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Favorite Video Game Console

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by QuilavaEmperor, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Mine would be the Nintenedo Wii since I like how it has a sensor bar and there`s no wires to make it all messy and how all the wires get tangled. But a con would be the god damn batteries, they just take too much energy from them. But, Nintendo made the rechargeable Wii mote stand so now it`s all ok.
  2. Nintendo Wii, because most of the games I like are only on it. I guess my second fave would be PS3, since there are a few games on it that I like, too.
  3. Stark

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    I own all three of the latest ones, PS3/360/Wii.

    From my perspective, the 360 is by far the best for competitive gameplay, the Wii for the fun alternative gameplay like Brawl, and the PS3 is just meh :p
  4. Humm... I'd have to say that I like the 360 the most, followed veeerryy closely by the Wii. The 360 just has more games of my liking, I guess. The Wii is a lot more creative and fun, better for parties or when you have friends over... sadly, I have no siblings, so the multi-player aspect is lost on me D:
  5. My favorite is the Wii, it has a catalog of decent games and it really brings a lot of innovation to the gaming world...
    ...I'm still hooked on Wii Sports.
  6. my favorite game, hands down, would have to be the Xbox 360, it's the main reason for my almost year-long absence on here
  7. From this generation, 360 hands-down. There are just so many good things for it. I like the Wii, and I think it's very innovative, and it does have some very good games (Brawl, No More Heroes, Mario Galaxy...), but it doesn't have as many games that attract my interest. The DS has been doing very well with me lately though -- there's a lot of good stuff coming out for it, and there's Phoenix Wright!

    If we're talking of ALL TIME... Super Nintendo and Gamecube, plox.
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    I do agree that Nintendo kinda outdid themselves with the Wii, but the lack of good games for it made me decide not to get it. Yes my parents were like, "Want a Wii?" though I have no idea why. But I said nah. The only good game for it imo was SSBB, and I could always just play Melee with good ol' Gamecube.

    Which leads me to say, I love the Gamecube so much. Call me weird, but the newer consoles never appealed to me as much as the Gamecube. It's very likely due to the fact that I like so many games for it, such as Kirby Airide and SSBM (again, call me weird), but it was also the first video game console I was exposed to on a daily basis for more than a year. Blame this after school I went to.
  9. It's hard to place favorites on a system right now, because I'm a complete RPG Gamer. This new main system generation is strangely devoid in RPG's, unlike the last gen.

    The Wii is a fun system, and it has it's games I love: Okami, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Brawl... However, 'sides these it really lacks in much else. There are just no games out for it that I'd buy besides the ones I listed, and I have those.

    The PS3 is, again, very lacking in good games I'd play. In fact, this one is even more lacking in the RPG and Adventure department then the Wii is. I pray to good Final Fantasy will update soon. I can't live off of Eternal Sonata forever. -.-;;

    The 360. Now, I'm no Xbox fan whatsoever, but I have to say, they've had some wicked good games so far! Tales of Vesperia was epic, Eternal Sonata was great before the remake came out, Infinite Undiscovery looks very fun, and then there is the new Star Ocean. There's way more then I listed, but I'm really impressed with the games this system is getting.

    I own both the Wii and the PS3, and I can't pick between them, but the 360 seems to outclass those so far. I can only hope the other two systems can start living up to their brand. I need more good games like Tales of Symphonia, for the Gamecube, to be released. ^_^
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    This topic's getting a lock since there's another, more active topic that's identical to it here:


    No sense in having two of these. *Loxxorz*
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