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Eclipse's Story Requests (RE-DONE)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by NightRaven, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Hello! You can call me Eclipse, but welcome to my request thread! (Please take note this was redone. The older thread had failed, and any requests made will probably also be redone.)

    I will only take one request at a time, so please be patient! Also, try and give me a bit of detail about what you want to happen.
    -How long should it be?
    -What is it about?
    -What is the plot?
    -What is it based on?
    Here are the requests below:
    @Kanako Yasaka
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  2. On Earth, people relax and bask in the calm of a winter without end. Spring has shown no sign of arriving even though it's already May, and in fact the snowstorms are continually getting worse. Yui Harukai, Your normal Collage student is tired of being cold day in and day out and wants to find the source of this unnatural weather. Jason Mirez, A Highschool dropout, sees a cherry blossom petal float down outside his warm house and wonders if spring is happening somewhere else. Lyra Skott the chief maid of the Buckingham Palace, knows that their winter supplies are diminishing quickly, and wants to end this prolonged winter before they run out completely.
    I dont care how many paragraphs, ill let you decide~
    Winter Frontier.
    Yui: Smart and Sweet
    Jason: Quick-tempered, but has very knowledgeable of weapon use.
    Lyra: Quick and efficient. doesn't like to talk much.
  3. I'll be sure to do it tomorrow after class. ^^ (If it's from an anime or something, I might get many, many things wrong XD but I'll still put a lot of effort into it!)
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  4. Het Raven, what about DuskFeatherXNightRaven... If you don't feel comfortable that's fine... Just curious...
  5. ......and you can add Splashbreeze too!

    Or not. That's ok too.
  6. Err.....sadly I wont be able to do that ;-; sorry...

    But, what I could do, is a warriors "story" with your characters included! ^^ heh.
  7. Yay!

    Meh I figured so.
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  8. @_Umbreon_ and @EspeonTheBest , your request will begin ^^ hopefully you enjoy. (Note: I will add characters that might not be in the Warriors roleplay. It will be kinda the same though and I'll include your characters. If you want other characters of your own in the story, let me know and I'll add them in ^^)
  9. Rave, can we maybe do a duo story?
  10. Possibly~ But, sadly, at the moment, I'm still working on their story (unless you meant something else xD ) :'| If you want me to do a story for you, I'm afraid you'll have to wait...I'm still stuck in a long period of writers block
  11. I mean I create a storyline, and we cowrite it as a two point of view series
    I can tell you more if you want
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  12. If you need help with ideas to use for writing, I'll be glad to help. I'm on a roll with my side series, Shadewing's Despair.
  13. Alright ^^ we can do that. And thank you for your offer, @Shadewing ! We honestly might need it ^^
  14. Me and you, Shauna (Unless Luma meant the other request o3o then lets ignore that xD heh.)
  15. Ok I just got confused for a minute
    Do you wanna here the storyline I've got in mind?
  16. Sure ^^ We can both set up ideas for it and then we can begin to type.
  17. I'll conversation it
  18. I'm totally not reviving this thread and editting it...
    @_Umbreon_ , I'm re-doing your request, and it's going to be the original idea you wanted (Duskfeather x Nightraven). Sorry for your first request not even being finished for probably about a whole year... ^^'
  19. @_Umbreon_ , You're in luck! I'm finally coming up with the plot for your story!
    Here's some info on it. If you want it to stay this way, that's fine, but if you want, say, a different plot, tell me when the story is done so I can edit it!
    - There will be no allegiances
    - Duskfeather will be the ThunderClan medicine cat [unless I'm forgetting he's part of a different Clan]
    - Nightraven will be an ordinary warrior, but later become deputy
    - There will be A LOT of violence
    - There may be some depressing scenes here and there, especially at the end

    I hope you enjoy it~!
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  20. Sorry for the wait, friend ^^'

    I am working on it first for plans on a Word document. Then, I'll type all that down here, and you'll have your story!
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