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How Long did it take you to get all 8 badges on diamond or pearl?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by john_lloyd, May 29, 2007.

  1. I was just wondering how long it took people to get the badges.
    I got mine in two days, but i was playin for a long time on both days, so post how long if you want to.
    Anyway this is my current team:

  2. Cool
    But my team would pwn it. I use this team:

    I can beat the league easily.
    And, it took me 1 day to get them all ;D
    I was playing non-stop that day.
  3. yeah your team would but i have only had the game just over a week, and most of the team are in lv70's, except lugia its lv100 ;D, 1 day none stop, thats amazing.
  4. Wow, haven't seen a worthwhile new topic like this in a while.

    I have not reached my eighth badge yet, but at the rate I'm playing, I ought to have picked it up by around 260 hours, mid July-ish. :)

    I LOVE this game.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Moving thread. Please remember to read the board descriptions when posting a new thread.

    Anyways, I'm at 85 hours now, so I think I was probably around 65 hours when I won my 8th badge. Well worth the time it took ^^
  6. It took me around two days of playing non-stop. I'm not sure of what hour that was in the game though. In the process though, my beloved Luxray reached level 60 while my other Pokemon were twelve or more levels below it. That was bad. I guess it happened because it was pulling double duty as my electric and dark type Pokemon before I got Weavile. And did there seem to be a lot of water and flying types?
  7. It took me about 50 hours to get all 8 badges....

    I'm at around 77 hours played, mostly due to trying to hatch the right nature pokemon
  8. It took me about 3 days to collect them all I didn`t play non stop but I was addictied to the game
  9. I'd say a week sounds right,i had recently moved from firered (Recently moved back :p ) so i had a lotta practice.I also already had a pretty good idea what team i wanted,and how to get them.

    I use:

  10. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    5 hours wth this team:

  11. Got them all within 4 days.

  12. I've had Diamond (Japanese) for over three months and Pearl (English) for about a month and a week...ehehe...I only have a couple of badges on both. ^_^;; Then again, I don't think I have 20 hours on either game (maybe I have, at most, 5 or 6 on Pearl?). I just don't have much time to play...blame school. Oh, school and life. Yeah...well, school is a part of life...so yup.

    Blame life. :3
  13. 30 in game hours ... So about a week
    Squad were all in their mid forties
  14. Took about 14 hours to get the 8 badges and beat the Elite 4. Most of my team were between 42 and 45, with my lead Gardevoir at about 65.

    Edit: Checked and the 14 hours were spaced out over 13 days.
  15. It took me about 15 hours to get all badges.

    Then 19 total to beat the elite 4
  16. I've had the game since it came out. I've logged about 72 hours of total game play. I still only have three badges because I'm obsessively farming berries.
  17. It took me somewhere between 25-30 hours to get all the badges, and I'm still tryin to beat the Elite 4.
  18. Took me 2 weeks, I was so caught in getting all my pokemon to a higher level before earning badges ;D
  19. i beat the elite four 2 days after getting my game! i had manaphy, staraptor, piplup, mespirit, dialga and floatzel with me! but that's going a little far huh? oh well...(i know i spelt some of the names wrong, but the spell check didn't help me any..)
  20. It took me about a week or so. I too was addicted to the game.
  21. I took me 4 hours and 58 minutes.
  22. It took me about 3 days :D
    I used:
    and, lol i forgot the last one
  23. 24 hours when i got the last badge.34 hours to beat the E4.
  24. It only took like a week, and it was during school. I think the actual time was 48 hours or something to that extent.
  25. It took me about 5 days to get all 8. But I was underground for 2 days in Diamond. I beat the Elite 4 the same day (April 27)

    Edit My Dialga Did most of the work. He was lv 48 at the time other pokemon in their 30's. Except my Empoleon was 40.
  26. It took me about 3 days. But only because I played all day. I managed to catch some pretty strong Pokemon to crush the Pokemon League with, but I waited until after I defeated the Champion to catch up on my Pokedex.
  27. It took me about 17-22 hrs.
  28. It took me LESS than 8 hours to beat the game total, it may have taken me 5 hours to beat all the gyms.
  29. I got all eight badges in about 15 hours, beat the elite 4 in another 3 hours. I think that was solely on a fluke though... and having two pokemon in my team that essentially acted as a wall so I could heal my heavy hitters
  30. I took around 40-50 hours to get all the badges, which was about two weeks methinks.

    Beating the Elite 4 took another 30 hours (a week and a half-ish), because I was underleveled and got distracted by the Underground. o_O;
  31. I took me like a month. XD But that was because I wasn't too interested in it at first. (that and I was busy with school) I think I beat the Elite 4 at I wanna say 20-30 hours? I can't remember... I have like 188 hours now so... It would be a miracle if I could remember it off the top of my head. I think this bunch of Elites were the toughest so far. All the other Elites I beat with ease, but D/P's took some effort.
  32. About 10 hours, I played about 3 hours each day.
  33. In abbout three to four weeks with about 100 hours of play time. I wasted to much time watering berries. :-[
  34. It took me no more than 10 hours to collect the badges. The game really wasn't that hard in my opinion. O_o
  35. it took me about 10 hours to get all the badges. Another Extra 8 to try training but spent most of that Underground.
  36. It took me 40hours to get all 8 badges and I'm at 70 hours 51 minute now :-[ and I haven't beaten the elite four yet so I'm ashamedof myself for that one considering it took me 13 hours to complete leaf green and 20 hours to complete sappihre
  37. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    [quote author=Figs link=topic=1947.msg33306#msg33306 date=1187045115]
    It took me LESS than 8 hours to beat the game total, it may have taken me 5 hours to beat all the gyms.
    How is it possible to finish all the gyms so quickly? Are you starting with Pokemon that you've traded over at a high level?

    About 60 hours for me in Pearl, but that includes a lot of time spent berry-farming & Underground. Am nowhere near as far through Diamond due to Japanese-ness ;).
  38. On my Diamond version (Japanese) it took about 3 months... :-[ But that's because I couldn't understand a thing, and sometimes I would get so frustrated, that'd I'd quit playing for a week or so. But, I did beat it about February (it was a X-mas present, hence the 3 months part), so I was all set when the English version came out. When I did get it, it took a week, but that was because of school, and for 1 day I lost it... So really, it took 5-6 days, and somewhere around a total of 7-9 hours of play-time, but that was becuase I'm easily sidetracked :D.
  39. The first time..close to 60 hours...(plus I quit playing for a while before I beat the 8th gym)
    The second time, 'bout 28 hours.
    The third time, it'll probably be about half that (I restart my games very often...)
  40. A day non-stop playing it.

    I had these pokemon:

    Infernape 67
    Empoleon 65
    Torrtera 65
    Staraptorr 64
    Lopunny. 60


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