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Open Eight more humans (Undertale) Disscusion thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Shupps is a Shuppet, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. White ,Black ,Grey ,Pink ,Brown ,Silver ,Copper and Gold.
    These were the souls yet to come.
    Frisk failed its mission and their soul didn't last, shattering was the sound that could be heard. Frisk's body couldn't last without a soul,no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't last because they were unable to try, therefore Frisk had passed away.When they tried to reset it didn't work, try and load to another file didn't work, so Frisk had no choice but to give up.

    Eight children fell down a year after their endeavour.

    OOC:Okay so you can chose from these:
    Black Soul: Sara (Pronounced S-AR-UH) (Ace)
    Grey Soul: Note (Note Worthy font ) (_Umbreon_)
    Pink Soul: Rosalina Margulies (BlackRose7)
    Brown Soul:
    Silver Soul: Sky Woods (Eclipse)
    Copper Soul: Richard (jjmyers0199)
    Gold Soul: Aricot (Pronounced Are-see-ot) (Pawniard)
    Sorry white soul's already taken this is her colour. (Leafeon)
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  2. I'll be the Silver Soul!
  3. I'll be the Black Soul!
  4. I think white soul is taken Umbreon. I don't really know so Leafeon could correct me if I'm wrong.

    So, are we supposed to get 8 people into this rp and then we start?
  5. Yeah sorry white souls taken.
  6. My Character Profile 0w0:

    Name: Sara (Pronounced S-AR-UH)

    Looks Like: Like Chara and Frisk, she has short black hair. She has a blank blue T-shirt, and blue shorts. And she has white sneakers.

    Likes: Food, Cats.

    Dislikes: Dogs, Video Games.

    Filled With: DETERMINATION!
  7. Everybody else, please fill in this Form for your Character:

    Name (Pronunciation optional)

    Appearance (Clothes, Hair, etc.)



    Filled With

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  8. I don't want to be the brown soul. I'm leaving.
  9. You know you can be another soul. The souls open are:

    Grey Soul

    Pink Soul

    Brown Soul

    And Gold Soul
  10. I'll be grey I guess.
  11. Fill in form

    Name (Pronunciation optional)

    Appearance (Clothes, Hair, etc.)



    Filled With

    After filling in the form for your character just wait till the spots get filled up and we start the RP :)
  12. Fill in form

    Name: Note (Noteworthy Font)

    Appearance Black sweatshirt, White shirt. Black shorts

    Likes Puns, sarcasm,

    Dislikes: Anger sadness

    Filled With Sarcasm/Hope
  13. Yes! Just fill out the form above ^w^
  14. Is gold taken? If not, I'll be gold.
  15. Gold isn't taken :)

    Just fill in this form :D

    Name (Pronunciation optional)

    Appearance (Clothes, Hair, etc.)



    Filled With
  16. Cool!

    Name: Arciot (Pronounced Are-see-ot)

    Appearance: Clothes: Long red over coat, dark blue jeans, black boots, and black gloves
    Face: Medium-long black hair, red eyes

    Like:To fight, play any game (whether virtual or physical)

    Dislikes: Waiting for anything

    Filled with: Courage
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  17. I don't know if Leafeon is going to come back. She was here on Saturday :(
  18. Name: Rosalina Margulies

    Appearance: Purple Wavy Hair, Purple Eyes, Flower Head Piece, Flower Hair Clip, and Purple flower dress

    Likes: Flowers, Animals, Video Games, and Friends

    Dislikes: Fighting, Liers, and People who are sad or angry

    Filled With: Emotions/Love
  19. I don't think Leafeon is coming, probebly only on the
  20. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    This is not an RP thread. It's a discussion thread, if anything. It's barely even that. The sort of conversational spam that's going on around here (really, a post with one smiley?) does not really belong on forums.

    Moved, and all of you should read the rules - both RP rules and global rules prior to posting anything else. Warnings will be dished out next time I see this sort of thing.
  21. Can I be a monster in this rp if that's possible?

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