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Favorite pokemon for competitive battling

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Pokepok, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Pokepok

    Pokepok Guest

    This topic is quite self-explanatory. Just list down the poke'mon you think are good for competitive battling. Please also describe what you like about it. You can also tell in what ways you think it could have been better (that is, if any).

    According to me, Starmie is the best pokemon for competitive battling. It not only has great speed and special attack, it can also learn a wide array of TM moves like Ice Beam, Psychic and Thunderbolt, which help it in tackling almost all types of poke'mon. Plus, it can also learn quite a few useful moves through breeding. Its part psychic type also ensures that it can tackle most of the part-poison grass types.

    However, I feel that if it had a notch more of defence , it could have had an even greater chance of  defending itself from normal and flying type attacks (regardless of the fact that it can defeat these types in about five seconds).
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hmm... I don't really have favourite Pokemon for competitive battling to be honest. Generally I'll just be looking through PokeDex lists, see Pokemon that look interesting that I haven't trained yet/recently, and form a team out of them (whether they be considered "UU, OU, or boader line". I don't follow those ranking systems).

    As far as versatility goes, tho, Lucario is probably one of the better competitive Pokemon (hence the overusedness xp). It has the power to do damage (both physical and special) and has the speed to make good use of Choice Scarf or Agility (if you chose to use them); its move pool is widely diverse from Riolu's egg moves, its own level up attacks, TM moves, and now its new Platinum tutor moves; and it has a crap load of resistances. The draw back, obviously, is that it has 3 commonly seen type weaknesses and lowerish defenses, so misuse could see your poor Lucario dying horribly. Still... play your cards right, and this can be one powerhouse Pokemon.

    If anyone wants to go into the nitty, gritty statistical details of Lucario, be my guest XD
  3. Did someone call me?

    That aside, Swellow cause that answer was seen coming, but Flygon and soon to be Furret will be hitting the scene.

    Flygon has some many options with its moves, especially since it has the stats to. Immunity to Earthquake is a nice bonus.

    And Furret. The Furret that can unleash havoc on walls with its huge movepool. And who said a base 45 for Special attack was bad. I can kill Skarmory in two hits with Flamethrower if my IV is good enough. And I'll out speed most of them two. Perfect for a wall breaker.
  4. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    No matter what, my team has my Manectric in it. He may be UU, but I think he's powerful enough to hold his own in certain cases, and he has a surprise element to him. I'm not a fan of using OU Pokemon just because it 'guaranties' a win, I'd rather lose with my favourites XD With the Platinum move tutors he can now learn Signal Beam, which will help his coverage a little.

    Flygon is another favourite, for many of the same reasons mentioned by Fachion. My Vaporeon has always been a great wall and my Magmar annoys the hell out of people, so I have to say he's another of my favourite competitive battlers.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Regice used to be my most valuable team member, due to him being insanely difficult to kill (especially on the Special side), but since getting Outrage on his moveset, Garchomp has been proving more valuable overall since he can effectively decimate a whole team if sent out at the right time. Its ability to drastically tip the battle in my favour has proven invaluable to me, although I still have to watch out who I send him out against due to his 4x Ice weakness.
  6. I really don't have a favorite for competitive as I like all the Pokemon on my team. You may call me unoriginal for this (and I don't care) but Lucario is one of the best for competitive battling. With its gigantic movepool for both physical AND special sets, it can be a good special attacker, a good physical attacker, and (in my opinion) the absolute best wall breaker. Plus it's typing gives it many resistances and it can cover its weakness. It's the only Pokemon on my team who is considered so OU it's abused, but hey. I have fun using it.

    Another favorite of mine is Swampert. Somehow I lucked out with mine because by all indications it should suck, but it doesn't. Meganium is another favorite of mine because it has fair defense and has the potential to annoy people to death.
  7. I'm a UU person, because its not a guaranteed win. It's also fun, and you have MUCH more flexibility.

    So as a result I like lots of different Pokés in a team. Currently trying Solrock and Lunatone for different ideas (Explosion among others :p) and I'm quite a fan of Cacturne as well. Thinking up an idea for him but I doubt it'd work. Sounds good though, with enough setup.
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  8. Probably either my Darkrai or Venusaur.

    My Darkrai comes in handy when I'm in a corner, because the Dark void/nightmare/bad dreams combo always works.

    My Venusaur because of its powerful moves like Frenzy Plant and Energy ball.
  9. I like to use my Weavile/Salamence. Weavile with Ice Punch, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, and Brick Break. Salamence knows Stone Edge, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, and Earthquake.

    The Brick break works good on Steel types so they dont K0 Weavile. Salamence's Flamethrower and Stone Edge PWN Ice types that try to freeze it. Together they make a good team. All of there attacks are different types. Ghost, Rock, Dark, Ice, Fire, Ground, and Dragon. Different types make a good combo.
  10. I've used Garchomp, and it seems to be working well. Every now and again I get lucky with HER. Xp All in all, most of my attacks with it hit for neutral damage. XD

    All of a sudden, I've got this urge to try out Buizel. >>

    (I don't like the Darkrai when it uses Dark Void in double battles. My Friend did that to me once, I wanted to chuck my game across the room. >> He cheated D= )
  11. I don't have a favorite Pokemon, but I do have favorite combos, like the Protect/Earthquake combo, or Lunatone + Solrock+ Earthquake each. But if I did have a favorite, it would be my fully EVd Steelix, EVd in Defense and Attack. I
  12. I think my charizard would do it very good, he have 3 fire attacks, earthquake and a good special attack (but it's still weak agains water pokemon...)
    hoever, my salamence is also very strong 'cause his moveset is: crunch (psyco and ghost killer), fly (gone for one turn), fire blast (fire in the hole!) and draco meteor (best at last)
  13. I don't Like short posts: but I'm doing it anyway.

  14. Cynder's cause Arceus is the pokegod and can learn a ton of moves.No pokemon can learn Judgement except for Arceus.
    Arceus is the strongest depending on its stats.
  15. Whoops!I forgot to put "right" after "Cynder's"
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Then use the edit button next time... >>

    This isn't the first spammy post you've made that has caught my attention. Read the rules and stop spamming, or you're headed for the n00b realm.
  17. Psycho Boost

    Psycho Boost Guest

    My favorite Pokemon for compettitive battling is Milotic because it is balanced and versatile.
  18. [glow=red,2,300][/glow] Well, my Pichu is actually my best (soo surprising) but its the most powerful in my 6 pokemon
  19. Celadon

    Celadon Guest

    My favorite pokemon for competitive battling is Huntail.
    It has high Attack and Speed, and works very well with a rain dance team. it learns Crunch, and can defeat pesky Psychic types in a trice.
    Its draw back is that it has low defences, and faints rather easily.
  20. i would go with lucario.

    mines not at its highest level though....but its still good....think,if your fighting a legendary pokemon and you have a lucario that knows me first....your fine..plus with aura sphere,force palm,and bone rush....its not a bad combo
  21. Dunsparce. Paralyze and then cause flinching with Serene Grace. It has a very high Hp, which makes up for it's fairly low defenses, although Ev training in defense/Special Defense would fix that. It also has an average attack and a good flinching moveset, and I love the fact it only has fighting as a weakness, which it can easily overcome with a Chople Berry and Zen Headbutt.
  22. I usually kick butt anytime but my favie team is probably groudon, breloom, blissey, wailord, houndoom, and rayquaza i guess. idk ???
  23. Also, I luvs me some Staraptor, because of it's speed and ability to learn both Brave Bird and Close Combat.
  24. I would say Floatzel, it's the water type that has the most speed tied with Starmie and mines kicks butt, but, I will NEVER choose Rhyperior. Mines has 62 or 5 speed when it's in lv.60 and can't stand a hit in the battle tower
  25. My favorite for battling would probably be either my Porygon Z or Scizor. They both have won me a ton of battles and they both have great move sets.
  26. My Milotic for sure. I beat the whole league with it the other day too ;D
  27. Darkrai is my favorite because Dark Void + Dream Eater work well. Darkrai's Bad Dreams whittles away at their health, while Dream Eater restores health and deals more damage.
  28. Any pokemon that can learn substitute and a really strong attack. Just give it leftovers
  29. I would say Blaziken.
    Once, I defeated the elite four with it. Just give it Leftovers and has the attacks: blaze kick, flamethower, double kick and sky-uppercut
  30. All around? Nidoking for me. Earthquake and Iron Tail provide two high impact moves of varying types. Nidoking's three weaknesses are nullified with Megahorn (Bug to nullify Grass) and Thunder (Electric to nullify Water and Flying).
    High defence stats round it out as my go-to Pokémon in competitive battling.

    With the rate that people are using Lucario, however, my Charizard just may usurp that honour ;D
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