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Jenova/Kimzie's Art Collection

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jenova, May 4, 2009.

  1. It seems that I am somewhat talented at art ever since I could hold up a pencil (age 3) Or at least, that's what everyone at all of my schools had ever said. Since I was 4-5, I wanted to be an artist. However, I wasn't sure what kind of artist I wanted to be. Soon after when I was about 8 or so, I realized the style that I drew the most frequently: anime
    Ever since then, I wanted to be a manga-ka, also known as a Anime/Manga Artist.

    However that goal is a little hard to achieve. But, I'm trying.
    On youtube I'm known as QAJenova, the noobiest Maple Story director ever. That's helping me in animation, although I'm using Windows Movie Maker. On my penpal site, Kupika, I draw oekaki using Shi Painter Pro. It's basically a limited version of Photoshop but I'll make use of what I have.
    So as of now, I'll just be showing my oekaki from Kupika on here as a step up to becoming a manga-ka. Everything is in order from the oldest works to the most recent ones, so pleas keep in mind that the first few works are obviously terrible.

    Note - Requests are Also Welcome But Keep In Mind That I'm Limited to What I Can Do



    (Note: The oekaki above is a contest entry in which the main base is not mine. However the hair and everything else is my personal design.)




    (Note: The oekaki above was a Get Well picture for Yakushi--Kabuto on DeviantArt.)




    (Note: The oekaki above was a Happy Birthday picture for Yakushi--Kabuto on DeviantArt.)


    So, what do you guys think?
  2. Rai


    First, let me say that Oekaki tools like ShiPainter can be pretty hard to use, so congrats on producing lovely pieces with it. C:
    Your colors are vibrant and bright, and I always like that in the right type of picture. (Meaning if you had a dark feeling picture and used light colors that's be a nono for me.)
    Now let me talk to you abit on some stuff you could possibly work on... Some of the faces seem a little flat in a way, don't be afraid to "plump" up a face and see what it'd look like.
    It also could be because of little to no shading on the face. Don't be afraid to try darker colors in a picture for shading, there's always the Ctrl + Z button there for you. C:
    Last tip I can give, pratice realistic anatomy; using your friends/family to pose for you. As I see, realistic drawing is harder than Anime/Manga drawing and if you got the basics in realistic down, drawing will just get easier for you.
    So that's all I got, otherwise nice job on your drawings and keep it up; like they say pratice makes perfect! 8D
  3. This is a neat gallery thus far, Jen. Although Oekaki applications are somewhat limited, so you should really try drawing on a proper painting program, it takes a bit to get used to, but the features offer a lot more effects for your work.

    Concerning the works themselves, I will nod to Rai concerning your character's faces. They're very good in that the features are well-placed and the contours are great, but it would be even better if you could add a bit more roundness into them. Other than that, the anatomy for the rest of the body is also well-drawn. Good job on that as well.
  4. Thank you ^_^
    I know what you mean when you mention how flat my faces sometimes are, since I also noticed that about some of my drawings, like Bob Wonderful in the 6th picture.
    Some of the odd anatomy, such as Sasuke Uchiha's narrow shoulders or the TacoeyGoodness picture were old drawings, so it's improved over the years. However the "Get Well Soon Mr. Artist" one has really odd poses, so I'll try to get better :D
    Unless you mean Holixz's lower region (3rd last picture) in which case, all hope is lost for me xD

    [quote author=Hax link=topic=6012.msg99106#msg99106 date=1241415294]
    This is a neat gallery thus far, Jen. Although Oekaki applications are somewhat limited, so you should really try drawing on a proper painting program, it takes a bit to get used to, but the features offer a lot more effects for your work.

    Concerning the works themselves, I will nod to Rai concerning your character's faces. They're very good in that the features are well-placed and the contours are great, but it would be even better if you could add a bit more roundness into them. Other than that, the anatomy for the rest of the body is also well-drawn. Good job on that as well.

    Sadly I should know everything about roundness just by looking at my own face in the mirror xD
    But like I've said in the beginning, I do realize how limited I am using Shi Painter Pro. And also I have used other programs (GIMP, Paint.net, etc.) However, I'll take what I can get because I prefer more simple (or prehistoric, lol) programs. Except Paint MS.
  5. These are really good, Jenova. I love the edgy style you have. Anime is something you seem to draw extremely well.

    I would love to see something drawn on a better program, too. These are a-maze-ing!
  6. One more oekaki to my wall of shame xD
    This one is based off of my avatar in Kupika, aka the website where I draw all of this.


    And down here is one of my failed attempts at Paint MS xD
    (Note: This was made months ago. I have no idea what in the world is she saying.)


    Edit: Another one, but I was too lazy to upload it.
    Argh, Kupika screwed up its quality.
    The various phrase in it are parts of the lyrics to the song "I Did It For Love" by BoA.


    Edit:: Another oekaki. The background used to be the South Vietnamese Flag until VietCong changed it to the crappy one-star red background one. As a Vietnamese person who understands the importance of it, I support this flag and it means something to me and possibly more than 1000s of Vietnamese people out in the world. Anyone that disrespects this flag is utter SHIT and will not be forgiven.


    Ah...my childhood. As a little kid, I realized that one day, I would have to go on separate ways from my friends. And since I was a child (although I still am one), I didn't want that to happen. The darkness surrounding Childhood-me is how I view as "the world" sometimes, with adulthood and crime and stuff, whereas the light represents childhood and innocence.


    Ah, a gift for Katie :3


    ...What the hell is this piece of crap!?!?


    And another one of my avatar. You know, I think I'll name her Fae Clarissa.

  7. Aw I love the Linkachu! It's so cute!
  8. I love the Linkachu one too ^_^
    Could have done something with that eye at the ri-...crap xD
  9. Hey, it's better than what I can do.

    My drawings are almost completely consistent of a character made from the open-parenthesis, the equal, the hyphen and a 3. And that ain't much. (=-3
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    And you know I love the Linkachu, too ^^
    Cute pose, appropriate sign, and appropriate PIZZA! It's like you know me x3

    Thanks again for the giftart, Kimzie. It's awesome and full of love ^__^
  11. Thanks Katie :D

    And on a side now, seeing as how I'm devoted to Stel in the fangirl sense, I did what most fangirls do...draw fanart. However, this fanart is going to kill me...if Stel doesn't kill me first.


    (Note: Image is somewhat drawn to scale.)
  12. :'D
    Oh, Kimmy this is adorable, I love the hair and the bandana, it looks great. The trench is a nice touch too ^^
    And, well...
    It was nice knowing you, love :'D
    -dons mourner's veil-
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    *Just dies laughing at that*

    Kimzie... ILU. You're the best Charms-based fangirl ever XD

    Also, the Stel plushie is adorable, and nice touch with the wrist blade thingie ^^
  14. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    XDDDD That is fantastic. I love it.

    [me=Database]secretly wants a Stel plushie now.[/me]
    wait. Did I say that out loud? -flees-
  15. I agree with you there, Database. That is nice, even though I ain't a devoted fan to Stel. Just his epicness.

    *flees also*
  16. ...Thanks xD
    I knew I can count on you guys. [/sarcasm]

    *awaits to be killed mercilessly*
  17. Squeee!

    *pounces on Stel plushie*

    That is so cute, and yet could do so much damage! I want one! The armblade is adorable…

    Okay, enough of that. Jen, you have captured the soft, rounded essence of plushie awesomely. There's not much else to say than…

    #18 Secad MS, Jun 29, 2009
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  18. MAH PLUSH D:<

    Ah, Holixz's original form and a child version of me...that came out skinnier then I ever was >_<
    Cute for a faceless piccu, eh?
  19. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Wow, that's a fantastic piece of arts. :D Good job, the faceless effect just adds to it.
  20. You think so? ^_^
    I was going to have faces for them, but I decided to leave it as it was because it wasn't supposed to be the main thing about it.
    Also, a quick doodle with no effort added.

    Also, since my birthday is coming up in about a month or so, it would be 2 years since I've used Shi Painter. And since 2 years is almost the same as the gap of Naruto and Naruto: Shippuuden, I just wanted to draw Sasuke for old-time's sake.


    Fact - I drew the first Sasuke in August 19th, 2007 at age 10.
  21. (Erm...Sorry if this double post is against the rules, I'll take it off if it is.)

    Above is Annabell, a robot based off of the song "Lolitabot." I'm quite happy with this, mainly because of the curls and new shading style.
    This is my DeviantArt ID. On the left is a prettier version of me, and on the right is Jenova from Final Fantasy VII.
  22. The Zack one looks kick ass. I adore your art Jenova keep up the good work!
  23. Now that Charms is back up, I can put up some more work! (Of crap.)

    Down here is the ending (or is it?) of a picture book I am planning on doing, "The King and the Creator".

    This one is a request from Database, the three main girls of his ficcu, Nexilis, a ficcu that you all should go read :U
    I did no justice to them.

    Bellnova, the fusion of me and Belle. Steampunk Lolita sure does look good, eh?
    I'm very proud of this one for obvious reasons. Also, first successful detailed drawing that I have ever done in ages ^^

    Inspired by HeartGold and Soul Silver, I have drawn a Gijinka female Lugia...and screwed it up.
  24. (I apologize if this bump is unneeded.)

    [​IMG] Ah. An event that occurred in chat some time after 'Charms was back up. To put it short, I'm the girl in band aids, and the Porygon-Z with the (Horrid) pirate hat is Database.
    Also, this looks like a Chobits scene outtake xD

    Speaking of Chobits, a sweet Lolita piccu! I take Lolita requests now, anyone who is interested in me drawing them in a frilly skirt, you're allowed. Just name what type of Lolita.

    Erm....don't ask. But in my opinion, "The Outsiders" > the Twilight series.
  25. Heh, Pory-Data is quite cute and quirky. I love his annoying voice (at least, what I 'hear' from the picture) and how he wants to 'repair' people. Let me guess, he's a medic of some sort?

    The Outsiders, eh? I've never heard of them, but that picture with the top half of the face blacked out is quite intriguing. The sketchy shading I like.

    I dare you to draw Fi in a Gothic Lolita outfit. Are you up for it? XD
  26. Secad: DSKLJSALDKJadSA I actually did complete that, but my younger cousins ripped it up along with a bunch of other incomplete artworks I did
  27. Oooh, ‘And Carmel' sounds like an intriguing story. I cannot wait to read it. I also like the slashy-divided style of the picture that really emphasizes how they are different yet the same.
    #28 Secad MS, Nov 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  28. Glad you like it, Secad ^^
    The name "And Caramel" was kind of based off of "Vanilla" and "Chocolate," which is also regarding to race. The way I see it, caramel is possibly a blend of the two, symbolizing Amber and Carmella's bond. (It's also a horrible pun because of the character names.)

    A minor character in my manga Blue Roses/Mirror Roses, Tekii is a slave who helped Hana (who I will reveal sometime in the future) retrieve her possessions from Tekii's master. She has a Southern accent, and can speak fluent Albanian. She is a philosopher at heart, and constantly finds herself thinking about the unanswered things in life. This picture is a year old, and my first success at colouring xD

    Also, please don't mention her eyes. I'm not too fond about the fact that I shaded it in with pen, then decided to colour it in orange.

    Ah, last year nostalgia. This was a little fanart for my online sister, Linda. The name "Rizel Pandora" was later used as the name for the daughter of my OC, Kira.

    I'm very fond of this picture, because it's one of the few old pictures that I can look back at and not want to puke on.
  29. Tekii looks very elvish, I must point out.

    Nice witch, Jen. The snake/dragon thing is an excellent touch. You have also got the proportions and the hat bleeping awesome! I must say, this is one of your best pictures in this thread.
  30. I must be losing my touch, then xD
    That picture is a year or so old now.

    Whoo! MS Paint attempt #2! Yes, part of it is my siggy. Will shade more later.

    Also, as a halfassed birthday present to Stel...

    And also, this was an inside joke in chat:
  31. Innocent Chingling is innocent. XD

    I must say that Gardenia's skin is a touch too red, but the shading and everything else is satisfactory. I really like your shorts. :p
  32. ...It is? O_O
    I used a tan color pencil and pink marker D:
    Oh, and since I messed up on one of the cheeks, I ended up using a pink color pencil for rosy cheeks.
  33. (Err yeah, bump
  34. I like it! The color pencil feel and everything really makes the picture look amazing
  35. Waaaaaaaaah

    Bellnova is byootifull. I like the hair, it's curly and fun.
  36. I concur. Your art is beautiful Jenova. I especially like the Kira drawing.
  37. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee this is adorable, I love the super fun and bouncy curls and the lips came out really well too
  38. *is lovingly headbutted* :V

    Anyway, here are a few more works.

    This is an overdue request in which I deeply apologize for being too lazy to do, Fi in a Gothic Lolita dress! Also, forgive me, I fail at animal anatomy.

    Noodle, from the band Gorillaz. Since she's around 19 years old now, I just thought I'd be able to give her a little credit for making it through these years. Wherever you are, Noodle, may the best of luck be with you.

    I have no idea where did that line come from. Anyway, this is just...me. On the left side is reality, a typical Asian girl. On the right side is (Final) fantasy, the Jenova most people expect when they see my name.
  39. Those are beautiful drawings. I really like the angry mouse in a dress. I think you did it extremely well. You did a job well done.

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