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Open Ilossa Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PurpleYeontan, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. In this role play, you will play as a Pokemon trainer. But you will also start of in a mysterious region called: The Ilossa Region. The Ilossa Region is a sunny place, where Pokemon and people live in peace. You must start off in VioletfogTown. Where you will get your very first Pokemon from Prof. Alex . Any baby/first evoloution Pokemon may be your starter. Also, you must fill out a sheet the Prof. sent to each trainer.

    Normal Pokecharms Roleplay Rules
    If you don't know how to RP, do not join.

    My form:
    Name: Lucy
    Description: 15 years old teenage girl who love Pokemon and like to train them, wearing; black t-shirt, white shorts and black sneakers, hobbies: reading, learning about Pokemon
    Starter: Eevee (Female)
    Wish: Wants to to collect as many Pokemon as she can and train them.
    Region: Ilossa Region

    "Hi professor!" Lucy said when she came into Lab.
    "Oh, hi Lucy!" said professor. "Right on time, are you ready for your first Pokemon?"
    "Yeah!" Lucy exclaimed.
    "Which one?" professor asked.
    "I want an Eevee." Lucy said.
    Professor go for Eevee. "Okay here it is." Professor said and gave Eevee to Lucy.
    "Awww she is so cute!" Lucy exclaimed and hug her new Pokemon.
    "Here you go your Pokeball and Pokedex." Professor said and gave six PokeBalls and Pokedex to Lucy.
    "Oh, thanks professor." Lucy said and go outside the Lab.
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  2. My Form
    An 11 year old boy who is very kind with Pokemon. Looks somewhat similar to Brock, but wears a red and white jacket
    Starter is Charmander
    Comes from Hoenn

    For Backstory look at The Wahaku Region
    (Gotta go for now)
  3. Form:
    Name:rocket grunt
    Description:grunt of team rocket
    Starter: parasect
    Wish:to stop all trainers in the ilossa region

    *looks around from the team rocket gym*
    "heh i see him" says:james "shhh shut up you idiot we need to get those pokemon" i said

    "oh right" said james
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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Lila/Lyla
    Description: She is a female, and she looks like the one on the trainer card ^^
    Starter: Vulpix (Its a ninetales now)
    Wish: CATCH EM ALL
    Region: Ilossa

    Lila/Lyla already had started (there was one yesterday I was in) with a vulpix. Recently, her vulpix evolved. She was still at route 1. "So far so good. 3 pokemon, and I just started in Route 1.. Is that impressive, ninetales?" Lila/lyla said. "Ninetales!" said Ninetales. "good." She walked further and further, and further.. Until she reached softwind city! She saw a few citizens and asked them, "Is there a inn or a pokemon center here?" They all said "Yes. Just take a blah blah blah.." and then she got to the (REAL) pokemon center, and healed her crabby and ninetales. She had a little more fun and teaching, and crack, crack, crack. Whats that? POP! Her egg hatched! It hatched into a staryu! "Cool! A third pokemon!" she said.
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  5. "STOP RIGHT THERE" said a rocket grunt "give us your pokemon" i said
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  6. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
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    Okay, erm, I'm afraid this roleplay is already degenerating below what we need the quality to be here, and you guys all seem to be doing your own thing rather than following any sort of plot.

    Please take a look at the RP rules and other roleplays here for how we do role plays here :)
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