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Ask to Join In the Footsteps of Legends: An Adventure Through Johto

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Orion778, Apr 22, 2017.

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    Lance wiped the sweat from his brow as he arrived at the entrance to Goldenrod city. Though Azela town wasn't particularly far from Goldenrod, the boy had never been this far from home before, let alone hiked through the entire Ilix forest. It wasn't all bad though, he had even managed to capture a wild Pokemon, Spinarak. His partner totodile was cheerfully bounding alongside him, excited to be in a new place. "So this is Goldenrod City" Lance said in wonder looking up at the many towering buildings and at the people and Pokemon flooding the streets. The boy's heart fluttered with anticipation 'so this is what being a Pokemon trainer feels like' he thought to himself.
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  2. Blake walked through the streets of Goldenrod City, taking the time to enjoy the surroundings after a long journey from Blackthorn City. In his handbag sat his partner, Dratini, who looked around it with equal curiosity.

    Wow this is a big place, still I can't let myself become overwhelmed in the moment. This is my first step to becoming the world's greatest Dragon Master and I can't screw it up.

    Blake's thoughts were interrupted as Dratini slid out of his bag and began to move forward to a nearby boy's Totodile.

    "D-Dratini! Wait a second!" Blake called out chasing after his partner.
  3. Totodile begins pulling on Lance's pant-leg trying to turn his attention to the oncoming Dratini.

    Lance looks down as the little dragon pokemon slithers over to Totodile "Hello there." He says to the pokemon with a smile "I've never seen a pokemon like you before, What are you"
  4. "Darn it Dratini! Sorry my partner can get a little too curious." Blake said to the boy with a sheepish grin, as Dratini examined the Totodile with growing curiosity.

    "My name's Blake. Nice to meet you. And you've already met my partner Dratini." Blake said, hoping a friendly introduction could help move past this awkward interaction.
  5. "Don't worry about it, My names Lance" the boy said with a smile "I just arrived in town, are you from around here?
  6. Blake picks Dratini back up and places it in his bag before turning to Lance.

    "Nah, came all the way from Blackthorn City. Quite the journey, but was well worth it." Blake explained, before the boy's name made him think of something.

    "Lance eh? Anyone tell you that you share the same name as the champ?" Blake asked, finding it funny that his idol and the first person he meets on his journey happen to share the same name. Dratini continued to look at the pair from the comfort of the bag.
  7. "No, my Cousion is the only Pokémon trainer I know. And he's from Hoenn" lance said embarrassed by his lack of knowledge about the Pokémon world.

    Lance returns Totodile to its ball
    "I was thinking of taking the gym challenge, my Cousion attends a trainer school somewhere in Hoenn so I have to find some way to catch up to him"
  8. "Oh, well in that case I guess we're now rivals. I'm also planning to take on the League." Blake said with a smirk, happy to meet some competition.

    "I desire to become the greatest Dragon Master in the world. Getting the Johto badges and winning the Johto League is the only chance I'll have to get a match with Lance. The Johto League Champion and current greatest Dragon Master." Blake explained, having outlined his own desire.
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  10. "I guess you're right." Lance agreed "do you know where the gym is in this town?"
  11. "Well, if I'm not mistaken...the Goldenrod City Gym would be around here." Blake said pointing, having moved towards that direction so Lance could follow his movements. Not too much time passed before Blake saw a building that fit the description.

    "Right here. The Goldenrod City Gym." Blake said, having pointed to the building that was now behind him.

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