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Open In the Dark Forest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by King Miles, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Hello! This RP Is About Dark Types Living In A Forest In Harmony But Fighting,Bug And Fairy Types Will Attack And Try To Eliminate You. You Can Be Any Dark Type Except Darkrai Please Fill Out This Form:
    Pokemon Species:
    Nickname(If You Want):

    Here's Mine:
    Pokemon Species: Scrafty
    Nickname: Punk
    Relationship:Weavy (Female Weavile,Spouse)

    Punk Woke Up In His And His Spouse's Hut In The Forest He Then Went To Get Some Breakfast.Punk Ate Every Single Bite He Then Went Outside For Some Relaxation He Ran To His Secret Relaxation Hole And Then He Bumped Into Someone He Said "Yo Watch Where You're Going Man," Said Punk To The Other Dark Type
    (Start RP)
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  2. Pokemon Species: Zorua
    Nickname(If You Want): Mirage
    Relationship: N/A
    Gender: female

    Mirage was trying to climb a tree to get a Iapapa berry. When she was bumped into, she whipped her head around and growled, then continued her attempted climb.
  3. Punk Saw The Zorua And Helped Her With The Iapapa Berry And Gave It To Her He Then Said "Your Welcome, Anyways What's Your Name?" Said Punk To The Zorua While Eating An Oran Berry.
  4. Pokemon Species: Shiny Umbreon
    Nickname: Eclipse
    Gender: Female
    Relationship: None

    Eclipse was sitting at the top of a Lapapa tree when a Zoura started to climb the tree to get a berry. Eclipse shook the leaves and twenty Lapapa Berries fell to the ground but they didn't splat. "You Welcome!" Eclipse called down.
  5. Pokémon species: Pawniard
    Nickname: Nightmare
    Gender: Male
    Relationship(s): None

    Nightmare was watching the events unfolded from a nearby bush. As he watched the Lapapa berries fall from the tree, he became hungry and realised that the food on the floor was easily retrievable. Quickly, he dashed in and speared three of the berries on his bladed arm. After immediately putting one of them in his mouth, Nightmare muttered the words "Thank you!".
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  6. Mirage happily thanked the two helpful Dark-types, then turned to the Scrafty. "The name's Mirage! What's yours?" she asked, picking up one of the leftover Iapapa {it is Iapapa, right?} berries from the ground and taking a bite.
  7. "The Name's Punk I'm Walking To Where I Relax So Out Of My Way," Said Punk to Mirage. He Drank Some Water That He Got From A Bucket At His Home He Then Turned To Mirage And Placed His Water In Front Of Her And Walked Off
  8. Mirage looked down at the bucket of water, confused. Probably shouldn't touch it, she thought, backing up and grabbing another berry from the ground. That Pokémon looked tough!
  9. Punk Went Down To His Relaxation Hole Which Had All Of The Items He Has Stolen From Pokemon Cities And Towns He Made Sure No Body Followed Him And Jumped In He Got A Soda Pop And Drank It In His Comfortable Chair And Beartic Skin rug
  10. Yet again, Nightmare simply stood on the sidelines watching the events unfold. After Punk placed down the bucket of water, he listened into the conversation and decided to follow the Scraggy. Quietly, he walked through the forest; following Punk's footsteps. Eventually, he reached the relaxation hole and looked around from inside a hidden bush. "Hey!" He called out. "This place is pretty cool!"
  11. Punk Heard Foot Steps He Then Got Up A Broke His Soda Pop Bottle And He Said "Hey Who's There I've Got A Broken Soda Pop Bottle And I'm Not Scared To Use It!" Said Punk Out Loud Waiting For The Person To Show Him Or Herself.
  12. "Sure, you're really going to hurt me with that huh?" Nightmare replied in a cocky and sarcastic tone of voice. "I'll step out, don't worry." The Pawniard jumped out from the bush and stood in-front of the Scraggy. "Don't worry, I mean no harm. I'm just so bored. Fancy causing some trouble?"
  13. Punk Threw Away His Soda Pop Bottle And Said "No I Don't Mean To Cause Any Trouble, And Next Time Don't Get Cocky With Me Or Else I Threaten You With Something Else In Mind," Said Punk To The Pawniard. A Phone Punk Stole Rang It Was Weavy,Punk's Spouse It Was A Text Message It Said Hey Punky,Din Din's Ready And It's Waiting For You. Punk Then Said Hey Wanna Join Me For Dinner ?" Asked Punk To The Pawniard
  14. "I..sure. I've got nothing better to do." Nightmare replied, ignoring the threat from the rough seeming scraggy. Before following him, Nightmare looked around to see if anything can be taken back with him. After deciding that there is nothing of interest, he began to stop looking and turned to Punk. "I'll be right behind you."
  15. Punk Walked Back To His Hut With Nightmare Following Behind Him. He then said to his spouse "Hey Honey I'm Home," Said Punk to Weavy "Hey Hun... Um.... Who Is That ?" Asked Weavy To Punk "Oh Well This Is Nightmare, He's Joining Us For Dinner," Said Punk As He Introduced Nightmare
  16. "Yeah, I hope you don't mind. Punk invited me, and I'm a little hungry." Nightmare replied. After looking at their hut, he stepped inside. "Hey, it's pretty nice in here. So, what's for dinner?"
  17. Weave Looked At Nightmare And Raised One Eyebrow And Said "Well Were Having Some Slowpoke tail With A Side Of Berries," Said Weavy To Nightmare. She Then Placed The Dinner On The Table And Then Sat Down Next To Punk Then She Said "I Made It Special So It Has To Be Delicous," Said Weavy To Both Of Them
  18. "Hmm, great. Hey, do you mind if I eat outside?" While Nightmare was waiting for Weavy to speak, an idea came into his mind. If he could eat outside, then his idea would become a reality. "Either way, slowpoke tail and berries is nice. I'm excited to sample your cooking."
  19. Weavy Looked At Nightmare And Said "Sure... But Why Do You Want To Eat Outside?" Asked Weavy To Nightmare But In Her Mind She Thought This Guy Is A Bit Suspicious But I Have To Keep It Cool.
  20. "I...have my reasons. I'll be off now." As Nightmare took his plate out the door, things began to get suspicious. Nightmare ditched the plate on the floor, and then scurried into a nearby bush. Once hidden, he began shouting incredibly loudly. "C'MON FOLKS, FRESH SLOWPOKE TAILS. GET YOUR FRESH SLOWPOKE TAILS HERE!" As Nightmare spoke, two large Pokemon jumped out from a thicker part of the forest. One, he could see quite clearly. A Toxicroak, large and mysterious. The other, he could only make out a shillouette but, it was still easy to make out. A pangoro. As they appeared, Nightmare ran in quicker than he had hidden himself and picked up the plate then tossed it onto the ground. "Hehe. I like making mischeif. So, I guess we have to fight them, eh punk? Up for the challenge? I know I sure am." Nightmare moved in-front of the Pangoro and readied his stance for a battle.
  21. Punk Nodded And Walked In Front Of The Toxicroak And Got Ready He Then Started WithA Facade Attack To The Toxicroak He Then Said "How Do Like That Huh," But The Toxicroak Used Sludge Bomb And Made Punk More Mad
  22. "See? Fun, huh?" As The Pawniard watched Punk become angered, he too began to get pumped up. Nightmare slashed the Pangoro with metal claw and then metal sound, both attacks causing it to stagger back but grow even more annoyed. The Pangoro lunged forward, and picked up Nightmare. The Pangoro threw him at the base of a tree and laughed. "Puny Pawniard!" The Pangoro stated, while Nightmare lay on the floor..

    (This is probably going to be my last reply for a while. I'll pick this up again tomorrow, but there probably won't be any replies for a few hours.)
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  23. {Okay. Cya L8r! >3<}
    Mirage heard the sounds of a salesman from not too far away, so she decided to see what the commotion was about. What she found, though, shocked her, and her eyes widened. Oh, this should be good! she thought, looking around for anything that might've been sold. Her eyes landed on some Slowpoke tails on the ground. Mirage licked her lips, moving through the bushes towards the tails and managing to steal one. Running as far into the forest as she could, she sat down and savored every bite of the delicacy.
    Just then, a wild Ariados lowered itself down from the tree Mirage was eating under. "Where'd you get that Slowpoke tail, little girl? Those things are expensive nowadays. Where'd you buy it?"
    Before she could answer, Mirage picked up the rest of the tail and bolted out of the forest, hiding in a bush as to not get caught. Phew! That was close! I need to remember to not go deep into the forest again. she thought, catching her breath. When she started breathing regularly, she finished up the rest of the tail and walked out of the bush, now watching the battle before her.
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  24. Punk Attacked Toxicroak with a Head Smash Attack Then Used Dragon Tail He Then Said "Say It !" Said Punk To The Toxicroak "Say What?" Said The Toxicroak Defeatedly "Who Destroyed You Just Now!?" Said Punk again to the Toxicroak "Punk The Scrafty," Said Toxicroak On The Ground "That's Right !" Punk Said Then Kicked Toxicroak On The Side.
  25. Eclipse stayed silent as she watched events unfold. "You know what? I change my mind, I'm staying in this tree, this is too chaotic for me" Eclipse said and layed down on the branch
  26. (I'm back now... Yeah!!!)

    As Nightmare lay on the ground listening to the commotion, he began to realise that perhaps he had not attracted the right kind of attention. While the Pangoro mocked him, it began to move closer - preparing for an attack. Nightmare knew he had to act quickly, otherwise he would be a goner. The only problem, however, is that he can't. 'I'm just too weak!' he thought. 'I need to get stronger!'. Eventually, the Pangoro was looming above him and soon looked ready for a fight. It lunged forward and opened its Jaws, then crunched them down onto Nightmare. Luckily, something amazing happened. Using his bladed hands, Nightmare pushed the Pangoro's jaws apart so that he couldn't be bitten. After dong so, he began to erupt into a white light and change form. It illuminated the dark forest, getting into every crack and crevasse. Nightmare's limbs began to grow, and the blades on his arms began to sharpen. Eventually,mother light stopped and Nightmare could be seen in full form, except this time he was no longer a Pawniard and instead had evolved into a Bisharp. "HAHAHAHHA" he laughed, and began to mock the opposing Panogoro. Nightmare used fury swipes on his; slashing it four times before the Pangoro fell to the floor in a heap. Finally, the newly-evolved Pokemon opened his mouth and said "Puny Pangoro..."
  27. {Welcome! :D}
    Mirage's eyes widened as she watched the evolution. Lucky, she thought, I wanna evolve, too!
  28. Punk was worn out even if he easily defeated the Toxicroak. He then saw Mirage and said "I know you're hiding just tell me what you want and i'll make it happen," said Punk to Mirage hiding in the bush.
  29. "Wha...?" Mirage asked, poking her head out of the bush she sat in. "I don't want anything. That battle was really interesting; that's why I'm in here!"
  30. Nightmare was surprised at his new form and completely new body. He felt great, and was now stronger and taller than Punk! "Hey, Punk! Did you see me? That was great!" Said nightmare after Turing to face The scrafty.
  31. "Oh well, Do You Want To Help Me Steal Some Things From Viridian City?" Asked Punk To Mirage. Waiting For Her To Answer He Got Everything That He Needed Smoke balls,His Expert Belt And A Pocket Knife He Then Said "You Two I'm Gonna Steal Some Stuff You Coming?" Asked Punk To Nightmare And Mirage
  32. "Oh, yes. I'd love to see what I can do now. I'm so much taller! So, lead the way if you please." Nightmare said while turning in the direction of the city.
  33. Punk and Nightmare went to the direction of Viridian city He saw a Woman with Her friend and Said "Ok,My Friend Purrloin is acting all cutesy but what they don't know is that i've got two Nuzleafs Well Armed And THen We Take Their Riches,Ok Their Aiming At Them And They Have Their Hands Up Let's Take Them, You Get First Dibs,"Said Punk to Nightmare
  34. "Wait for meee!" Mirage called, running after the much taller and powerful Pokémon, feeling a bit jealous.
  35. "Oh, hey a zorua. So, you're with us right? I'll take my first pick of the loot, ok?" Nightmare moved over to the rich woman and held his bladed hand to her chest. Nightmare cut a necklace from her neck, and then took both of her earrings. "That's all." He said. "You're next, Zorua. Take your pick."
  36. "Hmmm..." Mirage wondered, looking the woman up and down. "Okay, I got this." She then snuck up behind her and managed to steal the bracelets from her wrists, now wearing them like a necklace. "Mission accomplished!"
  37. Pokémon Species: Zoroark
    Nickname: Kitsa
    Gender: Male
    Relationship: None

    Kitsa saw a glimmer in the distance, and quickly ran over to it. "What was that? It shone in the light! Tell me! What is it?"
  38. Punk Looked Around He Took Away All The Rings She Had On Her Fingers And Stole Every Last One Then He Started To Take Away Her Golden Watch And Then Took Away Her Purse Thwn Raided It For Pokedollars He Then Said "Alright Guys Let's Head Back To The Forest ,"Said Punk To The Others While Carrying Thr Loot He Stole.
  39. Eclipse jumped down the tree and slipped her paw into a woman's purse before she pulled out a lot of platinum jewelry. Eclipse ran over to Punk and the others. "Hiiii!!!" She exclaimed as she put the platinum necklace around her neck and the bracelets around her paws.
  40. "Who's there,show yourself," Said Punk to the mysterious dark type.Punk took out a smoke ball and got ready to throw it in its Eyes when the dark type Shows itself With His Hoodie On And Then Waited
  41. Eclipse slowly walked out of the dark "I mean no harm! I Eclipse!" She exclaimed as she smiled at Punk. "I already know who you are! I was the one who threw berries down for you guys!" Eclipse exclaimed with happiness. "Also, I'm a shiny Umbreon if you never knew" She said and her Blue rings started to glow.

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