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If you could add anything to the map, what would it be?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by miroos, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. [glow=red,2,300]So if you had the chance to add something to the Diamond/Pearl map, what would it be?

    I would add something like a pool of some sort, where you can swim and heal your Pokémon, and you can battle with other trainers. (Imagine you were fishing in the pool and caught a Polliwirl xD).
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  2. Hmm...I would probably add an area where it was always dark...like a twilight setting.
  3. A dragon cave!

    Imagine you walk into the cave and you run into cave dweller pokemon like geodude/graveller, and zubat/golbat. But the deeper you go, the more base level dragons you find; i.e. Trapinch, Bagon, and Swablu. You could even find pools of water that have horsea and dratini. Finally in the back of the cave you could find some new legendary dragon.

    How cool would that be?
  4. I thought of this the other day and this reminded me of it...

    Rather than swarms, the new thing would be nests. You talk to a little girl or something and she says she found a ____ nest today. Anyways, you go to the nest and there's a couple eggs and an overworld of whatever Pokémon the nest belongs to. In order to obtain one of the eggs you have to defeat the "Mama", which would be around level 70 and uncatchable. Then, after knocking them out, you simply take an egg, which then triggers a blackout thing and the mama and the other eggs are gone. It'd be cool.
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  5. ^ I like that idea :)
  6. Kinda reminds me of the Dragon Den back in G/S/C

    nice ^^
  7. I would have to say that I would add an underwater cavern. Probably goes under stark mountain and takes you deep underwater where many tough water pokemon live, then at the bottom, a water steel type like heatran awaits (but then we would be ripping off R/S/E...)
  8. How bout a new Safari Zone...for ALL the Pokemon....(Celebi or Mew anyone.) I like Midnight Shadows Idea, though. You can catch only Psychic-types there. And once a month you have a chance to catch Mew or Mewtwo. Or every Tuesday...a Psychic Catching contest (like the Bug catching one in G/S/C)
  9. Why not a different type for different days (such as the 14th of May is a Steel catching contest), but then when fire comes, then it would be kinda easy as they have been rather neglected recently...
  10. I'm not big on fire types...(The Charmander line is the only fire-type line I respect.) but that is kinda true.)
  11. or Dark types :D

    They should make a Dark/ Electric type ^^
  12. Like...a lightbulb. :S
  13. xD
    When I first saw Luxio/Luxray I thought it was a Dark/Electric type. So kinda looking like that I guess
  14. Maybe a cross between Luxray and Mightyena
  15. I actually was thinking of a thunderstorm like pokemon. That could be dark/electric, so midnightshadow would have a giant smile on her face.

    But another idea on new areas would be tunnels under the lakes filled with holograms of the corresponding pokemon like the deoxys in mystery dungeon
  16. How about a place where any of your pokemon could follow you around. Not just "cute" ones. Yay...my Beavee-kun. *huggles my Beavee*
  17. Indeed I would ;D

    But thats a good idea too with the underwater thing. I was actually surprised when you couldn't dive in D/P
  18. So was I....No one likes my idea where any of your Pokehs could follow you. I love my Beavee-kun
  19. Actually they should do that sooner or later M_S. :D
  20. You can walk around with your Umbreon (if you have one.)
  21. I have a shiny Umbreon ;D
  22. actually I just didn't see it yet, love your beevee-kun! But it would be cool to walk any pokemon around, the starters were a big step alright. However, if all the pokemon were elligible for walking, then things might get a little chaotic... Time for walkies Wailord!
  23. LOL That would be funy as hell.
  24. hahah yeah, or Snorlax o.o'
  25. LOL.. Way to go Midnight-chan. That made me fall out my chair.

  26. I hate you... :-\
  27. Your Pokeman, showz them to me... :o
  28. xD

    you mean my trainer card?

    or what?
  29. ummm. sorry, it was a bad joke.

    lolcats playing Game Boy. One says the whole "My pokemans" line to the other one.
  30. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    Ok. This has turned into like a chat and you should all know better. >> Locking.
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