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Ask to Join Granted Fate, Fairy Tail Roleplay (Reboot Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by FrostCrispz, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Flore, a world where magic is used all around. People join together into Guilds to stop problems ranging from curses to Dark Guilds. This is the story of a new guild to Flore, Granted Fate.

    "Granted Fate. Strange, able to give a fate to others. Almost a second chance. Our guild is based upon granting others a second chance." -Master Rothuk, first master of Granted Fate

    "Hello, there friend. I hear you want to be a wizard? Good, you came to the right place. Sorry, but I'm as blind as a bat, could you fill out this registration forum so you can join us?" -Master Golond, the current master of Granted Fate.

    1. Hate the OC, not the RPer.
    2. Please don't go OP/Mary Sue
    3. Put Fairy Law in your bio
    4. Normal Pokecharms moves
    5. Get creative with magic. New Celestial Creatures are also allowed with brief summary.
    6. Please give a summary about your magic, even if it is canon.
    This is just going to be a basic Fairy Tail roleplay without much of a major plot going on now. Later on, I might add in something, but a basic one to begin with.
    Magic used:
    Brief History:
    Other information:
    Tags: @Nebulix @Godjacob @Lord Of Pain @Spoiled Bread @Not Gyro Zeppeli @SoulDemon @Top_Smug_ @super Froakie
    Name: T.J. Drogan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Magic used: Rock Dragon Slayer: T.J. uses dragon Slayer Magic, in which he consumes Rocks to collect magic power and using different spells based on ground/rock magic.
    Personally: T.J. is a person that would let his friends fall to stop the enemy. He doesn't feel that people are at his rank, thinking that nobody could beat him in a fight. T.J. also has the habit of taking on people stronger than him, only to push himself harder and harder to beat them, overexerting himself even more.
    Appearance: T.J. wears a vest looking shirt under a loose jacket coloured stone grey. He has jet black hair and brown eyes. He wears long black pants that end halfway below his knees, where they look torn up.
    Brief History: T.J. was raised by the rock dragon Terrack, who taught him Rock Slayer Magic. From there, T.J. began to explore the world at age 7, leaving his dragon parent. As he travelled, Granted Fate's master Master Golond accepted him into the guild as he saw potential in him.
    Other information: RP will be posted when we get 3 members to begin.
  2. Sorry, I’m not a big fan of fairy tail.

    It's okay we have our preferences. I'll get my bio up later.
  4. Sorry, but you had posted on the previous discussion so I tagged you. (Also, why not?)
  5. I dunno, something always felt like it was missing between me and the series. I might join if a couple others joins and this gets off the ground, but who knows? I guess I’ll just wait and see for now.
  6. I have a friend who feels the same way. Mainly because all the main characters never died off, or anything of the sort. They all came back as good as ever.
  7. Name: Dalton Zephir
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Magic used: Key Magic. Allows the user to generate magic keys that can be used for various purposes. Opening of locks, entering and exiting of a personal "pocket room" used for storage of items, and for weapons. Either multiple key projectiles or a longer "Keyblade" for melee combat. Drawbacks extend to use of these keys eat away at his stamina and he'd have to "rest" in his room for an extended period to regain his magic stamina. Also uses the specialized "discs" which harness infused Lacrima of different elements that when inserted into his keys allow him to perform elemental spells. At this point he only has the Sky Disc, which allows him to channel wind magic.
    Personally: Is typically an optimistic, fun loving individual with a little charm to him. Though also can be a bit immature at times and also a little self-serving & stubborn; going with his path even if he knows it is not what the people he cares for wishes of him. Though in spite of it all, he does have a good heart and really just wants to improve the conditions of his "home" and make a better life for them and by extension himself; which shows his loyalty to those he cares for.
    Appearance: Fair skinned individual, and slightly on the short side or his age. Had short, spiky, dark black hair with black eyes. Wears a grey-t-shirt underneath a black jacket with silver designs that remains unzipped along with a pair of silver cargo pants and black boots.
    Brief History: Abandoned at an orphanage, Sacred Heart Orphanage, as a baby where he was cared for by one of the nuns Ms. Strarlus (Tall women who is in her mid-to-late 20s with long brown hair, blue eyes and a beauty mark on the left side of her chin along with the standard nun attire) who became his surrogate mother figure when he failed to get adopted over the years. Ms. Starlus and others at Sacred Heart cared for him and even taught him how to use magic; which would later inspire him to leave the orphanage and begin a path of being a petite thief; selling high end valuables for profit and donating those profits to help Sacred Heart with finical worries; even if Ms. Starlus caught wind of this and tries to stop him more often than not. Though perhaps a better path for him may exist yet...
    Other information: Fairy Law
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  8. Name : Dr. Nekros Aranid
    Gender : male
    Age : 21
    Magic : Arachnomancy
    Personality : a calm and collected man with great experience in the medical field both physically and mentally, has decent knowledge on demons, and has the "divide and conquer" mentality in fights
    Appearance : wears mossy green tattered robes and Cloak with a metal mouth mask that has a spider-like symbol printed onto it in black, carries around a long staff with a jagged blade at the top and a green ball between the blade and the staff itself
    Brief history : Nekros comes from a family of mental doctors who secretly are a part of a cult worship a Spider demon under the asylum, after a few years as a doctor and a cult member he decided to leave both as they didn't seem like the right things for him to be part of, like he wasn't meant for those things, eventually he found what he was meant to be, a guild wizard, and joined Granted Fate
    Other information : Fairy law

    Also known as spider control magic or the Arachnid king magic


    -Basic spells-
    Breaks down dead organisms through touch into raw magic energ to be absorbed and restore his magic

    Control and communicate with spiders

    Make super durable spider webs and spray it at others wrapping them up

    -Advanced spells-

    Effigy: cast a scorpion hornet's sent on the target, all the spiders in the area will be aggravated towards that target

    Spider summon:
    Creates one of many different types of special spiders

    Spine shooters : puppy sized spiders with no venom but can shoot sharp quills off its body to impale enemies

    Voltaic Creeper : a puppy sized hairy spider that generates electricity and discharges it

    Emerald Widow : a palm sized spider with none lethal venom that acts like a tranquilizer

    (The following spiders will be unlocked over the course of the RP)

    Sapphire Widow : a palm sized spider with none lethal paralyzing venom

    Ruby Widow : a palm sized spider with very lethal venom

    Fairy Spiders : a big swarm of thumb sized spiders with fairy wings that are not venomous but very carnivorous

    Dragon spider : car sized spiders with dragon scales
  9. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Same character, different magic
    Name: Nero Plazzma
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Magic used: Plant Devil Slayer(has basic slayer traits, can eat his element to get stronger, although the environment in which the plant was grown in will determine how much of a power boost he gets. However, he cannot eat his own vines)
    Personally: overly energetic and quick to rush into combat without a plan. Gets very angry when people question his thinking.
    Appearance: bright green messy hair, wears a teal tank top along with shorts. His guild Symbol is on his right shoulder.
    Brief History: was born in Magnolia with a poor family. Goes to guilds to get money and beat up other people that annoy him. Along his way to Flore, he met the plant devil, Synthesium, who was responsible for teaching him his devil slayer magic.
    Other information: wants to travel to Edolas and meet his counterpart, who he hopes knows Fairy Law.
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  10. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Name: Proteus Oceani

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Magic used: Water God Slayer - Typical slayer traits, uses variations of Water Magic and can absorb water to power up. Also has a trident that he can power up with his Water God Slayer magic.

    Personality: Proteus is loyal and deeply caring, but still childish and sometimes selfish. Nothing will stop him from his goal, not even his close friends. He can get dark/moody but bounces back somewhat quickly.

    Appearance: Proteus stands at 5'9'' and has a fair build, not too bulky or too slim. He has jet black hair and deep blue eyes. His left cheek has a deep scar where a fishing hook got lodged in his face. Wears black boots, black pants, and a black coat with a hood that covers most of his face.

    Brief History: Proteus is originally from Minstrel, where his parents owned a fishing business on the west coast. One day on a particularly long fishing trip, a massive storm hit his parents boat and they never returned to Minstrel. Determined to bring his parents back, he set off to Fiore where rumors of a guild that could give second chances was located.

    Other information: Fairy Law
  11. Name: Nikki Malik
    Gender: female
    Age: 20
    Magic used: weight magic. The user is able to manipulate the weight of her own and any object she touch.
    Personality: Nikki is a carefree person who likes money and pranks. She's rather messy, even her house is full of stuff thrown here and there. She wanted to find her missing father, Cais the Sky Tyrant, though she doesn't has a clue to his whereabout.
    Appearance: Nikki is 5'4 tall with average build. She has short brown hair and gray eyes. Her outfit consist of simple white tunic topped with blue jacket and black pants. She also kept a goggle on her forehead and wears fingerless black gloves on her hands.
    Brief History: Nikki think her father is crazy, traveling around the world on a sinister-looking giant airship to search for a mythical treasure that is more likely to not exist. That's why she fled from him and she ended up on Granted Fate 4 years ago. But when she tried to look for her father to finish some family business, she can't find him.
    Other information: fairy law
  12. Everyone is accepted, but @Lord Of Pain could you explain your power for us to easily see what it is?
    The rp will be up later.
  13. Basically magic related to spiders, ranging from taking control of them to taking on specific traits to straight up summoning them from thin air, I've made a spoiler at the bottom of my post with the spells and their descriptions
  14. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    So when is the actual RP getting released?
  15. Some time soon. I have my online class right now.
  16. So glaceon, have I done a good enough job explaining my magic or do you need more details?
  17. Ehhh, I don't like accepting the dragon spider, but the rest is alright.
  18. Then I'll remove the dragon spiders
  19. I'm gonna start the thread with a chase scene against a villain. But I don't think a solo thing is right, so who wants to be part of this? (Looking for 2 max)
  20. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    I don't mind either way honestly
  21. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    If nobody else wants to be
  22. Might take longer than expected now. My brother is watching MHA for the first time. I need to be there, and it gives more time for others to give their oppinion.
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  23. As long as there's money, then I'm in!
  24. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Name: Caesar (Zesawr, nickname given by his baby sister when she was younger)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Magic used: Command T
    Personally: Friendly; serious at times; Loyal to his friends (sorry, I'm wayyy better at showing this WHEN I RP)
    Appearance: Messy black hair; gray bandanna over his mouth; red eyes; black gloves; gray cloak with hood; black hunter suit inside cloak
    Brief History: He's a normal wizard with a small family of him, his parents, and his young sister. He lives by himself though, but visits his family from time to time. Ceaser especially enjoys dangerous jobs.
    Other information: Fairy Law
    I just put my old OC, is that ok?
  25. Ok, expect post later today. (Hopefully)
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  26. Awesome!

    I'll get a post up. Been kinda sick today and am gonna take a short nap/have dinner. Will be back on ASAP.
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  27. At least you're here now, take your time. No rush, relax.
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  28. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    btw Caesar has two daggers that make him faster and stronger, left speed, right strength
  29. Use with Command T? Or enchanted?
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  30. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Time to slay the demons. Or become one, really whichever one comes first.
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  31. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

  32. So, would it be okay if Dalton just chases after this bad guy and inadvertently helps the Guild bring him down which could segway to him joining their ranks as a new member?
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  33. I think its okay. You can make the guy to do something bad to an innocent people then you want to help, or make him disturb Dalton directly so he has reason to kick his ass.
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  34. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Oh Crap, I need to post. can't get left behind.
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  35. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Quick question for OC's who use slayer magic, which would be me, Glaceon and Smug. Of your OC were to attain a second element, like how Natsu unlocked Lightning Flame dragon mode, or how Gajeel unlocked Iron Shadow Dragon mode, what element would you add to your OC?
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  36. I would probably say Water as the next one. (Might just happen if we get this going)
    But honestly, who was confused by Gajeels explanation for shadow iron dragon slayer?
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  37. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    I was, I can get how Natsu can absorb lightning, the two are sort of alike, but how would justify being an Iron dragon slayer and being able to absorb shadow magic.
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  38. I'll keep that in mind. Thank you.

    I'll get a post up ASAP. Though I gotta get my old dog to the vet first. So later this morning (In my time) I think I'll be okay.
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