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Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Lucario454, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. I made this after realizing that glitches can also be a source of amusement. ;D And boy do I have some amusement for you!

    My dad's Need for Speed Undercover game has some serious issues. I think the highlight though, is that the game likes to add and subtract parts from the car. When my dad starts a race, the other cars have doors missing and hoods mysteriously floating above them. When he starts a police chase, all of them spawn random giant surfboards on their roofs!
    So do you have any glitches that are funny?
  2. Not exactly funny, but interesting.

    On Donkey Kong 64, while I was doing a Let's Play, a stalagmite fell (In Crystal Caves) and froze above the ground. It was stuck there... until I ran into it and it operated normally and destructed, hurting me.

    Video PROOF! Skip to 2:25 to see it.

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    There's a glitch in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts that lets you get a lot of stuff much earlier than the game intends you to. In Showdown Town, grab one of the wooden crates, and drop it in the tray on your trolley. Then, jump on top if it (best to jump on the trolley very carefully to make sure you don't tip the crate over), and pick the box up with RT. If you manage to do it properly, you'll start soaring up, and by moving Banjo ever-so-slightly, you can manoeuvre the trolley around. Ideal for flying around, exploring areas before you're meant to go there, and getting the part boxes too early :p
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    Age of Mythology has a couple, although one is very annoying.

    I go through all the effort and resources to wall in my village and create an archer/slinger army to defend it - only for the enemy to sometimes walk straight through the wall. It really annoys me
  5. in fallout 3 theres a guy who is going to commit suicide and he wants you to give him a helpful push and if you hit just right with a special glove-like weapon all you do is rip his skin off and you can see his intestines sick yet amusing, eh?
  6. Okay. So this HAS to be the most bizzare thing ever. Now I know my dad's game has issues. He was in the middle of this random police chase and as he hit a road block the road dissapeared. Actually everything but the cop cars dissapeared. The road came back and then the car sank into the road and continued to fall. Dad had his view as if you were in the car, so you could see the whole city from below it. The car continued to free fall until the the city dissapeared. 0.o
  7. Well, this isn't a set glitch, I'm sure, but I was playing Mario Kart Wii at the Rec Center with a couple of friends. We were in a race with us four, and obviously four others. At one point, my friend, Brendan, aquired and used the Lightning Bolt. It somehow missed me, but that's not the highlight of it. We were all going past Wario, where there were ramps you could get some air off of...(I think we were in some Castle that wasn't Bowser's) And Wario was stuck in mid air, spinning, and still smoking as if the Lightning had just then hit him. Needless to say, all the players overlapped Wario. LOL
  8. Toastie

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    I was playing on Ironman: The videogame (don't ask why) and when I was in mid-air I ran out of Propulsion, so I started to fall and then got so far away I started bouncing on mid-air, with the game repeatedly saying "Tony, where are you going?"
  9. Well this isnt exactly funny, but in Sonic The Hedgehog (Dreamcast)
    When i racing egg man my character (Forgot who i was..) fell off and just kept falling...and falling...falling..after 2 minutes eggman froze and i was still falling...after an hour I heard Amy say Sonic then i restarted.
    Another glitch is when i fell again but through a level..... and it was all black outside the level then i fell i thought i had died, but i ended up right at the capsule (I think it was Emerald Beach)
  10. My favorite glitch was once on NHL 2003 for gamecube, we hit a guy and he was injured, but instead of the whistle blowing and a stoppage of play as usual, he was there on the ice in pain and I skated around him for a few minutes because I thought it was amusing that I could still play with someone injured on the ice. I even took a video on my phone.
    Here's a link to the vid. It's a poor video til the end when you can really see it.
  12. I was playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, and playing on Kamino. My guy blasted off the map, but as he fell to his doom, he spewed out items constantly, like instead of organs, his body was filled with ammunition, health, and other power-ups.
  13. Shocari

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    I was playing Spiderman 2(on Gamecube) a while back, and I jumped off the Empire State Building to commit suicide. Spidey dove down head first, then I turned him so he'd land on his feet, but instead, he somehow bounced all the way back up to the roof of some nearby building after hitting the ground....

    Freaking Neo-wannabe >>

  14. I was playing battlefront 2 and my guy got stuck in a damn wall or sometimes an enemy would get stuck in a corner or under a platform and shoot randomly and my team
  15. Nim


    I have had three glitches happen to me during mordern warfare 2 online.

    The first one was on highrise when i was running along and then my man just fell into the floor and died. I was like WTF!!!!!!!

    Then I somehow got stuck in a wall on wasteland and the enemies couldnt shoot me but i could shoot them. swEeeeeeeet.

    Then the last one was on afgahn when i was shooting at these three guys and i killed two but then i ran out of ammo and the other one ran away for some reason. Then i try to chase him but i cant move. I was sitin there for a while trying to move but i couldnt. Eventually i was shot down and i could walk again.

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