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Help me!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by ngalili, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Hi, I am playing pokemon sun, and I am stuck at the elite four. I beat them twice, but kukui ruins my life. I have this party:
    Incineroar, around level 60
    Solgaleo, also around 60
    Zygarde 10%, around level 50
    Alolan raichu, around 55
    Leafeon, around 55
    Greninja, around 60 *Greninja from demo, can transform to ash-greninja.

    Do you have any tips or anything to help me beat the elite four and the champion?
  2. Over train them all and stock up on hyper potions and revives my friend(?) @PotatoEater told me this method
  3. Thanks, will try it ;D
  4. Teapot

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    One thing that might be obvious but bears repeating anyway is just to cheese it – before starting the E4, buy loads of Revives and Full Restores (you can use Hyper Potions, but Full Restores remove the status conditions you're very likely to get too), and make sure your team is fully healed up before battling the champion. If he's hurting you, you can reach maximum cheese and use those Revives and Full Restores in-battle too – now'a a good time to use Max Revives if you still have any.

    After that, your team picks seem reasonably okay for in-game, and their levels are relatively good (although fairly imbalanced – maybe level up your lower-level Pokémon to closer to 60?). You haven't provided any other stats about your Pokémon, so to go out on a limb, I suspect your issue may be your Pokémon's moves. You'll want to ensure that your Pokémon have good move coverage – in other words, figure out what Kukui is hurting you with, and use TMs or Heart Scales to learn moves that can hit those Pokémon back hard.
  5. Woah, teapot. Next gen battle preperations! Thanks!

    omg an admin liked my post does that mean im popular?
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  6. In line with what @Teapot said, I'd suggest making sure that your supereffective moves for each of his Pokemon are spread out across your team so you don't have to rely on just one or two Pokemon to deal with most of his party. This should let you spread the damage out a bit and ensure that you don't get yourself in a spot when the Pokemon you're relying on so heavily goes down. Looking at your team and his based on just types you have a Pokemon that can counter every single one of his, except for Snorlax (but with a TM Incineroar should have that covered Scratch that, Snorlax has High Horsepower), so as long as you keep in mind your type matchups you should be able to do okay.
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  7. I'll look up his team in bulbapedia, make sure im good. thanks, @Aura
  8. I only beat him today. It's a hard life playing pokemon games.
    And yes; I know it's a kids game, but I suck at pokemon games anyway so that was a long time trying to do it.
    I actually beat him twice, but I tried to skip the credits, and I thought 'Oh it probably saved' so I restarted my game. too bad.

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