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Gen V Fighter help

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Snortale, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Okay before I get Black and White I've already thought on what my team is going to be. But I can't think of a good set for my favorite pokemon this generation Scrafty and Meinfoo (basicly Meinshao) . All I thought of is that Scrafty should probally have Dragon Dance and Zen Headbutt.

    So any suggestions?

    EDIT: Movesets I can think of
    Scrafty @ I don't know all of the new items of this gen yet...but I would say Ballon
    not to sure on nature (don't have them memorized)
    EVs spread out between Atk/Sp.Atk/Sp.Def

    - Dragon Dance/Work up
    - Zen Headbutt (for one weakness)
    - Fake Out
    - Brick Break/Hi Jump Kick

    Meinshao @ Hold Item?
    EVs between HP/ATK/SPD

    - Jump Kick/Drain Punch
    - Meditate
    - U-Turn
    - Poison Jab/Bounce

    That's the best I can think of with the little research I did....how are they?
  2. KoL

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    First of all:

    I know it says 6, but try and make more of an effort than two moves.


    Right now, your post looks hideous. Get rid of the images and just do it how everyone else does.

    Fix the above problems and I'll help you.
  3. Okay I fixed it
  4. Shocari

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    I haven't experimented with Scrafty at all, but that thing is a demon. He can work well as a lot of things, and sweep whole teams if unprepared. Mienshao, however, I have worked with.

    Haven't used Regenerator, but restoring HP does have its ups, however, I recommend Reckless, to power up the powered up High Jump Kick even further, which does insane amounts of damage off of Mienshao's amazing attack stat. Meditate...ehhhh, sure you'll power up your attack, but Mienshao could easily die during that set-up. Poison doesn't have great coverage, and doesn't really cover Mienshao's weaknesses, and Bounce's two-turn workings will allow the opponent to switch to either a counter or something that can take the hit. Here's a set I recommend(it's a lead set, but can work well just coming in, too):

    Mienshao@Life Orb
    252 ATK, 252 SPE, 4 HP
    -Fake Out
    -High Jump Kick
    -Stone Edge/Rock Slide

    Life Orb, STAB, and Reckless boost the 130 base power High Jump Kick to 304, and that's without Super-Effectiveness factored in. Be warned: many more Pokemon carry Protect now, and many teams are sure to have a Ghost type to make your attack miss and make you take a lot of damage. Fake Out breaks Sashes, and can allow High Jump Kick to earn that KO. Stone Edge vs Rock Slide here, depending on if you want power or accuracy. U-Turn can scout, as well as dish some Life Orb-boosted damage while you switch to a counter. Jolly helps you outpace other Mienshao, while Life Orb more than makes up for the loss in power if you don't have Adamant, which you could also choose to do even more damage...but you should be doing enough anyway.

    I'll try out a few Scrafty sets and see what might be good, then I'll get back to you for him.
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  5. Thanks, when planning my teams I know I'll have one of the two on one of my two teams. What I mean is Scrafty on one, Meinshao on the other...I haven't heard many people talk about these two fighters so I had/have no idea on how to train them...it's always about Conkeldurr
  6. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    Scrafty's an odd one. He has HP and defenses enough to work as a wall, but all the moves to work as an attacker. Dragon Dance is by far the best setup move for this guy, although his low Speed makes Substitute/Focus Punch a potent option as well. Balloon is pretty useless on him since he's not weak to Ground, so an item change is definitely in order. You don't want anything on Sp.Attack since this guy's Sp.Attack stat is garbage (and you're not even running a single special move on your moveset anyway!) so those EVs can definitely go elsewhere - HP or Speed will do. On the more defensive side, Drain Punch, Counter and Dragon Tail are useful, while Dragon Dance, Hi Jump Kick, Crunch and any one of Scrafty's multiple coverage moves will work fine on the offensive side. Fake Out's a fantastic addition to both defensive and offensive sets if you can find a place for it - note that it may not be compatible with certain Egg Move combinations. You'll also want your item and ability to reflect your role, so a combination like Intimidate/Leftovers would be best for a defensive set, while Moxie/Muscle Band will work best for offensive sets - note that Shed Skin can work for either role.

    Watch the hell out for Conkeldurr and Skarmory when using Scrafty, as they can very easily put an end to the mohawked reptile with Mach Punch and Brave Bird respectively, and Skarmory can also potentially wall him forever and set up in his face if you aren't careful.

    Mienshao's far more straightforward. I'm going to dispel this one right off the bat here: Regenerator has no place on Mienshao. It is far too frail to give a flying fuck about HP regeneration, and Reckless is just so much better on it. Jolly is hands down the nature to go for here - Speed is so important nowadays in the more offense-oriented generations that you'll almost always want to go max Speed on your sweepers, especially naturally quick sweepers like Mienshao. As stated though, Hi Jump Kick is VERY risky (Mienshao basically commits instant suicide off one missed Hi Jump Kick) so you'll be best off scouting your opponent's team and moves with Fake Out and U-Turn and the like first before hitting hard, otherwise you may end up killing yourself in humiliating fashion.

    Finally, don't underestimate Bounce - this move is nowhere near as easy to deal with as other moves of its kind. While it does telegraph itself in an obvious manner and give you time to bring in a Flying-type resist, the move is also quite capable of brutally punishing switch-ins with a fiendishly high paralysis chance. This will certainly force the opponent to think carefully about who to send in to take the Bounce, although do note that this can backfire - I doubt I'm the only person who switches Pokemon like Swampert and Vaporeon into paralyzing moves on purpose to make them immune to Toxic.
  7. Thank's to both Shocari and KoL for the help! I'll be sure to put both of these great fighters to good use on my teams, and KoL what you said about Scrafty being an odd one...well maybe that's why he's my favorite of Gen V, I love odd-balls.

    Now all I need to do is fit them into suiteable teams but thats another descussion for a different time in a different topic area. This topic however is locked for the time being.
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