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Ask to Join Fantasy World, War between Good and Evil (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by MihajloJedi, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0


    From its making, on planet Makan, peace always was part of their life. All races there lived in peace with help of their Gods. Peace lasted for 2 thousand years until Hala, half God, son of Satan, wanted to use weapon called Element Gauntlet to rule Makan. Few races stood on his side while others wanted to stop him. Gods saw what was happening on Makan and they left it on its own in hands of evil Hala. There was only one weapon on Makan that was able to stop Hala and his Gauntlet. That were saviour stones. With their powers combined they could have stopped Hala. Only problem was that stones were under protection of Mythical creatures that were supposed to fight for it and defend it with its life. Unable to stop Hala, they had to find other ways to stop him. They went and fought really great battle with him. Battle on Last Day. There Hala was defeated but not killed. They succeeded to capture his Gauntlet and to lock it on secret place. Only way to find it was first finding all four elemental stones.
    Two hundred years after war is not still over. Armies of Evil are prepearing for return of Hala as prophecy said "After 200 years he will rise again and continue from where he stopped". On the other side, forces of good are gathering in one hidden elf city. They all sent their delegates to discus about their next step.
  2. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Between Iron Mountains, on the north of Makan there is small kingdom that belongs to the North Man. There in their main castel, Prince Michael was training his sword fighting. He was in middle of training where two white horses arrived. They were ridden by elfs. Solider on gate said who is coming and they got approval to enter. They just gave letter to the solider and ran away really fast. Solider read a bit and then ran in castel looking for king.
  3. Somewhere across the mountains was a small yet well populated town. Outside the local bar was a large jet black horse that made regular full grown horses look like foals, yet inside was where things were a little more exciting. Past the crowds of drunken men and bar serving women was a where Longinus resided, he enjoyed a nice quiet beverage, almost undeterred by the noisy drunkards that almost littered the place... but there was only one bar in town for him to go to. As he drank, he was approached by a strange man in a cloak who sat at the table where Longinus was.

    "Sure, make yourself comfortable, I could use the company." Longinus said with clear sarcasm. The figure took down his hood to reveal elf ears. "You wouldn't happen to be Longinus Skrall, is that correct?" The elf asked. "Who's asking?" Longinus replied. After the response, the elf took out a letter from his cloak and put it on the table for Longinus, afterward, he left the bar rather abruptly. Longinus raised an eyebrow under his mask before he shrugged, picked up and looked at the letter he was given, lightly muttering as he read it. "Huh, how about that? Can't say no to something like this." He said to himself as he folded and put the letter in his pocket, downed the last of his drink and began to walk out of the bar.

    Once outside, he whistled for his horse who almost towered over him. "Let's go Titan, we've got a job to do." He said as he got on to Titan's back, despite the latter's size, he had no trouble getting on the giant horse's back. "Hyah!" Longinus shouted and Titan let out a proud neigh before he began to gallop out of the town and off into the horizon toward the location he was told to go to.
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    Maria was training with Hyperon just outside the castle of South Men, when the pair spotted a messenger going into the castle
    "Hey Maria! Do ya think that the messenger is here because...?"
    "I reckon so, older brother." They rushed into the castle, but not before Maria told Lucina to keep training the army. They rushed inside, and arrived in the throne room, where the messenger had just read the message out loud.
    "I see...." King Darrius(Who I cannot be bothered to make a form for.) said. He spotted his children, and said
    "Ah! Maria, Hyperon! Perfect timing." King Darrius said to his children.
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  5. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Michael ran in castle just second after solider. He gave king Mike letter from elves and walked away. King Mike started to read letter.
    "Michael, come here" King said quietly
    "Yes, father" Michael said and came closer to his father.
    "This letter is calling someone from our people to go to convention of Allies in Lake Town. I am too sick to go so I will send you." king said
    "I will go." Michael said honored
    "And you have to bring someone from Ent race, they are invited too." King said once more
    "I know exactly who will I bring." Michael said, and leaving throne room, he went to center of town to ask his ent friend Leafbeard about travel.
  6. "It's that day. We will be heading to Lake elf." King Darrius said.
    "Oh..." Hyperon said. Clearly informed of what was happening.
    "O-oh." Said Maria, who was not as ready for this as most. She said "Why today of all days?"
    "It is very important, my child. We all need to go. We will be going in 15 minutes. Get ready, NOW."
    "Yes, father." The siblings said, getting up, and heading to their chambers to collect everything they needed. They headed outside, and Hyperon said to Lucina
    "Alright. We need you to keep training, we won't be too long." He began to head into the throne room, telling Darrius that he and Maria were ready, and the family, along with some guards, began the not so long journey to Lake elf.
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  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Leafbeard was happy, he had been resting for years now. He liked to watch the people going about their day and the children playing around him. He sensed Michael approaching with urgency and began to stir, he opened his eyes and looked down at him, "What is it young one, is there something you wish to ask me", he boomed in his deep voice, as he spoke he reached down a branch to move a few children away so he and Michael could speak.
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  8. Lucina shook her head and frowned, the beautiful girl headed for her rather large home where she could speak to her father in person. Lucina knocked on the large mahogany doors of her father's office, before hearing a quite "come in" from within. "Ahh, Lucina my only pride and joy" her father exclaimed as he saw the child that he spent years training. "Father I see you everyday I'm sure you will live without seeing me for a couple of hours" the dark haired female stated. "Well, I know you're not here to see your father, so what's wrong?" Kane questioned, "I don't think it's safe for the princess and her family to be traveling without me..." the young general muttered, "Lucina, the royal family members are very strong and I'm sure they will be fine" the older general replied. "Like your mom always said before, never ever underestimate those around you, for they can be much stronger than you are" Kane stated as he quoted his missing wife's favorite thing to say.

    Once Lucina reached the training area, where men were standing in line, waiting for the generals orders. "Just because the royal family isn't here, doesn't mean you can slack off!" Lucina sternly ordered, "Hey, shouldn't you be at home looking all high and pretty Miss General" a male soldier quietly joke to his buddy next to him, in a blink of an eye Lucina was in front of the said soldier, with her chainscythes blade pressed gently at his throat. "Don't you ever underestimate me for my looks again, because I'm a much higher rank than you, which means that the royal family chose me to be the general of this army and not you" Lucina hissed out, "ALRIGHT, BECAUSE OF THAT LITTLE OUTBURST, I WANT YOU ALL TO FOLLOW ME!" the dark haired beauty ordered, as one of her most trusted soldiers handed her the reigns of her horse. "You are all to follow me for miles in your armor" Lucina informed as she gave a light kick to the side of the horse to get him moving, the soldiers all groaned as they marched in a long line behind Lucinas large black stallion, named Eden.
  9. Kidd.Janks

    Kidd.Janks Previously nitro_gold

    In a small village in the east men territory, nare was sitting outside his home cleaning his cursed blade serpent. as he was cleaning his blade a courier ran up to him holding a letter." Nare nagana I have a letter for you". as the courier ran off nare set his blade aside as he started to inspect the letter. Nare soon noticed something unusual the letter it was sent to him by the elves, "what the hell why would the elves risk sending a letter into east men territory", Nare then opened the letter there was an elfen ring inside the package he then read the letter. "so it appears I'm being hired to attend this meeting as a delegate and I guess the ring grants me special permission to cross the border" nare soon took out his lighter and burned the letter "these elves must have done some research knowing how much im against halas return". He placed his blade on his back as he gatherd his equipment as he headed towards the hidden city.Nare knew that accepting this job meant that he would be fighting for the west there for committing treason against his homeland but he felt that he had to in order to preserve his way of life.
  10. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Hey Leafbeard, I have surprise for you. We are invited to the convention in Lake Town. Dad said that I will go from North Men. Ents are invited too. Dad said I can choose who willl go with me. Guess who is my choice?" Michael said as the answer on Leafbeards question
  11. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    In response Leafbeard shook off the birds perched in his branches and un rooted his feet, he stepped forward "I assume you have chosen me" he said looking down at the boy. He picked up his axe and attached it to his back using some vines. He turned back to Michael, "Let us go then". He said stretching his limbs, it felt good to be moving again.
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  12. Titan continued to gallop across the pathway toward their destination which Longinus could tell was going to take him several hours on horseback. As he rode, he slowly began to get bored, despite looking around and seeing the beautiful joys of nature, from the grass swaying in the breeze to the birds singing around him, he smiled lightly as he put his hood down to let out his elegant long black hair, yet he kept his mask on to cover the upper half of his face. He got out his flute and let go of the reigns, knowing that Titan would always make sure Longinus was on his back even when trouble would strike, and even if it did, Longinus' reflexes were quick enough to grab hold before anyone got the chance to knock him off his giant horse. Longinus put the flute to his lips and started to play a soothing melody to pass the time, and bring some beautiful sounds to the dull yet sometimes soothing silence.
  13. Kidd.Janks

    Kidd.Janks Previously nitro_gold

    Nare was on a steady path towards the convention he decided to travel on foot so it would be harder for him to be spotted,he was wearing a straw hat to make it harder to get a good look at his face. He was holding some sort of artifact from the east men With him It was tucked away in a sack he was carrying on his back next to his katana.He soon approached the border onto the western land he made sure to wear the ring on his finger to show that he's been granted permission to cross from the east.He then crossed the border with no problems after crossing he tooyk off the hat, Showing his short black hair.His face Was smooth and sharp and less mature then others around due to his young age. "Now onto the convention" he said to himself as he continued to the convention itself.
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  14. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Micheal was really happy that he is going on travel. He packed up his stuff, grabed his Ice Slayer, and went out again to Leafbeard.
    "I am ready, I just need to prepare Shroud (Michael's horse) and we can go."Michael said while he was putting Titanium horse body armor on Shadow.
    " And we are ready, Lets go" Michael said, put his bag on his back and went out of gates
  15. Maria smiled as she and her family walked along to the meeting, it was only about 20 minutes away on foot, and they were already halfway there. She said
    "Hey dad?"
    "What is it, Maria?" Darrius asked his daughter
    "Well, I was wondering, how comes this war hasn't stopped yet?"
    "Its simple, really, neither side is giving in. We are winning most of the time, and the enemy wish to stay alive until their 'god' is reborn."
    "Oh." Said Maria.
    "Yeah. It's weird, ain't it?" Said Hyperon "I wonder why they worship that guy anyway."
    "Who knows, son." They continued on their way, and eventually arrived.
  16. Lucina smiled at her men, as she continued to lead them on a march. "Watch over the troops and make them rest for a bit" the dark haired beauty stated to her trusted soldier. The soldier nodded his head and walked over to the group of men who all sighed and collapsed on the ground from exaughstion. Lucina quietly giggled, before gently petting Eden, to get him to walk in the direction of a river. As Eden continued to trot down the path and towards the gentle river, Lucina couldn't help but sigh in content as the soft breeze blew through her long locks of jet black hair that almost looked blue in the sunlight
  17. -----------------------in Lake Town--------------------------------

    The royal family of the south had arrived, the siblings smiled, and king Darrius half-smiled. He said
    "Right. We're here. Now to find the meeting place. I'll get there first, you two...Do whatever, I don't know what you two do normally." Darrius went off.
    "Right. So...What do ya wanna do, sis?"
    "Hmm, how about we try and find the person who is representing the north?"
    "So either Prince Michael or King Mark. Got it." They began to look around for one of the two.
  18. Kidd.Janks

    Kidd.Janks Previously nitro_gold

    -----------------------in Lake Town--------------------------------
    After many hours of traveling nare soon arrived in lake down, he was standing and looking around for the meeting place. As he started walking he soon looked around as he saw a noble figure walking next to him "the south King darrius himself I guess I'm heading the right way" he would continue to walk Besides him to the meeting.
  19. ---In Lake Town---

    After Longinus and Titan spent hours on the road, they had finally made it to the town that neighbored the large and beautiful lake, hence the town's name. Upon going through the gates, he looked left and right to see promising townsfolk, markets brimming with many ranges of goods, buildings as clean as a whistle and children playing in the streets, a few of which turned and looked in awe at the giant horse as well as the man who rode it. Longinus looked down at the children with a small smile. As he rode through town, he noticed a familiar nobleman who he may have seen once or twice. "Huh, even the great King Darrius is here. That means something's definitely amiss." Longinus thought as he continued to ride to his destination.
  20. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    ---In Lake Town---

    Michael and Leafbeard after long travel finally got to Lake Town. There were a lot of buildings, little elfs playing on street etc. Michael know where are they suposed to be gathering and he headed straight there when he saw two familiar faces on the street.
    "Well if this are not Maria and Hyperion from South people, I am blind" Michael said when he came closer to brother and sister
  21. "Michael!" said Maria, clearly happy to see him.
    "Ah, good. We were just looking for you." Hyperon said, serious as per usual. "How are you?" He smiled, and Maria did so as well.
    "Lemme guess, your dad is too sick to come?" Maria asked before smiling at all the playing children.
  22. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    ------------------in Lake Town-----------------------
    Leafbeard looked around it had been a very long time since he had been in Lake Town, he looked down at Maria and Hyperon, before turning to Michael saying "We should get to the meeting", he looked around "I think its over there". He flicked a bird off his shoulder and began to walk towards the meeting area.
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  23. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Leafbeard is right, we will chat after, now we have to go on meeting" Michael said whit a bit more serious voice and started to walk towards meeting place. When he arrived he saw a lot of familiar faces there. He was really glad to be a part of organisation like this one. He saw a chair with his name on it and he sat there.
  24. "Ok! We'll see you guys later, alright?" The siblings said, before looking around some more, meanwhile, King Darrius said to Michael
    "Ah good, Michael has arrived, I presume your father was too sick to come?" He asked, smiling, he was happy to see that they could start the meeting soon, as he wished just to get this over with so he could return to the castle.
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  25. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Yes, he is not in best form this year" Michael said with lazy smile.
    "I dont know can we start. We have to wait for West Men, Gold Dwarfs and few individuals. Iron Dwarfs wont come because orcs are attacking them more and more" Michael said to King Darrius and Lake Elf King Damaris.
  26. Kidd.Janks

    Kidd.Janks Previously nitro_gold

    As Nare enters the meeting hall he noticed a chair with his name he soon took a seat resting his sack under the tabe "sorry If im late" he said.As He looked around the meeting hall he noticed some of the guards and others giving him some funny looks. "So that's the eastern mercenary whos been hired to fight for us? He looks so young" a solider whispered to another soldier . "I've heard stories about him,he's one of the best from what I heard I'm suprised he's on our side" the solider whispers back.
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  27. Upon arriving at the hall, Longinus jumped off Titan and gave him a little stroke. "Stay here boy, I'll be back for you." Longinus said with a warm smile as the enormous horse let out a light whinny as he nuzzled Longinus. Afterward, Longinus began to walk inside the hall where he spotted a seat with his name on it, despite the social area he was in, he decided to keep his mask on. Once Longinus sat down, he could hear a few guards whispering about him. "Isn't that Longinus of the fallen Skrall family?" One guard asked. "I hear Skralls don't fall so easily, besides, who else wears a mask like that?" The second guard said. Longinus scoffed at their conversation, as he was only remembered by the family name he didn't know much about as his only family member didn't tell him about his lineage.
  28. Strong was out in the wildernes, hunting for a good fight, hoping to bask in glory of battle. He had heard of a meeting in Lake town where many heros would be meeting, this interested him. Sure one of them would be a worthy challenger, perhaps even one could survive more then a minute against him
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  29. Lucina gently got off Evens back, before leading the horse to the gentle river, where the black stallion started to drink the clean liquid. "Eden, I wonder if the princess is alright..." Lucina whispered as Eden finished drinking. The dark haired general got on the back of her horse before letting the creature wander around wherever he felt. "Alright Eden, you are allowed to wander around a few more minutes, but then we have to get back to the troops" Lucina ordered, the horse gave a sound of delight before running into the nearby forest, while Lucina ducked down to avoid being hit by a branch
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  30. Within the wilderness was a tavern that was hidden from the main road. This tavern was abnormally sketchy as it branded itself as "All Inclusive" and was a known residence for bandits. In front of its doors was a desert orc wrapped in more clothes than usual to the point were only his light green face could be seen. Easifa Ramal parted through the doors and carefully measured the room and atmosphere. Waitress's were serving drinks, lesser intelligent people were being cheated out of their money by smugglers, and bandits were trying their best to look menacing as possible. One of which caught the eye of Easifa and as the bandit did his best to twirl around his knife while doing his best scowl, The desert orc calmly walked over as though he was just being beckoned.

    "Ya got a lot of nerve coming here." The bandit growled in his low and course voice. "If your expecting anything out of me, It will cost ya." He gave off and ugly smile of broken teeth and bad breath. Easifa pulled down his mask a bit to reveal his tusk. As the bandit was now able to get a better look, he was startled to see he was talking to one of the dangerous desert orcs. He took little time to recover from the fact. But his voice did lower however. "So uuhh what do ya want?"

    "If your done with your little show" Easifa started in his demeaning manner. "I need to speak to someone worth damn in here, I have learned that here is a nutcase that takes residence, tell me where he is." As the orc continued speaking a South Man attempted to causally walk by while trying to take from under Easifa's garb. The orc quickly reacted by grabbing the man's wrist and twist it so fast and hard it fractured his wrist. The south man howled in pain and quickly backed away. The orc didn't even look at the man as he gestured to his direction with a thumb. "Look, I'm not here for your pointless tussles, Every second of wasted will become more dangerous for you." The threat had visibly shaken the bandit as he pointed to the innkeeper.

    the bandits sentences started to get choppy. "Don't know, haven't seen him. But in second floor room locked for a while. Some hear mutterings." Easifa slammed his hands on the table and stood up.

    "Yeah that's enough from you, I got what I needed." Then turned away towards the innkeeper. Easifa plopped down a couple of coins on the counter. "I want a room, on the far back of the second floor."

    "Were sorry sir but that rooms already been take-" The innkeeper was interrupted by the sound of a full bag of coins hitting the counter.

    "I know. Someone is there that I need to visit, nothing for you to worry about." if the innkeeper was curious he wasn't for long as he scooped up the sack and handed the orc a key.
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  31. Darrius frowned at what Michael had said
    "I suppose so." He smiled when the two mercenaries arrived "Ah good. Nare, Loginus, I see you two have arrived. Good. Not much longer now, I suppose, they can't be long."
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  32. Kidd.Janks

    Kidd.Janks Previously nitro_gold

    "Well its a pleasure being here" his eyes gazed around the room shifting towards Loginus then back towards Darrius "I'm not trying to come off as impatient but how much longer do you believe we have to wait until the rest arrive?"he sat back in his chair looking at the ceiling tapping his fingers on the table.
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  33. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    As the answer on Nares question eagle arrived in Lake Town. He started to read one letter.
    "This is letter for King Darius from Eagle King Skalem. Gold Dwarfs are stuck in swamp and they are going to come in few hours. There are no clue are West Men gonna come or not. Orcs are attacking Iron Dwarfs and they can't come this year. Eagles wont be on thos meeting but yhey are giving you support. I hope you solve this case because Makan is in great danger. King Skalem. " Eagle read and flew away.
    "That means we can start this meeting. We are not gonna finish it soon I think." Michael said after Eagle left them
  34. Darrius frowned at this message, he sighed, and said
    "Well, that will be a problem, but for now, we should focus on our current situation." He looked at Michael "Alright, first off, Prince Michael and the rest of the South men army, we acknowledge the problems you are facing on your front, so as soon as I reach my own kingdom, I am going to send reinforcements, I will send Longinus, who will be payed greatly for this, to assist as well." He looked at Nare "Nare, I am sending you to assist the Iron Dwarfs, currently, we are on the defence, with only the Eagles and my army able to be on the offensive against our enemies. So, I am going to send my most trusted general, as well as a small portion of the southern army, to infiltrate the enemies on the northern front. Is this understood?" He smiled, and crossed his arms. He looked at Leafbeard "And Leafbeard, as I have been told as your name, you will assist Michael at all times, understood?" He smirked.
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  35. Kidd.Janks

    Kidd.Janks Previously nitro_gold

    He nodded after his directions were given "alright sounds simple enough" nare took out his map and drew a little x on his destination he then put his map away. "quick question should i head out immediately or is there more that i need to hear?" he crossed his legs together as he tapped his fingers on the table he was quite eager to go out and complete his task.
  36. "Yes, Nare, there isn't really any other important details, we would like you to go there as soon as you can." King Darrius smiled, and waved Nare off.

    Meanwhile, the siblings had decided to wait just outside the area, waiting for their father.
  37. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Atcualy, I think I have better plans. You might think this is stupid,but do you remember old legends? There is one about stone that can stop Element Gauntlet and Hala himself. If it is right that he will return,we have no other possible chances other than finding all these stones. I suggest making one group of people that will go around whole Makan and find these stones so we can atcualy beat Hala. But this time forever." Michael said
  38. Kidd.Janks

    Kidd.Janks Previously nitro_gold

    Nares attention turned towards Michael he was quite interested by his plan "I recall hearing a legend about these stones as a child" nares eye close as he starts to think "I don't think its too far fetched of a plan I'll volunteer to be a member of this party if that's ok" he had a serious determined look on his face.
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  39. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Ok then. I want to be leader of this group if you dont have anything against that. Leafbeard is coming with me. Nare too. Who else will?" Michael asked and started to looked at delegations trying to find next traveler that would like to join them
  40. As the desert orc busted through the back of the inn he found the room he was looking for. It was messy, filled with papers scattered around the walls along with spilled bottles of various liquids on the floor. In the middle of the room was a beared man in purple robes kneeling down in prayer.

    "Sweet merciless Hala, I pray for your coming. Sweet merciless Hala-" The man continued chanting this over and over completely ignoring Easifa's appearance. It was not until the orc stood over directly in-front of his face did the man even notice.

    "Excuse me for interrupting your...practice. But you seem to be the exact person i needed to talk to. I'm going to ask that you about-"

    "Sweet Merciless Hala" the man shouted. his chants were getting louder and was started to thin the orcs patience. Easifa grabbed the man by the scruff of his robes and pulled him closer.

    "Listen to me. you are the person that i need to talk to so shut up and only answer." this semi threat seemed to be what finally snapped the bearded man out of his trance.

    "WHa- what? who are you? your not the True God i was in the middle of..... what do you want?" the robed man spoke as if he had just awaken from his nap.

    "My name Easifa, i happen to be interested in the study of Hala. you see i was wondering on finding better ways to observe what this god is actually able to do."

    "Yes" the cultist now was gleeful even as the orc is still tightly grabbing his neck. "Hala, he is said to return, soon all will be destroyed as it should be. the gods try to seal him away, tried to use stones of power that would trap him, But Hala is too strong, he cannot be cannot be contained. Sweet merciless Hala is strength and perfection incarnate, he carry's good and evil in his hands and has the right to do what he desires with them." While Easifa was prepared to hear preaching he didn't think it would be this much. He slightly shook the man to stop him from rattling back into his chants.

    "Focus. Tell me about those stones, are they necessary in order for Hala to return?"

    "The True God is not bound by rocks! yes combined the stones sealed him away, but he can return on his own, if you were to bring him what imprisoned he may even spare your worthless life. right now those powerless pebbles are separated all across to races that oppose god's will."

    "Hmm separated.... tell me would the iron dwarves have one of these stones?" the cultist simply shook his head yes. With that Easifa let the man go as he turned. "That was all i needed thank you for your cooperation. It did not seem as the bearded man heard him though as he went straight back into chanting. With knew knowledge, Easifa left the inn, stole one of the bandits horses, and headed to the mountains as to gain an "Audience" with the dwarves and their stone.
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