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If you could visit any Pokemon region...

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Cinimodder, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Which region would it be, where in the region would you go, and what would you bring with you?
    I would go to the Goldenrod Gym in Johto. The one thing I would bring would have to be steak sauce.
    But really, I would love to go to Johto. Specifically Mount Silver so I could meet Red. I would bring my phone to see what Pokemon would appear in Pokemon Go.
  2. Kalos, Snowbelle City, and my phone to take pictures and stay in contact with my family while I'm there! (And Pokemon GO!)

    I choose Kalos because its just my favourite region! And Snowbelle city because I can imagine it being a cute little humble town, always snowing, and everybody knows eachother and its gorgeous because of the snow! ^^
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  3. I would go to Unova, because Unova is just a cool place. More specifically, Virbank City. Have you listened to the Virbank City theme? do it. do it right now. Plusle, it's right next to pokestar studios, so that's nice. Virbank is the Seattle of Unova.
    Oh crap. I forgot to say what i would bring. Probably my phone. Super original answer, i know.
  4. I listened to the song and I love it. :D
  5. probably hoenn!! it's by far my favorite region and i find it very very pretty! and also, it happens to be the most similar in climate to where i currently live out of any other region, so i'd be able to get used to it pretty quickly. oh, and don't forget that it has pokemon contests! i love contests!! <:
  6. most likely johto. i love the traditional feel it has to it, and if it were a real life place (i know it is based on an actual "real life place", but im not talking about that okok) it would porbably have the prettiest scenery, since its more rural than kanto and has many lakes, forests, mountains, caves. also, i absolutely love the landmarks (all of the towers, ruins of alph, the caves etc). and johto has so much history ?? yes please. i could go on, but i hope you can get the idea just by what i wrote. also, i know this is anime exclusive but johto has a canyon, and the secret garden where latias and latios live, not to mention a city that resembles venice.

    i would also like to visit unova, even though it's total opposite to johto.
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    How about all of them? All seven regions have something unique and awesome about them and my nature is that of a traveler. I'm not going to pick just one vacation spot I'm going all over the world. Alola and Hoenn have their natural beauty, Sinnoh (even though I'm not a fan of the region) has good hiking spots and the three/four lakes, Johto and Kalos have their long histories, Unova has buried treasure (or am I getting confused with an RP?), and Kanto is the OG, it's where this whole thing began. To skip Kanto would be like studying WWII without understanding the context set up by WWI. As for what I'd bring: money. Money for food, travel, and maybe souvenirs if I can be bothered to carry the extra weight. I like to travel light.
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  8. I'd have to agree with @Psycho Monkey, but if I had to choose, I'd visit Johto. It's my personal favorite region, and in it I'd visit either Ecruteak City -- the culture there is something I'd really like to learn about, and visiting the Burned Tower would be a blast in my opinion -- or Mahogany Town, which reminds me of home and has plenty of interesting wildlife to see(plus fishing~!).
  9. Probably Kalos. My love of European history would be too tempting to ignore.
  10. Either Johto or Alola.I'd bring my dog.Surprise them with something that's not a pokemon and who will totally chase all the small pokemon without thinking first.
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  11. I would definitely visit Hoenn region and see the sights of it. It's a really interesting place to me and I grew up with the games from the region becoming very familiar with it. I would definitely take my GBA SP or phone with me there
  12. If I had to pick just one, it would definitely be Sinnoh. It's my all-time favourite region, and home to most of my favourite pokemon. I'd probably take a few fancy outfits, so I can dress up for the contests there.
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  13. Sinnoh as well. I mean, Sinnoh is basically my dream home. Dense forests that sprawl across the terrain. Jagged mountains that tear through Earth's crust. Glossy lakes that hide legendaries. A magnificent beachfront with a bustling city nearby. Gah I wish I lived there. It helps that it has some of my favorite Pokemon. The whole Chimchar line. The Shinx line (everyone snags a Shinx in D/P, right?). Turtwig is cool too, as is its evolutions. I could go on and on.
    Now where would I go specifically? Probably Sunnyshore while vacationing around Mt. Coronet from time to time. Sunnyshore seems like it could end up having a Hollywood of its own. A thriving beach town? L.A., is that you? I really want to be an actor, so Sunnyshore would work.
    What to bring... Probably a phone, because I'm flippin' original.
  14. ...I want to visit kalos just so I can meet Korrina xD And give her a hug o///o

    I think the other regions could be fun to visit too though. I think i'd really enjoy the super contests in sinnoh, for one :)

    And Johto could be fun to visit just for the nostalgia of being there in my BELOVED old Pokemon Crystal game. xD
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  15. I would definitely travel to Hoenn, then see Lilycove City for a Pokémon Contest. And I would have to bring my money (PokéDollars) for other needs. The Hoenn region was the first region I played in, and that's why. I would only bring three Pokémon: Altaria - Mega (For contests), Jirachi, and Breloom (To fight).
  16. iiSilvertank

    iiSilvertank Previously SilvertanK

    I would go to Celadon City, and then Safron City.

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