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Open In the Dark Forest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by King Miles, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Kitsa returned into its own form. "Were you guys causing trouble? Karma would not appreciate it." he said, in a suspicious voice. "Oh, a human. That's fine." he smiled.
  2. Punk looked at the Zoroark and said "Yeah,we robbed a human just now and look at us were practically filled with bling," said Punk to the Zoroark. Punk then said "So what's your name anyway?" Asked Punk to the Zoroark "The Names Punk," said Punk To The Zoroark Waiting For him to respond
  3. "Kitsa. You can call me Kitsa." the Zoroark said, nodding. "It's Nice to meet you." he smiled. "The human deserved it. They're mean. Just come in with their pokemon... Attack, ugh."
  4. "Ok Kitsa Here Take These Pokedollars And Buy A Soda Pop Or Something," So Where You Come From?" Asked Punk To Kitsa "If You Wanna Know I Live, I Live In A Hut Not Far From Here With My Spouse,Weavy" Said Punk To Kitsa So Want Me Show You My Digs?" Asked Punk to Kitsa
  5. Mirage looked up at the tall Zoroark, eyes wide. "You kinda look like me..." she said quietly to herself. "Is that what I'd look like if I evolved...?"
    She then butted in on the conversation. "I'm Mirage," she introduced, "and I don't really have a home..." She proceeded to look down at her bedazzled paws.
  6. Punk felt sorry besides being a dark type he then said "Well you can stay with me and Weavy,Me and Weavy like company staying over,So do you want to stay over ?" Asked Punk To Mirage
  7. Mirage shook her head. "No, it's okay. I found a hollow tree that's very warm and grows a lot of Tanga and Roseli berries. That place is good enough for me."
  8. Punk turned around and said "Hey,I'm going to my personalized Den, Do want to follow I have more Slowpoke Tails Fresh From The Market,And yes I saw you stealing one of it,So do you want to follow me?" Asked Punk to Mirage
  9. "No, it's okay," she repeated, looking up again. "I should head back to my tree, anyway. These jewels need a place to stay for now." She stuck her tongue out playfully, said 'goodbye' to everyone, then ran back to her tree.
  10. Punk went back to his hut and said "Hey Weavy I've Got A Present For You!" Said Punk Holding His Hands Around His Back, Weavy then said "Oh... What Is That?" Asked Weavy To Punk "These," Said Punk. He then showed Weavy the golden rings She then said "Awww... How Did You Know I Liked These Rings?" I've Been Keeping Track Of You," said Punk to Weavy "Well You Got What I Always Wanted," Said Weavy to Punk.She then kissed him on his cheek then made him able to leave.

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