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Finally made it!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by iPomegranate, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Charles' Empoleon let him off his back gently and on to the soft grass of the Sinnoh Fight Area. "Wow, we're finally here" said Charles eagerly to his Empoleon.
    Empoleon looked around at the place and sighed. "Look, just because you don't think it's good enough for you doesn't mean that we should leave. Now according to my map the Battle Tower should be somewhere around here..." Charles and Empoleon both looked until they both where starving. So Charles slowly walked towards a nice area with plenty of trees and sent out his Banette, Electivire, Gallade, Ambipom and his Makuhita to have a bite to eat before they set off looking again. "Well, looks like we'll need some help to find this place." sighed Charles in embarrassment. Charles looked at his Pokemon who were happily eating their favorite Poffins.
    Charles then pulled out a small mirror's from his pocket and looked at his face. Charles is a thirteen year old boy who has semi-long ash blonde hair and who is about 5'8. "I wish someone could help me find the Battle Tower..." said Charles with a sigh.
  2. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: There isn't really very much to work with here. Your role play is very, very short - it needs to be at least double that length. Describe your character, describe the area around them, describe what's going on and why you're there. And give /us/ a reason to join - as far as I can see, so far you've basically told us that you're in Fight Area. That's it. If I was to join, what would I do?

    As far as I can see, this RP has promise. But there needs to be so much more of it, otherwise it's simply boring and no-one else can get involved in the idea or atmosphere. Give us something to do, something to see. Engage us with your characters, the plot, and the world, and this could be a pretty nice RP.

    If you can edit your first post to add more to it, I'll join if I can see a way for me to do so. :)
  3. Suddenly, out from the blue sky, a Swellow came gliding down faster and faster to where Charles was located. On top of the panicing Bird type pokemon, was Daiko, panicing just like Swellow.

    'SWELLOW, YOU FOOL! WERE HEADING IN FOR A CRASH LANDING!!' Bellowed Daiko, as they were heading straight for a tree.

    'Swellow, Swell!' Swellow replied, in annoyance, but just before Daiko snapped back at him...they both hit the tree and fell on the ground, dazed. After a few seconds, Daiko got up with Swellow, and looked around, seeing a bunch of pokemon and a young boy. Daiko shook himself out of his slightly dazed state, and put on a cool pose, leaning on the tree. 'Hey there, I saw you in the distance looking a bit lost, so my Swellow dived down to help, unfortunately, he's not very good with trees...sorry.' Swellow turned away, embarrassed at the fact he had made a stupid enterance. Daiko walked up to Charles and held out his hand to shake it. 'I'm Daiko, Daiko Storm! if you need help finding somewhere, I'm the guy to ask! I know Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto and Kanto like the backs of my very own hands!'
  4. Charles gladly shook hands with Daiko. "I'm Charles, and these are my Pokemon. Empoleon, Banette, Electivire, Gallade, Ambipom and Makuhita!" said Charles with a smile. "So... since you know practically the whole world like the back of your hands, can you PLEASE guide me to the Battle Tower. If Empoleon doesn't battle soon he'll get very grumpy." asked Charles as his Empoleon was inspecting Daiko's Swellow very curiously.
  5. Rubbing his left index finger under his nose, he grinned. 'This is a fine team of pokemon you have...but anyway, sure! I'll take you to the battle tower! Swellow, Charles, let's go!'

    Daiko led Charles to a heavily grassed area, filled with many amazing pokemon. Daiko turned and warned him'There's a lot of tall grass here, watch yourself!' Suddenly, a wild Pidgey jumped out of the grass and faced Daiko. 'Oh, it's one of those: 'High level Pidgeys!', Laughed Daiko. 'Charles, I'll leave this one to you, I want to see your skills at being a pokemon trainer!'

    Daiko stepped back and waited for Charles to make his move.
  6. Charles smiled at Daiko, he then proceeded to take back all of his Pokemon except for his Empoleon. "Empoleon, use Blizzard!" demanded Charles at his Pokemon. Empoleon then conjured up a massive snow storm out of nowhere, it froze the Pidgey in a block of ice. "Now break the ice and finish him off witha Drill Peck!" shouted Charles. Empoleon jumped towards the frozen Pidgey while spinning rapidly, his sharp twirling horns shattered the ice and sent the Pidgey flying in the air. It then fell in the woods somewhere even farther.

    "So... like how I battle?" asked Charles with a chuckle, his Empoleon seemed to chuckle too.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Seconding this, and giving an official heads-up as well. This topic is going downhill fast, and unless you both put more effort into your replies and try to write this like a proper RP it will be locked. You both seem to have the potential to expand on your replies, so I highly encourage you to do so. Look at other threads (ie. Biorhythm's a good one) for examples, and feel free to PM me any questions if it'll help to improve your RPing here.

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