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Ask to Join Fire Emblem: Arena

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Lucas Inazumai, Oct 9, 2017.

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    "HRAAGH!!" The roar of a Warrior filled the arena as he swung his Killer Axe at a Hero to which he block the hit with his shield. Pushing the attack back and quickly throwing his Silver Sword up high, hitting the Warrior's head with his shield before jumping high and grabbed his Silver sword. The Warrior dizzily looked up as the Hero dived down with his weapon, hitting the opposing foes shoulder and jumping back. The Warrior screamed in pain before being knocked out by the Hero.

    "And that's the match everyone!" Anna exclaimed, raising her hand to cease the fight. "Victory goes to the Hero, Wulf! Can someone get the Clerics here?"

    Several Clerics arrived and carried the unconcious Warrior out of the arena.

    "*Pant, Pant* That was a close one..." Wulf spoke before walking off. "Well, at least I made it out alive."

    "Alright! We'll take a ten minute break before the next match!". Anna spoke before leaving her post. She then head the break room, where most of the contestants are. "Okay, the next match will begin soon, anyone up for it?"
  2. Soreo stood up, gold in hand, he said
    "Sure, I'm In." His smile not wavering from how it was, Confident.
  3. "Splendid! Anyone else?" Anna spoke out, looking around. "Anyone? None at the moment?"

    A sudden thud was heard as a Rogue stood up. "Ay'l take part in it, if y'all promise me ayy great value av mowney in return." He said as he took out a pouch of gold.

    "Alright then! Battle begins in about eight minutes, be prepared." Anna said before heading out.

    "Looks like y'all ayn' ay are gonna be a-fightin' next, boy." The Rogue said.
  4. Halt walked around the arena. The battles showed much promise, but they had showed very little knowledge of their opponent. So he was watching the people fight. Sitting with other competitors, he found that he was one of the few to take notes on the battle, or on the other people at that matter.
  5. Soreo, wondering what the man said last said, said
    "Well, I'll just get Ready, then." he sharpened his sword. Before Getting ready for the 'fight' He hoped he wouldn't face a Hard Challenge. he needed the money to help rebuild Izumo.
  6. Few moments later...

    "Alright! Combatants, take your place!" Anna said as the next match was going to begin. "This match will be between the Swordmaster, Soreo from Izumo, against the Rogue, Chuck from the West isles!"

    Chuck toss his daggers before catching them as they fell, grinning as he tipped hs hat. "Ay won't go easy on y'all boy, be prepared."
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  7. Soreo Smirked, and said
    "Well, I hope that you're Tougher than ya look." he Pulled out the Lightning sword, It faintly Glowed with lightning, but that wasn't Obvious, So Soreo charged forward. his sword in position for a quick strike.
  8. Chuck smirked at the charge, twirling his dagger between his fingers."Careful son, might need to watch were you swing that." He dashed towards Soreo before tossing a grenade like item at him. It then exploded out a strange dust substance that filled their surroundings.

    "What's this?! Chuck has spread some sort of dust in the arena! What could it possibly be?!" Anna exclaimed.
  9. Soreo was surprised by this, but quickly regained His stance, he muttered
    "Smart. But ya didn't anticipate THIS!" His sword started to glow as the shot out lightning in all directions. Causing the smoke to fade.
  10. As the lightning slowly disperse the dust, Chuck chuckled slightly. "As ay done thought." The dust suddenly combust into flames, causing several bursts as Chuck jumped back. "Ay have saw that there blaye befawe! This here mixture will combust on contact with electricity! Here! something ta go alawng with that there!" He then drew out several Knives and threw them towards Soreo.

    "What an astonishing turn of events! I should really start investing on those..." Anna said before murmuring.
  11. Soreo jumped the Bursts, and slashed the knives out the air, and sent a Lightning bolt towards his for, and jumped forward, slashing with his sword, while saying
    "Yea, I've seen that before! Take this!"
  12. "Hmph!" Chuck jumped back from the strike before blocking the slash with his daggers crossed. "Impressive sonny, didn't think y'all'll catch on ta that there!" He said before pushing forward with all his might. "But ay bet ayy lot av gold so ay ain't a-goin' ta hold back!"
  13. Soreo simply hopped back, and said
    "Well, I've been holding back, So I guess I shouldn't..." He got into a position, and Slashed ten times, each one with thunder in his sword, and said "Well, you ain't winning!"
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  14. "What in blazes!?" Chuck tried to avoid, but failed to as he was struck by three hit on the abdomen and two on the chest. "GAH!!" He then fell on the ground, shaking slightly from the jolts. "D-dang nabbit!" He got out before passing out.

    "And that's the match! Victory goes to the Swordmaster, Soreo!" Anna raised her hand to halt the battle. Several Clerics immediantly rushed in and took Chuck off the arena.
  15. Soreo had a smile on his face as he walked off. He said
    "Well that was fun. If not easy." He arrived once more at the break room. And sat down. Resting.
  16. Halt climbed off of his seat, and walked down to the arena. He stood waiting for the next call to battle. Halt was on his adrenaline now, and was ready to fight. Reaching into his side pouch, he took out a small vile of poison, and dabbed a small amount on the edge of the blade. It is a fast acting poison, that slows and or stops things from moving fast. "Ready to go." He said quietly.
  17. Moments later...

    "Alright everyone! Next match will begin soon!" Anna exclaimed, pulling out a satchel. "Also, here is the gold Soreo." She toss the bag to the latter. "Now! Who's up for the next match?!"
  18. "Me." Halt said quite loudly, in a deep booming voice. He tossed out a bag of gold to the judges. "Who do i get the honor of fighting next? Who's ready for a fight."

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