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Jada's Art Shop [Commission Only]

Discussion in 'Requests' started by JadaDoesArt, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Hey, can I have a shiny eevee gijinka, and can she have long hair please? Thanks
  2. Hello, Your art is very nice and i was going to ask if you could make a custom sprite. The character's name is Shikieiki Yamaxanadu from Touhou. (Mouth full huh...) i don't know what would be the base trainer. Thank you for doing what you do.
    If you need extra pictures or decide its too hard, just PM me~

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  3. Can you do a overwatch Sprite? (I can't tell if you said four per person or four requests at a time) Can you make a Sprite of Zenyatta? (The robot in the pic)

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  4. As a Note to everyone the reason why nothing on this has been updated is because my home computer has been out of commission for about a year and a half now. I will be starting to get back into this here shortly. Sprites will probably be on hold until i can get a good program for doing them on my phone, but traditional are or possibly digital are is something I'm able to work on right now.

    I will get to the sprite requests as quickly as I can, but I cant give anyone an ETA on those.
  5. Oh okay! Thanks fine. Sorry to be a pest but would you mind drawing the guy in this picture instead? His name is Junkrat.

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  6. General Art requests are open once again. Feel free to send things in.
    Sprites are still on hold until further notice, I have the current two mostly done. I just can't access them @tm.
  7. Would you be willing to draw my Pokemon Trainer OC?

    She has Long brown hair. Green eyes. Wears blue jeans with a darkish blue tank top and a purple jacket thing with no sleeves and is open in the front.. Has a purple bandanna worn in her hair as a hat. It has a pokeball symbol on it that is turquoise. She wears black boots with belt straps. She so has a necklace that is a water drop.

    I hope I was descriptive enough. If not here is a picture I drew of her a while back but it is just of her top half. :'| Sorry, and it isn't that well drawn either. ^^' 389267_HNI_0031.jpg
  8. @TooBlue12
    I can do that. I'll link you on the work when completed
  9. Alright thank you :) looking forward to it, no rush though. Take as much time as you need. ^-^
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  10. Are request's open now? If not I'll wait anyway... Can you draw these two?]I gotta say....Ur art is awesome...And also they're close friends

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  11. Can you draw the avatar in my profile pic?
    With the Shiny Rotom plz?
    I have green pants?
    And a tan scarf?
  12. @Veronici sure. But hit me up with a PM so we can work details.

    @DopeLeafeon Sure thing.

    I still have two spots open if people wanna request things.
  13. Can you draw Watermelon,here?
    Her eyes are pink with black dots like on her dress. She has no body from Legs down. She wears wrist Braces and she always looks anamused.
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  14. @Iqra I should be able to do that
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  15. Howdy howdy howdy!
    Could you draw the character in my profile pic standing at a train crossing please?
    Thanks! :)
  16. @Paul H. Hoff I could draw the character and the pokemon, but I am not good with backgrounds. So if you have your heart set on a train crossing then I'm not the person to work on this.
  17. Okay, then just the character and pokemon:)
  18. Could you please make the girl in my profile picture next to the ender dragon? If it's to hard you can just draw her if you don't mind.
  19. Aaahhhh frick, can I request another thing?
  20. As soon as I finish the two current requests I will start taking new requests that being said,
    @Forever Frozen I can try to draw them both, but I'm not sure if I can do the ender dragon justice
    @DopeLeafeon470 Sure depends on what it is
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  21. You can take all the time in the world for this one, because it's quite specific.

    I want mine in the Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time style. If you don't know what it is, watch chuggacconroy and his playthrough on it.
    There will be a Leafeon with an Eevee on its back and a male Pyroar with a Litleo on its back.
    The Leafeon will have a green beanie, and Eevee will have a brown beanie.
    The Pyroar and Litleo will both have dirty ropes sloppily wrapped around their arms and legs.
    If personality helps, the Leafeon and Eevee are both always happy, or try to be at least.
    The Pyroar duo are menacing and merciless.
    The Leafeon duo will be deciding on what attack to choose. The avilable options would be Hand, Item, Flee, and Special Attack.
    The icons for each in the same order will be a ball of energy, a potion (in Pokemon of course), a stick figure running, and a leaf.
    They'll both be on a beach, fighting three Krabby.
    Phew...I think that's it.
    Remember, all the time in the world.
  22. @DopeLeafeon470 Thats not something I would be capable of drawing at this time. I've said it is other requests that I'm not really one for backgrounds, and on top of that I'm not to good a mimicking styles. So as for your second request I'm gunna have to pass on it.
  23. [​IMG]
    Would you be able to do a sprite of my Trainer OC Markus? His shirt is Pokeball themed, so the top half is red, and the bottom half is white. His headband and wristband are both solid blue, with the design on the headband being red, as well as the middle stripe on the wrist band. He wears jeans, and his shoes are red with white soles. His satchel looks like Hilda's from Black and White, except it's solid black. In terms of a pose, I was thinking the first frame of N's battle sprite if possible.
    [​IMG] That's what it looks like. If you are able to do all this, then thanks a ton! I'd really appreciate it~!
  24. @AverageAvenger I should be able to do that. I will update the work list as soon as I complete my last request on there
  25. Awesome. Thanks~!
  26. Currently have two slots open if people wanna make a request.
  27. If it's alright may a make another request?
  28. thanks! i just love your art!
    So, could you do Alia, My Trainer OC with one of her Pokemon(preferably her undersized Arcanine) and her egg? You don't have to do the Egg, But i would like it with her and her Arcanine that is unuaslly Small. i have her refrence in my artworks as a trainer card!
  29. @Ignorer Yeah i should be able to do that.
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  30. Thank you very much! I would like to go something for you though, Is there anything I could draw and/or Sprite to return the favour?
  31. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    if I may can you draw Whisper from Yokai Watch please?
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  32. Hey! I was just wondering about something. You know Count Bleck and Tippi from Super Paper Mario, right? Well, I was wondering if you might be able to draw a cool redesign I have in mind for them. There are a ton of details for it, so it's best to discuss it in private convo. But would it be possible? Your art style looks like exactly what I'm going for with them. I can give a detailed description of what the redesigns would be like, if you wish.
  33. @Eeveechu151
    I should be able to work something like that out, hit me up with a PM
  34. Can you draw a Male with a crimson hoodie, dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, tan skin, and torn blue jeans? I would greatly appreciate it!
    Note ~ They're named Kai, so you know what to call them.
  35. Is there any slots open??
  36. yeah I have three spots open right. I'm working on the current request but i am open to added a few other requests

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