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Last Refuge

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Reynald, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. OOC: Futuristic/End of the World RP. If you would like to join, shoot me a pm with character, intro post preferably, and if you have some things you want to happen, lemme know so I can work it in to whats going on.

    Tekrin soldiers: http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee18 ... _super.jpg

    MB32 Assault Rifle: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y195/B ... r/M230.jpg

    Alriiight then…



    “Today’s date is August 23rd, 2348 on Planet Jericho. My name is Jasper Alsbeth . Hopefully by the time you have watched this, we will have won and mankind has survived.”

    “I guess I should start from the beginning…”

    “In 2290, the nations of Earth unified into one, called the United Earth, and finally brought peace to the planet. Technology boomed after that. By the start of the new century, UE scientists discovered how to travel across large amounts of space in mere hours, Subspace Travel. Now that expansion was possible, mankind spread to planets throughout the universe finding inhabitable planets and settling down. Of course, with the new expansion came a new space navy, known as the United Earth Marines.
    Everything was fine for awhile. Technology kept improving, and the planets flourished. Whenever a rebel faction tried to rise up, the UEM stepped in and settled the matter quickly and cleanly.”

    “Why am I doing this again? I could be-“

    “Just finish the video recording.”

    “Um, right, anyways. Things were fine until UE lost contact with multiple colonies along the outer rim of UE territory in 2320. Forces were sent to investigate, never came back.

    They are called the Tekrin, or at least that is what they called themselves. No one knows where they came from but it was plain what they wanted: Mankind Extinct.

    There isn’t much information on the Tekrin, their technology outshines ours by light-years. They are some kind of living, robotic organism. They don’t feel pain, and they don’t quit. The Tekrin communicate through a “hive mind”, fancy way of saying they are all linked to each other somehow. What one knows, they all know if the signal isn’t jammed. They can also communicate vocally…somehow. Their standard soldiers are tall and bipedal. They have arms and reverse jointed legs, like horse legs almost, with three fingers and toes. A long, slender, neck bends forwards to a single encased, glowing, ocular device. They are encased in tough armor. Some have been known to have shields. There are other variations. But I don’t know them all.”

    “You can get a scientist to give the rest of the specs.”

    “Sigh…fine. Just finish.”

    “Back to the story then. Mankind didn’t stand a chance. The Tekrin arrived, announced their presence and their purpose, attempted to steal information from our ship computers, and opened fire. Their weapons are too advanced, their ships are quicker and more powerful, and they are smart. In the last 20 years the UEM has been reduced to rubble and what was left of the colonies and planets have gone into hiding. We are barely holding on, currently holed up in an old, underground, bomb shelter. The lead blocks their scanners, thankfully, but it prevents us from trying to communicate with anyone outside, if there is anyone left. The only safe communications are short range radios we have tapped into piping to boost the signal.

    As it stands right now they can’t find us amongst all the tunnels that we have dug. If they do however, it will probably be over quick. We have nowhere to run except into the maze of tunnels and even then…anyways. That’s it.

    This is Jasper, signing out.”


    Jasper sighed and traced his finger along a massive scar running from his hairline, across his left eye, and down to his chin before brushing his jet black hair out of his eyes. He flicked the video camera off before sighing, “There. I’ m done. Can I get back to work?” He looked up to the burly military man standing behind him with his arms crossed. Jasper’s left eye tagged him as, Lt. Avery.

    “Yea, you can go, kid. Just don’t get into another fight.” Avery scoffed before marching out of the room to continue his duties.

    Jasper stretched and made his way through the shelter towards the front gate. The bomb shelter was hidden within a mountain out of sight. Two large blast doors prevented anything from getting in or out without a fight. The doors lead into a large hanger, which then branches off to the many dug out sectors of the camp. Jasper passed by the underground crop fields and the firing range, passively observing everyone at work. A few messengers ran information from the communications room to the main conference room where the UEM soldiers gathered to discuss where the shelter stood and what was needed. Supplies were running low, with the increased Tekrin activity parties haven’t been able to head out and scrounge the cities for anything that could help. Hopefully one would be sent out soon, Jasper intended to volunteer and get out of this hole in the ground and do some actual damage to the Tekrin.

    Jasper reached the blast doors and nodded to the guards, “I’m on the next shift. Replacing Alex. Can you let me out?”

    The guards glowered at him and gave him a once over. Finally one soldier nodded to the gun rack to his right, “Grab a rifle and get out there. Rorik, open the gate.” The soldier dismissed Jasper and returned to his post along the door. Jasper grabbed a rifle from the rack and gave it a once over before loading a clip into the stock, racking a round, and flipping the safety on. An MB32 Assault Rifle with a scoped attached, standard military issue rifle. Tough and reliable, Jasper slung the file onto his back and proceeded through the open doors. A long, winding tunnel lead to the outside, lit only by small chemical lights placed along the edges of the walls. Jasper jogged down the tunnel to the entrance where another set of doors awaited. The doors were camouflaged to mask the outer mountainside. Active camouflage couldn’t be used; the Tekrin would pick up on the electronic signals.

    Jasper checked through the door slits to make sure the area was clear before slipping outside onto Jericho. Customary heat washed over him instantly, followed by the smell of the forest. It was 4 o’clock, the hottest part of the day, when both of Jericho’s suns sat in the sky, one setting in the east and the second rising in the west. It was never dark on Jericho, and always hot. The base of the mountainside fell into Jericho’s massive forest which covered most of the planet save for cities and bodies of water. Jasper breathed in the moist air before smiling, he loved it here. It was and always will be his home.

    “Jasper. Up here.”

    Quietly scrambling up the mountainside, Jasper took his place among the other refugee soldiers. A few gave him a wry smile while others kept watch through the thick tree line. Jasper returned their smile, “Alex, you’re done, my turn to take shift.” Alex, a blonde man roughly Jasper’s age, nodded and began to gather his gear.

    “Any sign of Tekrin?”

    Alex shook his head, “Nothing right now except the usual. We may actually be able to pull a scavenge run once the eastern sun sets and the temperature drops.”

    Jasper nodded. Right now all of the larger creatures, the ones that didn’t run, would be wandering around for water. Wouldn’t be safe to get caught amongst them, “Any idea who the UEM is going to pick?”

    “Probably a group of us, they are too busy defending the shelter and planning what to do next to bother with a run.”

    “What to do next? You mean besides starve to death?”

    Alex frowned, “They have been keeping things pretty hush hush right now. They have something planned. I’m not sure what it is.” He brushed himself off, “Anyways. Heading inside, keep your eyes sharp, Jasper.”

    “You too, Alex. If you hear anything let me know.”

    Alex slipped down the mountainside out of sight while Jasper set himself among the rocks, giving him a large view of the forest. In the distance, small ships could be seen flying around scouting the forest, Tekrin patrols. They were too far to be of any threat. Jasper made a mental note of their position before carefully adjusting the sights on his rifle.

    As glad as he was that there haven’t been any Tekrin Recon groups to take care of, Jasper really wanted some action.
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  2. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Put my full character description here

    Alright, here's the introduction:

    *Drip...drip...drip...drip...*The sound of water falling upon the ground echoed through the dank cavern, giving off a near-rhythmic sound pattern as each droplet descended and splashed, reaching its gravitational destination. There was nothing that could stop the pattern from going on. It was a simple law of nature. It was the way things worked.

    It was much like how the young man hiding in the same cavern knew he would sooner or later get caught...sooner or later get killed. He had been avoiding this fate for years, but it was an inevitable one. It was simply how things went: humans hid, the Tekrin found them, they were killed. It was what became of his parents, and it was bound to become of him. Still, the man persevered; He persevered to defy this way. Of course, such efforts were not without the consequences. He was poorly dressed, starved of resources, and the sleepless nights were starting to take a major toll on him.

    "Damn it all..." Gill muttered repeatedly to himself. He had kept this game of cat and mouse going for 5 years, and it looked as if the end was approaching very soon. Whether this was true or not, he didn't pay much mind. The game was still on, and he hadn't lost yet. "I just have to find another place to go...somewhere else to hide..." He thought out loud, cracking his knuckles as he thought of where he could go from here, and how.
    He had been running through the gargantuan forest for years now, his location becoming lost in his memory, and he had never found anything worthwhile, more often nearly getting sighted and blasted apart by patrolling Tekrin, or even worse off, their scout ships. Of course, he had always kept the hope that there would be something, anything, if he just kept moving. "Maybe today'll be the day." He said, trying to raise his confidence to carry on. He was the only one left of the small group that had been on the run all this time, the only one who hadn't either been captured, or hadn't given himself up to get his death over with. He hadn't suffered for this long to simply fall dead.

    Looking at the opening to the cavern above him, he gripped his pistol tightly, silently counted to ten, then quickly jumped out of the confinement and started running once more. Running for some blind chance of finding hope.

    Unfortunately for him, what came first was the sound of metal hitting against wood. 'Just my goddamn luck..' he thought to himself, running even faster as he heard the two Tekrin behind him yelling out commands. "Just try and catch me you clunkers!" He yelled back, knowing he was in no position to taunt superior beings, but not caring in the slightest. He was fried either way, so might as well go out with a bang. Bolting through the underbrush, swerving through the trees and ducking under the shrubs as the sound of weapons fire becoming evident, Gill noticed something evident through the dense forestation. "What is that, a mountain?" He thought, suddenly becoming much more inclined to keep running. Mountains meant another place to hide, and finally a way out of these forsaken forests. Looking back as he heard the robotic species get ever closer, he fired his last two bullets and went back to looking forwards as he heard the bullets clang against metal.
    "That aught'a slow them down a while longer" He thought aloud, pushing through a dense patch of evergreens, the cuts from the needles nearly numbing his arms. The mountains were close, he could see the light. He didn't care how tired he was, how exhausted he had become, how hopeless the situation really was, he just wanted to live another day. Getting his second wind, Gill picked up his pace, running too fast to notice the overgrown root in front of him. Grunting as he tripped and fell on the mudded ground, he picked himself up, only to be greeted by a single Tekrin, looking down at him, its weapon aimed in preparation to fire. Gill gave the creature a hateful glare, one he knew was meaningless to it. He realized he was done. All this, and he was going to die empty handed.

    "Go to hell, you soulless monster!!" He yelled as his planned last words, anticipating the impact of the Tekrin's weapon fire.

    Then his fear of death came back. The same horrible fear that caused him to keep running while the others fell. His mind going blank, and his eyes seeing only red, Gill let out a loud, violent war cry as he lunged towards the Tekrin in front of him, pistol whipping the glowing device the thing had for an eye. He had taken the robotic creature by surprise long enough to get a few hits in, but it still wasn't nearly enough to do any significant harm as it effortlessly threw the human several feet backwards, knocking him against the rocky base of the mountain. He was out cold, an easy target.

    (I edited the number of years from 17 to 5. 17 seemed a bit too long)

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