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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: New Power Generation

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by PumperPenny, Mar 30, 2019.


Where should the first setting be?

  1. Speedwagon Foundation HQ

    2 vote(s)
  2. On the plane/ trip to Paradise City

    3 vote(s)
  3. Upon Arrival in Paradise City

    2 vote(s)
  1. This takes place in an AU wherein Weather Report is successfully able to kill Pucci, leaving the world to progress decades into the future from Part 6. The year is 2065, and an elderly Jotaro has become the leader of The Speedwagon foundation. The foundation has recently received word that a Puerto Rican coastal metropolis named Paradise City was in fact built atop a large deposit of nuclear energy, and there have also been reports of paranormal happenings. Jotaro has suspected that the nuclear energy may be spawning stands or other supernatural phenomena in the city and has decided to send an elite group of stand users to investigate and apprehend any rogue stand users that may have emerged in the area.

    -Follow all Pokecharms rules.
    -One hero and one villain per person.
    -No one-liners, use proper grammar.
    -You can't control other people's characters or canon characters without permission from them or me respectively.
    -Abilities can be somewhat op, but no instakill or something like that.
    -Try to make abilities unique and creative.
    -Keep gory descriptions to a minimum
    -Swearing allowed, but not excessively.
    -Only one JoJo. First come first serve.


    Stand Name:
    Stand Namesake:
    Stand Appearance:
    Stand Type:
    Stand Stats:



    Name: Dolce Pucci
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Dolce is, for the most part, calm and level headed (as opposed to his stand), being able to calm down the most panicked of people. Even though he is approachable when you get to know him, he may come off as intimidating to others due to his biker get-up and scowling resting face.
    Appearance: He is of average height and weight, with nothing to write home about. He is usually wearing a short black leather jacket that's studded at the shoulders. and reaches down to his stomach. Under this, he wears a plain white t-shirt. He holds up his somewhat baggy pants with an overage of studded belts and as for shoes, he wears a simple pair of converses. His eyes are black, as is his messy and unkempt hair.

    Stand Name:
    Electric Ladyland
    Stand Namesake: "Electric Ladyland", an album by Jimi Hendrix
    Stand Appearance: Electric Ladyland is a robotic humanoid stand that has a daft punk -esque helmet that flashes neon colors, It has ball joints and tube-like rings covering its arms and legs. On it,s chest it has a television screen that flashes static most of the time, but on occasion displays words that Electric Ladyland uses to communicate.

    Stand Type:
    Close-mid range
    Stand Stats:
    Speed: A
    Range: D
    Durability: C
    Precision: C
    Potential: B


    EM Wave Transmutation:

    Electric Ladyland can fully transmute its body into an assortment of electromagnetic waves, which include radio, light, ultraviolet, and microwaves. They also have limited control over existing sources. This comes with many capabilities such as generating electricity, full control over technology, the ability to receive and listen to phone calls, and even travel on EM waves at the speed of light.

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  2. Some people are just good JoJo fans. Also, I'd consider joining, but I doubt I can be as witty as the characters in the series, I've seen how they fight and I doubt I can think of as many clever tricks. (Or think, period)
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  3. You don't necessarily have to emulate other characters in the series, and we could always discuss battles and strategies together here. But it's fine if you don't want to join.
  4. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Let it be said that I will be joining this.
  5. If I remember, Stands are usually named after Music bands, so I may have an idea for the name of my Stand.
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  6. Sorry for the double post. But I'm wondering if I should make my char's Stand a close/long ranged, because it's ability is to change between two forms: One being it's normal sized appearance that focuses on close range, the other being many, many tiny versions of the normal form that can cover a long distance, like Harvest.
  7. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I'd love to join but I need to watch more since I haven't even finished Battle Tendency
  8. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    I should also finish watching SC but I need to find my place again...
    (You can read the wiki if you need to learn how stands work)
  9. I already did, idk if it's me, but it kinda seems a bit unclear
  10. That’s how Stands work
  11. I think I might as well go ahead and make (most of) my bio.
  12. Sorry for the double post

    Name: Bertholdt "Bebe" Riley
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Bertholdt is a very kind and friendly person, never afraid to step in and help someone whenever they need it. He can show signs of being flirty as he tends to refer to people as things such as "Sweetie" or "Honey." However, when the situation gets too serious, his personality can change to an eerily calm and cruel persona with morbid threats. Lastly, he is a man of his word and rarely goes back on it regardless if the person is friend or foe.
    Appearance: Stands at 5'11 with several signs of a fairly muscular build, extremely Pale skin and short, lightly spiked dark Gray hair and dark Green eyes. He wears a Fuchsia jacket that reaches his knees with only the top two buttons done up, small triangular like shoulders and two White straps on his chest which form an X, his sleeves are relatively thin which tends to give away how muscular his arms are, jet Black trousers and Dark brown leather boots. Often at times, he tends to wear a Fuchsia pointed fedora.
    Other: For unknown reasons, he earned the nickname, Bebe. (Beebee). His backstory will be revealed later in the RP.

    Stand Name: B.B. King
    Stand Namesake: The Musician "B.B. King"
    Stand Appearance: The stand itself is the exact same size (Maybe slightly taller) than its user. It adopts a near human like appearance with several insect appendages, its skin is a full jet Black with shiny dark Green plates that cover most of its body, long triangular shoulder pads, a large Beige fur mane around its neck and large Beige transparent fly wings on its back. Its eyes are shapes like sunglasses lenses and are completely White with faint net like marks and two needle like antennas on its forehead. It only has four fingers on each hand alongside two Orange glass like serrated blades coming out of the wrists which can extend to be twice as long as its fists. Its feet appear to look like boots completely made of Beige fur with an orange spike on the back of the heels, same color as the wrist blades. Its facial expression always appears to seem bored, although whenever the user gets cruel, its facial expression slowly changes into a terrifyingly wide, toothy smile.
    Stand Type: Close-Mid Range Stand?
    Stand Stats:
    Power: B
    Speed: A
    Range: A
    Durability: C
    Precision: B
    Potential: C

    Abilities: B.B. King can change into one of two forms and can track living beings through heat.

    Its first form is it's normal form (As seen in the Appearance section) where it can deliver powerful punches and use its wrist blades to tear its opponents apart if need be. It can also shoot its blades at opponents and due to its serrated appearance, makes it difficult to remove, the upside is the blade could serve as a tracking beacon due to it being extremely warm (Not hot, just warm), the downside is that if shot, it will take a while (estimated to be slightly over an hour) until the blade can 'grow back.'

    Its second form (Known simply as Swarm) allows it to split its body (if not parts of it) into many tiny versions of itself that allows B.B. king to avoid most unavoidable attacks if not swarm its target. While in this form, the opponent can still 'kill' the tiny stands, but they would only sting the user and just keep 'respawning.' Swarm form's weakness is that just as a beehive needs a queen, Swarm form as a 'Queen' of its own; Where there are thousands of tiny B.B. Kings, there is one B.B. King that stands out with its Black and Green colors being switched and four times bigger than the other tiny B.B. Kings (Which are the same size as a fly). When the 'Queen' is hit, the user takes damage the same way as the 'Queen' would. It can also remove tiny parts of itself to let a tiny B.B. King drone around to look for anything important that can help in battle. The range on how far the drones can go appears to be up to 20-25 meters.

    Lemmie know what you think.
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  13. its a pretty solid stand, accepted
  14. I've never watched Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, never even seen the tiniest clip of it. The art style gives me nightmares and the character's faces want me want to cry. I still have knowledge myself about ti several times through the Wiki page, and still have access to such a device? With my limited experience, do you think I would still be able to take part in this RP? Or is it too complicated of a concept, and I'd just be lost if I attempted joining, XD?
  15. Jojo's can be a little complicated for someone with absolutely no knowledge about it, but if you want to try, you can read the stands wiki and join. I think that's what you need to understand the most, since the plot will be original as far as I can see.
  16. Yeah, Jojo is difficult to understand we you haven't seen the show, you're free to try but a warning
  17. Seems really groovy! I've been cooking up a character for a while now, so here he is.

    Falcon O'Malley
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Outgoing, confident, and a little arrogant, Falcon is what you might call an adrenaline junkie. Whether it be street racing or getting in a fight, he enjoys the rush it gives him. Even so, he knows that when it's a job from the Speedwagon Foundation things are pretty serious. So if it's a matter of business, or people are in danger, he'll try to stay focused and not let himself get carried away.
    Appearance: Coming in at 6'2" and 182 lbs, Falcon wears jeans and a blue jacket with the word "Speed" on the back. He also wears racing gloves and tennis shoes that can turn into heelies. Falcon has light brown hair which he keeps in a crew cut, and has light blue eyes. On his right arm is a tattoo of a speedometer pointing at 120 mph and a tachometer in red. Falcon also carries a small pack with some supplies for Gas Gas Gas's ability.

    Stand Name:
    Gas Gas Gas (G3)
    Stand Namesake: "Gas Gas Gas" by Manuel
    Stand Appearance: G3 has a more android-robotic appearance, with shoulders and knees that look more like vehicle tires. It has golden eyes and no mouth, and is wearing what looks to be some sort of blue and gold futuristic armor. It communicates from speakers in it's chest.
    Stand Type: Long-Ranged
    Stand Stats:
    Power: C
    Speed: B
    Range: A
    Durability: B
    Precision: A
    Potential: C

    Ability: G3 has the ability to enter anything with wheels and allows it's user to control said object, even if that object would normally have no means of propulsion. No matter the size of the object.
  18. Pretty situational ability actually
  19. I may edit the Stand user to something less 'edgy-ish' later.
  20. its a really nice and detailed bio. accepted.
  21. @Grand Master Koop Eh, I guess. I don't really think so, since our characters are going to be in a large city. Lots of cars and bikes and stuff like that.
  22. What if our location change to a desert or something
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  23. Well then that would suck XD
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  24. I'm assuming the 'big town' they're gonna be in is like Morioh or something and most of the stuff happens there?
  25. Yeah, it's gonna be a much more metropolitan and futuristic morioh-cho.
  26. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Name: Oshiro Souma
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Irritable;as in "will beat the crap out of you for being within one foot of him" irritable. But he also longs for a true relationship of compainonship, hes just bad at being a likable person. An easy way to get him mad would be to stain his hoodie.
    Appearance: blond hair with greyish-green eyes, typically seen in a white hoodie and in grey jeans. Also, hes very pale.

    Stand Name: R.E.M
    Stand Namesake: Band of the same name
    Stand Appearance: a jet black humanoid body made out of a chromelike marerial. There are green and purple highlights throughout the body and has a visor that is remimiscent of shades
    Stand Type: Close Ranged
    Stand Stats:
    Power: A
    Speed: C
    Range: D
    Durability: B
    Precision: A
    Potential: C

    Ability: Sound Master: R.E.M can give or steal sound from objects or people. It can also amplify or weaken existing sound, with the additon of sending sonic booms for combat.
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  27. Name: Beretto Una
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Personality: tries to be serious and refined, but struggles because he is bipolar. He really just wants to achieve his goal and will not let anything stand in his way, no matter the cost.
    Appearance: Beretto has pink hair that is parted to the right. He is 5' 1" and has dark pink eyes. He wears a plain black t-shirt and an orange jacket with the sleeves rolled up and dark blue jeans. He also wears simple tennis shoes and orange fingerless gloves.

    Stand Name: Prince Crimson
    Stand Namesake: Prince Rupert Awakes by King Crimson
    Stand Appearance: Prince Crimson is red with orange leather straps wrapped all around him. He has a very calm and plain expression.
    Stand Type: Close ranged
    Stand Stats:

    Power: B
    Speed: B
    Range: D
    Durability: C
    Precision: C
    Potential: B

    Ability: Prince Crimson can see the actions a person is thinking of. He does not know which action they will take he can only view them. A ghost like version of Prince Crimson's target appears and performs the action. One or many ghosts can appear, he can have one than more target, and his ability reaches as far as his eyes can see, but also means that if Beretto is blinded, Prince Crimson can't use his ability.
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  28. accepted!
  29. @FlapJackSugaStak I like the idea of a descendant of Diavolo, but I can't help but notice that Prince Crimson's ability seems like it's basically Epitaph lite. Could you flesh out or explain the ability more?
  30. Ok, give me a minute or two.
  31. I've changed it.
  32. accepted
    also no, we dont have a jojo as of now.
  33. If this is a universe where Pucchi failed to reset the universe, does that mean the wall eyes don't exist?
  34. My lore on JoJo only goes as far as the anime, so forgive me if there are some parts I don't understand. (But that doesn't mean idk who Pucci is)
  35. @FlapJackSugaStak As far as I know, the wall eyes are exclusive to the SBRverse, so no. I'm planning for the residents of Paradise City to obtain stands through different means.

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