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DSi Exclusive Features

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Toastie, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Hi.

    So, while 'Charms was down, the box art of Pokemon Black and White versions was released. A very interesting thing about it is what it says in the bottom right corner. It says at the start of the code, "TWL", which is Nintendo's way of denoting that the games are enhanced for the DSi.
    So what are these enhanced features? Obviously, the main thing about the DSi is its cameras. Owing to the game's theme, maybe the cameras detect how dark/light it is around you and adjusts/influences the game accordingly - a brand new game mechanic! This would also mean they would be enhanced for the 3DS, which is compatible with the DSi.

    Post your opinions below!
  2. That's awesome! This is the first game I know of that has DSi exclusive features. I'm guessing there's going to be some pokemon that has the ability to use photos somehow, kind of like how Chatot can use the mic.
  3. I hope these features are nothing too important, perhpas some stuff with the camera or sound recordings... but I stilll want to enjoy the games on my DS Lite.
  4. Agreed. I am a happy DS Lite owner, and I don't intend to blow some money that I don't have on the (in my eyes) useless DSi. But, even so, having an attack that uses the camera somehow would be cool.
  5. I remember a myth going around regarding Platinum having DSi compatibility, using the camera with several poketch (sp?) apps. I was beyond exited. I sure hope they'll actually do that with B/W, too.
  6. maybe you can have a pic of yourself on your trainer card
  7. I'm really torn on whether I should get the DSi XL (no, I'm not even considering getting a regular DSi) or not because I keep hearing news of a new DS that will crash onto the scene at some point. But whether I get it or not, I'm hoping there will be DSi exclusives. Seeing as they didn't really start integrating the touchscreen until HGSS, it's high time Pokemon games start making use of the DSi's extended capabilities (ahem, like the better audio). I'm excited about any exclusive features for the DSi that Black and White may have. Perhaps they'll have wifi downloadable content in the same tradition as the E-Reader back in the GBA days (I think I'm the only one that had one and all the cards XD). It would also be cool to see some kind of use of an SD card as well.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Hmm... DSi exclusive features could be nice. It wouldn't need to be anything major, but something small like downloadable content for Secret Bases (or an equivalent) would be fun. The camera could add a few new applications, too, but I honestly can't think of anything new it could be used for beyond what you guys have already suggested.
  9. Okay. This is going to be a weird-ass piece of trivia, but stay with me.

    Japan has these things called QR Codes. They're a lot like barcodes, but they contain all kinds of information, as opposed to just the number of an item in a store. QR Codes are on almost everything nowadays in Japan, and some smart phones even come with an application that can scan and read the QR Codes on various objects and show you the text or information embedded in them.

    The DSi comes with a camera.

    Maybe the games can scan QR Codes to do things like introduce Pokémon? Maybe when they release Event-Only Pokémon, they'll send out cards like the E-Reader ones, and you can take a picture of the QR Code on it to get the data for the Event Pokémon. This would most likely be Japan-Only, but it'd still be really cool.
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  10. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
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    Kal has a good point- and QR Codes aren't just used in Japan. I've seen them around plenty of places even here in England - and my phone has an application to read them. They are very very useful things indeed.
  11. Maybe on the DSI you can like record your battles & show friends or somthin Idk....
  12. You can already do that in Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver on a plain old DS or DS Lite
  13. I'm still wondering on how a photo attack would work. How much memory does it take to store and photo, then put it on the card?
  14. Well, to put it in perspective, the Nintendo DSi application stores 415 photos, and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl used up an eighth of the cartridge space.
  15. Hm. That makes it sound like it would be fairly easy, and memory-safe, method of doing some sort of attack with it. I bet some 'Pixel Pokemon' spits up photos to attack. :p
  16. Porygon does no such thing, though. :S

    Maybe Sami will be in this game! :O

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  17. Okay I have a question but what or who is Sami

    Also I am hoping these exclusive features are not to big otherwise I will probably end
    up feeling left out. :(
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  18. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    I can imagine that whatever they do will translate to the 3DS as well. That way, even if you were one of the folks who saw little reason to by a DSi, you'll still be able to enjoy the exclusive features on your 3DS. And anyone who says they won't be buying a 3DS, well... It's the future of Nintendo's handheld market, so sooner or later you will be left behind without one. XD
  19. I believe that it was confirmed at E3 that the 3DS would be compatible with DSi stuff.

    And that barcode thing sounds like it has potential. Wasn't there a Monster Rancher thing that did the same kinda thing, but with discs?
  20. Yessss.

    I remember spending almost four hours when I was six going through our entire DVD and Game collection to find THE BEST MONSTER EVERRRRRRRRRR.

    Though if this turned into that weird barcode scanner monster game that they sell as those little black-and-white game-and-watch-type games, I'd be unhappy. :<

    I'd really hope that the only barcodes you could scan would be official Nintendo Barcodes.
  21. It would be funny to me if I just scanned a can of corn or something and BAM! Gyarados.

    Anywho, the whole mic. thing reminds me of Chatot's Chatter. It would be really funny if you could screw with the recording and make it sound like a pixi or a demon.

    Another thing I saw was a fake screenshot of the camera taking the players picture, and then the pokemon decided if they like it or not, but I think that would be too complicated.
  22. Im considering the possibility that you can take snap shots of the game screne and save them to the dsI.
  23. I don't really know what the point of that would be, but I wish you could play your own music when you play! Pokemon music is so... old.
  24. Nim


    DSi exclusives would be pretty nice but I have to say that O hope they aren't too important because I'm not getting a DSi but I still want to play the game without having a hige disadvantage to players with the DSi.
  25. Being able to take screenshots would be nice. Then I wouldn't always have to trawl spriting boards to get a sprite or background.
  26. I agree, I wouldn't want to go buy a DSi just because players with a DSi would have a MASSIVE advantage over those who don't.

    I mean, my old DS works just fine :|
  27. One of the features, if not the only feature, have been discovered:

    "The DSi will have a new "TV Telephone" feature where you can have a TV-phone conference with up to four people."

    Sounds interesting, though no Pokemon in my Pyjamas any more...
  28. sounds pretty cool i guess but i prefer my ds lite mostly because black and white might have pal park[xblgt][/xblgt]

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