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Open Kala Region Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Shiny Fennekin, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. I was just going to make a thread but I decided to make a discussion instead
    But I will make another Thread Later
    Hello! I am Professor Pine and Welcome to the Kala Region! The It is a series of island all apart of a single region. Each Island had different Pokemon from different regions. Say The Kankala Island, It has Pokemon native to the Kanto Region. There are 7 island, one for each region except the last. The Last One, Nekala is a mix of all the regions. Any way that is the island you will start on. It's name is Nekala Island

    Kankala- Kanto Region Pokemon
    Jokala- Johto Region Pokemon
    Hokala- Hoenn Region Pokemon
    Sinkala- Sinnoh Region Pokemon
    Unokala-Unova Region Pokemon
    Kalkala- Kalos Region Pokemon

    Gym Leaders
    1. Bridgette-Bug (In Maroon CIty, Kakana)
    2. Marina -Water (In Sea Green City, Kakana)
    3. Brick-Fighting (In Evergreen City, Jokala)
    4. Captain Pyro- Fire (In Terracotta City, Hokala)
    5. Cosmo-Psychic ( In Skytran City, Hokala)
    6. Nora-Ice ( In Iceburd, Sinkala)
    7. Magnus-Electric (In Altowind, Unokala)
    8. Luis-Fairy ( In Alstromeria, Kalkana)
    OC Character Sheet
    Here are Mine

    Full Name: Professor Liam Pine
    Personality: Kind, Friendly, Has lots of energy, Spasmodic, Random, Kinda Goofy, Awkward.
    Appearance: Shaggy Brown hair, Sparkling Green Eyes, 6ft 2, 150lbs, Muscular, Stubble,
    Starter: Oshawott (That was his starter when he was 10)
    Favorite Pokemon: He loves them all, but he has a soft spot for Water Types
    Region of Origin:Unova

    Full Name: Lana Grace Adams
    Birthday: 05/20/03
    Personality: Careful, Motherly Like, Intelligent
    Appearance: Short, Light Brown Hair, White Long Slevved Shirt, Blue Skirt, White Flats
    Starter Pokemon:Tepig
    Nickname: Bacon!!(JK) Wilbur
    Personality: Calm, Gentle, Intelligent, Strong Willed

    Favorite Type(s):Electric and Fire
    Favorite Pokemon: Emolga
    Region Of Origin:Unova
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  2. Full Name: Luke Cole Evans
    Birthday: 03/15/03
    Personality: Happy Go Lucky, A Bit Hyper, Naive, Friendly
    Appearance: White Shirt, Blue Scarf, Blue Jean, Blue Boots
    Starter Pokemon: Mudkip
    Nickname: Blueberry (He is wearing a Blue Bandanna)
    Nature: Brave
    Personality: Blueberry Is tough and protective of Luke but it´s hard to be afraid of something so cute

    Favorite Type(s):Ice and Fairy
    Favorite Pokemon: Glaceon and Shiny Sylveon
    Region Of Origin: Hoenn
  3. Accepted! Also You have the cutest signature ever!!!!! Blueberry is so adorable. We will began when other people join
  4. Yes I am New! Oh and Thank you!
  5. Full Name:Bryce A Wilson
    Gender:Male(of fudgin' course)
    Personality:Cocky annoying and just plain silly
    Appearance: [​IMG] just add glasses(100 pounds and 5 feet and 4 inches)
    Nature:Serious.. as heck
    Personality:Up for anything that comes his way(except for...Psychic,Fire,Ice,Bug and Flying types)
    Region of Origin:Johto
    Favorite Types:Grass/Poison
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  6. Full Name: Flame T Chrome
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Trainer
    Birthday: 11/14
    Personality: Quick Thinker, Cares for pokemon
    Appearance: Blue Pants, Light red shirt, Red baseball cap, skull necklace
    Starter: Froakie
    Favorite Pokemon: Greninja and Eevee
    Region of Origin: Kalos
    May we have more than one pokemon?
  7. i cant wait to be jerk...
    i like being a Rival sometimes
  8. Really? that kind of rude aint it?
  9. Sometimes a little fun to be the bad guy! But if you are you know, a rival, Don't be extremely mean. Rivals are generally just rude (To a extent) Or like to tease their rival. Just some tips :)
  10. yeah. when is this Rp going to start?
  11. Tomorrow. I have some things I have to do tonight so I make it tomorrow
  12. alright, i have Tennis practice tomorrow if weather allows.
  13. Full Name: Pat R Rick (Patrick Ronalnd Rick)
    Birthday: 18/2/03
    Personality: Can be a bit egotistical, but doesn't acknowledge it ("What are you talking about? My ego is as small as a grain of sand!") and unfortunately had the skills to follow it up
    Appearance: Wears a black coat over a white shirt, has a red and black cape because he thinks that it looks cool.
    Starter Pokemon: Charmander
    Nickname: Blaze
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Brave
    Personality: Very headstrong, think first-act later kind of Pokemon

    Favorite Type(s): Fire and Dragon
    Favorite Pokemon: Charazard/Gyrados/any other big and strong Pokemon
    Region Of Origin: Sinnoh
  14. Awesome! I like your OC. I will start soon. :)
  15. i have found an encounter theme for me yes i know its Cherens theme but it matches my personality
  16. Tennis practice was cancelled.
  17. I'm Sorry @AshGreninja. Do you guys want me to start the thread now?
  18. to be honest i forgot what my character info was. and I will have games now on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. my games this week got cancelled two and they got rescheduled from what i heard.
  19. Oh,Okay. Umm, I will start it, but you can join anytime you like
  20. Full Name: Dennis Mc. Flinter
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    Birthday: 13/10
    Personality: Dark, Cold, Heartless
    Appearance: Tuxedo shirt, Orange Pants, Strange Arm Device, Headset, Zubat Prototype Wings
    Starter Pokemon: Porygon-Z
    Nickname: none
    Nature: Serious
    Personality: Technology maniac, Bossy, Evil, Hates Fairy Types

    Favorite Type(s):Dark and Steel
    Favorite Pokemon: Porygon-Z, Electrivire
    Region Of Origin: Sinnoh

    I hope i can RP with you guys, I would love to be the Antegonist.
  21. Sure, As long as you are not too OP and No Killing anyone
  22. No killing, and no OP, but could there be parts of the RP where i use Pokemon with mechanized parts (more like PokeCyborgs, they're not stronger, they're just Pokemon with different moves and a bit more deffensive). Also thanks for letting me in
  23. Np, And that Idea sounds cool
  24. soo are PokeCyborgs able in rp?
  25. Sure I guess, Um I am not sure that they are okay with the Pokemon Roleplay rules though. I would ask or check.
  26. They are allowed, but they don't have to break the rules and they must be asked to the creator of an RP to allow them. By the way, can i start roleplaying or should i wait until its my turn?
  27. you could join i think, just fill in that thingy on the top of the page. I just realised that i actually haven't posted on the RP itself yet...
  28. How to join rp?
  29. Full Name:

    Starter Pokemon:

    Favorite Type(s):
    Favorite Pokemon:
    Region Of Origin:

    Fill this out and pray that @Katelyn Lackey lets you into the RP. She isn't on at the moment though so you might have to wait
  30. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. Full Name:Max Flame
    Personality: none
    Appearance: Red shirt with cool hat

    Starter Pokemon: Evvee
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Boy
    Nature: Brave
    Personality:HATE POISEN TYPES,Scare of creepy clowns and wish to have pokemon sun and moon on my birthday

    Favorite Type(s):Fire,Dragon,Fairy and Grass
    Favorite Pokemon: Sceptile
    Region Of Origin: Kanto

    Please reply please....
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  32. She will probably let you in, its good. Except your "Personality" thing, what does Cold and Light mean, and how does one not have a personality

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