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Ask to Join Gorgon Glare! A fairy tail Roleplay reboot

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Dead account, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

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  2. Alex looked at the newcomer, putting a Picture Back in his pocket.
    "Another one to liven the party up." He muttered, turning back to his bowl pistachio's. He never had any Prior liking towards Pistachio's, he just started craving them.
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  3. Drake Dragoneye had been wandering, along with Izumi Fitzgerald, for the last five years, after their former Guild, Snake Horn was destroyed, the two had arrived at the Gorgon Glare Guild hall, with Izumi very close to him. The entered the guild hall, where Drake looked around, and spotted a utterly shocked young man.

    "Hi, is the guild hall for Gorgon Glare?" Drake asked, slightly red.

    Izumi was holding his hand, blushing heavily.
  4. Looking at the newer Newcomer, he chuckled.
    "Yes, this is the Guild hall for Gorgon Glare." Alexandre said, standing up from the Chair, making sure to grab the Bowl of Pistachio's.
    Being Decently old, it wasn't unusual to have a fear. Unless that fear was Slides, then you have no excuse.
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  5. "Uh-huh. Yep. Wouldn't dream of it." Theo's answers were short and concise as he attempted to keep his concentration. The small, elderly woman beside him didn't get the hint as she continued to babble, and Theodore couldn't muster up the guts to tell her to be quiet so he could focus on lifting the boxes. The boy's magic was rather useful for such mundane chores, so of course, when he saw the old lady struggling to unload her wagon, he stepped in to help. Theodore wiped a bead of sweat form his forehead when the last crate was placed on top of the others, they were a lot heavier than he had expected. Theo smiled kindly at the gracious woman who bowed repeatedly and caused him to blush sheepishly. "It's alright, it's really alright." the boy waved his hands frantically to get her to stop out of fear she was making a scene. "Be careful with those, you know where to find me if you ever need any help." Theodore gave one last friendly smile before walking away and rolling his shoulders. In the distance, the boy could see his guild hall and he released a sigh. It wasn't perfect, not even close, but it was home and he absolutely adored the place.

    Celina grumbled to herself as she wished that she hadn't taken that stupid mission request. She pulled yet another twig out of her short hair and released a groan. She wasn't in the best of conditions, with mud caked feet and overall dirty appearance, thorns and sticks stuck to her clothing and hair and she sported a few bruises and cuts as well. It was not the hardest mission she had been on, but she was outnumbered per usual. And worst of all, she had to spend half of her reward money to get a ride back to the guild hall! The girl poked her head out of the wagon when it came to an abrupt stop, though she didn't see anything. Shifting to the front of the cart, she peeled back the curtains to reveal her driver being held hostage by a group of 4 scrawny looking men. "Are you kidding me?" Celina groaned as she rubbed her forehead before exiting the vehicle and reaching into her satchel. The girl pulled out a silver key and pointed it at the man who was restraining her driver, "Don't you guys have something better to do? You're giving me a headache and I'm afraid if you don't release the fat man I'm going to have to make you regret ever coming here." Celina sighed dramatically.
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  6. Drake noted the man who was eating pistachios, and responded, "My name is Drake Dragoneye, and the girl apparently holding my hand, is Izumi Fitzgerald, she is a Requip mage, specifically The Shielder, I'm not revealing my magic, I am looking for the guild master."

    Izumi was at this point holding on to his arm.
  7. " My name is Alexander. As for the guild master, I dont know where they are." He said, turning his attention to the Woman.
    " Another Requip user? We have Similar Magic types, then. I have the Swordsman Requip." He chuckled a bit. "If you dont mind me asking, are you two Together? You seem like such a great couple." He resumed to eat his Pistachio's, turning the bowl once he finished them. "Heck."
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  8. "We're not there yet, we're more than friends, I can tell you that." Izumi chimed in, her face the color of Igneel's.

    Drake kept Izumi close, as he picked up on something, another person.
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  9. "I'm guessing you two haven't done it then." He chuckled, walking back to get more Pistachios.
    "I wish you two the best of luck."
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  10. Drake and Izumi both blushed furiously at the comment. They took a seat together at a nearby table, and decided to speak to the other person.

    "Hi, are you need here?" Drake asked, "Drake Dragoneye is my name."

    "Hi, I'm Izumi Fitzgerald, we're both former members of the guild Snake Horn." Izumi spoke up, somewhat nervously.

    The two got the attention of a person the seemed to serving drinks of some sort. Drake signaled to come over.
  11. He took a picture back out, looking at it as he took a sip of his Tea.

    The picture showed a Younger him, with three people, and an Exceed. He winced as he looked at the one with Brown hair, looking over at the Exceed.
    "Hey, Marshmallow? Yeah, I'll come visit soon." He muttered, putting the photo back.
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  12. Theo made his way back to the Guild Hall with a sigh. The boy's feet dragged along the dirt path, as his gaze took interest in the clouds of dust he would create. Upon arriving at the large doors, Theodore pressed a hand against them and sighed. Then, without pushing them, Theodore used his magic to open the doors and walked in with a placid grin. The doors closed behind him when Theo looked back, the boy then took a stride forward before halting. There were new faces, a lot of them. Theodore gaze drifted from one person to another, they all looked relatively young. Were they looking to join the guild? Or perhaps they had a mission to give. Theodore looked up at Alexander, who wasn't taking particular interest in the newcomers- they must've already met.

    Celina rolled her eyes when the men didn't move, "Alright-" the girl shrugged as she tightened the grip on her key. Before she could summon her celestial spirit, a vine ruptured from below her and smacked the key out of her hand. Celina's eyes grew wide as she watched her precious possession fall to the floor, and the vines wrapped around her ankles. The man who must've been controlling the plants smirked as he stepped forward before the vines sprung upright and held Celina upside down.
    "Sorry, brat- but we do what we want." the man pushed past Celina, who gritted her teeth and scowled, and began rummaging through the wagon, the other bandits just standing with grins plastered across their lips.
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  13. "So we got some new blood eh?"

    The voice of Alister's had been heard on the upper level of the guild, as the young man with a smirk that almost seemed plastered onto his face glanced at the new arrivals to the guild hall who in turn decided to make a stylish welcome to the newcomers as he slid down the stairs to ground level as his rollex watch and necklace flashed against the light. Alister glanced over at Alexandre and his bowl of pistachios.

    "So what, we got some would be recruits?" Alister asked as he looked for some clarification while he eyed the newcomers with a curious gaze.
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  14. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    The guild hall doors opened, revealing a bit so familiar face around the parts of Gorgon Glare. Trinity dropped her book slightly to look more closely at the strangers. Presumably new recruits for the guild she supposed. She counted about three new heads. One seemed to be in awe of their surroundings, examining everything from high to low, without any prior introduction. The other two, well, Trinity could only stare at the public display of affection the two were showcasing to the rest of the guild. Trinity did mind it as it made her more single than she could ever be.

    Closing her book, which the mage was reading up on more runes and spells on letter magic to help enhance her perception on the ancient wordings, which is also where her magic is circulating around. One of her guild mates decided to make his introduction. A bowl of pistachio in hand, Alexander welcomed the potential recruits to their domain. The trio made some small talk, though Trinity couldn’t pick up the words as she was quite the distance away from the group. It should be only a matter of time before they’re led to the guild master’s office to officiate their recruitment into Gorgon Glare.

    The new recruits reminded Trinity of when she was joining Gorgan Glare. The mage subconsciously rubbed her guild mark, located on the back of her left shoulder. The thoughts quickly digressed as a booming voice could be heard from the upper level. Of course it would be Alister with his loud mouth. That boasting mouth that interrupted her studying on more than one occasion.

    Pushing her annoyance aside, Trinity stepped up towards the so called “couple” recruits. “Don’t bother them too much Alister,” Trinity called putting, placing her hand behind the backs of both mages, urging them to take a seat. “But yes, they’re new to the guild. As of now, we should be treating them like our guests.” Trinity clarified on the term guest, which also meant that the guild should be hosting them with hospitality and respect. Intimidation doesn’t make a good first impression.
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  15. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Huh..this guil must be good if so many people entered, " Eleo thought as he sat down on a seat that was free , ane taking pistachios from a bowl of pistachios.
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  16. Upstairs in her bedroom, Garnet had been busy freshening up. The Gem-Mage prided herself on looking sharp even in her field of work as she worked to brush her hair as she checked her reflection in her bedroom mirror. She had already used the shower and thankfully she reserved the first go at it as some mages here had some...bathing habits that she'd get green in thought over. Seriously how can one get some much hair in...?

    Her thoughts had been interrupted as there seemed to be some commotion downstairs. With a sigh she set her brush down as she took one moment to adjust and model her outfit out before she moved out of her room and glanced down to see what was going on. Seemed there was a trio of faces she had not seen before, and some of the Guild Members had began to interact with them. Alister seemed to pester for answers, which pestering is what she expected from that hot head, while it seemed Trinity returned to spat with him over it as Alex seemed to enjoy some chips as he greeted them only for one of the new arrivals to have their share.

    Garnet glanced at the newcomers, and she had no immediate thoughts to them but she had heard that comment about her guild and felt it was the best time to make her presence known.

    "Naturally. We are a bit of a younger guild, but soon we are sure the name Gorgon Glare will be known all throughout Fiore!" Garnet said with a passionate delivery as she made her way down the stairs as her heels clicked along the steps while she scanned the newcomers and flipped her hair behind her ear as she smiled their way.

    "Garnet Albess. I take it you are here to join?"
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  17. Theo listened as everyone gave their introductions, well some people did at least. The boy happily bounded to a spot where he could be seen better. "Hi! I'm Theodore. You can call me Theo, it's a pleasure to meet you all! If there is ever anything you need, please don't me shy. I know it can get loud in here sometimes, but I promise everyone here is friendly. Our home is your home. " Theodore smile. "Sorry, might I ask your names?" Theodore quickly added. The Guild Hall was always a place of high energy, but nothing beat the excited buzzing that filled the room when they got new recruits. Theo absolutely loved it.

    Celina growled, "Hey! Put that down!" he girl struggled, but was weak against the thick vines. The man snickered as he motioned the other bandits to follow him and he picked up Celina's bag. The bandit who was holding the wagon driver created a cage of iron around the man, who immediately started calling for help once he was released and put in the cage. "Shut up! Calm down, I've got this under control. I'm a guild member, mind you!" Celina hissed at the man. The girl looked around for another option. Aquila's key was almost within reach, but she couldn't even move her arms and all of her other keys were in her bag in the wagon.
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  18. Armatiel wandered around as he made his way back to the guild from another mission, taking detours and long routes out of sheer boredom and not being in a hurry at all. He wondered what his guildmates where up to in his absence as he took the path most wagons and carriages take, not a single care in the world about any that could run him over by accident.

    I bet Alister is showing off as usual, but what can We do? That’s just how he is I guess

    Armatiel’s train of thought was cut short as he caught the sound of a cry for help, so he lifted his blindfold to check. Sure enough, a group of bandits, a trapped man and an upside down woman held up by a vine reaching for something was in sight. Armatiel quickly pulled back down his blindfold and ran up to them.

    “Hey! Cut out your troublesome antics and let them go!” Armatiel yelled at the bandits as he approached with confidence and wide spread arms as if to taunt them.
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  19. Celina looked up when a voice called out, only to roll her eyes and groan. Of course it would be this weirdo. The bandits around her sort of smirked, and whispered to one another. A kid with blindfold, oh they were shaking in their boots. "Hey, idiot! Help me down before you start destroying stuff." Celina yelled at Armatiel as she wriggled about before sighing and giving up.
    Two of the bandits stepped aside and grinned as the other two continued to ransack the wagon. The two who were facing Armatiel both sported cocky grins. One bandit immediately split into several different version of himself which spread through the area, he obviously had cloning magic. The other suddenly got serious as he pointed a finger out towards the boy and a strike of lightning shot from his finger tip towards Armatiel.
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  20. He put his Picture back in his Pocket, chuckling.
    "Yeah. New recruits always bring up a certain.. .Joy here. The power that it brings to the guild is truly satisfying." He said, as he stood up, his Jacket black cutting perfectly with the dark-blue Under robes.
    "If you don't mind, I have some where to be." He said, walking out of the Guild, waving.

    During his walk, he took out his picture, not understanding the fact that people were talking to him, until he looked up at people pointing at him.
    "May I help you.. ..?" Alexandre said, the Two men spitting at his feet.

    "Oi! Ye can do one thing! Drop all the Gold you have!" The taller one said. As the shorter one nodded in agreement.

    "Verywell then." He said happily, as he gave some Good to each of them.

    "Not enough...!" The shorter one yelled, smacking the Picture out of Alexandre's hand.

    Alexandre's eyes shaded, Dust picking around him.
    "That wasn't very neighborly of you, neighbor." Alexandre cringed, as the two men Laughed.

    "Down and give me Twenty!" One said, as Alexandre Decked the Taller one in the face, sending him to the ground. The shorter one looked in fear as Alexandre stared at him next.
    "Leave, or you'll be next."

    The smaller one grabbed his taller friend, and ran off, as Alexandre dusted the picture off.
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  21. Armatiel smirked wider as he heard Celina’s voice.

    Great, once I get her down we can both knock these punks’ lights out together!

    His train of thoughts once again was interrupted by a loud sound, this time a lightning bolt headed right at him.

    “Fourth Ring Of Hades! Greed!” Armatiel called out the activation phrase for his ring in retaliation. The image of a wolf engraved into the ring started to glow red as his shadow extended forward, out of it rose a tall werewolf just in time to take the brunt of the bolt.

    “Dammit Armatiel! What did I tell you about using me as a meat Shield!” Howled the towering canine as he brushed off his black tux and gold fur. “Sorry Mammon, But let’s discuss this later, I need your help, keep these hooligans occupied while I help my guildmate” Armatiel replies. Mammon just grinned at the thought of a quick spar as the wind around them picked up pace, and kicked up some sand. “With pleasure lil’ Boss~!” Mammon replied

    Armatiel swiftly made his way to Celina, unhindered by the mini-sandstorm That has kicked up around them. “You ok Celina?” He asked.
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  22. Drake had noticed at least two people call out to them. The two had been sitting with Izumi's head on Drake's shoulder.

    "Drake Dragoneye formerly of Snake Horn." Drake responded.

    "Izumi Fitzgerald, formerly of Snake Horn." Izumi spoke up.

    The two continued after they spoke to the two people in front of them.
  23. Alister raised his hands into the air as he figured it should have come to this but the chatter among his guild mates for his comment still warranted a defense for himself.

    "Easy guys easy, I was just asking a question no need to be on my case." Alister said to the pair as he faced the newcomers. "Don't mind them, they tend to give the star here a bit of a hard time~" Alister said before he turned with a bow to the newcomers as he produced a golden wind up bird and had it fly in the air.

    "Alister is the name, and you will find I am the mage to beat around here." Alister said without a shade of irony to his tone as his confidence was on full display. Though he noticed a pair leave the guild as he was curious but quickly shifted back to the otheres present.
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  24. "You will be the first of the guild to know my magic, I am a Giant Storm Devil Slayer." Drake noted seriously.

    Izumi looked up when Drake responded, "I'm a Requip: The Shielder mage."

    Izumi cuddled further into Drake's arm. Drake waited for Alister's response.
  25. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Garnet came out soon enough to greet the two as well. And Alister seemingly defended himself, but the female mage wasn't giving him any benefit of the doubt just yet. Trinity decided to introduce herself to the duo as the rest of her guild mates had given themselves introductions too. Having heard the two newcomers names and magic, respectively as Drake with Devil Slaying Magic and Izumi with Requip Magic, Trinity couldn't help but hear how they were "former" members of Snake Horn. As Trinity is constantly reading, whether it may be news articles or library spell books, somewhere along the lines, Trinity heard of the destruction of some guild, but she couldn't remember which guild it was.

    "Oh," Trinity started off. "Well, my name is Trinity Caesus, nice to meet you." A friendly introduction may have been the way to go. But for clarifications to ease her mind, the mage continued off that with, "If you don't mind me asking, I couldn't help but notice you said former members of Snake Horn. Was there any reason you left the guild?" The mage would have have continued by giving off her magic, but the fan attached to her back may potentially be some sort of give away already. If anything, it was more fun to let the recruits find out for themselves rather than telling them directly what her ethernano is being used for.
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  26. "Our former Guild was destroyed by an unknown assailant, our major members, A Water Mage, a Fire-make Mage, a Regular Fire Mage, a Plushie God Slayer, a Shadow God Slayer, and a Stone Dragon Slayer, along with us two, and one other, a Crush mage if I was correct, were the only survivors, all except Izumi were away, including myself." Drake explained, "She doesn't want to talk about the details, and the Crush Mage died two years ago."

    Izumi cuddled further into his arm. Drake didn't mind.
  27. Garnet listened to the mages that had come from the now former Snake Horn Guild as she learned of the tragedy they had endured and the survivors of it. Garnet managed to keep from commentary as she knew this had been no laughing matter, and really motivational pep talk or assurance had not been her strong suit. So after a while, she managed to work up her own way of comfort.

    "Well then, since you are aspiring mages here I will seek out our Guild Master and see if he can get word to you first thing." Garnet said, as she began the trip to the Guild Master's office before she passed a glance back at the group. "And for the record, if you are accepted, rules here are I get first crack of the bathroom in the mornings barring emergency circumstances." Garnet clarified before she moved off to find the Guild Master.
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  28. He appeared at a cave, stopping at a Stick in the ground.
    "See, Marshmallow? Here you can do anything you please." He muttered, sitting down. A tear coming down his Eye. .

    Tell Dasken that I say hi, can you? I would do it myself, but that would be hard.
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  29. Alister listened to some of the new arrivals share their story and for a moment the smirk faded as even he could see the severity of their situation as he merely gave a nod to express condolences to them. As Garnet moved to go speak to the Guild Master Alister walked over to the mages without a home with his hands in his pocket.

    "Well, I am sure the Guild Master will let you in. Not the type to say no to people in such need, so if you need any tips around here once you are in just come to me. I do have a natural talent that I can rub off on others." Alister said as he seemed to show support but managed to keep his edge to him.

    Alister then noticed something. Alex had yet to come back from wherever he left to. Where did he go? Alister had no worry over this, but figured he should least keep tabs in the event the Guild Master asked about where he was. Didn't want any incidents as he moved out to look for him.
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  30. Theo frowned when Drake spoke of his previous guild, and his eyes got watery. Theodore was always soft, he was always so emotionally vulnerable that one would wonder how he even survives in this world. Quickly shaking his head the young male regained composure before nodding at Allister and Garnet's words. Actually, the two of them were being much more friendly than usual. "Being part of a previous guild makes you guys much more experienced than most the recruits we have. I'm sure you'll fit right in!" Theodore nodded with reassurance.

    Celina grimaced when Armatiel summoned the spirit. Mammon was a lot like a celestial spirit- which of course made her cringe every time he was around. She couldn't believe that that beast was anything like her lovely spirits- she refused to accept it! Don't even get started on Armatiel, Celina does her best to stay away form weirdos like him. Though, as much as she would hate to admit it, Celina was glad her guild mate had found her. She was low on magic after just returning form a mission, and was currently in quite the predicament. "Just hurry up and pass me that key, it's on the ground right near your foot." Celina huffed, if she had any more breath she would've reminded Armatiel that she didn't actually need his help- but as of now, all of that struggling really exhausted the girl.
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  31. He stood up, placing a flower on the grave.
    "Arrivedercci, Marshmallow." He said, heading on his way back to the Guild Hall

    You can never forget the past, but sometimes, it's for the best.

    He looked around town, smirking at everyone.
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  32. "Just warning you, I'm a lot more powerful than most of you think." Drake explained, "Being a Devil Slayer, not by curse, gives me some strange abilities."

    Drake would go into further detail, but if he lost control of its ultimate state, he could possibly kill one of them. Izumi planted a kiss on Drake's cheek in an attempt to surprise him.

    "Please, don't use your magic yet, okay?" Izumi whispered.

    "Okay, Izumi." Drake responded affectionately.

    Izumi then turned to Theo.

    "Sorry, his magic is a little bit sentient right now, I don't have a Lost Magic, but mine is still somewhat rare, Requip: The Shielder." Izumi responded.

    "Requip, Fortress Shield!" Izumi shouted, nervously.

    Izumi was covered in a yellow light while her blue dress was swapped for a steel gray suit of armor that covered absolutely everything on her body with a humongous shield in front of her. Drake suddenly felt strange, like too much attention had been placed on him.
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  33. Armatiel knelt down and patted the ground around his feet a bit till he found the key. "found it, here you go" he said as he handed Celina her key with a wide grin. "so you want to split these bandits? I take care of two and you take care of the other two?" he asked as he looked over at Mammon who's preparing for battle.

    Mammon held out his hand as it glowed a teal color. "Metal-Make Blade!" he spoke as a short sword materialized in his hand, "now come at me you worthless rotting maggots!".
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  34. Celina nodded, "Yea, let's do it!" she responded to her guildmate's suggestion. She wanted to make those idiots pay for touching her stuff, they better not have messed with her keys. Celina clenched the silver key tightly before nodding, "Open, Gate of the Eagle! Aquila!" Celina yelled out before a gust of wind picked up before her and gracefully dispersed to reveal the beautiful, feathered woman. Aquila seemed to be caught by surprise by the sand storm, but quickly turned to her master's aid. "Alright, Aquila cut down these vines." Celina ordered, the celestial spirit giving a bow before simply slashing one arm through the air, creating a scythe-like blade of wind that easily cut through the vines. Celina dropped to her feet and her her eyes darkened as she focused on the wagon, where the other two bandit's had their jaws dropped- clearly they weren't expecting Armatiel and her to both be spacial mages.

    Theo narrowed his eyes when Drake spoke, why would he be warning them of such a thing. They were on the same team now, after all. "That's awesome!" Theodore clapped his hands with excitement. "It's actually a lot like Alex-" Theo trialed off when he realized his guild mate had disappeared. "Anyway, I'm glad you're here. I hope we can manage to make your stay as comfortable as possible, even if it is temporary. But, let me say that out of all the guilds you could've gone to- you picked the best." Theo grinned as he gestured with a thumbs up.
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  35. While he was walking, he saw a couple people going after Bandits.
    "I'm sure they'll be fine." He muttered, walking by them. He didn't want to get into anymore Fights, and surely not with any bandits.

    Of course it left a bad taste in his mouth. Why wouldn't it?
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  36. Armatiel stretched a bit and turned to the other two bandits already occupied by Mammon, an action that would raise a lot of red flags if done so casually by a blindfolded kid who is assumed to be vision-less. "Alright Mammon, show them hell!" he yelled out to the fiendish spirit.

    "Now we're talking, time to chop these maggots up into something of more value" Mammon exclaimed, but his grin turned into a frown when he heard Armatiel's next command, that being "and no lethal force!".

    What a kill joy, well I guess I gotta play by his rules until he slips up one day...

    Mammon's thoughts where interrupted by a vine lashing out at him, grappling his arm carrying the sword. "even your flimsy plants arent worth 10 jewels..." Mammon mocked the bandit before yelling "Metal-Make Chain!". His other hand glowed teal before launching out a chain that proceeded to tangle up one of the bandits.
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  37. Eventually, Alex was seen walking alone as he seemed to be on his way back from somewhere. Where that he been Alister had not known but he had found him so he considered his civil duty done for the day. Still...

    "So, the new members scare you off or you just needed air?" Alister asked as he had been curious a bit too curious to not ask where he had gone to. How much Alister cared was up in the air but hey he figured it was better than being left in the dark and who knows maybe it had been an interesting story.
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  38. "You See, Theodore, I can lose control of a Special state called Maniacal Overlord, think of it like a Dragonslayer's Dragon Force." Drake explained, as Izumi took his hand.

    She then laid her head on his shoulder, standing there, listening to Drake as he spoke to Theodore.

    "Izumi is very important to me, I wouldn't know what to do without her, please, if I lose control, get her, she can fix it and has done that before." Drake continued.
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  39. Alex looked at Alister, chuckling.
    "No, just needed to visit an old friend. I personally enjoy new people. It reminds me of when I was new." He responded.

    An old friend in a Cave 6 ft. Under, Yeah.

    Anyways, what brings you here? It can't be just because I'm here."
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  40. Alister offered a shrug. "More or less, the newbies already introduced themselves and you were gone so I became curious. Maybe something exciting had happened, maybe you were off doing something dumb I had no way to know."

    Alister then thought over the newbies since they seemed to have Alex's seal of approval. "So you think they will fit in with the Guild well?" Alister asked ever curious as he had yet to come to a consensus on that view.

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