. Quickly, the mage's gaze shot to the sky, just to see a Tailow dart from a nearby tree. Nothing threatening, but also nothing to tell him where he was. Tailow were common around the Pokemon Islands, he could have been in any forest for all he knew.

    Arcinius' last memory was being in Viridian city, attending to some buisness. As usual he wore a long gold and black cape, but now his hair was much longer. It was almost perfectly straight, and flowed down to just above his shoulders. After Viridian, his memory was blank.

    It seemed as if he had just appeared in this place.

    Where ever it was...

    "We have one, Master." A slim figure said in to a microphone at his desk, as he looked away from the monitor that showed Arcinius looking around his surroundings. "The teleportation field should bring the others too us soon."

    "Good" A deep voice replied through the communication system. "Then we can begin the tests straight away."
  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    That familiar feeling of having his body ripped from where it was, moving only a few seconds ahead of his consciousness, being sent somewhere else, was upon Yoshimitsu. He knew it wasn't so, but he felt like he was just soaring through the sky, unsupported, the wind rippling through his hair and clothes, lashing at his skin.

    The feeling only lasted, at the very most, a second. He was in a completely different place now. No longer was he stood in the middle of Celadon City, preparing to challenge the gym leader there. The ground below him was no longer the solid stones that made the roads, but it was a slightly damp, grassy area. The sun that had previously been beating down on him had gone, blocked by the trees, though this was not entirely unwelcome. It had been a very warm day in Celadon. Around him, he could hear the sound of pokemon rushing around, fighting, scavenging, and whatever else wild pokemon liked to do.

    "What in the world...?" Yoshimitsu muttered to himself, quickly patting himself down. He still had all his possessions - his belt, standard issue magnetic belt, was still firmly holding his pokeballs in place. All of his pokeballs. He rumaged through his pockets on his black jacket and jeans. All his money was still with him. His sword was still hanging loosely at his waist, clipped on to his belt. Seemed he'd just been transported somewhere.

    "I'm not gonna find anything if I just hang around here, though," Yoshimitsu said, running his fingers through his black-and-purple spikey hair. He reached to his belt and grabbed one of the pokeballs, the one with a blue stripe painted over it. He tapped the button twice, causing it to at first expand, then release the enclosed pokemon. In a flash of light, a small-ish pokemon appeared, a Shiny Kirlia.
    "Kirlia, can you sense the area for anyone we know?" Yoshimitsu asked. Kirlia nodded and closed her eyes, her horns glowing blue. Within seconds, she had stopped.
    "Kirrrlia!" Kirlia squeaked. Yoshimitsu nodded.
    "Whereabouts?" Yoshimitsu asked. Kirlia turned and pointed in what looked like an entirely random direction. Yoshimitsu nodded again, and raised his pokeball, returning Kirlia. Without hesitation, he started running in the direction Kirlia had pointed in.

    It wasn't even a minute before Yoshimitsu came sliding to a halt. He abruptly stopped, his trainers sliding over the damp grass as he slid halfway into the clearing. He looked around and saw a familiar person.
    "Arcinius!" He yelled, entirely unnecessarily. "Good to see ya again! Any ideas what's going on?"
  3. Lavin blinked up at the soft canopy of leaves blocking his view. It took a minute for the trainer to realize he was on his back, in a place he had no recollection of venturing to. He took to his feet quickly, scanning the clearing for the Pokemon he had only gotten a few days ago. The yellow-furred electric mouse wasn't anywhere in the clearing, so he checked his belt. The minimized red ball was there, and he sighed in relief.

    "Now...where am I?" he asked nobody in particular, not expecting an answer and not getting one.

    Shafts of sinlight filtered through the trees, and he shielded his eyes as he paced around the leaf-strewn forest. His last memory was of pitching camp for the night, somewhere in between Petalburg and Oldale. He had been trying to find firewood....and then he was here. It was like he had just popped into existence in an entirely different location than he had started at.

    Well, that's only moderately strange he considered skeptically, considering whether or not to climb one of the multitude of trees to get a grip on his whereabouts. Lan's fingers went to the metallic device clipped to his belt, but after a moment of thought, he decided that having Earu out was likely to complicate things rather than help. The energetic Pikachu was still to enthusiastic about being free from Birch's lab to listen properly to commands.

    Instead, he relaxed and let his senses adjust to the new location. He began to catch the sounds of wild Pokemon roaming about, as well as the smaller sounds such as the wind dancing among the leaves. After a moment he leaned back against the rough bark of what appeared to be an average oak tree. Maybe if he waited, the answers would come to him...or take him to them. The new trainer kept his eyes peeled for human activity - that, at least, would be a start.
  4. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    "Yoshimitsu?" Arcinius said with surprise, as his old friend appeared from the forest. "Good to see it wasn't just me that seems to be randomly jumping across the world."

    The area was still quite, with only small bugs such as Caterpie and Wurmple crawling around the trunks of the nearby trees. Arcinius had been assessing the location for dangers ever since he had arrived, and apart from the arrival of another human, that turned out to be Yoshimitsu, he had not detected anything.

    "I don't suppose you have any clues as to where we are?" Arcinius asked, already knowing the answer. Just then, however, he sensed a movement in the nearby trees. definitely human.

    "And who might you be?" Arcinius called out, his hand ready to summon the Sun Sword, his golden weapon, if needed.
  5. Lan's eyes locked on the direction of the voice - not only was it quite obviously human, but it sounded nearby. The blond-haired trainer made his way through several layers or foliage, and came out on a clearing that resembled his own. The only difference was that this one had two trainers standing companionably in it.

    "Assuming that you're the one that asked me my name, I'm Lavin." Lan supplied cheerily, feeling a bit less singular with company. "You probably aren't the one or ones that teleported me here, seeing as you weren't expecting me, are you?" he asked inquisitively, still clueless as to why he was there.

    The two looked rather perplexed themselves, though Lan guessed that they were veterans compared to him - the multiple Pokeballs at their belts confirmed that notion. He felt borderline hostility from the cloak-wearing man, but then again, Lan was feeling rather suspicious himself. Maybe it's just a side-effect from teleporting to some random forest... he thought to himself, making his friendly smile grow marginally.

    The fact that he had introduced himself and then proceeded to chat about traveling without warning didn't strike Lan as odd - if the other trainers were there, then they were a part of this weird occurrence as well, after all.
  6. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    "No, we didn't bring you here." Arcinius said, relaxing a little. However, he was a little dissapointed that this new figure had no light to shed on the situation.

    "My name is Arcinius." He added, running a hand through his hair. "And this is Yoshimitsu. I've no idea why we are here, but the fact you are here too rules out any of the usual enemies. That means there is only one factor between us all."

    He looked down at his belt. What he was going to say sounded ridiculous, almost everyone in the regions shared this quality.

    "We are Pokemon Trainers. That's it. I'm a master, Yoshi here is a skilled trainer, match there." Arcinius looked to his friend, hoping he hadn't offended him.

    "Someone seems to be kidnapping Pokemon trainers. But why, when there is a ready supply any where on the islands?@
  7. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    And quite suddenly and out of the blue, a scream interrupted the semi-silence of the forest. It was promptly cut off as a crash burst out, and a very shaken young woman fell into the clearing, a pokeball already in her hand. Standing up immediately, she returned the pokeball to her belt, looked the others up and down, and demanded, 'Well? Anyone care to explain what I'm doing here?'

    Her blond hair was still in the ponytail she always kept it in, but it was now, of course, cluttered with twigs and various leaf debris. A large hole in the canopy of trees above marked her descent, and the pokeballs at her belt marked her as yet another Pokemon trainer. Her clothes were dishevelled, similar to every aspect of her at that moment. Her blue eyes glared specifically glared at Yoshimitsu. She recognised this one.

    'You. Yoshimitsu,' she said, instead of waiting for an answer. 'I suppose I should really be asking what we are doing here. As far as I know, I was forced to teleport here from Skan Town...' She looked away, at her shoes - muddy, dirty, tatty - and tried to remember what she'd been doing in Skan Town in the first place. She remembered that she'd been bored, and had been looking for something to do- the job. Of course! There'd been posters everywhere! She looked up again, and grunted. 'For those who don't know, my name is Rachel,' she announced, and stalked off out of the clearing towards where she believed she sensed something strange. Something hiding from her. What could it be... she wondered to herself, then stopped. It had gone. Nothing. Returning to the clearing, she glared at the three until any one of them decided to say something.
  8. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    "Y'know, I was having a nice little fantasy that I'd somehow managed to teleport to a warm, little, tropical resort for a relaxing weekend off. Then I was snapped out of it by a young lass screaming. I miss that fantasy..."

    A voice replied from the forest around them, footsteps and a body following afterwards. Into the clearing stepped a young man, donned rather totally in black - black shoes, black trousers, black shirt, long, ground length leather coat, also black. In fact, the most non-black thing about him was his brown, spikey and generally considered out-of-control hair.

    "Arcinius." He said with a nod, hands buried in his pockets as he gazed out at his surroundings with shimmering silver eyes. "...Yoshimitsu, right?" He cocked his head a little as he picked up the faint familliarity of the second male in the group. He didn't know him too well, but he had seen him about. Maybe he'd helped save the world once or twice, he couldn't be sure.

    Nearby was the girl that so cruelly shattered his own personal illusions, who was clearly agitated about something, which was on the verge of making him agitated about her being agitated. Which was making him a little agitated. She was somewhat familliar, less-so than Yoshimitsu was but he was certain he had seen her around before as well - maybe quite some time ago. He simply smiled and nodded, hoping that they had, indeed, met and he wasn't being terribly rude by not introducing himself.

    Finally, he noticed a third male in the group this one he definitely didn't recognise.

    "You, I've definitely not had the pleasure of meeting before." Fishing one hand out of his pockets, waved it towards the stranger - not particularly feeling anything as he did so, his hands had long since had their last stimuli.

    "I'm Gary Oak." Gary really was unsure if this needed to be said or not. The vast majority of people, let alone Pokemon trainers, knew who he was for at least one of a dozen or so reasons - if only for his Grandfather alone - but somehow, he felt rude if he didn't introduce himself anyway.
  9. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Arcinius grinned as Gary appeared within the group, he had been waiting for his oldest friend to make an appearance. However, he was slightly taken aback by Gary's unfamiliarity with him. they had once been firm friends, saving the world together on many an occasion. Now however, it seemed as if Gary was talking to someone he had met on only a few occasions.

    However, Arcinius knew there were more important things going on at the moment. Their kidnap, as he saw it, would have to take priority.

    "To answer your question, Rachel," Arcinius said, looking her in the eyes, "None of us have any idea why we are here. Or indeed where here is.@ He was about to say something more, when a loud screech above cut him off.

    Darting his view to the sky, Arcinius caught sight of a large grey shape flying over the hole Rachel had created in the trees. Two huge wings flapped powerfully, as a spiked tail swung behind it.

    "That, however," Arcinius shouted, grabbing a Pokeball from his belt and throwing it to the floor, "May just give us a clue."

    Without waiting for the others to react, Arcinius turned to his Pokemon, the marvelous Golden Dragonite which now stood next to him, towering over the group, and jumped up to its neck.
    "Up, quickly!" Arcinius shouted, prompting Dragonite to rapidly flap its small wings, lifting from the ground to the sky above.

    As Dragonite leveled out to a horizontal position, Arcnius shifted his grip around the beasts neck.
    "After that Areodactyl!" He yelled, pointing at the shape that was rapidly moving further away, towards a huge rocky spire in the distance. Knowing instinctively that Gary, if not all of the trainers, would soon be following him on their own Pokemon, Arcinius did not look back.


    "Plan A is working as planned, Master. They are heading towards the spire."

    "Wonderful." The voice responded. "However, this is only the start. They have a lot more to do to prove they are worthy."
  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Gary watched intently as the Aerodactyl flew overhead and wasn't terribly surprised to then watch Arcinius bolt after it on the Golden Dragonite he had helped him to catch all those years ago.

    He looked to the other three trainers, all of whom were probably pretty surprised and confused as to what was going on. Gary didn't have much of a clue either, but he wasn't showing it. Instead he simply watched on at the events unfolding with a simple smile on his face.

    "Go with him." Gary instructed the three trainers sagely as he simply continued to stand and watch on, hands firmly in pockets.

    From his belt, a flash blew up and a roar errupted, standing beside him was Charizard. His Charizard. His very first Pokemon - and his strongest. Gary simply nodded to Charizard, who could smell Arcinius and its rival - the Dragonite - with no difficulty at all. It knew what to do, and instantly it unfolded its wings and streaked off into the sky after them.

    Again, Gary turned to the trainers facing him and nodded back after Arcinius. "Go." With that, he turned around - the bottom of his coat drifting in the air behind him as he did so and headed deeper into the forest alone.
  11. Quite discordinated by the steady flow of arriving trainers - well, not very many, but they all had been teleported there, which was rather uncommon - Lan watched wordlessly as the man introduced as Arcinius took off into the sky on the back of a magnificent Dragonite. Right afterwards, Gary Oak commanded that they follow the trainer in his pursuit of the cryptic dinosaur-like Pokemon, before sending out his own Charizard and then disappearing into the forest's depths.

    "Well...not to sound inconvenient, but I have a tiny issue with traveling by air." he remarked calmly, unclasping his only occupied Pokeball and presenting it. " But unless a Pikachu can fly, I'm stuck on the ground."

    With a weary grin he sighed and waited for everyone else's reactions. Being teleported to an island filled with advanced trainers, as well as an important Professor, wasn't what he had expected mere days after meeting his first Pokemon.

    "Give me a month or so and I might be able to join you - otherwise I'm walking or hitchhiking." he commented in a joking manner, truthfully wishing he had a ridable Pokemon at the moment.

    Couldn't this particular venture have waited until I have a stronger team? he wondered curiously. As it was, he re-adjusted his shoulder strap and let the magnetic clasps take hold of Earu's Pokeball for awhile longer.
  12. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Very Doctor-esque, Alex. ^^

    BIC: 'I suppose you'll want a lift, then,' said Rachel sourly, glancing over at Lan. 'Sophierre can probably help.' The trainer took a pokeball from her belt, releasing the gardevoir into the forest. With a nod at each other, both trainer and pokemon began to float above the ground, then picked up speed, heading after the charizard. Sophierre hung back, waiting for Lan's reply, but she wasn't going to wait long.

    Rachel herself, meanwhile, was easily catching up with the small group ahead of her. She couldn't see ahead of them, though. Shame. She would've liked to know what exactly they were chasing. Without much experience outside of the Kyak Islands, she didn't know very much about the pokemon unavailable there - and this one looked bigger than any she'd seen before, judging from the brief glimpse she'd had of it.
  13. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Yoshimitsu reacted faster than lightning when he heard some wings flap above him, spinning on the spot and drawing his sword as he looked in the direction of the noise. Sighing shakily, he sheathed his sword when he saw it was only an Aerodactyl. However, Aerodactyl were supposed to be extinct or, at the very least, incredibly rare. Yoshimitsu nodded as Arcinius, Gary and Rachel all made their exits, with Rachel's Gardevoir loitering behind to help Lan.

    "Show off," he muttered, smirking, as Rachel soared off, apparently unaided. Yoshimitsu could, if he wanted, fly on his own without having to ride on a pokemon. However, he didn't want to. Much easier to get a lift. Besides, his pokemon were slightly out of shape. He snatched up a pokeball from his belt and released the pokemon. In a blinding flash of light, Flygon appeared in front of Yoshimitsu, who promptly hopped on the dragon-type's back. Flygon spread his powerful wings and took off, sending a small shockwave as he launched himself (and Yoshimitsu) powerfully into the air.
    "Flygon, we're following them!" Yoshimitsu roared above the wind, pointing at the three figures ahead of him.
  14. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Arcinius looked behind him to see what he had expected. A large Charizard was gaining on them, followed by Yoshimitsu's Flygon and a Gardevoir using its psychic powers to float in the air with Rachel.

    However, Arcinius was surprised to see that Gary was no where to be seen. It was most unusual for him not to bolt after Arcinius on an occasion like this, but Arcinius had to wonder where he had vanished too.

    That matter would have to wait, however, as Dragonite was now getting closer to the huge mountain in front of them. At this distance, Arcinius could see that there seemed to be a huge cave in the side, but with no visable horizontal surface to walk on. Instead, multiple Areodactyl flew lazily around their makeshift home, content at lazing around in their cave.

    Until, that was one of them caught sight of the Golden Dragonite heading their way. Almost instinctively, Arcinius yelled at Dragonite to turn as soon as he saw the Areodactyl catch sight of them. Hoping the others would follow his lead, Arcinius commanded Dragonite to fly at full speed.

    However, he kept looking back. This wasn't a retreat. This was a plan.
  15. Gazing intently at the elegant fox-like Pokemon, Lan brushed off the girl's curt reply and smiled at the Gardevoir.

    "Well, I could just wait here and hope I handily teleport again, but other than that a lift - speaking literally it seems - would be appreciated." he called up to the psychic-type, resting one hand intently on his single Pokeball as his body rose into the air.

    The sight wasn't very informative, and he felt glad that he hadn't scouted out the area. Just more tree-tops, their bushy green leaves massing together to form a solid picture. Needless to say levitating was new to him but he didn't have problems with it. Like riding on someone's shoulders...albeit a giant's shoulders, but still similar he thought calmly, peering up ahead through the clear, blue sky.

    [OOC- Bleh, I reckon Grey might've done better after all...oh well, I can just be the random kid #151..yay~ Short post due to responsive-ness]

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