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Johto University

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Cody, May 20, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    A whole hecka thanks goes out to Magpie for making this beautiful crest for Johto University.​

    Also, you'll have to bare with me here. There are twelve major characters, so, to keep things straight, a list.

    Dr. Colin Travis - The Dean of Johto University
    Dr. Randy Lawson - The Battle Expert at Johto University
    Dr. Maxwell Julliard - The Coordinating Expert at Johto University, and all of Johto
    Pr. Riley O'Leary - Head of Battle Practice
    Pr. Laura Burry - Head of Battle Theory
    Pr. Gillian Richardson - Head of Coordinating Practice, and Theory
    Coach Hansbourough - Coach
    Dr. O'Hara - Head of the History Department
    Pr. Rick Wistner - Maths
    Pr. Cheryl Beynum - Sciences
    Pr. Mark Green - Literature and Language
    Pr. Floramundi Lydia - Arts, Visual and Preforming.

    And now, Chapter one.


    The room was large, rotund, and filled with late morning sunshine. Beginning about a foot off the ground, the wall, and ceiling, was nothing more than glass. From this particular conference room, one could look out, and see all of Johto University, and beyond. Sprout Tower was clearly visible to the South of the campus. The tower cast a magnificent shadow to the West, as the sun was just beginning to peek out from behind the Silver Mountain Range.

    The campus of Johto University itself could only be described as beautiful. The buildings were well-designed, and had a fresh look to them, as not to stand out against the campus beauty. Near the dormitories, there was a large park, including a pristine lake. Later in the evening, when the Sun was directly over top of it, the lake seemingly transformed from water, to a cooling liquefied silver.
    The campus was nearly empty, except for the few early arrivals, and those very few who stayed the summer. It was the start of a new year, late summer. The exact reason for the staff meeting being held.

    The lone man in the glass room was Dr. Colin Travis, the Dean of Johto University. He was a powerful, influential man in the world of Pokemon, as he essentially controlled one fourth of the next generation's leaders. However, he remained humble, or, as humble as possible in such a position. His personal motto for JU was a simple "You can blow out a candle, but you can't blow out a fire. Once the flames begin to catch, the wind will blow it higher." For as long as he served as Dean, it would be the credo of JU students. Unlike many other Deans before him, it was not an original creation, rather, a quote from a song.

    His attire was rather simple, a pair of black dress pants, a brown shirt, covered in a black trench coat sort of thing. His eyes were a pale blue, and getting a bit upset, as none of the other staff members had arrived yet. He took a seat at his favorite, his back to the rising sun, facing out towards the lake. Of course, by the time everyone arrived, the round table would be filled, and looking out the window would be a rather difficult task.

    When the "trap door" of the Staff Room floor opened up, Dr. Travis found himself a bit caught off guard. He sat bolt upright rather quickly, and tried to make himself look awake. When he saw who had entered, a small smile crossed his face. Floramundi Lydia had that effect on people. Her bright pink hair, shining amber eyes, and always perky personality, her smiles were truly contagious. She was the innocence, and joy, of the Johto University Staff Team.

    "Oh!" She giggled as she walked up the stairs from the "trap door"

    "Hi Doctor!" Her smile grew. Something, just about talking to people, made the Arts Professor absolutely giddy.

    "Well good-morning Floramundi!" He grinned back at her, "no reason to be so formal, this is just a staff meeting!" He chuckled a bit.

    "Oh, right, of course!" The one bad thing, Pr. Lydia had the habit of talking fast. She pulled up a seat, at one of her favorite spots on the round table. Back to Sprout Tower, facing the forest. It was a scene she particularly enjoyed, as she could watch the flocks of Pidgey fly in and out of the forest.
    "I'm so sorry I'm a bit late!" She giggled, even though nobody has said anything funny. She was that kind of person. The kind of person every group needs. "I was talking to one of the students who had just arrived. I didn't get his name, or even his year, but I think he's going to be in one of my classes. He had this adorable little Spinda with him…"

    She was cut off, as the hatch door opened up again. A man had opened the door, and he was facing backwards, talking to someone. His hair was simple brown, and he wore a red shirt, though it was mostly covered by a white vest. On his dark olive skin, he had a tattoo plastered on his right arm; a paw print. His eyes, an excited green, spoke volumes. He continued talking to the man behind him as he took a seat, directly across the round table from Dr. Travis.

    The man he was talking to entered just slightly behind him and the two looked like they could have been brothers. His hair was brown as well, but a bit messier, and his skin was not as dark. Just as well, his eyes were a darker green. And, there was a furret draped around his shoulder. That was a bit of a tell that they were, in fact, not the same person. His clothes were sporty looking, and simply a white, with some black thrown in on the polo and exercise pants he was wearing. He carried
    two books under his arm.

    Floramundi Lydia barely noticed, and continued happily staring out the window across the room, humming. It was a sweet, melodic hum; however, it was barely audible to the small crowd now gathering in the room. Something she had practiced.

    "Coach! Mark!" Colin Travis spoke up as the two men entered. They were, the University's coach, and the head of the Language and Literature Department, respectively.

    The Furret on Pr. Mark Green's shoulder gave a slight frown.

    "and of course, you too, Aiden." Dr. Travis gave a small laugh as the eyes on the Pokemon lit up a bit.

    "And how are you, today, Colin?" Mark Green had asked as he sat down to the right of Coach Hansbourough. For most people, this kind of question was a formality. For Mark Green, it was a question he truly meant.

    "Can't complain…." He sighed a bit, the Coach had just sat down in his view of the lake "can't complain…. And yourself?"

    "Glad to hear it!" Mark Green snapped. "Myself, I'm doing great. Got about two miles in this morning before breakfast!

    Dr. Colin Travis truly did admire all of the Staff Team, though some of their personalities were a bit hard for him to deal with. Mark Green was one of those personalities.

    When the door opened again, there was silence from it. Dr. O'Hara, the head of the History Department had entered. He was a quiet man, and hardly spoke to anyone but his classes. His hair was white, his eyes, gray, his skin, turning rather pale. His jacket was brown, and worn down. He had had it for years, and underneath it was a simple gray shirt. His pants were a dark gray, and his shoes, were, surprisingly, a gray pair of tennis shoes. He gave the room a quick nod, and then took his seat.
    A few minutes passed, and the door opened again. The man who entered had balding white hair, a blue dress suit, tie, and black pants to top it all off.

    "Ricky!" Dr. Travis said with a small grin. A few of the others turned to face him.
    "Hey everybody." Pr. Wistner said, climbing slowly out of the hatch. His glasses gleamed a bit in the sunlight. "How're you all?" There was a murmer of "okay" "good" and the like, except from Floramundi. She responded with a grin, and a "I'm just fantastic!" she then continued her soft humming, as if nothing had happened. There was a small exchange of nervous glances and laughs, and then the small chatter resumed in the slowly crowding room.

    When the hatch opened, about three minutes later, a low hum entered the entire glass chamber.

    "Cheryl…." Was a soft whisper from more than a few. But, from Floramundi Lydia, it was an excited squeal. The pink haired Professor leaped up from her seat, and ran over to hug her friend. Cheryl Beynum was a dark skinned young lady, and a total eccentric. The soft hum was from that of her eyepiece that she nearly always had on. It was a light blue, translucent, and matched well with her black hair that seemed nearly purple. As nearly always, she was dressed in a lab coat. When the two friends finished hugging, they sat next to each other. One was a fountain of joy and energy. The other was a nuclear bomb of science, eccentricity, and energy. Not a very safe combination, but they were both masters in their respective fields.

    At this point, all but five had entered the room, two of them being some of the most important Heads in the University. The first to enter was Dr. Maxwell Julliard. His hair was a bright orange, his eyes, a shocking blue. His mouth was permanently curved into a smile, or so it seemed. He was donned in a suit, a lavender scarf, and carried a single red rose.

    "Well hellooooooooo everyone!" He said happily. "Gillian really should be here any minute now, that old cook!" He laughed at his own joke, and his slightly British accent. Sure, he was a rather flamboyant man, but if you were looking for a Coordinator, there was none better in all of Johto. That's why he quickly earned the title of Coordinating Expertise at Johto University.

    And, sure enough, as he had predicted, the door opened once more, revealing a slightly elderly woman. Her hair was a full gray, and she literally wore a small, finely crafted, tiara with crystals in it. Her eyes were a teal color, but cold, and ruthless. She was not smiling; in fact, her mouth was curved into a slight frown. One many of the elderly, sadly, carried. She wore a blue, white, and green scarf, despite the warm weather. Gillian Richardson wore a kimono to work, and to teach. A full kimono. Orange and white, with a pattern like a tree extending from the bottom. She wore no shoes, and carried a massive bag. Unlike with Dr. O'Hara, there were no nods, and not even one weak, polite smile. She took a seat next to Maxwell, and set her bag under the table.

    "Oh, Gillian!" Maxwell cried, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

    "Maxwell. Please." She said simply and coldly. Years of teaching unruly students had gotten to her, and she figured the only way to get around it was to act harshly in the classroom. It had, sadly, extended to her life on the Staff Board. The "Queen" of Coordinating, she had been called, before reaching an age too old to be widely accepted. That's the sole reason she became the Pr. Of Coordinating Theory and Practice at JU.

    "Of course it'd be those three that are last to arrive!" Maxwell cried out. IT was, of course, mostly a joke. But, deep in nearly every staff member, they had the same kind of thought. The three Professors of Battling seemed to think themselves better than the rest, or so was the perception.

    The firs t of the three to arrive was Laura Burry. Her hair was a striking dark blonde, with red tips, slowly fading as they got closer to the scalp. Her eyes were a calming, almost seductive, green, and her mouth formed a small smile. She was wearing a sleeveless, nearly skintight purple under-armor shirt, and a shirt purple skirt. Her shoes were Gladiator sandals, they had heels. Under her arm was a small book, and a laptop.

    "Hello, everyone." She smiled politely, but with nowhere near the amount of warmth and friendliness that was normally contained in a smile from Mark Green, or Floramundi.

    "Lauraaaa!!!!" Maxwell cried out, happily.

    "Hey Max." She laughed softly, sitting down and placing her laptop on the table.
    Within minutes, the door opened one last time, revealing the last two.

    One had jet black hair, and dark, olive skin. He too, wore an under-armor shirt, this one blue. Both his arms were covered in sleeve tattoos, one a yellow-gold, the other, a silvery-gray. He too, was without shoes, and wore gym shorts. His dark eyes were smiling, along with the huge, flawless grin on his face. Dr. Randy Lawson, the head of the battling department, and the title keeper of Battle Expertise at Johto University.

    "Hey all!" He called happily, taking his seat. They all replied with a pleasant hello, save for Dr. O'Hara and Julliard. Maxwell responded with a flamboyant
    "helloooo!!!!" as usual.

    The final one to enter, just behind Dr. Lawson, was Pr. Riley O'Leary, the head of Battle Practice at Johto University. He was the outspoken type, but an excellent battler, and strategist. Like the other two "battle" teachers, he wore an under-armor shirt, his grey. On his right arm, he had a dragon pattern tattoo, that was a slight red hue. His hair was a fiery orange, his eyes, a large contrast; a teal color. He, too, wore no shoes, but long, purple, cargo pants. He took the final seat, and then, the chatter finally came to a close. It had been only about half an hour since Dr. Travis arrived, and he was clearly thankful they could finally begin.

    "Well, you all know it's the start of a brand new school year, and new students will be flooding in……."

    (And that's chapter one. A brief introduction to all the main staff members. Also, if you spot your cameo, you win a prize ^^ )
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  2. No idea if I have a cameo, but would it, perchance, be Dr. O'Hara? The description sounds familiar to something....I just can't put my finger on it...*ponders*

    ANywho, this seems excruciatingly awesome! A PokeSchool? Nice. In Johto? More nice. In the name of the Fonz, let us "Eeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
  3. And now that we have the introduction, I want to see what the chapters will look like ^^ I definitely want to see someone interpretation of college life in the Pokemon world. JU sounds really gorgeous. It seems like the professors at JU seem a lot tamer than the college professors I've had so far. It'll be interesting to see where this goes

    ...I won't even guess at the cameos XD
  4. Do I win? :D

    I really like this story so far, Cody. It was an easy read and I love how there's a lot of different personalities. After this fic it's gonna be an RP, right? Because I couldn't stop creating schedules in my head as I read this :p

    I'm excited for this to get moving. :)
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  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I'm highly tempted to say I'm Pr. Lydia, just because everyone seems to think I'm totally upbeat and stuffs. XD

    And plus I keep going on abouts my musics and stuffs in chat, but meh.

    Anyways, very nice, Cody. I could follow everything in it pretty well, and the differing personallities was pretty good. Looking forward to future chapters. ^^
  6. Psycho Monkey

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    Allow me to be the first to say how epic the logo is. Kudos to Magpie! ;D

    I'm also liking the plot so far Cody. I'm guessing that this fic will be told from the perspectives of the professors. If so, that is completely awesome. Their personalities are so contrasting from one another it will be a plessure to read about their daily activities.

    Moar I sayz!
  7. Why is one of your Professors randy? I mean Randy...

    Freudian slip? :p

    On to the actual story; it's a good concept. You certainly seem to have the personalities down pat, especially for anyone in teaching (they either seem to be eccentric and happy with their position or they hate children. The ratio of this changes as you move through the age brackets).

    You might have overused commas a bit in some of your descriptions, but I'm hardly one to talk about that.
  8. Magpie

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    Staff Member Moderator

    Awesomeness ^^

    I think you did this introduction really well, since there were a lot of characters to 'set up'. You did a great job with the different characters, they all seem very different and interesting. Bless Virgil and his Spinda ^^

    Can't wait to read more of this, methinks it's going to be an interesting tale!
  9. Nice introduction to the staff (even though it is quite small for a university :p ). Should be an interesting read when you get the real story rolling. I await it with baited breath. ^^
  10. Ooooh, do I have one? That would be awesome if I did!

    Other than that, this sounds amazing! I love higher education, so I'm glad we get to see the Pokemon version!

  11. I don't know if I'm shaking because of how happy I am to see this, or because the house is freezing cold D:
    Either way, this makes me so happy. In the pants. And I totally have dibs on being in all of Virgil's classes :V
    We'll be naughty and hit on the teachers
  12. Shocari : Nope, yer not. Though, I can totally see how you'd see that. Yours is coming ^^
    Carmen, ilu ^^

    Virgil, yes, you win. Good job : D And yup, RP is a comin'

    Shiny : Nope, sorry D: but you *coughmightyeahcoughyoudocough* have a cameo in chapter two.

    Psycho, has your moarz! And yeah, you're pretty much right, mostly from the views of the Professors.

    Tatile, I'll be honest. I have no idea what you mean by a "Freudian slip" Just sayin'. And, thank-yas for the compliment. I tried making lotsa differing personalities.

    Yes yes yesss thank yoouuu...... SAVE *shot for shameless Dani-quote xD* Anyway, yeah, it wasn't easy to "set up" like you said, with all the people that needed introducing. I still think I could've done better.

    Also, Pheo, the Staff Members that were introduced aren't the only ones. They're just the heads of each department, making them awesome. So you can enlarge the rest of the staff as much as it makes sense in your mind ^^

    Secad : You don't have one yet, but one will come ^^

    Belle : You're just awesome. xD

    Thank you all and ilu all for the comments.
    Story continues next post.
  13. [​IMG]

    Chapter Two
    "Oh, I do just loooooove new school years!" Fiery orange hair. Shocking blue eyes. Pearl teeth. Lavender scarf. Full tuxedo suit, and a Houndoom by his side. Yes, this was the true face of Maxwell Julliard. The classroom was set up like a miniature coliseum, with a stage in the center. It was Maxwell's desire, to have no more than just that, and the large screens. Nothing more was needed for his class, mastering the art of Coordinating. Sure, his classroom was on the ground floor, but there was no matter. No windows, except for on the door. In a moment, that very same door would open, and the classroom would fill with eager students.

    "Damien, make it look exciting when they enter. How about a Dark Pulse — Fire Spin combo?" Dr. Julliard's eyes were lit with excitement, as the Dark Pokemon began his attack.

    A dark aura surrounded the hound-like Pokemon's front paws, and faintly covered the rest of his body, as well. The gaping jaws were opened, and a small stream of fire was let out. As it continued moving outward, the fire begun to spiral around itself, creating a vortex of fire, traveling up to the ceiling, stopping just short, as the orange and yellow glow of flames grew more powerful, Damien released the second part of the combo. The aura left the Houndoom's body, and began to snake up the stream of fire, covering the orange, red, and yellow flames with a pitch black.

    The fire naturally tried to break free, creating a wondrous spectacle of a spiraling black pillar, with multi-colored flames shooting out all over the place. It would hold for at least three minutes.

    Just then, the door opened, and the first student walked in. She was young, with shiny black hair, and a cute, bubbly face. Behind her, several more students began to enter, and many proceeded to drop their books at the sight of the flaming vortex.

    "Did you….?" The first girl asked, awestruck.

    Maxwell just flashed a smile, "yup."

    "Woah." Was the unanimous response from the quickly growing group.

    "Well," he spoke again as the flames began to die out, leaving only slivers to fall, and fade, "go take some seats, everyone." He flipped the lavender scarf around his neck, and shook his hair.


    "Okay, you aaaaaaaand…. You! Get down here, now! We're going to see you two compete in demonstration. Come on now, get'down here!" He threw two red roses out into the nearly full classroom, holding maybe 100 students. They fell just short of the student's face, and landed softly on the tabletops. Both students looked a bit shock, but pocketed the roses, and stood, nonetheless.

    The first to rise was the young girl who walked in first, with the sleek dark hair. She was wearing a soft looking blue sweatshirt, and jeans. Even from her standing, Maxwell could tell she was more than likely the shortest in the entire University.

    The other to stand was another new student, a young man. He was dressed in a green jacket, and jeans, as well. He had a pair of glasses, presumably new. They both made their way down through the stands quickly, arriving at the stage shortly after one another.

    "So, who are you two!?" Maxwell said happily, and excitedly.

    "I'm Aaron." The man spoke first, reaching out to shake Dr. Julliard's hand. Maxwell responded by embracing him a hug. Damien, his Houndoom, sighed, releasing a small puff of smoke as he did so. The young man "dusted himself off" so to speak, rubbing his jacket downward when he managed to escape the embrace.

    "M'boy, you best get used to that here. Now, and you are?"

    "Oh!" She squealed, "I'm Lindsey." She gave a polite little bow, and of course, Maxwell simply picked her up in a hug.

    "Oh uhm…" She was uncomfortable, but remained polite, until being put down.

    "Well, Aaron, you first. You're here for a reason, right?" He gave a large grin, "let's see what you've got!" He literally LEAPED backwards, leaving the center of the stage clear. Lindsey quietly walked backwards to the edge. Damien walked slowly behind Maxwell, sitting at his trainer's side.

    Aaron, left center stage by himself, pulled a Dusk Ball out from one of his pockets.
    "Haunter!" He called, sending the green sphere spiraling for center stage. As it cracked open, there was an explosion of smoke, fire, and a few dark flower petals.

    "Ominous Wind flight!" Aaron called, before the Haunter had even appeared. From the smoke came a purple blur, seemingly made of gas. As it began climbing towards the ceiling, a strange purple wind blew in from nowhere, covering the stage in a purple haze. The blur-of-a-Haunter began flying in a clockwise downward spiral, causing the haze to follow suit, creating a miniature vortex.

    "Now Dark Pulse!" A dark ring shot out from the vortex, and began to orbit like a planetary ring, but much, much faster. As it picked up velocity, the edges began to rip apart, sending the dark energy slowly to the ground, where the stage simple absorbed them. The vortex began to fade.

    Across the stage, Dr. Julliard gave a small nod, and said softly, "interesting…" it was one of his tamer moments. Damien looked simply excited, waiting for his turn, hoping he would get one.

    "Time for our finishing move, Haunter." Aaron looked the Gas Pokemon in the eyes, "you know what to do." He grinned. So did the Pokemon.

    Haunter rose into the air, and began rotating, and quickly gaining speed. It was not long before the Haunter became more of a purple blur, with blotches of white, from his wide open eyes, thrown in. Suddenly, green blobs of all different sizes began flying from the spherical blur, Energy Ball. The traveled all around the stage, some staying level with Haunter, some going much, much lower, and a few floating over the heads of other students. They were all floating, eerily, bobbing up and down, with a slight glow of green to them.

    Aaron smirked, "now." He said behind his glasses.
    Haunter exploded in a flurry of dark smoke, leaving the space around him empty. A combination of Explosion, and ghost-abilities, he had traveled right back into the Dusk Ball. And then, the bobbing spheres left exploded simultaneously. It was not an explosion of fire, nor smoke, but of light. Each one exploded in a different hue, some green, some blue, orange, and red, yellow, even pink. For a brief moment, the room was covered in a light show, getting more than a few gasps.

    "Thank-you." Aaron said, as he took a small bow, and returned to his seat.
    The room erupted in applause, and lasted a solid twenty seconds. It got even a grin out of Maxwell. "Very well done," he said, "fabulously done!"

    "Uhm." Lindsey coughed.

    "Oh, yes, of course! You're up! Go on! Give us a show!" He smiled, and gave a small clap. Damien snarled.

    "Right… uhm. Well, Eevee!" She called, tossing a regular Poke Ball onto the center of the stage. Unlike the Haunter before, there was no spectacle of effects, just the Pokemon. The Eevee sat still, but somehow, calmly. Just that alone astounded Maxwell.

    "Okay, Eevee!" Suddenly, Lindsey's voice was strong, and commanding, "use Double Team, and follow that with Shadow Ball!"

    The Evolution Pokemon waited a moment before acting, and then leaped about two feet in the air. On the descent, she split into a dozen copies, all identical. The Eevee-clones form a circle, and all at once, fired Shadow Ball toward the center. As the ghostly spheres made contact, there was a brief flash of intense light. As it vanished, the true spectacle was unveiled. As the orbs collided, they broke apart, and spread. The dozen orbs became a flat plane of energy, and quickly grew, covering most of the stage. All of the copies were vaporized by the energy, but the original Eevee was unaffected. When the plane of energy had reached it's peak of about ten feet in diameter, it practically exploded, covering the stage in a shadowy flurry.

    There was a small gasp from the crowd, but no applause. Maxwell was smiling, but certainly not grinning.

    "We're not through yet!" Lindsey made a bold step forward, gaining a whole new confidence level on the stage. "Okay, Girl, use your Hidden Power move!"

    "Pri!" Was the response from the small cat-like Pokemon. Her eyes closed, and when they opened again, the eyes were glowing a deep, golden yellow. Her fur started to crackle, and a huge electric discharge shot forth from the Eevee's body. The streaking bolts flashed twice, one time yellow, and then a striking blue, and then vanished. Two loud cracks followed. Lindsey grabbed the Pokeball out of her sweatshirt pocket, and called Eevee back to her home. There was no applause at first, but as she, rather shamefully, returned to her seat, they came. Not as spectacularly as with Aaron's performance, but they were gratifying nonetheless. Her shame was replaced with gratitude, and a smile spread across her face.

    "That took practice, love, good job." Maxwell smiled. He shook his fiery hair around, and flipped the scarf up again, "now!" he called, "who wants to see a Master Performance?" Ever joyful, never humble.

    There was a resounding cry for Dr. Julliard to do so, and, being him, who was he to deny?

    "Now," he asked, rather happily, "would you rather see Damien perform again, or," he pulled a Dive Ball out of the inside of his tuxedo, "what lies in here." He gave a sly smile, and turned to face all of his class.

    There was silence.

    "Well!?" He asked excitedly.

    A few students mumbled to themselves, before one finally shouted "Dive Ball!"

    "Well, okay!" Maxwell grinned, "That's all you had to say! Let's have at it!" He through the blue and white sphere out of his hands, and it spiraled as it careened towards center stage. As it cracked open against the ground, there was a flurry of large blue bubbles, and a gleaming blue light. A Blastoise emerged.

    "Hurrrrghyaaa!" It called, striking a rather "manly" pose. Before a single command had been given, the rather large Pokemon had shot a few bubbles out of the dual cannons on his back. They shone in the bright lights of the classroom, and delicately popped on heads, desks, pencils, and, playful hands.

    "Let's start out basic, Hydro Pump and Ice Beam combo." Maxwell was calm and collected outwardly, but was horribly giddy inside. The thrill of an exhibition had begun.

    Blastoise got to work at once, alternating between shooting out huge, powerful jets of water, and pillars of ice, to freeze them in place, and anchor them to the ground. When he was through, about a dozen pillars of jagged ice shot up from the stage, climbing nearly as high as the ceiling. Each one shone differently in the classroom lights, and several people clambered to take pictures.

    "Now then, full power Rapid Spin, hmmm?" Maxwell smiled, and pulled a single red rose from inside his tux, and fingered it gently, however, his striking blue eyes never left Blastoise, focusing on what he was doing.

    The large turtle quickly climbed into his shell, and began spinning, faster than many a good machines could. A game of pinball had begun, with Blastoise as the ball, and all the ice pillars as the targets. He ricocheted in between them. With each strike to a pillar, it shattered at once, due to the immense speed. Within seconds, the spinning stopped, and Blastoise stood, admiring his own work. Ice crystals floated down from the ceiling, landing all about the room. The reflection from the lights off the fine, dust-like ice could be described only as gorgeous. Maxwell stood, simply staring at the slowly falling ice.

    He took the red rose, and threw it, with surprising speed and accuracy, high above the stage; "Ice Beam!" He called, running to beneath were the rose was starting to fall.

    Blastoise shot a small, but powerful, beam of ice at the falling plant. When the two made contact, the rose froze over instantly, covering it in a sparkling clear ice. It fell faster, and began spinning a bit. Maxwell caught it, and threw it back into the class, before stepping back. He was panting, his hair got a bit messed up (the horror) but he was ecstatic.

    "Let's go ahead and end this." He took a moment to breath, "Water Pulse — Ice Beam — Hyper Beam." Dr. Julliard's eyes were wide with excitement, and a grin was quickly spreading on his face.

    The Blastoise began working instantly. Out of the dual cannons on his back came a large disc of water, pulsating and colliding through each other as they flew up towards the ceiling. Nearly instantly, the Ice Beam was shot up as well, momentarily freezing the discs in place. The effect was astounding, as the water had been moving, so much so that the ice looked unreal, as the two discs collided with each other, one diagonally through the other. Then the ice began to fall, and Blastoise began the final attack, Hyper Beam.

    Two beams of pure energy shot out from the cannons, glowing a powerful cobalt blue as they traveled upward. Perhaps because of some scientific reaction, or perhaps by the will of the Blastoise, the two beams began to spiral tightly around each other, so much so that they seemed to form a glowing, blue, and deadly

    When the beams collided with the falling ice, the reaction was immediate. The ice was simply shattered, millions of tiny pieces, all glowing, and falling slowly, and delicately, all over the large classroom. The beams disappeared, and Blastoise stood, catching his own breath.

    "Thank you!" Maxwell said, calling his Blastoise back, and walking to Damien's side, "Class dismissed!" and he simply walked out, leaving an awestruck classroom.
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    :o Dude that was awesome! Excellent performance by the Blastoise! Simply freaking marvalous. I think I'm going to be a fan of Dr. Julliard.

    I'm also going to guess and say that the art work will be at the start of every chapter.
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    Cody, I have a little story to tell you. It goes kinda like this:

    Once upon a time there was a boy named Cody. WAT A COINCIDENCE.
    His head was full of amazing and rainbows and super special awesome.
    One day he decided to share it with all of his favorite people ever, and most of them had seizures because they weren't cool enough to have a cameo. The survivors lived happily ever after.
    The end.

    by the way
    Maxwell makes me almost wish I had a penis so he would want to make lovebabies with me. -thumbsup :V-
  16. :O

    I loved this chapter. And again, I'm really excited for this RP. Chad's totally gonna take a Coordination class. Ffffffff. I love your descriptions, they're awesome, and those appeals were very creative and well done. Make the next chapter really fast and post it right now.
    Right, so I love Maxwell because he is win because he has a Houndoom named..DAMIEN. :D :D :D My Houndoom is named Damien :'D >>' No reference? Yes no? Do I get one? Please? Hn?

    . . .

    ANYWAYS. Great chapter and intro Cody, your battle style is really unique, I lied the Dark Pulse Fire Spin combo the best though, don't know why xD
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    You aught to point out who you drew these cameos from at the end of each chapter to stop us from guessing so many ideas :p
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    Eeee! This was so cool! This doesn't seem like the wimpy Coordinating one sees in the anime. This is tough, cool, and beautiful Coordinating.

    Moar? *gives cute kitty face*



    Am I the only one who saw the Kalseng cameo? *coughaaronhack*
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    And Chibi... I must have missed that one. *Goes to re-read the awesomeness*
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    OMGOMGOMG I GOT A CAMEO!!!!!!!! *explodes*

    And I would totally teach my Eevee how to do that if I could. :DDDDD

    *huggles you*

    And electricity as Eevee's HP move was best idea evah because I love electricity. ^^

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  23. ooooh, wow, haven't posted on this in a little bit.

    Anyways, I'd just like to say-dangit, everyone beat me to the good stuff. The cameo's were well thought out and I had no idea who anyone was until I saw the later posts. The Dark Pulse/Fire Spin was SWEEEEEEEEEEEET. The Blastoise and Eevee made me go "Egad!"

    And Belle's post creeped me out.
  24. Everyone, ilu.

    Anyway, here's a batch of cameo, and LOLZPLOTChapter Three


    "Okay, everyone, sit down, class has begun." She walked in quickly through the door, and strode confidently to her large desk. A small Cyndaquil was riding on her back, playfully peeking out behind her hair at the large class.

    "I don't care where you sit, how you sit, or who you sit with, as long as you're sitting, behaving, and not speaking unless spoken to. Questions?"
    She paused, set the Cyndaquil, along with a book and her laptop, down on the desk.

    "Good." Her dazzling green eyes scanned the stadium-style classroom, going back a good 15 rows. "You are, all, literally, the largest class this year, following Maxwell's, of course…." Her voice drifted slightly as she continued to scan the students.

    "You look like a good group. I trust we can get along well, and have a good school year. This class won't be as fun as one with Dr. Lawson, or Julliard, or maybe even Pr. Lydia. But, we will get things done, and, I can guarantee you, you'll all learn. A lot. It's my job to assure that happens." She paused for a breath, "We will, today, have a short demonstration, analyze it, and then class will be dismissed."

    She flipped some of her blonde-and-red hair out of her face, and back behind her ear. "Also, I have two requests." She paused, and her voice turned a bit friendlier, "if this doesn't sound like the class for you, you can leave. Door's right there." She pointed, "also, I dress like this quite regularly, so, if this will be a problem for any of you, you can leave as well." She was referring to the purple under-armor and miniskirt.

    Nobody left.

    "You bunch of liars!" She said with a laugh, and some of her class joined her.
    "Good, I like you all."

    "Uhm, Pr. Burry?" One girl raised her hand. She was a shorter student, with eye-catching red hair and a dark blue sweatshirt. "Will we be doing any battling in this class? My Manectric…"

    "Yes," She cut her off, "We will, but not today. Today, we analyze this battle. That's what this class is all about!" She walked back and pulled down the projection screen, and pressed a button on the wall that veiled the windows, and dimmed the lights.

    "You, name, and pick a number, one through ten." She was referring to the girl that spoke earlier.

    "M-me?" She asked, a bit nervously.

    "Yes, hun, you." Laura Burry gave a comforting smile.

    "Well, I'm Ferne… and… four, I guess." She gave a weak smile, still a bit unnerved from the new class.

    "Well, Ferne, it's nice to meet you." Laura tilted her head, and gave a warm smile, "hmmm…."

    She walked back behind her desk, gave the Cyndaquil a small scratch one the head, and punched some keys in on the computer. The projector in the back of the class sprang to life, and there was an image of the Johto University Crest on the screen. It faded, and was replaced by an image of an Octillery and a Pikachu, facing off on a simple battlefield.

    Laura had snuck up to the last row of seats, and was leaning against the wall, arms wrapped around her Cyndaquil, "Now, then, in theory who would win this battle?" At first, nobody spoke, and all was silent in the room, except for the gentle hum on the projector. "Come on, which one of these guys would win, in the most simple of situation?"

    "Pikachu…" there came a soft mumble from one of the male students in the back of the room, near Laura. He was wearing glasses, a brown jacket, resembling a flight jacket. There was a small goatee on his chin, matching his orange-ish brown hair.

    "What was that?" She asked, walking closer.

    "The Pikachu would probably win, type advantage." He paused, "but, Octillery has the boost of being fully evolved…"

    "Uhhu!" She laughed a bit, "This one's a bit hard to tell, innit?" She walked back down the steps, and stopped next to her desk, "well, just watch for a few minutes, and we'll see." She gave a sly smile, set her Cyndaqiul down, and hit play on the computer. The screen burst to life.

    The Pikachu started out rather predictably, with a Thunderbolt being shot at the Jet Pokemon. The video panned across the sky as the yellow streaks of electricity danced for the Octillery.

    Without a moment to spare, and without moving, the red Pokemon whipped up a pile of mud, just large enough to absorb the electric shock. A defensive Mud-Slap.
    The small Mouse Pokemon leaped into the sky, and disappeared. The Octillery looked a bit confused, but turned on the spot. When the Pikachu reappeared, it was right in the line of fire of a Gunk Shot. Too late to move, the small yellow rodent was hit full power, and sent flying back. In just one hit, it was knocked out.

    "Okay, if you've got a class to get to, go. We're not even going to bother to discuss this. However, if you wish to stay, please, come down to the front row and we'll talk a bit." She sat on her desk, pulling Io, her Cyndaquil, into her lap.
    Laura Burry watched as most of the class filed out, leaving only a few behind. In fact, only three. The two Laura had spoken with before, Ferne and that boy with the brown jacket. The third was an older student, with brown hair reaching down a bit behind her shoulders, and a green hat that pointed up, and then flopped down to the side. She wore glasses, and had doodles of pizza scribbled on her notebook.

    "Well, hey, guys." She said with a smile, as they all took seats near the front.

    "Names? Other then you, Ferne, of course." She said with an honest smile.

    "I'm Burlane" The boy stepped forward, offering a handshake to Pr. Burry. She gladly accepted, and smiled as they shook hands.

    "eh?" the older girl asked, looking up from her notebook. "Oh!" She squealed, "I'm Kat-er… Links. And I loves pizza." She said, without skipping a beat, and staring Pr. Burry square in the eyes. A smile was still present on her face, however.

    The sky outside was slowly getting darker, currently embraced in the warm hands of twilight. The soft sound of crying Pidgey's could be heard nearly all across Johto, but especially on campus, which was surrounded by forest.

    "Well, we're here, so let's talk, hm?" She stated it as a question, but it was more of a demand from the lips of Laura Burry.

    "About what, though?" Ferne asked, twirling her hair around her finger.

    "Well, for one thing, Burlane, I want you on the school's battling team. You in?" She asked, deeply hoping he would agree.

    "Uhm." He said, scratching the back of his head, "sure, I guess?"

    "You're not sure at all. But you should be. You'd be great, brilliant, even. I can tell just from the way you thought about the Pikachu-Octillery thing. That's what that was. An exercise. You're the only one I was impressed with on it." She smiled.

    "Well, Okay then!" he said with a bit more zest this time.

    "Good." She picked something up from her desk, and tossed it to Burlane. It was a small backpack. Inside, would be two Johto University-styled Pokeballs, a team shirt, a team sweatshirt, and a small team pin.

    "And you, Ferne." She shifted her focus, "I can tell I'll like you. You're no doubt filled with confidence, you managed to ask me a rather dangerous question so early in the year. That's gutsy. But you're still controlled, and if I'm not mistaken, a bit shy." Her green eyes turned inviting, and a sincere smile stretched across Laura Burry's face.

    "Mhmm-hmm!" She blushed a bit, and smiled. She was at least a head shorter than the four left in the room.

    Laura tossed her one of the packs as well

    "And well…. Links….." She hesitated a bit.

    "Eh?" She looked up from a pizza she was softly chewing on.

    "I might end up regretting this, but there's no telling." She grabbed one more backpack from her desk, and threw it at the hat-clad girl. She caught it, grabbed a red sharpie, and quickly scribbled a pizza on it.

    The other three just stared at her a bit.

    "Well ANYway, I'll shoot you three an email when we have the first meeting in the stadium. You can hang out here if you want, or go. No matter to me. I'll be off." She gave them a polite wave, grabbed her laptop, scooped up Io, and walked out the door, leaving the three in near silence.

    Links was the first to walk out, mumbling to herself about getting a pizza on the way home. Burlane was next, he gave Ferne a quick goodbye, and walked out quietly. Ferne was last. She gave a small sigh as she walked out, flipping the lights off.

    SHOT CHAPTER IS SHORT. Anyway, in case you don't get it. The video was a test kind of thing, used to see who truly analyzes it. And only Burlane *coughpheocough* really saw into it. That's why she didn't call anyone else other than those who had no classes next down. Being the cray-analyst she is, she saw his class list. Or something crazy like that. Plotholes.
    Magpie, Katie, Pheo, in case you really couldn't tell.
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  25. I really liked this one, Cody, and the battle was...short, but nice.

    Analyzing it as a test? Mental, completely mental, but in an awesome way. I noticed Katie's cameo right away when you mentioned pizza. Magpie's made me think for a minute. I was all like "Manectric...who likes Manetric again?Ooooooh yeah...Magpie.". Pheo's cameo, I didn't really notice. Was he the guy in the jacket?
  26. Not only are your chapters short, but so are your classes! That must have lasted only five minutes, was it an introductory shortie?

    Heh, other than your pupils getting seeming to get super-short classes, that was quite good. I got the Katie cameo right after you mentioned the hat, but other than that I don't know enugh about this forum to get anyother references (I think I've missed a few in the previous chapters - even ones people have pointed out).
  27. Magpie

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    I was going to leave it at that, but then I'd have had to warn myself for SPAM ^^;

    I'm still loving your writing style, it flows quite nicely. Katie has a pizza drawing obsession XD, and I'm sure she'll kick butt in battle. Pheo was done well, methinks.

    Short? I'm the tallest person here! *coughcough* :p

    Can't wait for more.
  28. srgsdfgsGHDRGBrsgDNRHNhnrgbh you have no idea how happy I was to come home from school to this right herrrreeeeeeeeeee nomnomnomnomnomnomnom
  29. It's obvious if you know that Magpie is called Ferne, I picked it up instantly.

    Aaaaanyway. Awesome addition here Cody, as per usual! Wouldn't expect anything less of someone your caliber. Keep it up :)
  30. I liked Pheo's cameo. He sounds like he would be an A student in this class.

    Linkachu's made me laugh. She drew a pizza on her battling team stuff. It was strange, but laugh inducing at the same time.

    Magpie's was nice. I liked how she asked 'such a dangerous question.' I'm as short as she is, too, so she doesn't have to feel bad. My lab partner was 6'7 and I'm 5'3. Go figure.

    Overall, an excellent chappie.



    MOAR! *gives cute kitty face*
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    Great chapter Cody! I love the models of the Professors you have at the stat of each chapter. Classic.

    It's easy enough to figure out these cameos if you know the people.

    Red hair and goatee:pheo (I know that much from his avi)
    Green hat and pizza fetish=Links

    I'll be waiting to see what class you post next.
  32. I love how I supposedly have reddish hair now. :3 I think RX took liberties when drawing the avvie, my hair is distinctly brown . XD

    Anyways, good chapter Cody. Short and sweet, though I would have loved to have seen more indepth analysis going on. :3
  33. Shiny Lyni

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    I was like, "hrm, goatee, red hair... I think it's Pheo, but not quiiiiite sure..." and it happens to be. XD

    Managed to guess everyone quite easily. Shows how long I've been a member here, I guess. Anyways, lovely chapter, Cody. I just skimmed it and it looks good, so I bet reading it over would be even better.

    Though I must agree with Tatile. The classes do seem at least a tad short, hrm?

    Good job anyways, though. Katiechu with teh pizza and hat was uber cute. :3
  34. Chapter was great ^^ And about the short class...that really isn't all that unusual on the first day. I've had first day of classes where the professor would literally just hand out the syllabus and then dismiss us.

    So yeah, I enjoyed this chapter :)
  35. My gods, if Johto U existed, I'd have totally failed that test ;_;

    Anyway, it's a really great story Cody, and I'm loving all the pretty cameos and such, just because they're so cute! And you personified them so well~ Mr. Julliard was fun to read of, although I personally like Burry more at this point, if only for the scanner
  36. Awwwww, Kate cameo was adorable ^____^ It was a little hard not to giggle at some of the things, but Katie muttering about getting pizza on the way home was just too cute. XD

    I feel stalkerish too, I reconized everyone immediatly except Pheo, the hair threw me off. :p Pweeeeeez post some moar?
  37. Chapter 3.5

    "Get down here vright now! You must keep battliving if ve hope to vin this year's tournament!"

    Unlike the bright and warm grounds of the University of Johto, Sinnoh University was cold, dark, and sometimes rather unforgiving. The campus was usually covered in at least three inches of snow, and hardly did the students ever get to see sunshine. The classrooms were all in one building, built of a menacing grey stone. Dormitories were built off of the classes, as towers rising as high as twenty stories.

    Snowcapped mountains surrounded the school, with Mt. Coronet clearly visible in the distance.

    "Narcissa! Are you coming or not!? Ve must get to vork! Vight now! O' ve will certainly lose! Ve must vin!" The man's accent was thick, his voice was deep, and his tone was harsh. He stood alone on a battlefield, which was, of course, covered in snow. He was yelling up to one of the towers that stood nearby.

    "SHUT UP! I'M COMING! I'LL BE THERE WHEN I'M GOOD AND READY DAMMIT!" And at that moment, there was a sudden glow of red light, a loud roar, and the sound of wings slicing through the air. The orange beast flew swiftly through the freezing air, its very presence warming the cool air around it.

    And then the Charizard began his descent. The trainer riding on the Flame Pokemon's back was confidently holding her grip, a brown cape sticking nearly straight out from the intense speed and movement through the air.

    "What, the HELL do you want!?" she yelled, her voice piercing the still, freezing air around them.

    "As I haff said! Ve must continue your practice if ve hope to vin this year's tournam-" the man, Viktor had begun

    "Look, I know." She stared at his black eyes through her glasses, her cool green eyes strikingly different. "I just don't see why you have to scream at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS all the way up the tower! It's just a pain in the a-"

    "I'm sorry, Narcissa. You'll have to forgive me. It's just, you're our very best battler and.."

    "Viktor, stop talking. If you want to practice, let's practice." How'd this clown get to be a teacher!? She thought to herself, disgusted.

    "Er, right. I guess you'll be using Charizard, so uhm…. Let's battle him against… uhrr.."

    "Gardevoir. I want to battle Gardevoir." She spoke up, untying her cape. It fell soft, like a gentle fog, to the snowy ground.

    "Oh uhm" He pulled the Poke Ball out of the inside pocket of his giant, fur coat. Barely extending his arm — perhaps from fear of being too close to Narcissa — he threw the Poke Ball across the field, and quickly ran towards the large building.
    "I trust you can battle without me! Have a good time!" His voice literally filled with fear, Viktor went from a jog, to a full out sprint. His step was surprisingly light for a man of his size.

    "Hn." Narcissa sighed, brushing off her green-and-brown clothing, and slightly adjusting her glasses. "Well, we might as well do this before that poor Gardevoir freezes to death…."

    At the mention of it's name, the Gardevoir shifted her look from the glittering snow that matched her dress, to staring directly into Narcissa's eyes. The Embrace Pokemon's eyes glowed a deep purple, and the Pokemon lifted her frail green arms into the air, and began waving them in odd, yet rhythmic motions. It wasn't long before the Gardevoir was dancing, surrounded by a calming purple aura. When the dance came to a close, the aura that had surrounded her slowly faded, yet Gardevoir seemed to stand with more confidence.

    It was Calm Mind.

    "Like that will do any good…" Narcissa mumbled softly, momentarily fogging her glasses. "Flare Blitz, no hesitations." She commanded of her Charizard.

    The Flame Pokemon rose into the air, each beat of it's wings causing snow to scatter. At a height of about twenty feet, the Charizard began to coat itself in flame, with the blaze on it's tail rapidly expanding, and flames pouring out of his gaping jaws.

    As the dive began, the smoke from his nostrils joined the flames which engulfed the Pokemon, completely shielding him from view. All that could be seen was a mass of flame and smoke, which quickly began rotating, like a giant, flaming drill.
    Inside the mass, Charizard opened his gaping jaws, and the Gardevoir could do nothing but put her thin green arms up in protest….

    (Ugh. D: It's super short, there have been RP replies longer than this.... anyway, it's been forever since I've updated, and I'm sorry for that. By this time next week, I hope to have a full chapter up. Also, I swear, this is not Hogwarts. But it certainly did help with my imagining of it xD)
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    Narcissa? Viktor? Harry-Potter referance much? XD

    Still, interesting chapter, though I'm wondering why a person would leave his own Pokemon behind, even if he was running away in fear. Such a caring person, ne?

    You better post at least 3 chapters this week so that when I get back I'll have something to look forward to as well as updated manga chapters and anime episodes. ^^ Jk, Cody. XD
  39. Really loving the difference in Sinnoh University; the people being as cold as the temperature, the way they talk, all of it. :p Also the University itself, different architecture. I like it ^^

    Also, Dway cameo is win. Loving it. :D
  40. nice short chapter here, Cody. A little view into Sinnoh Uni was cool, as it shows some kind of tiny rivalry between regions. A Tournament sounds like a fun idea.

    And meh, Hogwarts inspiration=nice location...well, Hogwarts anyways. It'd be fun to live in that kind of area, and Sinnoh Uni is no exception to me. I also

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