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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Doctor Oak, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    My. God. This. Game. 0wnz.

    Seriously, I had this game in my hands about 1 hour after waking up and have found it difficult to put down. The PSP's battery eventually winning out and dying.

    Normally, when you convert a series or game to a handheld medium, you tend to shrink it down too. Stuff is stripped from it, it's made more simple and in general quite a deal worse.

    None of that has happened to GTA on the PSP.

    In fact, what they've done is taken the core of GTA 3 - the main character and the city - and crammed a bunch of San Andreas into it.

    Gone is the clunky graphics of GTA 3, the fudged physics, the empty streets, the unworkable HUD and all the aspects that makes GTA 3 almost impossible to play after San Andreas.

    Everything feels much more polished and the graphics are genuinely lovely - only a few dodgy textures remind you that you're dealing with a game on a lower power than San Andreas.

    It's classic GTA, it's portable and it's very, very playable. This is easily the title that ALL PSP owners must have and a fantastic reason to get one.

    They even crammed in a multiplayer function for the first time - although it's not online. Had it been online, the game would have been even more perfect.

    All we can hope for is some sort of Warpipe system for it...
  2. Once I have a PSP this will be the very first game I buy for it. I have been dieing to play this since seeing videos of it. The game just looks amazing, the graphics are incredible, far beyond anything I have seen on a handheld. I hope that Rockstar will continue with handheld GTA games and give us more. GTA on the go is just an awesome idea.

    My brothers also plan on getting this game and a PSP. Yes, yes. Multiplayer goodness. I like the fact that there a are a bunch of different multiplayer games this time round aswell as the SA style free-roam multiplayer function.

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