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Ask to Join Granted Fate, Stories Unknown (Reboot)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by FrostCrispz, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. (Join here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/granted-fate-fairy-tail-roleplay-reboot-discussion.19198/#post-605928 )

    T.J. ran across the road of Hoyah, a coastal town a decent bit away from Starbane, the town where his guild was home to. He was here with two other magic users he didn't know all too well but were in his guild. "Rock dragon, Stone Claw!" T.J. yelled in command while slinging his arm forward. A long stretch of rock launched forward aiming for the running criminal. This man was wanted for illegal use of magic and assault on others. The rock attack was dodged but was close to hitting. "Damn it." He said quietly to himself before waving his compadres forward. "Come on, Nitwits. He's get'n away!'

    T.J. slung himself forward using another Stone Claw on the ground. He landed a good 25 feet before the running man. "Corner him!" He called out while pulling out a chunk of stone from his pocket. T.J. then stuffed it in his mouth. Doing so, magic energy began to flow through his body once more, replenishing what was lost before. "Now you, stop where you are."
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  2. "Allright, I get him." Nikki lighten her weight then launched herself to the man, her great hammer ready to strike. But then the man raised his hand and produce a big darkness ball, Nikki was engulfed in darkness and then she felt that her face just hit a wet floor. She groaned before lighting a match.

    "Did he just... throw me into the sewer?" She looked at her surrounding but only find stinky dark corridor covered in mucus. She then dashed to random direction, hoping to find an exit as soon as possible.

    "He will pay for this!!"

    Meanwhile the man use the opportunity to ran in the another direction, this time he entered a random house, startling a woman who was making a soup inside. He then proceed to ran upstair.
  3. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Nero noticed that two members of Granted Fate, the guild he was a part of chasing down a bad guy, with the leader of the guild members being some kind of slayer. So naturally, he had to jump in and help
    "Lemme get in on some of this action," Nero said as he ran to join the chase, picking up some grass and eating it to get some energy. Fortunately for Nero, he noticed where the assailant went and so he told his guildmates.
    "This way guys!" The Devil Slayer went to the direction he went, but he didn't know where the man went
    "Dammit, where could he have gone?" He looked around in each house, not even realizing that the man who he was looking for was standing in the house behind him.
  4. T.J. watched as the man entered the house, and the new guy joined them. "Hey, kid! Don't go pointing in the wrong direction." He said while shoving Nero's left shoulder, turning the devil slayer around. "He's in there." T.J. said in a gruff and rough voice before entering the house. The man inside launched a circle of darkness at him, hitting not him but the ground around him. The attack knocked rocks and stones loose from the pavement, to which T.J. pocketed. "Up here!"
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  5. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Geez, don't gotta be so rude, I made a mistake is all," Nero grumbled before entering the house and noticing a crumbling noise coming from upstairs so he ran up there.
    "Sorry about this lady," The Devil Slayer apologized to the confused woman who then shrugged it off and continued making her soup. He found the man who he was chasing, the aforementioned criminal then proceeded to fire a dark magic circle at him, luckily he dodged.
    "I don't wanna trash this place, but it doesn't seem like I have much of a choice," Nero sighed before inhaling, gathering his magic energy, "Plant Devil's Rage!" He released all of the magic at the man who was then blown into a wall due to the force the attack put in his body.
  6. T.J. groaned when he heard the spell. "Hey, madam? Get down." He said before bringing her down. Branches of vines came from all directions, one of which would have hit the woman. When she was seen to be ok, T.J. made his move to upstairs. "Overkill much?" He asked Nero. T.J. then looked at the darkness user. "We ain't Fairy Tail, don't trash the city." T.J. said before throwing a punch forward. "Rock Dragon, Stone Claw!" He called as a rock fist expanded from his arm in the direction of the darkness user. The attack landed, winding the already weakened man. "Got em."
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  7. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Sorry, I ran out of options,"Nero sighed, he reached into his pockets and pulled out 1000 jewel he earned from past jobs. He found the woman and paid her.
    "Sorry about that, I forgot the effects of that spell, this should be enough to repair your house, and I'll even help you if you want," The woman took his jewel without question and gave him some tools to help get rid of his vines, since he couldn't eat them himself.
    "Hey, umm can you take that guy away while I help this woman clean up my mess?" Nero asked as he started chopping up the vines that he inadvertently created.
    Gotta be more careful with this kind of magic, it is slayer magic after all, I should have pushed the guy out of the window so I could easily take him to somewhere where I could use my magic without trashing people's houses.
  8. Dr Nekros was casually walking down the street by a house with some sort of commotion going on in it, said house suddenly bursted with vines to his Shock and he sighed.

    Great... must be the devil slayer from our guild.

    he thought to himself as he headed in to see what has happened, managing to squeeze his slim body between vines, he soon caught sight of them and walked over, "hey guys, seems like someone got too excited with his green thumb, need help clearing out this forest?" He asked mostly to Nero.
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  9. "Don't to anything reckless Dalton!"

    "Go get him bro!"

    "Children that is not helping!"

    Dalton, who had long disregarded the warnings of Sister Starlus and the other orphans as Dalton was in hot pursuit of this rogue. Who seemed to be on a path of pure chaos and terror which unfortunately included the Sacred Heart Orphanage. This maniac appeared and cut through the orphanage and nearly ran through one of the kids, though Sister Starlus intervened and took the attack herself. The individual got away, but Dalton had been far from satisfied as he summoned his key-shaped sword and had been quick to peruse.

    Seemed others that he had presumed to be mages of some guild had the same idea as others were part of the chase, though Dalton desired personal payback. Soon he arrived at a house that seemed covered with vines. A curious sight to be sure, though Dalton jumped up and used his blade to slice the vines to jump through an upstairs window. He than began to move through the house as he aimed to find this criminal.
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  10. T.J. sighed. Seems I'm the only sensible one at the guild other than Master. He thought to himself as he pulled out a pair of handcuffs marked with a lacrama that cancels out magic power when activated. "Come on, shadow person. Best get going." He said before making his way outside through whatever path through the vines there was. As he walked out, many of his guildmates were there. "Hey, what are you all doing here?" He asked the group. The guild hall was in Starbane, and this was Hoyah.
  11. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Ya know Nekros , I could do without the smart alec comments. Also what are you even a professor of? Sarcasm?" Nero hacked and slashed at his own vines, imagining that Nekros was the vines, which made the job go faster, thanks to Dalton's help as well.
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  12. Dalton made his way to the other mages, as his curiosity naturally peeked while he held his giant key sword behind the back of his neck while he examined them.

    "So, you guys from a mage's guild?" Dalton asked, as he wanted to know if his previous suspicions were true or not as he carved a path to the pair of mages.
  13. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Heck yeah, sorry for causing a mess, but thanks if you helped with it," Nero said, finally finishing off the cleanup. He looked at his arm, which appeared to have some devilish markings on him.
    Crap, gotta make sure that I don't go insane, or turn into a demon either, really wish that he would hurry back, he could make my situation alot better, for one, I wouldn't have to learn about turning into a demon.
  14. Nekros rolled his eyes, "A professor in Medical Science, Demon Studies and Psychology, glad you acknowledge my intelligence though" He said to the Demon slayer, watching as he hacked through the last vine.
  15. T.J. trudged next to Nero. "Don't go exploding into vines again. Gonna go take this guy to the cops." He said before his fist turned stone grey and broke through mutiple vines and made a way outside. The Dragon Slayer then made the slight trip back to the station for the prisoner transport. T.J. turned back to the guildmates. "Gonna meet you all back at the guild hall!"
  16. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "You know, you better hope I don't go insane and try to kill all of you," Nero retorted, agitated, he was tired that everyone was looking down on him. He was fairly inexperienced at using Devil Slayer magic, but he hoped to learn in time.
    "So, your a researcher of Demon Studies huh. Then tell me the Plant Devil's name,"
  17. "Plant devil? Interesting magic." Dalton asked, as given the criminal had already been beaten he had no reason to stick around. However, before he decided to leave he moved to Nero and the one he was talking to; not that he knew either name.

    "So, what Guild are you guys from?" Dalton asked, as he unlike the others had not been a member of Granted Fate so he figured that was as far a question as any.
  18. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "We're both from Granted Fate, you can join if you want. If your interested follow me," Nero told the newcomer, dusting himself off and casually walking back to the guild hall.
  19. Dalton considered his options, on one hand being a mage might take away from time helping at Sacred Heart. On the other the added money he'd make from missions he heard mages partake on could help pay off bills and help keep the facility running. Dalton had his mind quickly made up as he followed Nero towards where he presumed their Guild Hall was.
  20. Alex was sitting on the stool, drinking water.
    "This guild does seem great, but it still isn't as good as my last one." He thought, as he set he set his cup down. "Well, they'll be back any minute now. Might as well pick this up." He said, as he headed to the Rack, and grabbed hit swords. Putting them on there hilts.
  21. From the depth of the sewer, a monster made of green mucus and human's garbage arise.

    "Kyaa, a monster!!" A woman shouted hysterically while pointing at the monster.

    "Begone, monster. Or you shall feel the wrath of my mighty pitchfork!" an old man with rusty pitchfork and rustier shaking knees barked at the monster. True terror was displayed on his face, but he didn't back off, as he knew he was the last line of defense between the monster and his family.

    "Uh, can we stop this nonsense?"

    "Old man, I will help you!" a youngster step up beside the oldman. He casted a simple spell that summon a strong breeze to the surrounding. "Behold the power of my sky magic. O, thou vile monster!" At the display of this magic prowess though, the monster smirked instead.

    "Oh, thank you for the wind. Now, I can go home. Sayonara." The monster took a little jump, then got blown by the breeze. A few second later the monster had gone. The old man and the youngster looked at each other in confusion.

    "Oh, damn. This is not Hoyah or Starbane. Looks like I took the wrong direction somewhere." Nikki said to herself while looking down at the city below her. "Well, time to go home. C'mon breeze, go faster!" She then push her weight as low as possible.
  22. Malori sighed as she walked into the guild hall "Honestly, some people are just plain rude". Earlier the girl ran into a guy on her way to the guild, he bumped into her and talk her to watch it, a fight pursued and Malori wasn't very happy. "Oh hey Alex" She said seeing the male sitting on a stool.
  23. T.J. walked inside 3k jewel richer. After turning in the villain, sending credit where credit is due, paying off the guild segement, and repaying the lady. "So, this is the leftovers. Would have gotten 10k if he didn't ruin the poor womans house." He mumbled to himself while taking a booth seat. T.J. waved down one of the waitresses (no name yet). "The Steak." He ordered before laying back.
  24. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Nero stepped in confidently, a smile spread across his face in accomplishment.
    "So, did ya miss me?" To his surprise, he was met with total silence. Then, everyone went on their way as per usual.
    "What does a guy have to do to get noticed around here?"
  25. T.J. leaned back to Nero. "How about not blow up someones house?" He sent back before turning back to his meal. T.J. then waved Nero over to the table. "Order something man and sit down." T.J. said before changing his right arm into an obsidian blade and cutting through the meat.
  26. Turning her head, Malori smirked a bit "Nero blew up a house? Why does that not surprise me?" she questioned. Leaning against a wall the female took out a deck of cards, shuffling them. Putting the deck back in her pocket Malori walked over to T.J. "So how did it go?" she questioned.
  27. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "So I blew up one house, big deal, just know that when one of you screw up, I won't let you forget it," Nero told both Malori and T.J, ordering some root beer, paying the bartender some of his leftover Jewel.
    "So T.J, why did you invite me over here, what's next?"
  28. T.J. put one hand up to say hold the phone. "One thing first. I have never blown up a soup cooking, granny's house so bad we lost 7k jewel of profit." He said. The dragon slayer sent his arm back to normal for a second. "As for next, I got something you might have a mind for. We got a group of rogue ogres in the mountains. No houses to blow up there." T.J. said to poke some fun at him. "Pays alright after the split, but might be some fun."
  29. "Mind if I join in on this fun, or you don't want a girl to tag along?" Malori said jokingly, sitting down she pulled out her deck again and began to shuffle. She ordered a water and flipped through her cards, pulling out a call card "Man it has been awhile since I got this deck" she hummed.
  30. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Now that's a job I can get behind!" Nero explained, looking around to see if anyone else wanted to go. ON one hand, another person would get the job done quicker, however, it might end up with him leaving with less payment than he would have initially hoped for.
  31. T.J. looked over to Malori. "This is mainly something we do, kinda like slayers. We go a little overkill, so watch out if you want to come." T.J. knew Nero's worry as soon as the card user asked to join. "The pay isn't to good for the job, but it's quick and easy. Might need some practice for later on." The later on he hinted at was the two-monthly fate-games. A test of the guild members for prizes. The next one begins in a week or two, but the exact date is never given. Master Golond just walks up and says its the next day, so nobody ever knows when. "But yea, I was thinking we could leave in about a half an hour. Train doesn't leave for an hour still, with some packing needing to be done as well."
  32. The female shuffled her deck once more before responding "I got lots of pay from my last mission, there's no need to split it three ways if it's too little, I just haven't been out in a week and I'm itching for a battle!". She spread the cards out before picking one and flipping it over "The Justice card upright if I remember correctly that means cause and effect, clarity, truth" she mumbled.
  33. "Sounds like you guys will be busy. Don't suppose before you set off you can point a guy in the right direction of whoever here might help him get accepted in the guild?" Dalton asked the mages of Granted Fate. Given he was a new recruit he had no way to know who he'd go to to become an official member. Dalton presumed it was the Guild Master, but he had no way to know where that individual was which made this an important question to him that he needed answered.
  34. After almost half an hour of flying through the wind Nikki finally found the Granted Fate building. Slowly, she add weight to herself and descent gracefully to the ground.

    Slowly... slowly... slowly... slowly...

    Allright, screw that. She add a huge amount of weight and she crashed onto the ground with a loud noise. Oops, she made a small crater. Master Golond would scold her for sure but that's not the matter now.

    She entered the hall and look for two people. Oh, there they are.

    "T.J! Nero! Give me my share!"
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    "Can't, going on a job right now, you can come if you want, but still," Nero told the suddenly heavier Nikki, trying to leave as soon as possible. Maybe she could get her share, but he was doubtful, more money for him if he split it two ways instead of splitting it three ways.
  36. Alex slightly jumped from the Crash.
    "You Guys sure love blowing things up." He would clap slowly, "We'd fill in for a meteor." He got up from the stool, and over to the mission board. "What to go on...Aha!" He grabbed a piece of paper, and walked back to the stool, reading it.
  37. Thinking for a moment Malori nodded to herself as she stood up "You guys can go on the mission yourselves, I'll take Nikki on a mission". Walking over to Nikki Malori let out a small smiled "How about it, just me and you?" she asked. Flipping through her card deck she pulled out "The sun card upright, meaning joy, success, celebration, positivity" she hummed.
  38. T.J. inhaled the rest of his food before standing up off from the table. "So, Nero, ready to go?" He asked before sticking his thumb to the door. The train wouldn't leave for a while, and T.J. knows he doesn't do trains good. Side effect of Dragon Slayers. But T.J. could handle it better than most others. "Come on then Planty." He said while heading out to the door.
  39. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Ready whenever you are, though I'd pack a barf bag or two if I were you," Nero joked, even though motion sickness is basically the only weakness for Dragon Slayers, and maybe even all slayers in general. He never suffered from this, thankfully, but the thought of going insane at any moment is a weakness in itself.
  40. Dalton eventually had been pointed to the office of the Guild Master and after he gave thanks to the mage that directed him there he knocked on the door before he spoke up.

    "Um...hello. Is...is the Guild Master of Granted Fate here? I'd like to join and was told to go to you." Dalton said as he waited for any response from the other side of the door.

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