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Ask to Join Eevee Love Story

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Vanilla Eevee, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. In this RP you are an Eevee looking for love among the City of Castelia. Make new friends, make closer friends, and make weirdly close friends.


    1. Romance is allowed bit not too graphic
    2. You have to be an Eevee, you may evolve later in the RP
    3. All PRP rules apply to this
    4. Fill out form
    Intrest In:
    RelationShip Status:

    My Form:

    Name: Vanilla
    Shiny: No
    Gender: Female
    Intrest In: Shiny Males
    RelationShip Status: PM me for love intrest

    Vanilla sighed. "Where is that Eevee? I know I saw him somewhere." She groaned. She looked around spotting a Shiny Eevee. "Why Hello." She smiled, licking her lips. She walked up to the Shiny and wispered into his ear. "Hey there dream boat." She smiled. The Shiny Eevee turned, then ran.

    "And another bites the dust." She frowned.
  2. Name: Ethan
    Shiny: Yes
    Gender: Male
    Interest in: He doesn't really know much about himself at all.
    Relationship Status: ???

    Ethan eventually found himself in a back alley. Trash was spread everywhere, and it was dark and messy, but at least he was alone. There had been so many people since he had arrived in Castelia, and he needed to calm down. Being a shiny, for him at least, wasn't all it was hyped up to be.

    Other shinies he had met had loved it, literally bathing in the attention and popularity. He didn't do well around people though, and he had quickly found it smothering and frustrating. Everyone wanted to be friends with you, but just "because shiny". He had quickly discovered friends like that don't last. "Phew. At least no one will notice my colour being different in this dark.
  3. Name: Midnight
    Shiny: Yea
    Gender: Male
    Intrest In: Any Female
    RelationShip Status: None Yet

    Midnight was in the tree above Vanilla. He was mostly terrified when Vanilla would flirt with him, which was mostly the other way round with most of the other Eevees in Castelia Garden. Midnight only had the guts to talk to her, but couldent stand near without being terrified.

    "Um, Hey Vanilla. Heh, whats going on?" Midnight gathered the Guts to accually speak. It was obvious Vanilla was searching for a relationship, but Midnight didnt want to be her soulmate.
  4. Vanilla smiled. "Hey Sweetie. Nice to see you gain." She smiled. She used Quick Attack to appear next to Midnight, then pounced on him. "Its nice to see you again. She smiled. She leaned in on Midnight's face."You're Midnight, if 'Im not mistaken? Am I, or do My eyes deceive me?" She smirked, licking her lips.
  5. Midnight was tackled off his branch, incredibly fast. "Wha! Vanilla! Get off me!" Midnight blushed. It wasn't the first time he was tackled by Vanilla. "OK Vanilla, drop the act. You know I'm Midnight, now get off me!" He growled. His Silver fur turned more red every second. "OK Vanilla, Im not your type, why dont you find another Shiny?" Midnight groaned.
  6. "Well I dont know, I wouldent wand another getting away? Would I?" She smiled. Vanilla was more of the 'Hard to Understand' type. She chases other's down, while if they chase her, she would end up on a Battle Spree. She sighed, lying down on Midnight. "Well, How bout it? You and Me?" She smiled.
  7. "How bout, Nope, Nope, Nope!" He growled. He then pushed Vanilla off, and landed over. "Look, I dont Like you like that, I Like you as some weird friend that follows me around. What can I do, so you will stop!" Midnight groaned. He slowly got off the eevee, letting her stand.
  8. Name : Draco
    Shiny: No
    Gender: male
    Interest in: Any female

    "Poor Midnight," Draco whispered to him self "that girl just will not leave any shiny guy alone." Draco went towards Midnight to help him with Vanilla until till he reversed it and let her stand "Hey Midnight, you alright" Draco said.
  9. Name: Majesteil (Maj-eh-steal)
    Shiny: Yes
    Gender: Female
    Intrest In: Shiny boys, The idea of art, sometimes likes to make paw-art
    RelationShip Status: Nope, not yet.

    Majesteil was pacing around a nearby tree (About 2 trees to the left) with her paws covered in a mixture of brown, yellow, blue, and green paint. She didn't mind about the huge flirting Vanilla x Midnight thing, she paced her head/eyes to the situation once in a while though. Eventually she went over to the situation with her sticky paws and touched Vanilla and Midnight. "Whats this?" She said, looking at Vanilla and Midnight with a kind of lenny face. She wiped her paws and slid her paws down Vanilla and Midnight. She noticed Draco hasn't been touched my her sweet painted paws, so she paced over to Draco and touched him making a Eevee pawprint made out of paint. She then went back to pacing around the tree.
  10. Name: Silver
    Shiny: Yes
    Gender: female
    Intrest In: Any one
    Relationship Status: Single Sadly

    Silver was wondering around town as usual not really doing anything much. She was going to go see his favorite art museum for the 100th time. She loves every single painting in that place. On her way there when he saw two Eevees. One looked rather uncomfortable and the other was trying to flirt with the other one. One was shiny while the other one wasn't. "That poor Guy. He needs help" Silver ran up to Midnight and asked "You look uncomfortable. Are you alright?"
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  11. Name: Tracy
    Shiny: Yes
    Gender: Female
    Interested in: Cute males
    Relationship status: None.

    Tracy walked through the streets, looking for new Pokemon to meet. "I wonder if I'll meet anyone new." Tracy said to herself. She then saw a Eevee pacing around a tree. "Someone new to meet!" Tracy said happily, walking over to the Eevee to introduce herself. "Hi, my name is Tracy! What's your name?" Tracy said to the Eevee.
  12. "Aww, you care." She smiled, pouncing on Midnight once again. "Besides, I like the easy ones. And look at our prints. They look the same, were meant to be." She smiled, burying her face in Midnight's scruff.
  13. "Ugh, Vanilla get off me!" Midnight growled. He tried to push the Eevee off but couldent. He gave up when Vanilla buried her face in his scruff. Midnight blushed. "V-Vanilla! Can you please get off me." His face turned red. Midnight looked around, there were more Eevee surrounding the two. Midnight didnt like Majesteil's print on his shoulder, which would take days to rince out. He frowned.
  14. I need to tell myself that this is the last RP I'll join for a while... But I know that won't happen, so

    Name: Stevey
    Shiny: yep
    Gender: female
    Intrest In: all the males! ;P (She's usually mistaken for a male herself.)
    RelationShip Status: single pringle who's ready to mingle

    Receiving a stamp on her silver fur made the small, silver Pokemon grow very excited very fast. "Why, thank you, m'lady!" she said to the Eevee who gave her the pawprint, bowing playfully. "I shall cherish it for a long time!"

    Running off, a grin on her face, Stevey came across a rather large tree, where a small scene seemed to be playing out. Climbing the back of the tree, the shiny Eevee sat on a high-up branch, looking down on the two called Vanilla and Midnight. "Aww~! I ship it!" she said to herself, a bit loudly, red cape tied around her neck flowing in the Castelia breeze, along with her long-ish bangs. "I wanna be in a relationship, too, though! It seems like so much fun~!" Flopping onto her back, Stevey risked falling off the branch she sat on in her happiness as she flailed her limbs around a bit awkwardly, quickly flipping back onto her feet and crouching into a sort-of hunting stance as she looked down at the group of Eevee below her, unsure if they knew of her presence or not.
  15. Draco turned after an eevee gave him a paw stamp and heard someone talking to themselves above he looked and saw Stevey standing there Draco said "I know your there Stevey you can come down and Vanilla leave Midnight alone. at least for today."
  16. Name: Dusk
    Shiny: No
    Gender: Male
    Intrest In: Females
    RelationShip Status: None Currently

    Dusk looked over at the commotion. "Too many males, too much competition." He groaned. "When day a female takes interest in me I'll eat my paw." He said loudly.
  17. "Stevey you gonna you know what never mind, I'm going back to my den," Draco said as he walked away from Midnight and Vanilla. He stopped and said," hey Midnight good luck with Vanilla," Draco turned and heard Dusk groaned something loudly," hey Dusk how are you doing you seen this or am I going crazy again and seen stuff," Draco shouted.
  18. Vanilla smiled, although it couldent be seen. She raised her head, smiling. "Thank You Stevey!" She smiled. "Atleast someone ships us." She smiled. She leaned in on Midnight, ready to give him a kiss. Her eyes were closed, leading to a Random Spot. She luckily placed her kiss on Midnight's lips.
  19. Draco turned before Dusk said anything and Draco said"I can't leave Midnight alone with her." Draco used shadow ball on Vanilla hoping not to hit Midnight. "Sorry Vanilla nothing personal just trying to help Midnight also, Midnight, run run like your life depends on it." Draco shouted
  20. OOC:
    Um, Lovely Eevee, Too Much perhaps? :'|
    Also, you do know Shadow Ball has no effect on any Eevee?

    Midnight's eyes widened as Vanilla kissed him. His silver fur jolted up, as Midnight was kissed. Midnight yelled, pushing Vanilla off, running in fear. "Thats It! She took it too far this time!" Midnight frowned. "Vanilla I swear on Arceus youre dead to me!" He yelled, running off into an Alliway. "Ugh, I swear to Arceus!" He repeated, banging his head on a Trash Can.
  21. Vanilla smiled, as thier kiss ended. "He'll be back. Or best case scenario, ill come for him." She smiled. She then looked around. She had gathered a crowd. "Well Well, look ehat the eevee dragged in?" She smiled. She looked over at Stevey. "Thanks for the Ship! He's gonna like it whether or not." She smiled, walking off.

    OOC: Nope
  22. Draco wandered the streets of the city thinking to himself Why didn't shadow ball work. I don't understand." Could it be that ghost type attacks just don't work on normal types. Maybe that's why he left me alone just maybe.
  23. Name: Rakki
    Species: eevee
    Shiny: no
    Gender: Female
    Intrest In: Any male
    RelationShip Status: none yet

    Rakki was new to this town and knew it was a very hard place to live in. She was turning around to walk to her den when she heard "I swear to arceus your dead to me!" Rakki started running towards the noise and saw another eevee "Hi are you okay?"
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  24. Midnight turned. "Why am I not surprised, there's more Shiny than Regular Eevee. I guess were not so special are we." Midnight frowned, jumping into the trash can, then jumping immediantly out. A Purrlion hissed at him, then returning back into the Can. "I hate Cats." Midnight groaned.
  25. Dusk grumbled sleepily, and rolled over, hoping no one would bother him. He twitched before curling up into a gloomy brown ball of fur.
  26. "Whoa..." Stevey whispered under her breath as she watched Midnight run off into an alleyway. Using her dull claws, she inched her way down the tree, walking slowly over to Vanilla. "Sorry 'bout that, mate," she said, sitting down inbetween her and the other normal Eevee. Now turning her head to look at him, Stevey let the wind ruffle her cape and fur. "I'm fine! See? Not a scratch!" Sticking her tongue out at him playfully, she decided to see where Midnight had run off to. "See ya later, guys!" she said to the others, waving a paw and rushing off, cape flapping behind her like she was a superhero.

    "'Ello?" she called through the alley she assumed Midnight inhabited. "Midnight? You here? You alright, eh?"
  27. Midnight groaned, another Eevee was looking for him. "Jeez, the Only Eevee that can leave me alone is dusk." Midnight groaned. He walked off, then hid behind a dumbster. "Ok, The pros of being captured, Free Food, Evolution, friends that arent other annoying eevee. Bads, Letting a trainer tell me what to do until He dies or Im released. Im starting to lean over to being captured." Midnight frowned.
  28. "Okay... I'll take that as a 'no', then?" Stevey called after Midnight, who she heard groan. "Sorry for living." After saying that, the shiny Eevee exited the alleyway the way she had entered, walking back over to the others and sitting down. "He's a pouty-puss," complained Stevey, pouting herself. "He walked away from me! How rude! Well, I guess Midnight is pretty rude, anyway... That doesn't matter! What do we do now? Get some food? I am pretty hungry... What do you guys wanna do?" Stevey asked Vanilla and Dusk, wind picking up her cape and throwing it over her head, covering her ears and face. The shiny giggled, playing with the end of the cape as she waited for the other Eevee's answers.
  29. "Whoa, I cant believe she actually left, then again, I cant believe her name is Stevey." Midnight smirked. He walked away from the dumpster than stared into Castelia Garden. He sighed entering Castelia's center. He wasn't going to rein act a sob story when one eevee got sad then ran away then the others would loom for him leading to a plot development, then a final boss/conflict at the end to save Midnight who had been captured by Humans. All of it seemed pretty diverse, as if someone were controlling their every actions and moves through sets of Dialogue. Midnight ignored it as it was his own mind. He walked toward Stevey's group, avoiding eye contact with Vanilla.

    OOC: And Midnight broke the forth wall
  30. Draco wandered through the streets of Castilia city and thought. These streets are all similar I'll never find my back to the den. Draco picked a random alley for the time and wandered in ,"anyone there," Draco saw midnight walking towards an other group of eeves. "hey midnight you alright
  31. "Aww, Midnight! You came back for me! I knew you loved me!" She teased. She would probably tackle any shiny and tease them, but she liked doing it to Midnight for reasons, one being its easy to make him blush, two being he stays around the longest, and three because She was closer with Midnight than any other eevee.
  32. Midnight blushed a bit. "Yea, I didn't come back for you. I think id rather hang out with Dusk." Midnight sighed, walking off. He looked over at Dusk who was lying on his back. "So that's four, what other friends do I have?" Midnight questioned. He looked back at his paw print that Majestiel printed on him. "No, I'm gonna end up with paw prints everywhere. I should probably wash this out." Midnight frowned.
  33. Stevey listened with perked ears as Midnight talked about the pawprint on his shoulder. Smiling lightly, she batted at her cape, sending it back to its usual position, and glanced down at her own mark. "I kinda like it, actually!" she said, looking up to Midnight with a sparkle in her eyes. "If I get more, then I can be sparkly and colorful! What's better than that, huh!?" Running around in small, excited circles, Stevey laughed along with the sudden energy rush she felt in her body. "Let's go do something! Let's go run! How about football? Who wants to play football, huh? I do!"

    (OOC: Y'know, American football and junk.)
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  34. OOC: Diamond? Wrong RP Phantom

    Midnight sighed as Stevey circled around him. He was only bigger by what seemed to be a inch. He could see over the Eevee but he was already getting confused. He closed his eyes then sighed. "OK Stevey, the marks are great, Majestiel does some pretty cool things and artwork, and yes I will play Foot Ball with you, just please stop running around like a 5 year old." Midnight frowned. Midnight was practically the most mature out of the bunch, next to Dusk.
  35. (OOC: OMG I'm an idiot. xD )

    "Yaaay!" yelled Stevey, ceasing her running and sitting in front of Midnight, wagging her tail and smiling brightly. "We need teams! Who wants to be on mi-ine?" she called, looking back to the other Eevees, eyes shining in the sunlight along with her silver coat. "Didn't mean to make you dizzy, though, Midnight. Sorry 'bout that." Stevey apologized to the shiny Eevee, sweat-dropping.
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  36. "I would like to play!" Rakki said, "Can I join someone's team?"
  37. Silver heard something about football. She wanted to join, but he was kinda shy. But He worked up the courage to ask. "Ex...Excuse Me, May I join? I hope I am not a bother but I wish to join, if that's okay of course. I personally don't care what team, I'm not picky." Oh my paws she sounded lame but he had to ask. It was playing football or viewing a art museum he had seen plenty of times.
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  38. (OOC: Might I just say that the gif in your signature is the best thing? Yes, I can. xD )

    Yet another shiny Eevee made an appearance, but this one acted different from everyone else. Turning her head to look at him, Stevey's smile widened. "Sure! I don't really know what the teams are at the moment, but mine is always open! I'm sure you'd like that, hm~?" she teased, chuckling playfully. "So I guess it's either with me or against me. Take your pick, stranger!... What is your name, anyway?" Before he had a chance to answer, though, the female shiny stood up on her hind legs, placing a paw on her chest like a certain skeleton everyone knows and loves, cape flowing freely behind her. "I am the great Stevey! It is a pleasure to meet you!" she joked, falling onto all fours again.

    (OOC: I swear, if someone doesn't know what skeleton I'm talking about...)
  39. OOC: Lol I Know Right? Oh and By the way, I'm don't not a lot about football, Just saying I do know the basics but not every little thing.
    BIC: One of the Shiny Eevee told him she could be on her team. What was different about this Eevee was that this one had a sweet cape on. Silver was a huge nerd and superheroes where among her favorite things. "Nice Cape, I am Silver. Silver the Shiny Eevee. I thought I was the only shiny around here, guess not. But I don't get out of the house much besides my daily trip to the art museum and the occasional trip to buy food. " She smiled "So Stevey, May I join your team?"
    OOC: PAPYRUS IS MY FAVORITE!!!! ♥ (Undertale is so awesome)
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  40. "Why, thank you, Silver!" Stevey replied to his compliment, smile growing. "Of course you can be on my team! I knew you'd wanna~!" Once again, she teased the shiny, running off to a spot where she could see the entire group of Eevees clearly. "A'ight, everyone! If ya wanna be on my team, come stand next to me! If ya wanna play against me..." her voice grew quieter, and she chuckled suggestively, "...Well, it's not like you really want to, but still. If you're gonna play against me, go stand over there!" She waved at a random spot with a paw, playfully acting very snooty and stuck-up. "We gotta make sure these teams are even, too! Keep that in mind, people!"

    (OOC: Nah, don't worry about it. I don't know anything about football, either, actually. Now that I think about it, how's this game gonna work? xD )

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