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Favourite of the Pokeleague (Leaders, Elites, Champs)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by ignitusfire12, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Yeah, another favourite thread. You guys are probably bored of these. But I like to learn your opinions :p

    Anyway, I would like to know your favourite of all the Pokeleague (Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion), you can answer one or more of each category, or just one overall. Whatever you like. You can like them for the pokemon they use, their design, or personality. Now, here's mine:

    Gym Leader: Pryce. This was a tough one, but I like him because of the Mask of Ice, and that he uses a Piloswine.

    Champion: Another tough one, but I gotta say, Lance. He uses three Dragonite, he has a snazzy cape, and a pretty cool personality.

    Elite Four, AND Overall: There's a reason I saved E4 for last. Because of this guy:
    Will. Yeah, an odd choice indeed. Speaking of odd, his costume. The mask, tailcoat, ascot, all that makes him look sorta magician-ish (And I freaking love magicians). The best part, he uses Xatu! Insta - Awesome in my book :D I also like all the pokemon he has anyways.

    So, who's your favourites?
  2. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

    Those would be...

    Gym Leader: Winona (Alana). She's just....So majestic....

    E4: Caitlin (Catleya). Same reason.

    Champion: Blue (Azul). This guy knows how to make me feel awe!
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  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm pretty sure we've had threads for this already, but... eh. Why not. Since I don't have one favorite, I might as well just list the ones I like by category. xD

    Gym Leaders
    • Kanto - Blaine. No real contest there - A smart-as-hell mad scientist with a sense of humor and a shady past that still haunts him? Yup. The Adventures manga has, in my opinion, handled his character the best. But then, the Adventures manga handled most of the Kanto gym leaders superbly.
    • Johto - Jasmine. Jasmine always stood out to me for her inner strength, her kindness and her ridiculous lack of confidence issues - which still make no sense to me considering how much amazing she's made of. Then again, it is often the most amazing people who don't believe that they are. Also she trains steel-types and there's something about the contrast between her and her signature Pokemon - Steelix - that just adds another layer to it. Tl;dr, Jasmine is awesome.
    • Hoenn - Honestly, Hoenn's entire gym cast is rather forgettable to me - I didn't connect with any of the characters and they all felt like little more than stepping stones for me. I guess Wattson amused me and the Norman-being-the-main-character's-dad thing was an interesting choice. But meh.
    • Sinnoh - Gardenia. Gardeniagardeniagardeniagardeniagardenia. I have an inordinate amount of love for that crazy plant lady. Roark is my second-favorite, and I cannot help but be incredibly amused by Byron and Crasher Wake. But Gardenia is a whole other category of squee.
    • Unova - Lenora. The woman's made of pure badass. Paleontologist, museum curator, librarian, Gym Leader. Strong, independent, confident - and even though she retired from the position of Gym Leader by the time the events of B2W2 roll in to focus on her research work and her museum, she still entirely counts. The immediate runnerup - and rather surprisingly for me - was Elesa. Okay, she looks like an anorexic android - and being a generic supermodel I honestly expected her to be very shallow and very looks-based... But her conversation with Bianca in BW and the way she handles her gym battle in B2W2 show that she is not to be judged by her appearance alone and it was REALLY AWESOME.
    • Kalos - Ramos. God damn Ramos. Seemingly an unassuming old gardener - but then you realize that he climbs up this huge goddamn tiered vine-covered spiral tower garden of his gym every day, tends to it himself, flings an enormous pair of scissors around and catches it with ease - and is full of inner strength and peace and enjoys tea? The guy is basically the Pokemon version of Iroh, and I'm entirely frelling down with that. I've also developed a bit of a soft spot for Clemont - mostly due to his portrayal in the Anime. But again. Holy eff. Ramos.

    Elite Four
    • Kanto - Agatha. Badass old ghost lady. Next.
    • Johto - Karen. Back in the G/S/C days I really appreciated her commitment to being true to herself and her favorites - she felt like a rather awesome contrast to Silver and his HURR DURR WEAK POKEMON ARE USELESS TO ME bullshit. Can't say I'm particularly fond of her HG/SS redesign, but eh. xD
    • Hoenn - Drake. Hoenn's E4 were as unmemorable as its gym leaders, but Drake gets points for being a fucking dragon-training old sea captain who at least seems like a huge badass who takes no shit from anyone.
    • Sinnoh - ... Bertha, I suppose? I loathe Flint, Lucian's basically Will 2.0 complete with abhorrent bishieness and Aaron, in spite of training one of my favorite types, somehow manages to annoy me just by existing. <<
    • Unova - Grimsley, I guess. I like his lines. And besides, between Stephenie Meyer Chauntal, Rich Bitch With A Gravemind For Hair Who Is Sleeping On The Fucking Job Because She's Too Self Important To Care About Doing ItCaitlyn and Giant Street Fighter Reject Who Worships Alder For Some Reason Marshall... Yeah. He doesn't have much competition.
    • Kalos - Drasna. It's always the quiet ones you must beware - and something about Drasna and her humility just seems to scream that she's not the sort of person one would wish to EFF! with. Besides, she'd probably murder you with those earrings of hers if you tried anything of the sort. <<


    Steven Stone. He was always one of the more challenging champions and has my favorite personality of the lot. And like Lenora - I respect his decision to step down in Emerald to pursue his true passions (although I severely wonder what the hell he was thinking when he passed the title on to frigging Wallace of all people!) - he still has more Champion Material than most of the others.

    Cynthia is a close runner-up, although by gods, her creepy-stalkerness is kind of... what. <<
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  4. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football


    I guess I'll start with the easiest for me to choose, which has to be Steven Stone for Champion. I absolutely loved his personality and design, and his redesign for the remakes is so great as well ♥ Stel's pretty much covered all about him in his post anyways, so I'll go on from there XD

    E4-ways I don't think any of them really stood out to me. I guess I like Malva for being one of the only League people to ever have a direct connection to an evil team (besides Giovanni, but yeah). Her RAAAAAGE at the protagonist when you go to challenge her is kind of hilarious, too~

    I can't really say who I liked out of the gym leaders, too, since none of them really stood out to me in any of the games and I rarely followed anything else that might've expanded on their personality/past/etc. I guess Clemont's my favorite of the bunch simply because NERDY SCIENCE SHOTA. And also the relationship he has with his sister is adorable ♥
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  5. hm this is a bit tough but oh well

    gym leader: bryon. he offered a good challenge and was fun at the same time
    elite 4: siebold. my venusaur pretty much destroyed his team but it was fun while it lasted
    champion: i cant remember too many fun challenges but ill probably go with lance. by what i remember he was fun to fight
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  6. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Dunno, Morty always been one of my favorites, for a while now. It was always the scarf.
    Elite 4- Lorelei or Lucian. They have way more sass (Or at least I think they do... Which gives me an idea for a thread...) than any other member of the elite 4.
    Champ- Definitely Wallace.
    Wallace because he majored in Water, and it was a challenge (At least it felt like one as a kid), taking Torchic as a starter.
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  7. From Hoenn, I love Winona. Also, Steven is so amazing. Over all, I love Blue,nas a Gym Leader and Champ.
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