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Private/Closed Excalibur Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Dear Student,

    Excalibur Acedemy, known to be the best school for Pokemon in the Unova Region. The school has been formatted to fit gigantic Pokemon such as Pokemon like Tyranitum, and the smallest Pokemon, such as Caterpie and Weedle. The school is also known for it's mass variety of classrooms, activities, and large amount of teachers, dedicated in helping all Pokemon, in order to succeed in their near futures. But that's enough talking about our school, instead, we like to invite you to join our school. The school is located at Impala Island, a land to yet be discovered by the likes of Human kind. We hope you will be able to join our marvelous school!

    Of Course the School does have some Rules that you must follow, they will now be listed below, please make sure to follow them,

    • Paragraph per Post, or 5 Sentences
    • No use of Mega Evolution, Z Moves, or Legendary Pokemon
    • Romance is allowed, but not too Graphic
    • No gore is allowed at our school also
    • No violent language
    And on to the Form, you must sign this form and send it back to our School, and we will send the results back.

    : (Please tell us your Name)
    Age: (Your Age must be between 15 and 18 to Attend)
    Gender: (Please tell us your Gender)
    Species: (What Species of Pokemon are you?)
    Personality: (There is no need for you to fill this in, we just wish to know how you are like.)
    Appearance: (Are you a Shiny, or perhaps you have a different pattern, or Accessories?)
    Other: (Is there anything else you'd like to share?)

    And with that, this is the end of our letter, we hope to see you attend :)
    Sincerely, Excalibur High.
    Name: Lucky
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Lucario
    Personality: Lucky is energetic, he tends to run around hyper actively, without any care in the world, but he is also very caring, giving spare time to help any student in need. Lucky absolutely loves to break dance and show off.
    Appearance: Lucky looks like an Everyday Lucario, but he may be wearing a blue pair of headphones most of the time during school.
    Other: N/A

    Name: Midnight
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Umbreon
    Personality: Midnight is an introvert, but an extrovert at the same time. Most of the
    Appearance: Midnight is actually a Shiny Umbreon, he has a red left eye to go with his yellow right one. He wears a blue scarf, and wears a white shoulder bag.
    Other: N/A

    Lucky walked outside, he shivered a bit due to the Autumn winds. He opened his mailbox, grabbing 2 envelopes, one was addressed to himself, while the other was addressed to his roommate, Midnight. Both had the same design and were shipped from the same place, Excalibur Academy. Lucky rushed inside, using his Extreme Speed, he slammed into Midnight's room, knocking the door off it's hinges, waking Midnight.

    "What the?!" Midnight yelled, jolting awake, grabbing a knife with Psychic, and holding it in the direction of Lucky. "W-what, Lucky? Ugh..." He put the knife down staring at the Lucario with dead eyes. Lucky although didn't seem to care. "We've been excepted into Excalibur Academy! The first day starts today! Get your shiz ready and hurry, bus leaves at 7:00!" The Lucario yelled, rushing back out at the speed of sound. Midnight sighed, "OK, OK, I'm hurrying." He yawned. He jumped down from his bed, using Psychic to fix his bed and whatever else was knocked over in his room. He grabbed his bag, with his supplies already inside. He stared at the door, it was knocked to the floor. "LUCKY!!!" He yelled.

    Lucky ran into his room, fixing everything up and grabbing his bag before grabbing Midnight, and shoving him into his bag, which was a struggle, but he did it. From there he ran to school, which took a solid minute to get there. Once there, he took Midnight out, and used Protect as the furious Umbreon attacked, he didn't give in, he continued to attack the shield, too mad to care.
  2. Name: Kagura

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Species: Skuntank

    Personality: Kagura is extraordinarily shy, and easily frightened, due to bullying when she was younger. She does not speak, and instead communicates using a notebook and pen. She hates eeveelutions, especially sylveons, due to being terrorised all through her previous school by them, and she will lash out violently if one dares to approach her, fearful of being attacked again.

    Appearance: A regular skuntank, who has part of her tail missing (It was cut off by a gang of eeveelutions, who attacked her simply for being a 'disgusting' pokemon)

    Other: She's a lesbian.


    Kagura sat at the back of the bus, plugged deep into her iPod. Her eyes were wide and glassy as she looked out the window, trying to distract herself from her fears about her first day. The other pokemon. The lessons. The hierarchy which dictated who ruled the school, and who didn't.

    All she could do was hope to Arceus that she wouldn't get picked on again.
  3. Midnight stopped, falling to the floor. He sighed, standing up. He growled at Lucky, before walking off, sitting down at a bench, still giving Lucky death stares. Lucky yawned. He didn't give mind to Midnight, he plugged his headphones into his Zune. From there he grabbed a mat from his bag, placing it on the ground before getting down and starting to breakdance.
  4. Name: Cinder
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Flareon
    Personality: Cinder is quite calm and collected, but very humorous, it is difficult to tick her off, but easy to get annoyed by her. However, she does have double standards. Cinder is a flirt.
    Appearance: Cinder is a violet purple Flareon with a white tuft, mane and tail, she has sharp yellow eyes, and light blue headphones around her neck.
    Other: Voltrika is her girlfriend. She is a Dj and Cinder has a brother called Vortex. A huge tomboy.

    Name: Voltrika
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Jolteon
    Personality: Voltrika is a good-natured Pokemon, But is very shy around Cinder, becoming easily flustered by her.
    Appearance: She is an aqua Jolteon with a white mane, Voltrika has soft, forest green eyes, and wears dark red headphones.
    Other: Cinder is her girlfriend, and is a Dj. A tomboy.
    Walking side by side, a Flareon and Jolteon walked into the school. “Is this it?” Voltrika asked her girlfriend, to which Cinder shrugged. “Come on, Cin, you know this place better than me!” The Jolteon pestered. Cinder let out a small chuckle, before looking down slightly at the shorter Pokemon and winking at her. Voltrika went red and looked away, resulting in Cinder bursting out laughing.
  5. Midnight noticed two females walk into the School. "What? The schools been open this entire time?" Midnight though, getting up, and walking inside. He past by the two females, a Flareon and Jolteon. "Ladies." Midnight said, walking past the two and onto an elevator, taking him up. Lucky blasted past the two, instead heading upstairs through the stairwell.
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  6. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Name: Eepop
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Lopunny
    Personality: Eepop is easily scared and is rather shy but is all around friendly and wouldn't hurt a fly
    Appearance: Eepop's ear fluffs are a bit less fluffy but other than that and her blue eyes she is normal looking
    Other: She REALLY likes Chicken
    if Eepop has to choose between Esor and here...well she'd choose here but that didn't help how panicked she was!

    sure she was a Clown working to entertain the masses with her Girlfriend and What was pretty much her Godmother but other people scared her more than Onomadek's Tantrums.

    Eepop breathed in and looked down at her card...from her friends

    "Your gonna kill it!" - Popee

    "I'll save a Leg for you" - Kedamono

    "I'll be there when your done My Huniemuffin!" - Onomadek

    "Don't Hurt Yourself" - Ringmaster

    "I agree with Ringmaster don't kill yourself" - Retsamgnir

    "Call Us if you need us" - Alien and Neila

    "Break it if you need us Eepop" - YN

    ...Wait YN? "Oh yeah" Eepop sighed holding the black jewel in her hand she hoped she didn't need to face them again, for now, Eepop just breathed in and approached her destination
  7. Kagura began to panic as she traversed the corridors. Loads of other pokemon were already there. Pretty, popular pokemon, like cinncinos, and gardevoirs and...Eeveelutions.

    The skuntank's heart stopped. At least three eeveelutions, namely, a flareon, a jolteon, and an umbreon were already there...She felt like she was going to lose it right there and then.

    Kagura hurried on through, trying not to draw attention to herself, until she crashed, head first, into someone's locker, sending her stuff flying.
  8. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Eepop jumped at the crash slightly making her look around quickly only to see Kagura "Hey are you okay?" Eepop asked picking up Kagura's stuff and offering it her back, she was shy but not that shy...at least not now
  9. Lucky rushed downstairs, staring at his Scedule, rushing though classes, trying to find the right one. In his rush he ran into a Lopunny, not knocking her over, but Lucky fell on his back, his schedule flying up and slowly falling onto his chest spike, hanging there for a short second.

    Midnight walked over. "Lucky, are you OK?" Midnight asked, staring at him. His gaze shifted over to the Skuntank also on the floor. "What happened?" Midnight asked the Lopunny.
  10. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    "I don't know...Ow" Eepop said getting up and rubbing her head looking back to Kagura "I came over to see if they were okay" Eepop frowned putting her ears down to her sides "C'mon Eepop you promised you'd stop being scared" She thought to herself
  11. Midnight frowned. He used Psychic to help both Kagura and Lucky onto their feet. Lucky frowned. "Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going. I should've been more carefull..." Lucky sighed, staring at Eepop.
  12. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    "It's okay I do that a lot myself" Eepop smiled reassuringly putting a paw(?) on his shoulder as she chuckled slightly at how much crashing had happened in a few seconds
  13. Lucky smiled. “Heheh, OK, thanks anyways, I got to head to my classroom, see you later, I hope!” Lucky smiled, running off once again. Midnight sighed. “I better make sure he actually makes it there, see you later then!” Midnight smiled, dashing off.
  14. Voltrika and Cinder exchanged a glance. “A lot of stuff’s happened already, don’t ya think, love?” Cinder chuckled. Voltrika nodded in response. The two walked down a hall. “Where do you think your class is, Trika?” Cinder asked. Voltrika sighed. “I don’t know really.”
  15. Midnight saw the two female eeveelutions from earlier. "Oh, hey you two. Umm, are you lost by chance? I could help you out if you need it." Midnight gave them a sincere smile. He used Psychic to pull out a map of the School, before letting it hover near the pair. "Here, take this, that should help you out!" Midnight smiled.
  16. Cinder and Voltrika looked over to the Shiny Umbreon. Both of them smiled. “Thanks, mate!” Cinder thanked Midnight with her obvious Australian accent. Voltrika nodded. “That’s kind of you, mister.”
  17. Midnight smiled. "No problem! Anyways, I'm prolly gonna be late to class, so I'll the two of you later then!" Midnight yelled back at them as he walked over to his first class of the day, which was ironically the same class Lucky was in as well. Walking into the classroom, a few others stared at him, most likely cause he was a shiny. He sat down near the front, seeing Lucky at the back.

    (OOC: Sorry I didn't mention earlier, but everyone has the same schedule, this to make more interactions between Role Players.)
  18. Name: Rosa
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: audino
    Personality: helpful, friendly, the type of person that would tutor other students
    Appearance: normal audino but who owns a large floppy sunhat

    Name: Ace
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: scrafty
    Personality: Rough around the edges, doesn't like being touched, avoids group progects as much as possible
    Appearance: deep blue bandana
    Rosa ran through the halls as she tried to catch up to her scedual timing. She pulled out the paper with actual time table in it, looking it over. Her free hand adjusted her hat. Eyes moving side to side as they scanned her sheet. Rose finally stuffed the paper back into her binder and started shuffling down the hall again.
  19. The two entered the class and Cinder took her seat, followed by Voltrika. The two began to listen to music on their headphones.
  20. Midnight stared at the two come in. "Oh, shit, I should of asked to see their schedule then, heh, well who cares?" Midnight thought, then staring at the desk where the teacher should've been but wasn't. "If this is the first day and the teacher isn't here, then this is probably a pretty shitty day." Midnight thought, ending with a sigh.
  21. Cinder sighed and looked around. “No teacher, no bullshit.” She whispered, smirking. Voltrika snorted from next to her.
  22. Rosa slid into the room and over to a desk. She set down her hat and binder before pulling out a pencil. She kicked her feet as they didn't fully touch the ground. Her ears twitching as she picked up sounds. She looked at the others in the room and waved.
  23. Lucky stared at the clock, only 3 minutes had passed and he actually wanted a teacher for once. He pulled out his Zune, and put his feet up on the desk, he played Music, leaning back. He saw the newly arrived Audino who sat down near him. He waved back at her when she waved at him, adding a smile to her direction. "She seems nice." He thought, shutting his eyes and relaxing.
  24. At that moment, Cinder became bored. “Oi, Trika, let’s see if we can find those goddamn idiots, sheila.” She sighed. Voltrika shook her head. “They’ll be here soon, I bet.” She looked around at her classmates, then back at her girlfriend. “Cinder, do you think anyone here recognises us?” Voltrika asked. Cinder shrugged.
  25. Midnight stared at the clock, 10 minutes had passed. At that moment a Shiny Lopunny ran in, dropping her items on the Teacher’s desk. She sat down. “I’m sorry for being late, Class, I’m miss Dizzy, and I’m your teacher for this class. Any questions before we start the lesson?” She asked
  26. Cinder hesitated putting her paw up and asking why she was here and not watching Netflix or making more music. Voltrika could tell what Cinder was thinking and giggled.
  27. Midnight raised his paw. “What took you ten minutes to get here anyways?” Midnight asked. The teacher froze. “I wasn’t here for the first ten minutes of class because... well, T-Traffic! No further questions!” The teacher frowned. Midnight stared at the teacher. “There’s no traffic on this island...” He sighed, rolling his eyes.

    “Anyways, everyone pull out your notebooks, and write down a table of contents.” The teacher frowned.
  28. Voltrika raised her paw after getting them out. Cinder sighed in boredom and began to write stuff down on it.
  29. The teacher frowned, "Uhhhh..." She quickly flipped though her books, finding the names of all her students with a picture of them. "Yes Voltrika?" She frowned shaking a bit. Lucky still wasn't paying attention to anyone, still like to his music, the teacher didn't seem to notice ether, surprisingly.
  30. “You’re stammering, you’re nervous, you’re lying.” She dared to growl, irritated by her teacher’s actions. “What’s the point of lying to your students?” Voltrika snapped. Cinder nodded in agreement.
  31. The teacher frowned. "N-No I'm not! I'm not lying to you! I was stuck in a traffic jam downtown! I'm telling you!" The teacher shook more. Lucky noticed. "Whoa, what's going on exactly? Uhh, I believe you, just don't break down in front of us please..." Lucky put his feet down, sitting normally. Midnight turned to Voltrika. "Uhh, probably not the best to pressure her..."
  32. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    "I don't think pressuring her would do any better anyway trust me I know" Eepop chimed in being very quiet until this point but she knew what pressure could do
  33. Voltrika let out a snort of annoyance, before looking away from the teacher and back at her book. Cinder sighed. “You alright, Sheila?” She asked. “Teacher’s pissin’ me off... I never get this angry...” Voltrika huffed.
  34. Midnight sighed, pulling out a notebook. From there, the Teacher wrote on her Chalkboard, instructing all of the students to write down exactly what she had written before walking out, teary eyed. Midnight rolled his eyes at Voltrika, then using Psychic to write everything down.
  35. Cinder sighed. “You should calm down. Trust me, if anyone were to see you act so cold like that, I doubt they’d go to our discos.” She explained. “We both live our lives with our music, if we were to be shut down because of your temper...” The Flareon trailed off. An extremely guilty look formed in Voltrika’s eyes. “You’re right. I need to apologise to her...”
  36. Midnight walked outside to see the teacher had disappeared. "Heheh, well there goes one teacher..." Midnight sighed, using Psychic once again to place his paper on the teacher's desk, only to move back to his seat, glaring at Voltrika once more before resting his head on his desk. Lucky was quick to finish as well, simply using his Extreme Speed to finish within a Minute, and putting his paper on the desk like Midnight. He walked back and did what he did earlier, simply lied back and listen to his music.

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