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Ask to Join FNAF RP, Their Back!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shadowolf703, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. This is the link to the disscusion which is where you create your character bio

    9:00pm........Kai wonder the streets in the dark looking up at the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. 'Why is there another one?' He took a look inside, there was children smiling and parents watching their children play while the new animatronics sing on stage.'Wait, their not new! Its the origanals!' Kai thought, shocked. Bonnie strumed his guitar while chica gave away cupcakes. While freddy and foxy sung togethor. 'This isn't right, something is wrong and I need to prove it' Kai thought as he walked away. 'I'll come back later'
  2. 'And happiness is only a meter away...' Foxy and Freddy sang. Once they were done the manager, Zak Willson, came up on stage. "How about that! Give it up for Foxy and Freddy kids!" Everyone in the restaurant clapped their hands. "That was our last song! Thanks everyone! Thanks for coming to the opening of the new and improved Freddy Fazzbear's Pizzeria! Come back tomorrow!" All the guests left and the pizza delivery came back.
    "Everything is delivered!" He said
    "Thanks," Zak said in reply.
    "Alright I'll be going home!"
    "Take it easy Jeff!" Zak went into the back cupboard. And when he came out, he was...
    The Puppet Junior.
  3. Fechine was still standing on her stage in the far back corner when the pizzeria closed down. Her eyes looked lifeless and as if they were something more when the building was open. But now, she sprung to life. Her eyes glowed and she stretched her wings silently. She looked around to see that night has fallen and all was dark. Everyone else will be waking up, she thought.
  4. "Fechine!" Junior said. "Are you ready for the first night of work? It's time spill some blood..." Junior laughed creepily to himself. He waited for the other animatronics to wake.
  5. 12:00amKai was woking up by a wierd sound. 'Looks like their waking up' Kai had gotten this job to figure out the reason why they are alive. He checked through most of the cameras. he saw a owl like animatronic with, what looked like a minuture pupet. Kai was expressless. 'HOW! Just HOW!' Kai was now aware what was happening and was ready for anything.
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  6. Fechine’s Head turned towards the puppet and she seemed to smile, but it wasn’t a normal one. “ Oh, I’m ready alright! Let’s give that guard a piece of our mind! “ She said as she broke out in hysteric giggles.
  7. Junior went straight to the night guard's room and crept up on him. "EHEHEEHEHHHEEEEHEEE!" He screeched as he ran at the night guard. 'Time to die...' He thought to himself.
  8. 12:15am Power at 92%..... Kai was still flicking through the cameras. He checked where he saw the owl. It was gone. He heard a giggle. 'Damb You!' He closed the door which he thought the giggle came from. 'THIS! IS! CRAZY!!!' Kai thought to himself. He Closed all the doors and sounded the music box. And checked the cameras again. this time he saw someone new, just before the camera cut off, he than relised that their is something more sinister in the restraunt

    Shadow cut through all the wire and scraped his claws agaist the wall, "You better hide!" Shadow yelled as he smiled and ran towards the office.
  9. Tyrese woke up in the back room. ‘Time for games,’ he thought to himself. He stood up and walked out of the room. He clashed his cymbals and started climbing the walls. He climbed into the vent directly above Kai and clashed his cymbals.

    “I know you’re in there...” he said. He clashed the cymbals once more before banging on the locked door with the cymbal. “You can’t stay locked up in there forever... soon enough... your power... will run out...”
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  10. Fechine looked at the canera above her and gave a polite yet sinister smile. She started to exit her room. She could already hear the screams of the other animatronics and she loved it. She simply strode all the way to the office, but as she got closer, she giggled maniacally at the thought of getting the night guard.
  11. "EEEEEEEE!" Junior screamed. "THE MUSIC BOX! THE MUSIC BOX! TURN IT OOOOOOFF!" He ran away, blocking his ears. He could do no mudering while that awful sound was playing. He decided to sit down on the stage.
  12. Walter began to wake up as well and looked around to see if anyone else was still with him (Besides his bunny). "Damn... late again..." He thought before he heard running and saw Junior head to the stage. "Oh, hey Junior, what did I miss?" He asked as he lightly tapped his wand against is shoulder.
  13. 1:12am 78%........ Kai was still feeling scared. One of them was in the vents banging the door. one of them was screeching, probably the small puppet, there is another animatronic at the door, scratching the walls and another one giggling outside. He knew what they where doing, they where locking him in untill the power goes out 'Not Gonna Happen!' Kai opened the door where he heard the scraches and shone his light, there was a quick movement of fur as Shadow tried to enter the room, But kai saw he ran away from the light, so he shone it on him and Shadow ran back to where he started at. 'Okay, they can't stay there forever' Kai thought.
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  14. "The night guard happens to know my weakness." Junior said. "We'll get into that room yet! Until then, we might as well socialize. I mean we are basically living!" Junior started to walk over to the lounge. "So what do you guys wanna do?"
  15. Fechine turned her attention away from the night guard for a second. He could always wait, since he was here all night. She walked away from him and wandered the halls. She had every inch memorized. From the pizza stains on the walls to the fabric of the carpet, she knew it all. That’s what you get for being a cursed owl animatronic.
  16. 2:46am 64%...... Kai heard the animatronic from one of the doors walk away, Kai quickly then opened the door to conserve energy, he then looked at the vent where the loud cymbals sounded. "SHUT UP!!!" Kai yelled at the vent door. he went back to checking the cameras for that animatronic from the other door. He was other near the dinning room where the puppet and that owl was heading.

    Shadow walked over to Puppet Jn, and waved "Hi Bud" Shadow said quiet loudly, Shadow started walking over to him to check on him.
  17. "Oh that damn night guard, lemmie have a go at trying to get him." Walter said as he took off his hat and his bunny popped out of it. "Hello!" The latter said. "Go see if you can get that night guard." Walter said as he put the hat down on the floor. "You got it!" The bunny said as it began to crawl across the floor, up the wall and into the vent. Once inside, the bunny began to charge it's way through the vents towards the night guard, despite only using it's two arms, he was still rather quick.

    Meanwhile Walter decided to walk down and stopped in the sight of a camera, he looked up at it and smiled grimly, the fact he didn't have his hat on and there was loud rumbling in the vents indicated the night guard that his bunny was closing in... and fast!
  18. 3:04am 57%..... Kai heard a loud shuffling going through the vents he closed the other vent door and checked the cameras. There was a wolf over in the middle of the camera. 'OHHH, that guy' Kai looked through his secritiy guide book 'Hates light's, Ok then' Kai shon his camera light on Walter. "Get Outta Here!" Kai yelled. Soon after that he heard heavy footsteps near the left door, he shone his light over and saw bonnie in the light. Kai's became more unconfident and ran over to the door and closed it, Kai then lyed on the door and yelled "THIS IS HELL!!!!!"
  19. "GAH!" Walter cried in pain and retreated back to the stage, rubbing his eyes which briefly looked jet black with white pupils, after he blinked, his eyes returned to his original shade. Meanwhile within the vents, before the bunny could ram it's head against the door, it heard Walter's screaming. "Walter?!" It thought, worried, it crawled away and back to where Walter was. "Are you okay?" It asked.

    "Ugh, son of a- GRAGH, that God damn light!" Walter shouted furiously, although not loud enough for the night guard to hear. Walter rubbed his eyes once more before he picked up his hat. The bunny tucked itself inside as Walter put it on. "Well there goes my use for the next twenty minutes..." Walter stated with an annoyed expression.
  20. Powering on in the backstage, no smile was visable on his face. His eyes turned to white dots as he started to scale the walls. Crawling upside down on the ceiling, he rushed the right door. Dropping down in front of the window, he started tapping on the glass with his hook. "Open up..NOW!" Growing impatient, he started clawing at the glass while growling. No matter how he seemed on the outside, he could wait all night until he opened the door. He slammed the glass, not breaking it, but it was enough to startle him.
  21. 3:57am 49%..... Kai jumped off the door when he heard the banging, he looked in through the window and saw a identical foxy. "I already know what you hate as well!" Kai yelled at the fox and shone his flashight down at him. Kai soon relised that the sound from the lower vent had stoped and opened the lower vent door where he heard the sound, he looked over to where bonnie was. 'Still There' Kai sighed and sat in the middle of the room.
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  22. "Shadow! Good, your here. Have we killed him yet?" Junior slipped over and around the couch, just to entertain himself. He found it boring he wasn't spilling blood. "You know, I feel like pizza! We might as well go to the kitchen."
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  23. "AGH! MY EYES!" Fox ran to Pirates Cove trying to wait for his eyes to adjust. Flicking his ear, he gazed upwards at the camera facing Pirates Cove, then ravaged it making him unable to be seen. His eyes went back to normal and his eye patch was lifted, revealing his red eye. He laughed as black liquid ran down his eyes. The camera cut back on only to show a identical plushie staring back at it. As he crawled through the upper vent, no sound could be heard until he was closer to the end of the vent. He made a low growling noise, unsheathing his claws, he waited for him to look in his direction.
  24. 4:25am 37%... Kai heard a growling near the top vent, He turned around and shone his light over to where he heard the growling hoping it would scare off the intruder...

    Shadow walked over to the kitchen where Jn was sitting. "We haven't killed him yet, but Fox and some of the others are getting there" Shadow said hoping that they would get them.
  25. His eyes did hurt, but he didn't care. He clawed at his face, making him bleed a little then pounced on him. "In getting tired of you!" Fox knocked him out then began dragging him to back stage area. His eyes turned hollow again and his tail violently thrashed the floor, he was still upset from earlier. His ears were pulled back and his claws were still visible and had specks of blood from when he scratched his face. Opening the door to Parts and Service, he set him on the table. "Shadow, come here!"
  26. 4:56am 33% Kai fealt his head bump onto a table, he heard some sort of mumbled voice, he sat up to meat the eyes of fox and the other wolf he a seen before. "UHHH!!!" Kai yelled when he saw he wasen't in the office. He reached into his pocket for his flashlight, but it wasen't there. He looked around for it, it was over on one of the tables in the dinning area. 'Crap!' Kai made a quick run for it and was nearly there, untill he triped on a wedge sticking out from the floor. "Dam it!" Kai looked back
  27. "Where do you think you're going in a hurry?" Walking out of the room, Fox swung his hook and caught his shirt. "The shows' not over yet!" From that point his language became noise. The words had no meaning to anyone but them. Turning his head back towards Shadow, he told him to do something, but his words were unrecognizable. "Šhäđøw, půț hïm bäčķ ïň ťhə řöøm." Once he was in the room, Fox took the flashlight and smashed it then came into the back stage and shut the door. Locking it, he pinned him to the table after putting a gag into his mouth. "Ğəț ťhë šůïţ.."
  28. 5:16am.. Kai understood that phrase, he has known this pizzaria to well, he relised there was a window on top of the roof but he knew the fox had got a hook and could stab him at anytime 'Wait, His hook!' Kai threw his legs up and kicked Fox in the bottom jaw, Kai then quickly grabed the fox's hook, it cut his hands but it was the only way, he started to twist the fox's hook and it dismanteled from it's body and kai quickly leeped back onto the table pointing the hook at Fox, "GIVE UP!!" Kai yelled at fox. Waiting for a reponse...

    Shadow looked through the supply closet untill he found a small freddy suit big enogth for Kai to fit into and started to walk back to the Parts and survice room. 'Finally, wheve got him!' Shadow thought smiling grimly.
  29. Fechine heard a human shout and a couple of thuds. Her eyes widened in realization and she ran to the Parts and Service Room. What she saw made her giggle shrilly. “ You guys got the nightguard! “ She sang happily. But then she hissed when he attacked Fox. “ Guys!? “ She asked in a way, it was obvious she didn’t know what to do.
  30. "Ï'm ňøť ğïvîňğ ůp ůñțïł ýöü'řë đëåđ.." Fox scaled the wall and fell down in front of them charged him in attempt to bite his arm. "Gimme back my hook!" He tried to claw at his eyes, he tackled him to the floor and his hook spun to the other side under the table.
  31. "Let me kill him!" Junior said creepily, as he ran into the room. "TIME TO DIE!!" He shrieked, as he put out his finger strings and grabbed his shoulders, and sucked his blood through his spinal cords. Well at least if his finger strings dug into his shoulders.
  32. Tyrese suddenly managed to break in, smashing the door of the top vent and landing directly behind the nightguard. “What’d I miss?” he said, mocking the nightguard. “I’m going to enjoy this,” he said as he saw a suit in the corner. He tossed it to Fox. “Hęrë ÿøú gõ,” he said in animatronic speak. “Tįmë tø śhùt ÿōü ûp.” He turned to the nightguard as he said that last sentence.
  33. 5:46am "NOT YET!! 14 MORE MINIUTES!!!!" Kai shouted as he thrust he legs and hands up as a last resort, he grabed the puppets striny fingers and pulled on them heaving him over to the fox's hook, he fleat his hand grab the hook, he swang back and pushed off the wall, out of the room and ran into the office and closed all the doors. "Safe"
  34. "ARAARARARGH!!" Junior screamed. "YOU WILL DIIIIIEEEEE!!" He threw himself onto the door for the next 14 minutes. When it was over, Zak dropped out of the Junior suit and it mysteriously disappeared. He got up, and walked over to the night guard. "Hey how are you in there? I just came t open this place up!"
  35. Fechine stared in horror as she realized it was 6:00. She didn’t want to go back to the icy confines of her robotic body. “ Nooo!!! “ She shrieked as she lost control. Her expression melted into a monotonous one and her wings fell to her sides. She couldn’t talk and her eyes were devoid of the life they held just seconds ago.
  36. Before it was time, Fox made his way into Pirates Cove then got into position. "Hmm, mäýbə ňĕxť țïmě.." Closing the curtains, he smiled as his eyes returned to their normal state. His eye patch lowered and his eyes closed. Fox had patience and so he was willing to wait until the next night. When the workers came before the morning came, they checked on him and noticed his hook was gone. They reinstalled another that would be harder to take off. They also did some repairs on the other animatronic updating their systems so that they didn't break down.
  37. A small ray of sunlight hit Shadow's shouder, "ARRHHH!!" Shadow yelped and ran into the darkest room possible, 'I'll get you nightguard, even if it's the last thing you do!'
    Kai hoped up and looked at his hand which was covered in blood from the hook, he looked over to Zak, his boss, "Umm, it was a bit crazy" kai replied to his question, he walked out and headed to his house, he bandaged his wounds and got a notebook out to record each thing that had happened, he finished the sentenace with. 'You are still there, in the darkness behind everything else, you are still there.' Kai looked over behind him to meet the golden freddy suit he had stolen from a broken down freddy fazbears pizzaria. Kai went back to writing in his notebook but there was something written in the bottom of the page near his writing. 'But in a diffrent form' Kai looked back and smiled at the suit "Thank you" Kai replied
  38. Tyrese was dragged back to his room by a worker. ‘Dang that nightguard,’ he thought to himself. He was left in the room and the lights were turned off. He let out a robotic sigh and sat there for the remaining hours of the day.
  39. Once the morning came, he was back to performing. You couldn't tell from his expression but he was staring Kai down before he left. After that, nothing he did let him break free from his preformance. He and Foxy told stories to the children about traveling the seven seas and they gave out prizes to them as well. Fox hated this part of the day, a time when he had no free will and he couldn't be as active as he wanted. Meanwhile his fur had become messy from the food getting stuck to him. Children were nice but they acted like brats sometimes.
  40. The second the clock struck 6:00 am, Walter slowly began to stand still in some kind of stasis, a few workers came and carried him back to the stage. Once children started to crowd around him, he began to behave as he was supposed to. "Hey there everyone, I'm Walter the Magic Wolf! Would you like to see a magic trick?" He asked in his traditional cartoon voice. "Yeah!" The children said. Walter began to take off his hat and hold it out with one hand, whilst waving his wand over it with the other, his movements were a lot more like a robot than they were last night. "Abraaaaa-Cadabraaaa" He chanted, after a few seconds, his bunny popped out of the hat and waved it's arms cheerfully, yet also like a robot. "Ta-da!" It said. The children cheered whilst a few in the back scoffed as they knew that was all Walter did.
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