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DPPt/HGSS Feralagtr's Trading Zone

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Nim, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Nim


    Hey all!

    Here I will post what pokemon I currently am looking for and what I am willing to trade. I will also update this thread so If you are looking to trade then check back here to see what I am trying to find at the moment.
    The numbers before these pokemon are the levels of them.

    What I am willing to trade at the moment:

    100 charizard
    100 dragonite
    100 swampert
    100 kyogre
    100 groudon
    100 typhlosion
    47 garados
    57 luxray
    50 banette
    50 primeape
    67 poliwrath
    55 lapras
    46 kingler
    54 magcargo
    53 camerupt

    What I want at the moment:

    high level pokemon with pickup
    Shiny pokemon I say I want after you state an offer
    taranitars baby form( just had a memory blank)
    regi rock
    regi steel
    regi ice

    my friend code is in my details to the left. Mesaage me if you want to trade or for more info on my pokemon.
    I will update this page regularly.
  2. I'll give you a Shiny Charmander for your Exploud.
  3. Nim


    Yeah ok,

    when we are both online PM me and we shall trade.
  4. I can offer you everything besides Celebi and Deoxys.
  5. can offer a lavitar with good iv for tyflosion if it is ev trained
  6. Nim


    Dynasty that is great. Just post here all the obes you will give me and all the ones you want and we shall trade again when we are both online.
  7. I'll trade you a shiny Kricketot for the Lapras.
  8. Nim


    Sorry for the late reply dutytrooper but I only just noticed your post now( that cant be good for business :o) I am not actually sure ig the typhlosion was ev traibed as I received it from someone else. If you still want to trade just say and I will post its stats for you.

    And also Blisk sorry but im not in urgent need of shinies anymore and I hate to say it but kriketot isnt exactly What I want right now. Sorry :(
  9. k pm the the stats and nature
  10. Nim


    just asked the guy who gave it to me and he says it is definately not ev trained. He also says that i cant trade to anyone else for some reason. I would trade it anyway but he is my best friend and i probably shouldnt. However i think all my other pokemon are mine so have a look at some others. Sorrybagain for the inconveniance. :(

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