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Ask to Join Kalos League RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Godjacob, May 5, 2017.

  1. Ask to join in the official sign up/discussion thread here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/kalos-league-rp-sign-up-discussion.16434/

    The receptionist let out a sigh as the clock ticked high noon. It was time for the Kalos League Registration Process to begin. She was excited, as she was each year, however she couldn't help but dread what a long day it would be. Countless trainers waiting in the lobby for their chance to enter and compete meant she was going to have quite the busy day. Still she had gotten use to the routine by now and she could safely say nothing could surprise her at this point...

    "OUT OF MY WAY!"

    ...well, almost nothing.

    Zane barged into the room and ran up to the receptionist desk, already out of breathe.

    "I'm here! I'm here...I'm not late am I?" Zane asked, taking a moment to catch his breathe as the receptionist let out a sigh.

    "Sir, we haven't been open for a minute yet. There's plenty of room." The receptionist explained, using sheer willpower to not resort to snark.

    "Oh, right. Sorry about that. Anyway I'd like to enter the Kalos League please!" Zane said with a big grin.

    "Very well, just show me your eight Kalos League Gym Badges and your trainer ID." The receptionist explained before Zane set his ID and badge case on the desk The receptionist eyed Zane's items before she punched some information on a computer.

    "And you're all set. Welcome to the Kalos League and good luck." The receptionist said with a smile as Zane put his ID and badge case away before walking off with a grin of pure satisfaction.

    I did it...I did it! Now I'm one step closer to my dream. Champion Diantha, wait just a few days more, I promise your title will be mine!

    Zane's thoughts were interrupted when he entered the lobby and saw countless trainers ready to go to the receptionist desk like he did moments ago. Normally a trainer would just go off and relax, or even get some training in before the tournament began. Zane however was not most trainers...

    "Alright everyone listen up, my name is Zane and I know you all have the expectation that you will win this tournament, but the only one winning the Kalos League is me you got that!" Zane yelled out, making his bold declaration in front of everyone in the room.
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  2. Tiffany let out a chuckle, having found the guy's proclamation amusing.

    And people back home said I was cocky...

    Tiffany focused on the business at hand as she moved out of the lobby towards the receptionist desk. There she placed her badge case as well as her trainer ID out on display as the receptionist entered the information on her computer before she greeted me with a smile.

    "You're all set, welcome to the Kalos League." The receptionist said as I gave her a smile before putting my ID and badge case away.

    "Thank you." I say before I left to go back to the lobby, part of me wondered if that Zane guy had dug himself an even bigger hole while I was gone.
  3. Zane's bold (Or cocky, if you asked someone else) declaration had wasted no time in getting him enemies.

    "Pretty arrogant thing to say brat." A large guy said to Zane with a glare, causing Zane to respond with a big grin.

    "Not if I back it up, which I intend to do." Zane said which only added fuel to the fire.

    "Man, I hope I get a chance to knock you down a peg." A girl said, also having sent a glare at Zane.

    "I hope so to, then you can see why I know I will win!" Zane said with another big grin, before he noticed a girl walk into the lobby. Zane wouldn't care much on its own but her earring got his attention.

    Wonder who that is? I should go talk to her.

    Zane moved towards the girl and gave her a big grin, deciding to start by being friendly.

    "Hi, my name's Zane. Nice to meet you." Zane said, introducing himself to the girl.
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  4. "Yeah, I know you. Hard not to when you decided to challenge everyone at once. What where you thinking again? Also the name's Tiffany." Tiffany said, not wanting to be rude despite not being in agreement with the way Zane handled himself in this tournament so far.
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  6. "Well everyone here believes they can win, otherwise why show up at all? I'm just the only one willing to say it." Zane said, what he felt was the truth. You couldn't be the best trainer without that belief that you are the best and can beat anyone in front of you. This was a quality Zane had in spades. Zane saw nothing wrong with how he acted.
  7. "There are some things better left unsaid. Besides you gave everyone a false declaration. Since the one winning the Kalos League will be me." Tiffany said a smirk. Tiffany agreed you needed the belief of being the best to become the best, but there were different ways to go about it. Tiffany had a preference towards quite resolve over bold statements; at least that is what Tiffany believed about herself to be true.
  8. Stan flew by on Guardian. "And we missed the building." He said to Guardian. "Its OK, everyone makes mistakes." Guardian went back and landed. He walked behind Stan. "Are you excited Guardian? We can show your strength to the world!" He yelled. He went up to the Registration desk, and showed him his Gym Badges. When registered. He looked at a map to find a nice place to eat. He heard a nearby conversation, and it would seem they are arguing who would win. He walked towards them, Guardian behind him. "If you believe you will win, you will win! Everyone can win if you believe so!" Stan said Jollily. "Gol." Agreed Guardian.
  9. Zane was only momentarily caught off guard by the statement of the new guy and his Golurk before he made a response.

    "Oh a Golurk! That's cool! Name's Zane and I admire that attitude." Zane said as he already felt he was gonna like this guy, then an idea popped into his head.

    "Why don't you meet my partner, come out Blaze!" Zane called out as he released his partner, the Charizard gave the newcomer and his Golurk a curious look before it broke out a smirk.
  10. "Nice Charizard!" Steven said. "Nice to meet you, my name is Steven, and this is Guardian." Guardian gave a rose as a gift to blaze, so they can be friends. "This big old guy proves the saying, don't judge a book by its cover. Well, I think beating you may be a challenge, but that's another mountain to climb. I think if I do not win, I hope one of you does!" Steven said happily.
  11. Tiffany couldn't help but shake her head. Revealing your Pokemon to the competition was not a wise tactic, however Tiffany couldn't help but admire their competitive spirit. Still though Tiffany didn't want to be the only one of the group to leave out giving her partner an introduction.

    "Name's Tiffany, top graduate of the Hoenn Academy. Meet my partner Shadow." Tiffany said to Steven as she released her partner Absol, who gave Blaze and Guardian and indifferent stare.
  12. "Nice to meet you Tiffany." Greeted Steven. "Also your Absol is pretty cool!" He said. Guardian gave a rose to Shadow. "Whelp, I am going to go eat something, see you all later, and nice meeting you!" He said getting on Guardian, and flying off to town. They landed in front of 'Miltank Pizzeria' He put Guardian in his Pokeball and ordered a few Pizzas to go.
  13. V flushed quietly, as she bumped into an older man, her companion, Bishop (Her Bisharp) gently nudging him aside as the managed to pry their way through the crowd, the girl getting quite nervous by all of the hands touching her. However she reminded herself that this was merely other people trying to get past the crowded Kalosian streets. She personally hated this and couldn't imagine living in these conditions.

    The regristration process wasn't too hard, or too long, requiring Veronica to sign a few release forms, so she wouldn't sue if she got food poisoning from catering services or whatever. She skipped most of the useless sheets, filling in the blanks with her signature and age wherever it was needed. It was over in a few moments, and the 17 year old felt a little proud that she had done it so quickly, without Bishops help. Until that particularly nasty voice in her head called her a disgrace. It sort of put a damper on her good mood. Bishop seemed to have sensed this, setting a hand on her shoulder as he steered her towards the other Canidates with a cheerful chirp. Bishop could speak, V had taught him so, but he tended to keep it for private and personal times.

    Veronica looked over the group, a kid on his Mon' flying away. "Huh.. " she said watching him disappear into the overcast day. It was quite chilly, to be honest, and thankfully she had been wearing a downy sweatshirt, which was quite thick. It had also begun to drizzle, and the crowd was starting to disperse into the buildings. Drizzles in Kalos soon turned to flash flood like conditions, due to the recent drought in the region. Veronica followed the flow, one of the nicer, softer voices, 4 , pointed out that the guy with the Charizard was cute and they should probably get along. Veronica visibly flushed again. This annoyed her that her stupid voices in her head wouldn't leave her alone when she was trying to act normal. Bishop looked over the group as well, about a head taller than Veronica, head tilted a little to the side, clearly curious of the groups capabilities. "Hello.." She said with a small smile, as she stuffed her hands into her sweatshirt pockets.
  14. Zane watched as Steven flew away on Guardian, Zane thought that was the coolest thing he'd ever seen. Soon Zane saw a girl and her Bisharp arrive onto the scene and decided to be friendly.

    "Hello there. My name's Zane! Are you competing in the Kalos League? Is that your Bisharp? It's so cool!" Zane said with a big grin, Charizard meanwhile took a moment to eye the Bisharp.
  15. Veronica smiled lightly, her long hair cascading behind her as she shifted from side to side. "Yeah, I think so at least." She said in kind of a sarcastic tone, but it wasn't meant with malice. She slowly took the Bisharps hand behind her back, and shrugged sheepishly. "Yeah, I guess he is pretty cool, she said with a grin, and rolled her eyes. She looked up at him as he looked down on her. The two could just barely stop themselves from bursting into laughter, and managed to supress the urge.
  16. Tiffany raised an eyebrow. There had to be some inside joke between the girl and her Bisharp. Still no reason not to introduce herself.

    "Hello there. My name is Tiffany. This is my partner Shadow. Nice to meet you." Tiffany said to the girl, her Absol just gave a stare to the Bisharp without making a sound.
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  17. Veronica had no intention of sharing her name with complete strangers. Until she got to know them, they were just strangers. "Uh yeah. That's cool.. Tiffany." She said dismissively, already not liking the Stare that her Absol was giving to Bishop. She, didn't make any move to share anything about herself, instead she started to make her way over to the Contestant Hotel. She wanted to have some time with her mons.
  18. After he got the Pizzas, he sent out all of his Pokemon to eat. They all munched down on some good pizza. "Alright, everyone back!" He said, calling everyone back to their Pokeballs. I forgot when it starts. I should ask those people if they are still there." He sent out Guardian and flew back to the stadium. They landed. "Hey, does anyone know when the competition starts?" He asked around. He hoped it will start soon.
  19. "Probably when registration is done, which sucks cause that will take all day." Zane said crossing his arm, a show of visible frustration clearly evident. Zane needed SOMETHING to pass the time or else he was gonna go crazy. As if the universe provided an answer a group of random trainers approach Zane and the others.

    "So, from what I hear your the loudmouth who thinks he's won the Kalos League already?" A guy said with a chuckle.

    "Well not yet, tournament hasn't started yet. Once it does I'll be on track to doing just that." Zane said with a smirk.

    "Whatever, you badge collectors are nothing special. Going around from town to town fighting mono-type trainers is nothing to write home about. I bet we could clobber you no problem, and we don't even have badges!" A girl said with a smirk, which only caused Zane and Blaze to laugh.

    "You guys haven't got a badge to your name and you think you can beat us? That's adorable. But whatever, I need a warm-up before the tournament anyway. Let's teach these nobodies some respect Blaze." Zane said as his Charizard moved forward, a confident smirk on its face.

    "Don't get cocky brat! Go Golem!" A male trainer of the opposing group called out before he released his Golem, with an obvious aim to exploit type advantage to get the advantage. Zane however remained confident, he was about to show this fool type advantage wasn't everything.
  20. "Alright then." Stan said about to go off. Then a Pokemon Battle starts. "Whoa, I guess we can learn about our opponents, right Guardian?" He asked the Golurk. "Urk." Guardian Responded. He toke out notes, to take notes of battling styles, and places he can exploit.
  21. Tiffany sat back and much like Stan next to her, looked to observe Zane's style as well as the strength of his partner Pokemon. Shadow sat in front of his partner, the Absol watching with equal interest.

    Oh Zane, you're gonna regret giving me this free exhibition.
  22. Veronica poked her head outside for a moment, before coming back out of the hotel, the rain seemingly gone. She and Bishop watched the battle, but didn't seem too interested or paying attention to it. They didn't care for cheating, unlike the other few, who seemed intent. The fourth voice said something encouraging, and then told V to watch the Charizard Guy, as she had already forgotten his name.
  23. Zane turned his head to Stan and Tiffany giving them a smile. Zane looked around and also saw that girl from earlier and Bisharp also came out to watch; this was perfect.

    "Pay attention, this is how a champion fights!" Zane said to the observers with a big grin causing his opponent to give him a glare.

    "Cocky punk, Golem Rollout!" The guy called out as Golem rolled up and charged forward, Zane was not intimidated.

    "Blaze Steel Wing!" Zane called out as Blaze's left wing glowed bright white before it flew to go right at the Golem with a frontal assault. The Steel Wing and Rollout slammed into each other, Blaze and the Golem fighting for control. Eventually Blaze won out and used its Steel Wing to knock the Golem back.

    "Golem! Of that's it, Golem Stone Edge!" The guy called out as Golem slammed its hands into the ground and soon several large rocks began to sprout from the ground. Blaze took to the air and began to dodge each of them, but Zane knew his partner could not keep this up for long.

    "Dragon Tail!" Zane called out as Blaze's tail was covered in a green energy before Blaze used it to slam against the rocks from the Stone Edge. Blaze's tail smashed each and every one of them.

    "No way!" The other guy called out in shock as Zane gave him a smirk.

    "Like I told everyone else, I came here to win the Kalos League, and I will not be denied! Blaze use Steel Wing for the finishing blow!" Zane called out as Blaze's left wing was again coated with the white energy before it charged the Golem. Golem and its trainer couldn't react in time as Blaze's wing slammed into Golem's face and knocked it back. The Golem fainted giving the victory to Zane.
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  24. "Nice job dude." Stan said putting away his paper in a bag. "I really have a feeling you can win this, well I am going to the hotel." he said getting on Guardian, and flying to the Hotel. He checked in and went into his room. He laid down. He set the clock to when the tournament started. He went to sleep to get nice and rested for the battles that lie ahead.
  25. Ken watched the battle laying on his Staraptor. "He's pretty good at battling, but I do agree with the others saying he's too arrogant. Over confidence is never a good thing." He said to himself. "Let's go back to the hotel Straffe." He said as his Staraptor started flying away.
  26. Tiffany began to walk off to her hotel room like the others, Shadow in toe, but she stopped for a moment and turned to Zane.

    "Not bad, but know this. You aren't the only one whose here to win. So give it your all, if you want to avoid regrets." Tiffany said before she walked back toward her room. After she returned Shadow to its Pokeball, Tiffany flopped on the bed and got ready for some relaxation and evening television. Tomorrow was a big day, so Tiffany needed to relax.
  27. "Always." Zane said with a big grin as Tiffany and the others walked off. Zane decided to hit the hey early. Tomorrow was the big day and he needed to be well rested for it. Zane and Charizard began to walk to their hotel room; excitement for tomorrow more the likely what they'll be dreaming about.

    ..........(Unknown Facility)..........

    Several cloaked figures stood around watching a holographic projection with great interest.

    "Now then, tomorrow is the big day. The Kalos League will provide a nice distraction as we implement the final stage of our plan. You all have been given your assignments and I expect you to do your job with expected efficiency. Do I make myself clear." The unknown figure that was the hologram said to the cloaked group.

    "Yes sir." The cloaked figures replied before the hologram faded.
  28. The Alarm went off the next morning. Stan woke up. "What time is it?" He yawned. He turned on the TV, the Alarm Clock was early. "Well I am just going to wait until its time, I'm just going to eat." Stan went downstairs, and ate a waffle. He sat onto his bed and turned on the Kalos News Station to see when the League is going to start.
  29. Tiffany was already up doing some early morning training with her partner Shadow. Today was the big day, the start of the Kalos League. This was the biggest day of Tiffany's life, and she knew she had to be ready for it.

    No matter what, I will walk away with that trophy.
  30. Zane made a mad dash for the assembly hall, of all days to wake up late this was not one of them! Fortunately Zane made it in time as the selection process for the opening round of the Kalos League. The worker explained about the randomized nature of the match selection before it showed all the matches on screen.

    "Darren, huh? So that's my first opponent. Well sorry Darren you will just be the first stepping stone on my path to greatness." Zane said to himself as he saw his match-up. Zane would have a relative early match, but he still had some time to relax and get ready.
  31. Ken looked at the matchup board. "So I'm fighting a guy named Jacque?" He said looking at the picture of a sailor looking guy. "He looks thought, but it won't be a problem." He said to himself.

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