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incomplete's Sandstorm Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Disnix, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. K well ive been playing pokemon for the longest! but ive recently decided on playing competitively so i made Sandstorm team. My team can take things slow, or strike fast and hard depending on the situation. It also puts of opponent in very awkward positions that they cannot come out of. I play a good game, yet there are times when i completely fail and i would like your help for bits of improvements.
    All help is welcomes and thanked :)

    Tyranitar @ needs item
    Sand Stream
    Hp- 252
    Atk- 76
    SpD- 180

    - Rock Slide
    - Earthquake
    - Crunch
    - Stealth Rock

    Triforce, my Good ole opener/starter. She can take a hit and bite back. People find trouble KOing this pokemon, and with stealth rocks i can set up and put a stop to those annoying pokemon with studry and deal decent amount of damage to some pokemon. But of course its main purpose is its ability. None on of pokemon get hit by sandstorm and the little damage it deals to my opponents pokemon really adds up. sadly im not too sure what item should be given to her.

    Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
    Poison Heal
    Hp- 252
    Def- 184
    Spe- 72

    - Substitute
    - Protect
    - Earthquake
    - Toxic

    People rage when they see zubat(her nickname). She simply stalls and waits for the badly poison or the sandstorm to KO my opponents pokemon. She has earthquake for those pesky steel types. and of course she heals with toxic orb and poison heal, mean i can make a sub, heal, protect, heal, and shes only lost 1 hp.

    Archeops @ Flying Gem
    Atk- 252
    Spe- 252
    Hp- 4

    - Acrobatics
    - Dragon Claw
    - Toxic
    - Stone Edge

    Tucan Sam here. He hits fast and hits hard! An excellent sweeper, if it doesnt miss most the time. I gave him Dragon Claw because i had no counter to dragons. Toxic when i know he if going to knock out so i can stall with my gliscor later in the game. I'm not really fond of Stone Edge but oh well.

    Excadrill @ Focus Stash
    Sand Rush
    Atk- 252
    Spe- 252
    Hp- 4

    - Earthquake
    - Swords Dance
    - Rock Slide
    - Shadow Claw

    The Sweeper of the team, DigDug. Fast and Strong, and can take a hit. After sword dance he can easily sweep though my opponents team. I have focus sash on him because whenever i try to use sword dance he usually gets OHKO.

    Ferrothorn @ leftovers
    Iron Barbs
    Hp- 252
    Def- 88
    SpD- 168

    - Gyro Ball
    - Power Whip
    - Leech Seed
    - Spikes

    The iron wall, Utorrent. Simply sets up spikes, leech seeds, and comes in when my opponent switches in a water or ice pokemon. I dont really atk with him ever, so i might replace power whip and gyro ball but im not sure with what.

    Aron @ Shell Bell

    - Toxic
    - Endeavor
    - Earthquake
    - Roar

    FEAR. Goku! my level one Aron. ment for those FEAR sweeps but after a couple of games ive played i realized it isnt the best thing to do, so i threw in a few moves. Endeavor for sweeping, or lowering my opponents pokemon to dangerously low HP. Toxic to help my gliscor out, earthquake, which i dont really like on him, for tiny damage. and my new favorite, ROAR. its amazing on him, when my opponent decides to set up or not atk roar puts him in an awkward position and deals whichever pokemon comes in damage due to hazards. I've won so many games because of Roar.

    anyways i love this team but i want your opinion on it. What should be changed. I circle around poisoning my opps pokemon and slowly winning with gliscor, but i can also sweep. I have toxic on 3 of my pokemon becuase sometimes i cant afford to use toxic with my gliscor because if i lose him its over.
    anyways please help me out :) thanks
  2. Just going to note on Toxic here ♥

    I believe KoL has said it elsewhere, but Toxic is not all that useful if the user isn't dedicated to it. Toxic combined with Protect and several healing elements including but not limited to Leftovers, Leech Seed, and Aqua Ring, for example, is pretty nasty! But when it's on its own it isn't that threatening. The opponent can simply switch out if the timer is getting to high for his liking! Your team looks more offensive anyway, not particularly stally.

    Archeops also has a few moves to offer, such as Earthquake, U-Turn, and even special moves! Its special attack is nothing to sneeze at, of course. U-Turn is notable for its ability to hit something like Tyranitar for a nasty slice of damage, and then being able to get out without taking a hit from, say, Stone Edge, and getting into that nasty Defeatist range. There are much better moves for it other than Toxic!

    Tyranitar might enjoy Leftovers as a held item, off the top of my head. It also uses the Choice items fairly well, if I recall. As for Ferrothorn, it has access to Thunder Wave, which can make for a nice replacement to Gyro Ball if you're okay with just Power Whip.
  3. ok, you have a point with toxic on my Archeops so ive replaced it with U-Turn and ive enjoyed it so far. It give it the option to open/lead in a battle.
    As for leftovers on my Tyranitar i've been considering it and will probably add it as soon as i pick one up.
    and i will add thunder wave on to my Ferrothorn, but wouldnt gyro ball deal more damage over all than power whip?
  4. Not necessarily!

    I believe Gyro Ball's base power can cap at 150, but you should be aware that not all Pokemon you face will be superfast Ninjabugs! If you ended up against a Musharna, by example, or something similarly slow, the base power will be low.

    That doesn't mean its bad, it just has different merits over power Whip. Power whip has more consistent damage at a lower accuracy. They're also two completely different types with different coverage! So it depends on what Pokemon you want to be hitting. If you plan on letting Ferrothorn stand in mostly against Dragons, then Power Whip would be a poor choice. However, against a Water type, Power Whip would be better.

    It depends on what options you want to weigh.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Finally, a half-decent team to review:

    - Tyranitar's EVs and nature are completely wrong. Sand Stream gives him more than enough Sp.Defense with HP training to take hits, and you just end up wasting his massive Attack stat by building his stats the way you have. Adamant and max Attack are mandatory for picking off bulky Psychic-types (Reuniclus) with Crunch. Also Stone Edge is better than Rock Slide on T-Tar since your low speed makes the flinch useless. Chople Berry is the best item for your set.

    - No Taunt on Gliscor? For shame. Get rid of Substitute for it since it's wasted on a status-immune Pokemon like Gliscor even with the extra heal turn, and Taunt is much better at punishing the types of Pokemon that you'll want to stall out with Toxic.

    - Toxic can be randomly dumped onto certain Pokemon to catch specific opponents off-guard, but Archeops is not one of the Pokemon who should be doing this. At the moment your Archeops gets walled by Steel, so Earthquake should be put in place of Toxic. Also Jolly > Adamant on Archeops.

    - SPEED BOOSTING NATURES USE THEM!! Excadrill doesn't want Focus Sash since you have no Rapid Spinner in a generation where entry hazards are EVERYWHERE. If you find Excadrill getting knocked out on his setup turn, that's a problem with your play style and strategy which you need to work around.

    - Your Ferrothorn is fine as it is.

    - Don't rely on Aron to beat an enemy who knows what your set will do.

    Uh, think that's all.
  6. hah, why thanks for this ^^.

    now for the discussion.

    -I don't really see my T-tar as an attacker, i see her more as a SpD wall that can set up punch back, and be switched in to take a huge SpAtk i predict coming up. But i'll try what you suggest.

    -I haven't thought of taunt, but i can't imagine it replacing substitute.

    -and i've been thinking about toxic for a while but i'll take your advice on this one, and with the nature as well. i really enjoy him being strong. but i hate when he is outsped and OHKO'd.

    -Here i would like to argue. With Sand Rush i feel like i don't need a speed boosting nature. Here i thought of just Atk to sweep. In all my matches Excadrill has never been outsped unless if they had set up before hand. But i want Excadrill to strike hard and OHKO. I would say he is my main sweeper.

    -Thank you.

    -I don't. I don't really sweep with him, i use him more as a tool you can say? Whenever im in a tough position he helps get me out of it. Im debating about earthquake though as it does absolutely no damage at times. any suggestion on what i can out put in its place? Or should i completely swap this pokemon?

    You see this is the team im planning on entering in the Global Link International Challenge and right now I feel as if Aron should not be entered. I am thinking about replacing him with a Skarmory. whats your opinion.

    EDIT: added Skarmory info

    Skarmory @ Leftovers
    Hp- 252
    Def- 4

  7. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'll explain in more detail:

    Thing is, T-Tar doesn't need Sp.Defense training to be a special wall. It's like giving Blissey Sp.Defense training: it's just overkill. The increased offensive power is actually more useful in this situation (as HP/Defense training would be for Blissey.)

    Either way, Taunt on Gliscor is mandatory, especially on a set like this. Get rid of something for Taunt at least (preferably not Earthquake.)

    Two words: Speed tie. Almost all Excadrill used competitively use Jolly over Adamant for the single purpose of trying to outspeed other Excadrill. Go Adamant over Jolly and face another Excadrill? You've just screwed yourself. This is the reason why every single common sweeper in the game needs a speed-boosting nature; your sweeper isn't the only one of its kind. Using a nature that doesn't boost speed means you've automatically lost every mirror match you face against opponents aware of this fact.

    As for Skarmory, seeing full Sp.Defense on it makes me cringe; this isn't a clever idea, it doesn't cover up his weakness in that area, and only makes him considerably worse at what he's meant to be doing: walling physical attacks. Stick to your strengths and go full HP/Defense. Also Brave Bird instead of Taunt.

    Finally, I hate to burst your bubble, but this team won't work at all in the Global Link International Challenge since that contest is under VGC12 rules, which means every battle is a double battle. Doubles requires completely different (and I mean COMPLETELY different) movesets, strategy and Pokemon to singles battles, and everything you have here is aimed at singles competition.

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