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Just got a Wii...

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Moose, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. ... and I'm looking for some good game suggestions.

    So far, I have the following: Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Kart Wii, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I like RPGs a lot...
  2. My sisters just LOVE Animal Crossing: City Folk. I abstained therefrom due to my crippling Animal Crossing DS addiction. If you didn't play Okami on the PS2 you can pick it up for the Wii. Okami is AMAZING.
  3. Linkachu

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    That you, Moose? :O

    And huh. RPGs on Wii... Not counting Virtual Console/WiiWare games, I'm not sure if I even own any yet. Wii doesn't have a lot of really standout-ish RPGs yet, unless you like action/adventure or strategy hybrids. Mind you, a few more typical jRPGs came out recently (last six months or so) that I've yet to try, and a number of others are on their way. The best I can really suggest for now is to rent some stuff that interests you and then buy them outright if you enjoyed them - that or raid WiiWare and the Virtual Console. There's some nice stuff on both of 'em.

    Hmm... Something RPGish that I have really enjoyed is Rune Factory Frontier (the direct sequel to the Harvest Moon/Adventure game hybrid first released on the DS). Frontier felt more refined and solid compared to the original, and it has lots to do in it. If you like those styles of games I certainly suggest looking into it. It's not for everyone, but I love it. :)
  4. A lot of the classic Final Fantasy series is available on the Wii Shop channel, and I HIGHLY recommend those. If you want to get non-RPG games, I just got Monster Hunter Tri, and it is really good, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop is always a good time too.
  5. Teapot

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    Definitely see if you can get hold of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. The art design alone makes that particular collection well worth a play.
  6. Well, there isn't a whole lot of good games I've played that I can suggest, since you already have Super Marion Galaxy 2 (lucky!) and blarg88 took my Brawl idea (I don't mind really).

    If you can get your hands on Pokemon Battle Revolution, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Mario and Sonic Olympic games (either summer or Winter), or Sonic & The Black Knight, I can guarantee you that probably gonna have an amazing experience!
  7. Yup it's me.

    Rune Factory Frontier looks promising, I think I'll try it out. Thanks Linkachu.

    I have most of the FF classics... on my older consoles, Lol.

    Monster Hunter Tri looks extremely good, and that's nice cause it comes with a free classic controller that is black (to fit my wii color).

    I have all three separate games for my cube. Is there a real difference between the wii version? Enhanced graphics?

    I've tried most of those and I found them rather boring (sans NSMBW).
  8. Well look who's came back onto our wasteland of a forum! Welcome back, Mooseh, POH!KEMON; it's good to have you back. However, I'm going to have to burst your bubble here when I say definately NO to Sonic and The Black Knight IMO. It was probably one of Sega's most rushed games. Hate to break it to you POH!KEMON, but one of the levels in the game can be completed by just holding up on the Nunchuck and shaking the Wiimote. The game is so easy - the only good part of the game is the plot TBH.

    What I will recommend, on the other hand, is Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (An amazing fighting game), and Klonoa (A remake of a classic Dreamcast platformer). And if you're up for a little bit of cheesy gameplay but an all around epic storyline, No More Heroes is a good game too. Trust me - you're going to need the plot from the first game if you want to play the sequel which is generally better, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.
  9. Linkachu

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    Just occurred to me... Did you play and like Final Fantasy IV? If so, the episodic-styled sequel can be purchased from WiiWare and might interest you. I'm not sure how others have taken to its plot, but I like it well enough. ^^
  10. I didnt see anyone mention this before me but Wii Game is a good one or its called Wii Games Im not sure the point is it has more fun games like Wii sports and Wii sports Resort. :)
  11. i suggest the legend of zelda series like twilight princess and ocarina of time best rpgs ever

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