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Duelist Darkness

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by PhantoAce, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Hey guys its Laties here with a Brand new RP. If you haven't already guessed, this RP is going to be based around Yu-Gi-Oh and its based around Duelist Academy. It starts at the opening tournament, where duelists need to win a duel to enter Duel Academy. You must have a name for your Deck, and Duel Spirits are optional but you can only be able to have one. Ok, So I'll start.

    Shay watched the new Duelists battiling below, awaiting his turn. He looked to the Silver Duel Disk attached to his left arm. He looked down to his deck attached to his left part of his waist. A faint roar came from his side. He looked to see Cyber Dragon at his side. He made a faint smile. Cyber Dragon had been his friend for years. He didn't have many friends back when he was at Primary School. All the kids made fun of him. He never won any duels. Then, one day, a brand new card packet came out. Almost all of them were sold out, but there was one left. He had looked to the other boy, holding a load of the packets. He had blue hair and was quite serious looking. Shay didn't take any notice and grabbed the last packet. Soon after he had bought it, he ran to his house and teared open the Packet. He pulled out several cards. 'Future Fusion', 'Proto Cyber Dragon', then, the very last card he pulled out was a very powerful looking card, called Cyber Dragon. As soon as he had pulled this out, a faint roar came from behind him. He span around and there, right infront of him, was a great metal beast of a dragon.

    He shuffled all of the new cards into his deck. Every day, he would go to the card shop and buy packet after packet of cards. Soon, he was unbeatable.
    All of his friends had asked him to trade cards, but he repeatedly refused. He wouldn't let anybody else use his cards. Now, at the age of 13, he had decided to enter Duelist Academy, to face top notch duelists. He was all set to duel, now all that was left was for his name to be called. He looked to the real students. Some were in red, some in yellow and some in blue. Shay smiled. Which one would he get into? and would he be the best?
  2. (how coincidential, I had an idea to make a Yu-Gi-Oh RP just now, this saves me from having to plan the events...)

    "Now! Thousand Dragon! Destroy his Rogue Doll!" A child of around twelve called. The large, orange dragon let loose a fiery breath that incinerated the magical, robed, puppet. Darren watched as his life points drop from 2000 to 1200, meaning that if he didn't summon a monster within two turns, Thousand Dragon will destroy his Mystical Elf in one turn, then take his life points in the next. His opponent's turn was over, so he was safe for now. Before drawing his card, Darren observed the current status of the duel. He had 1200 life points while his opponent had 700. Although he still had the advantage of higher life points, he had only one card left in his hand, and that was a 7-star Wingweaver, too many to summon with his only monster on the field. On the other hand, his opponent had no cards in his hand, having used it all to fuse Time Wizard and Baby Dragon. It was official, the next two turns will decide the fate of the duel. Before reaching into his orange-and-red styled Duel Disk, he used his thumb to rub the other fingers of his drawing hand, where a small scar formed a line across his index finger. He then reached for his deck, he dislodged the top card from the Duel Disk with the scared finger, before using that finger in cooperation with the middle finger and thumb to pull out the card. Darren liked to do this for good luck, and usually, it worked. He raised the card to his face and studied it, it wasn't going to turn the tide of the battle on its own, but it would set the foundations for his comeback.

    "I shall now activate my drawn card!" Darren announced, placing the card in a magic slot on his Duel Disk. The card appeared on the field standing up with the face of the card pointing towards his opposition, showing a hideous green face on a jug. "Pot of Greed! Which allows me to draw 2 cards from my deck!" he continued, the jar gave of a maniacal cackle, then disappeared. Darren placed the card in his graveyard and reached for his deck, repeating the procedure with stroking his fingers, then taking the card, except drawing two cards simultaneously. Raising the two cards to his face so that one was hidden by the other. He saw his most trustworthy equip-magic card on top, then shifted his finger to show the card underneath; a 4-star monster, his best one. Darren could have imagined it, but he could have heard a growling, something that always happened when he drew this card. He had grown to ignore it, though something inside told him that this was no ordinary monster. And it and the equip card that came with it were both going to finish the duel once and for all.

    "I summon Vorse Raider to the field in attack mode!" Darren called, putting his 4-star monster on the field, the card appeared hovering between the duelist, as an image of a humanoid, axe-wielding beast-warrior monster grew from the card, swinging its axe and growling menacingly at it's opponent. With an attack of 1900 and defense of 1200 this was the strongest normal 4-star monster around, at least as far as Darren knew. "I shall then equip it with my magic card" he continued, putting his magic card in the same place as 'Pot of Greed' took momentarily just now. It appeared in the same way, showing a human arm holding hands with a blue-skinned creature's arm, with energy glowing where their hands connected; "United We Stand!" he called as the Equip Card and Vorse Raider began to glow, indicating the equip was directed on him. "This Equip Card will increase Vorse Raider's attack and defense by 800 for every face-up monster on my side of the field. And since my face up monsters are Mystical Elf and Vorse Raider himself, his attack and defense will increase by 1600!" Darren explained, as Mystical Elf was shown standing close to the axe-wielder, as the Equip Card showed the effect, Darren watched as Vorse Raider's attack soared to 3500. And against an attack-mode Thousand Dragon that had 2400 attack points, it would deal 900 points of damage to his opponent's life points: more than what he had left.

    "Vorse Raider! It's time to end this! Attack Thousand Dragon with Aerial Head Cleaver!" Darren called, Vorse Raider responded by leaping into the air with his axe poised. He landed on Thousand Dragon's head and delivered a swift, slice of the axe that took of the Dragon's head. He leapt back up, did a somersault, and landed back on top of his card. Thousand Dragon lay still for a moment, head a few inches away from the neck, then it crumbled to dust. As the dust blew away, the last of Darren's opponent's life points began to drop. "Duel… Over!" Darren announced, as the rapidly falling numbers hit 0: Darren had won.

    As cheers and applause came from the spectators, Darren recollected the cards from the field, hand, and graveyard, put it with the cards with his deck, shuffled it, and put it in a waist packet attached to his belt. Darren's key 'Swift Pain Strikers' deck had won him another duel. He then approached his opposition to congratulate his opponent for the duel.

    "A brilliant duel indeed, as long as there was fun in doing it." Darren complimented, the short but muscular tan-skinned kid looked up at the tall, brown-haired, green-eyed, fair-skinned 14-year old that had just beaten him in a duel. He was wearing jeans, a belt with a large buckle showing two dragons twisting around each other as if being sucked down a whirlpool. He had a simple white T-shirt on that was going to be saved for whatever jacket was to be given to him upon his official acceptance into the Duelist Academy. "I mean, you had me crushed into a corner for a second with your Thousand Dragon." Darren continued,

    "And you had me backed into a corner twice in the duel. And just when I thought I stood a chance, your Vorse Raider comes out of nowhere and ends it all." His opposition reminded him, Darren thought for a second that he was angry at him because of the loss, but then he sighed. "But yeah, that duel was fun." he raised a hand out for a shake, "My name's Ross, and I promise to beat you next time." He resolved, Darren took the hand and shook it,

    "I'm Darren, and I'll be looking forward to it." He promised. He and Ross then walked in opposite directions towards the exits on the sides of the field as the next two duelists stepped up.
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  3. Shay smiled as he watched the boy destroy Thousand Dragon with his Vorse Raider. The Speaker began. "Duel 32 shall now commence" Shay looked to the duel card in his hand. 'Duel 32' it read. Shay clambered down the steps and onto the battle field.

    Shay handed his deck to his opponent, who handed his to him. They shuffled the decks, then handed them back. Shay equiped the deck into the Duel Disk. "Its time to duel." Shay activated his duel disk. The main screen read ; 'Shay Current LP: 4000' Shay grabbed one of three cards from his back pocket and held it up. His oppenent did the same. Shay had paper, his oppenent rock. Shay had won the decision.

    "You may go first." Shay drew 5 cards from his deck. He smiled. He had drawn The Hex Sealed Fusion, Future Fusion, Fusion gate, Cyber Dragon and Aqua Madoor. His opponent drew. He summoned Mystical Elf in defence mode, thinking that would save him. He didn't set any spell or trap cards. Shay drew a card. Humanoid Slime. He smiled. "Did you really think that your Mystical Elf can stop me? I activate the Effect of one of my most powerful monsters. I special Summon Cyber Dragon to the Field. But thats not all, I activate Fusion Gate! This means I can fuse any monsters to create a Fusion monster without using Polymeziration. Then, I activate My Light Sealed Fusion Hex. By sacrificing my Cyber Dragon and this card from my hand, I can summon The almight Cyber Twin Dragon!" Shays Cyber Dragon disappeared, along with The Light Sealed Fusion from his hand. Then, from a bright light, A gigantic Two headed Cyber Dragon appeared. "Now your in for it."

    Shay Immediately ordered Cyber Twin Dragon to Attack. "Cyber Twin Dragon! Attack with Dual Strident Blast!" The two heads sent out beams of light straight into his Aqua Madoor. It exploded. "Now, I activate my Dragon's Effect! This means he can attack twice in one turn. Now, Cyber Twin Dragon, attack him directly with Dual Strident Blast." The dragon fired once more. His oppenents life point counter went down from 4000 to 1200. "Now, to finish my turn, I activate Future Fusion!. By sending two Fusion Material Monsters from my Deck to the graveyard, after two Standby Phases, I can summon that fusion monster onto my side of the field. And guess what? I send my two remaining Cyber Dragons from my deck to the graveyard. Not that I'll be needing them any time soon.

    "I activate the Spell Card Dark hole." Shay looked in astonishmet. Hs Cyber Twin dragon was sent straight to the Graveyard. Oh well, another would be along in a few turns. Oddly enough, his opponent didn't summon any other monsters to the field. Shay smiled as he drew his next card. Monster Rencarnation. Shay smiled. "Now, by sending my Humanoid Slime from my Hand to the Grave yard, I activate my Spell Card, Monster Rencarnation, so I return one of my Cyber Dragons to my hand. Oh, and If you didnt already know, that means you only have one last move until you lose." Shay smiled. His opponent drew then ended his turn. Shay drew once again. Limiter Remover. This was it. He had lost for sure. Then, on came a second Cyber Twin Dragon. Shay smiled. "Do you want to know why I got my Cyber Dragon back into my hand? So that I could summon my most powerful monster, Cyber End Dragon! Shay sacrificed his Cyber Twin and Cyber Dragon, then summoned a gigantic Three Headed Cyber Dragon. "And thats not all. I activate the spell card Limiter Removal. This means that all machine type monsters on my side of the field's attack points are doubled, but then the monsters that are effected by this card are destroyed at the end of the turn. So, my Cyber End Dragon's Attack points double from 4000 to 8000. Now, Triple Strident Blast!" The dragons sent a huge blow of light straight at his opponent. The life points quickly decreased from 1200 to 0. All of the 3-D monsters vanished. "Game, Over"
  4. Darren watched the next duel in which one duelist won in three turns, a feat he hasn't been able to accomplish as of yet. It was probably his strategy, a flexible deck that didn't always depend on drawing the right card at the right time, a major error many duelists made when trying to create a powerful deck. However, that left him virtually powerless against those that got lucky with their draws. He still was able to get out of problems like that on occasion. Such as what had happened in his latest duel.

    As the next two duelists stepped up, Darren took out a handful of booster packs from his pocket. All were from his recent birthday, there was two from his parents, one from his older brother, one from his friend back at home, and one from his uncle. Most of them were regular packs, but the one from his uncle was barely a proper pack at all. It didn't have any art on it at all, it was a simple packet made from plastic wrapper; the same used to store pop-tarts. Darren was sure that his uncle modified the pack to put in cards of his choosing. This tempted him to open it to see what cards could possibly be inside, but he knew what his uncle wrote on a card that came with the pack, "Save for the Sky." Darren was unsure what he meant, but it was clear that he wasn't meant to open it yet. He put all the packs back in his pocket, intending to open one of the normal ones later that day, and sat back to watch the ongoing duel.
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