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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Korora, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I think someone didn't post this one yet, so, meh.
    Dreams. The imaginary world closed off from reality. Sometimes it's controlled, and sometimes it isn't.

    Do you have weird dreams? Scary or Frightening? Or ones when you wake up, you feel like the king of the world?
    Discuss them here. ^^

    I had one dream, in which, I was at a friend's house. A ray struck us, bounced to the wall, created and pulled us into a portal.
    I find myself on a beach, next to a creature. I found out my friend was transformed into a Turtwig, and I was a Piplup.
    Then we begin our adventures in Mystery Dungeon, explorers of Sky.
    Odd. Very Odd. But I had odder. I don't feel like describing now...
  2. Well... Is it okay to tell you about dreams that I know someone else has had?

    Because mine are either nightmares or uninteresting :}
    My sister told me once that she had a dream... That... My dad was fishing in the grass >.>;
    And (somehow) he caught a shark and had to toss it over the fence into the neighbouring garden...
    Another is that, apparently, a king had built a castle on my bed, but got kicked out... Because the clocks were wrong xD;

    I tell you my sister is a very strange person~ <33
  3. Well, when I was little, I was haunted by a reacurring nightmare. It was odd, but basically I was at a gas station and a dragon blew fire on it. I got out in time and took a car and gtfo out of there, but the dragon kept chasing me. It turned out that that stemmed from my sister constantly watching me in my sleep.

    But as far as regular dreams go, I keep having odd dreams where I'm in some other location. Basically, my friends and I take the place of whoever lived in that town. It was odd, because one time we took the place of some lucky kids that got to go to Japan.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    All of the above. I love my dreams. XD

    The dream I had last night I'd probably classify as fun and kinda epic. Apparently some creature was traveling around the world absorbing power at an alarming rate, and all who had attempted to take it down met painful ends. I remember commenting that "I remember this dream... I know how to stop it!" but as I was setting up the final battle my first time 'round (a very video game-ish battle), my mother interfered and let the enemy slip through my grasp. From there the dream turned into a very realistic chase around the planet. There was a city chase, an out-of-control train that saw me save everyone on board by blowing a hole in the roof (then telling everyone to release a Flying-type Pokemon, climb out through the hole, and fly to safety), and an oversea race against the time. Many of my random team Pokemon saw usage in the dream, most notably my Charizard (but I tend to dream about him a lot in general). At one point me and him were knocked out of the sky but I had just enough time to recall him and release my Blastoise before hitting the waters. ♥

    The final showdown made me laugh. When we located the enemy it had grown enormous. My human companion pleaded with me that it was futile, but I told her if I didn't try we were all doomed anyways. I'd just die first if things didn't work out. :X So I released every single Pokemon that I had, about 25 or so at the time. Then... I merged them all into one creature. XD It was bloody Digimon Xros-ish (even commented on that within the dream), except that when the battle wasn't going so well I jumped in and merged myself with them 'em too, creating a very glowy, angelic humanoid being. A very glowy, angelic humanoid being that kicked ass (and fully clothed!). It was quite cool being connected to the minds of every single one of my Pokemon.

    Too bad I woke up right then! Boo. I wanted to see that dream through to the end, but alas, such is the fate of awesomefun dreams.
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  5. I have had this really weird dream about 5 times now. You know that blue cow from Dora The Explorer, Benny the Bull? Well, it is him just standing there motionless for two seconds, then the dream ends. I also once had a dream where me and Abraham Simpson were trying to escape Bowser's castle. Weird...
  6. ... *Shudders* I just had a dream last night that El was in my house for some reason, drinking all of my milk. He drank a 3 litre bottle of it in one go and I just stood there and let him do it. I hope this nightmare isn't recurring.
  7. If Dreams had little Random Warning stickers on them, this one would have about 5.
    You've been warned...

    Okay, so the Dream starts off with me waking up in a cave with bananas growing in it (???). I went outside after I ate a banana and found that it tasted like celery.

    Once I was outside, some 3 year old girl ran past me with Pedobear running behind her, knocking out anyone who was older than 10. I then ran over to some place that kinda looked like a canyon but had no bottom. There was just a blue "sky" (on the ground?) and clouds where the canyon floor would normally have been. I then inferred that I was on a floating island. I decided to go somewhere else and found a fence.

    Having jumped over the fence, I discovered a colony of Mudkips living in this closed-off area. Having seen me, they chanted their little Mudkip cries, declaring that I was in Soviet Russia. Having heard this, I decided that since we were in Soviet Russia, the Mudkips would like me, and that just meant I would be suffocated by their sheer numbers on top of me while they tried to death hug me.

    I then decided to get out of this island and found myself next to the canyon again. Having seen a boat not far from where I was standing, I decided to use that.

    However, it was right in the middle of the canyon. I decided to jump, but fell short, and ended up falling to my doom.

    And then I woke up. I swear, I was falling when I was waking up and I crashed into my bed while I was awake. Pretty weird. Felt like I had been dropped from the ceiling...
    Stop smoking, and that should be solved.
  8. Note: You might not wanna read this, it is weird, I tell you.

    I wake up, in my bedroom. Or what was supposed to be my bedroom. My blanket was covered in Ice sheets, and there was a blizzard freezing every corner of the room. My mother opens the door, and when she does...
    she was completely frozen in a layer of permafrost, and the blizzard spread among the entire house.
    I go looking for the heater, and I find it; in a closet. I see...
    a frozen Agumon. Not kidding you.

    I get freaked out. I reach out for the phone to ask my friend what do do here, but the phone is frozen, as well. In a rage, I snap the phone in two.
    It turns to embers, which freaks me out even more. I drop it onto my foot, and my ankles were held in "ice cuffs."
    It was spreading rapidly towards the rest of my body, so I hop as fast as I could, well, hop. I took the heater and went downstairs, and I find
    of all people, Goku ; downstairs, finishing a fight with Vegeta. Vegeta looked like he was done for, and growled,
    Goku uses Kame-hame-ha to blow apart half of my house. (I lol'd when he said that, cause that was the name of a Hawaiian King. xD)
    I woke up right then. =x

    You can clearly see I have real weird dreams. =x
  9. ...I think that El had a nightmare at the same time; Him being forced to walk into your house and drink three litres of milk. That'd sure as hell make me throw up.
  10. Well, I had a dream last night, that was rather amusing. You know how anime's have their own opening's with epic music? I had that, and it was for my characters for the game I'm making. It had this for the basic theme, but it had some random lyrics, which I guess was Japanese saved up in my subconscious. It was starring the boy in my sig and all of his crazy adventures.

    Then, like any anime opening, it went off. I had another dream right after that. Basically I was surrounded by all of the girls I ever had a crush on, mind you it wasn't anything nasty. It was more of a Brock's fantasy thing. Anyway, they were all saying how they were sorry for not seeing how handsome I was... blah blah blah... then I woke up. Now, I read somewhere that if you wake up from a dream that you really liked, then you could go back by not moving an inch. So I did, and my dream turned into a nightmare. All of the sudden, a giant spider just showed up and started eating everyone. I juuust can't win, can I -_-.
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  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have such odd dreams, in one of them I was being chased by wolves around an Ice rink wearing only my socks...
    In another, I married a cookie O_O ...scarey..
  12. I had the strangest dream several nights ago. I was psyched about getting the Half-Blood Prince for my birthday, and I apparently dreamed up an alternate storyline... I was tracking Lord Voldemort in the forest, but I wasn't myself. I was...
    Hermione Granger. I swear to Zeus.
    So, I was lying in the grass with my wand out (Or, Hermione's wand? I dunno.) in the Forbidden Forest and Voldemort was conversing with Wormtail. And then, randomly, this rather stocky woman I know, pops in and says "Lord Voldemort, what are you doing here?"

    He said "What? Who are you?" But she was gone. A split second later, the woman was right behind me, saying "Hermione, what are you doing here?" She was wearing a look up surprise and confusion.

    Suddenly, Voldemort whips around and discovers me, and I hightail it back to Hogwarts. I think I ran into Harry and Ron in a hedge maze with Buckbeak, but I don't remember. I made it back to the castle, and locked myself in the girl's bathroom. Voldemort wanted t get in, but he couldn't. I was thinking in the back of my mind, why can't he just blast the door open?

    So, I locked myself in a makeup cupboard (Are those even real?) And I started throwing lipstick around. I have no idea why. Anyway, part of my mind wanted to progress the dream. But the other side wanted me to stay where I was. The doors around me could all be easily accessed by Voldemort.

    Eventually, I began to think that if I just went with the plot, everything would work out like it always does. I stole out one of the doors, and somehow found myself in a girl's Hufflepuff dorm. (WTF?!) So, I woke up Hannah Abbot (Again, WTF?!) And told her to help me fight Voldemort. Then we woke up the other girls and we tried to disarm and kill Voldemort. Neither spell worked.

    And then, random people started pouring into the room! Teachers and students, and i tried to organize them into groups to kill Voldemort, but then I woke up.

    Considering th fact that I was able to keep myself in the cupboard for, what, five minutes, and replay parts of the dream several times, I dub this a lucid dream. A very strange lucid dream.
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  13. Well, I didn't take some of my dreams seriously, but now I must say something. I have dreams sometimes where I'm in a normal situation, and the dream usually lasts about a few seconds. Still though, those few seconds are in places I actually know. I had a dream where my class was sitting it the junior area of the bleachers listening to some preacher, and they were wearing certain clothing. I never took it into account. However, 2 weeks later, We're in that situation, and we are all sitting in the same spot. Either I'm psychic or that is an incredibally rare coincidence.

    Another dream I had was horrible. My mother broke her should for some reason, and some random guy in my class wouldn't let go of her to let me take her to the hospital. Needless to say I kicked his ass and took her there. I hope this isn't like the other dream, because I didn't recognize this place, as it was in some large, white house, and I don't want her hurt.
  14. Wierd dreams are wierd (well duh where is my common sence today?) but what's even wierder is when two or more people have exactly the same dream but from their own point of view for example:
    My girlfriend once had a dream where she was wearing the exact same lucario costume as the pokémon sunday one and we were both dancing on stage in the greek hotel that we stayed in and at the same time precisely I was having... the same dream! (We were dancing to the same song aswell (the chocolatte song(yay I just invented brackets within brackets))) My theory is that this can only happen between two inseparable people (yay I can tell the future aswell!)
  15. Whaaaat Dark ilu

    ... ehem.

    I have really strange dreams, murrhurrrrrp.

    Like this once, I had a dream where I had an ice cream and it was like "Hai!" and then after a while it started dripping and starting going "Eliiiiiseee eeaaaat meeeeee" and kept trying to tempt me for some reason D: I think I wasn't allowed to eat it or something. Then I started leaning towards it and it kept shouting at me like "ELISE! ELIIIISE!" I leaned in some more and went down to eat it and it was screaming at me some more before instructing me to "GET UP! ELIIIISE!"

    Then I woke up and my dad was shouting at me to get up for school.

    Yeeeaaah, I have more interesting dreams, but y'know, I'm tired :D
  16. I once had a dream where:

    My mom sent me to the post office. I disappeared from my house and I appeared on a sidewalk in a oldsie type city. Beside me was the office, so I went in and talked to some people. I didn't actually do anything, because I found it was actually a diner. So, after I left, I saw an airplane falling out of the sky coming towards me. Before it reached me, I blew up and my blood took the form of my mom, then the plane hit her and she died...

    I have the most screwed up dreams, I swear.
  17. I had a dream where I was simply walking down the street like I normally do, without a coat and without shoes even though it is fall. XD (We've been getting 60 and 70 degrees where I live lately) Well, for some reason I felt like humming. I started to hum 'Thriller' and even do a bit of the dance, when Miley Cyrus came out of the asphalt (while still being formed of asphalt) and danced along with me. I was sufficiently freaked out by the asphalt golem and it being Miley Cyrus, to run away. However, I ran into a waterfall, one with a secret cave on the other side (my dreams make a lot of location jumps). It turns out Florida was on the other side, with many people who are acquaintances from my hometown trying to buy waterpark tickets. Their swimsuits apparently consisted of khakis and a polo shirt. I, being in a dream, bought some tickets to go on a flume ride. However, the ride didn't have an log seats, so the riders were just pushed down instead. My mother somehow got in front of me, and went down screaming. It was hilarious.
  18. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ... I regularly dream (okay, once every three months or so, but that's still regularly!XD). Once I had a dream about someone in Pokecharms dying of leukemia, and nobody except for his family members could go visit him. Then, one day, he sent me a tuning fork from a dove. And I could hear him talking to me from the tuning fork~ And this was before I even knew there were such things as Korean Dramas. Yes, I was in love with this guy but that was when I was twelve, okay? It's like a childish crush. Gosh.

    I've also had a dream when I was around 3 that I was driving a white car that looked a lot like the car we owned at that time (according to my parents, it was a white camry). Apparently I was in trouble with the police, so the police was chasing after me, but I was having trouble seeing through the windshield because... well, a three year old can't be that tall, right? Anyways, since I was having trouble seeing, somehow I ended up driving in a forest, and I ran over a log. Somehow, the momentum was able to push me out of my seat (I wasn't wearing a seat belt), through the window, and into a random toilet. Yes, I know. Then the cruel policemen decided to flush me down, and I ended up waking up from the dream and needing comfort from my parents. You have no idea how scared I was D:

    And my latest dream... okay, my last nine dreams were all about me saving a boy I liked or a guy friend of mine. Yes, I counted. They're always kidnapped in some sort of a birdcage and it's my duty to save them for some reason before they're turned into mindless slaves/pets for this evil dude. Totally tells you what kind of a person I am. ^^;
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  19. I usually dream wierd, no kidding :)

    I remember once when I just ran down a big red carpet. At the same time Cruella DeVille was chasing me, trying to put a pin into my heel. It was scary and hilarious at the same time.

    Also, once, I dreamt that I accidently scratched a mafia boss on the cheek. He got so mad that he chased me all over the world. For example we were just outside a rollercoaster and at a nice little island. At the island he tried to drown me and I remember waking up screaming like a girl. When I got back to sleep I kept on dreaming that dream. Only this time, I had gotten away and was in a beatifull jungel. I met another young boy and we slided down a bunch of waterfalls, having the time of our lives, when suddenly the mafia boss reapperred. Unfortunatley the young boy was his son so they started to scratch me in the face as some kind of payback. I woke up once again and lol'd, because it felt very stupid that two guys were standing and scratching me in the face. I, once again, fell back to sleep, yet again the same wierd dream. But now, I had befriended the mafia boss and his son and we were back at the island where he had tried to drown me. Luckily, we had a really good time.

    And since I didn't want to double post:

    This one is freaking hillarious from Freta:

    ... *Shudders* I just had a dream last night that El was in my house for some reason, drinking all of my milk. He drank a 3 litre bottle of it in one go and I just stood there and let him do it. I hope this nightmare isn't recurring.
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  20. ... and that tiredness caused me to fall asleep and dream. o:

    Yeah, so, last night on this TV show someone said "Okay, go!" and I giggled because I thought of the band (that I am currently over-obsessing and OMGFangirling over). I had a dream when I fell asleep like an hour after, that brought my mind back to that scene of the TV show. The person shouted "Okay, go!" and then I heard footsteps. The main character/person who said "Okay, go!" turned around, and the camera turned around with them - to show Damian Kulash, Tim Nordwind, Dan Kanopka and Andy Ross standing in the room, instruments at ready. Damian stepped forward and said - "Did some say ... OK Go?"

    And then they started making musics and stuff. c:

  21. I usually don't dream a lot, but recently it seems that I've had quite a few dreams where I'm able to fly... (which is totally AWESOME!)

    One of the worst nightmares I've ever had was from when I was three. In that dream I was lying in my bed with my mom (DON'T GET ANY WIERD THOUGHTS HERE I WAS THREE!) and suddenly The Groke appears out of the darkness of the opposing wall. Slowly she comes over, grabs me and tries to eat me. I yell at my mom to hold my hand but she's asleep. She loses the hold on my hand. The groke opens her mouth...

    And I wake up. Can you imagine how freaky that is when you're three? This is the one dream I remember best of all the dreams I've ever had, and also the one I've been most freaked out by.
  22. I once had a dream that I was kung fu fighting people from Jersey Shore. They were so orange and too much hair gel and arrrrgh.

    Also, I once had a dream that there was a Charms convention. Like a convention ONLY for Charms. I was there with Katsuo, and was wondering where Stel was XD I found him, and there was much glompcuddle, and then I woke up XD
  23. Aahahahahah,
  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Very weird but. Once I had a dream I got to the Pokemon world I walked on a bridge and it like broke into two halves and I fell in the middle so I fell into a lake and go to um well I dont know town. I walked up to someone and said "Where is the Pokemon center" cause I was bleeding from the fall and they said "I love this quiet town" So I said the same thing and they said "I love this quiet town" Then I deiced to say "DUDE! Where is the F wordin Pokemon center!?!?" Guess what happened. "I love this quiet town" I finally decided to hit him then the cops put me in jail. I did nothing really I swear!
  25. My dreams now are very boring, and I don't remember them.

    But when I was a kid, I dreamed two (very weird :o ) dreams (more nightmares than dreams, but they aren't really that scary). In one, I was in a jeep. I looked to the sides and discovered I was in the desert. Looked to the front and discovered my cousin (a few months younger than me, at that time three years-old, while I was four) was the driver. Yeah, that was the most frightening part of it. I was so scared that didn't noticed we were going to bump into a white wall, from a house. It was a entire white town, and we breaked the car on one of it's walls. And the dream ends when the car hits the wall. In the other one, I was inside this white town (with grey floor and normal people, let it be clear) looking to the sky. What I was looking into the skys? Well, Neptune (the God, not the Planet, and he was three times the size of a giant). Then, he threw out in the town a huge tsunami, and everyone was runing from the big wave, 'cept for me, who was immovable and unafraid, looking to the tsunami. And the dream suddenly ends with me looking to the tsunami. This is the first time I think of it, but even though this dream is somewhat a continuation of the other, oddly enough my cousin wasn't there. Also noticing only now is the fact that both suddenly ended.
  26. Dreamed a new, awesome dream yesterday.

    Out of nowhere, a new flu had bee created. It was called the kitty flu (like swine flu and bird flu) and it made all the cute kittehs weak and sick. The scary part was, it could also be spread to humans.

    Well, so my mom and I were graverobbers and we'd just found a new ancient egyptian grave to plunder. When we got into grave, I found a bunch of cages full of small kittys and all of tehm looked really sick. I heard a voice and I hided. Suddenly I saw an old man dressed as a scientist and he started to do terrefying experiments on the kittys. Then, I got to know that my mother had been kidnapped and that he was going to turn into a sick kitty. I tried to rescue her, but failed.

    I was then chased across the grave and every time I had to pass a door (this is wierd), I first had to open a door that I just could run right into. After that I had to open a similar door that had a lock on it. He was still chasing me and I couldn't get the second door open. Just when I was going to get trough the door., the scientist grabbed my arm and inserted a syringe into my heel. It was full of conscentrated kitty flu. He explained that it was a mutated version of the virus and that it would slowly, and painfully, turn me into a kitty, so he could experiments on me. Just as I was about to start screaming due to the massive pain, I woke up.
  27. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Yeah me too. Ok so I went to my grammar teacher's class, Miss Leooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnneeee actually its not that long but I call her that she dosent care. ANYWAYS she started passing out neopet plushies (I got a rainbow Xweetok) then at the end of class there was a bookshelf filled with pokemon plushies I saw a jolteon plushie (It looked like a circle with spikes around it) it was cute so I replaced the two and then everybody jumped on a brick wall then my teacher Miss Leooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnne started to yell at us. She threw socks at us and then it was nighttime and the socks turned into sock puppets the sock puppets turned into sock moneys and started to yell at us. Then the sock monkeys grew angry and furious so they tipped the brick wall and we had to hide in the boiler room. Suddenly we looked and there was a.....GIANT SOCK MONEY WITH LASER EYES AND A HAMMER. Weird dream I tell you.
  28. I have notoriously boring dreams, but I can recall three less boring ones right now:

    I had one a really really long time ago, perhaps five-ish years ago, in which my brother, some lady and I lived in a little shack at the bottom of the sea. One day, it started flooding, so I tried to swim up to the surface for air, but I couldn't, obviously, and I subsequently drowned.

    In another one, I was sitting in my Chinese classroom watching two guys make out. I actually knew both of them, which made it even creepier. I don't even like yaoi.

    The other one I just had last week. Three of my friends and I were standing on some sort of platform, and then there was this huge explosion. Everything kind of whited out and I forgot all about it. Then I was in my room, sitting on my bed, thinking about how the TV shows I was watching were suspicious or something, and then I had an epiphany: I was dead. Suddenly, one of my friends that was on the platform poofed in front of me, and I said to her, "I'm dead, aren't I?" And she replied, "Oh, no. I'M dead. You're in a coma." ...and then I woke up.
  29. This was a dream that caused me to actually attempt to stop dreaming for about say, five years?

    Well, me and some other grown up guys I didn't know were walking up a 2-D castle (It still had dimensions, you could just see the floors and stuff from the side) and there were crocodiles swimming in a dark green goo, and there were trapdoors and torches in brackets (torches) and everyone kept dying and when I got to the top a trapdoor made me fall into the green goo and a crocodile came over and I woke up as it's jaws came down...

    Scary D=

    I also think I had a recurring run-scene Flintstones dream.
  30. OK, this dream I have had about 10 times:

    Me and my family are on top of a big mountain. My mum spots some giant rocks. So we all grab onto a rock and jump of the mountain. Then all our hair falls off.

    Yes, I have strange dreams.
  31. Well, I suppose having a cold and playing Sonic Colors has affected me dream wise, as I had a fricken awesome dream >:D

    Basically, I had taken the form of the guy you see in my avitar, Drago the Dragon. Since he is basically me when I'm feeling awesome and partyish, I fit right in. I ran as fast and far as I could run through Starlight Carnival (which has been etched into my brained from playing it so much), when suddenly Spike, Vee, Cybec, Guil, and Dusk (Fan chars) came rushing behind me and just started beating up robots and blowing crap up.... It...was...AWESOME! And Diana and Ollette (not the humans, the anthros) came from behind on moped-like things. Afterwards, we had to drag save Spike from Sweet Mountain.

    Best dream evar. It's always good when you can live out fantsies you've had in your head since you were little :)
  32. I had a really sad dream. First some background though. There's this girl in my class that I have a crush on. I told her about it but she turned me down. Still, I've been having a hard time getting over it. I've been suspecting that she likes one of my friends and that's why she rejected me. She's having a birthday party on Friday, and in my dream we were giving her our presents in school for some reason. Then the guy I think she likes gives her his present, and she kisses him. He looks at her for a second and then they start making out. I just turn around and stomp away. Another of my friends catches up with me and asks if I'll be all right. I just nod, if I would've said anything I would've burst out in tears.

    Not fun. The worst part was how real the whole thing felt. I could've sworn it really happened.
  33. I uh, had a dream.

    Where me and a group of friends who I don't remember went to a chinese restaurant because the bagel store was closed. I think we were doing some film thing, and this lady kept giving us papers to read because of something we asked. In the meantime, other people are coming in because the bagel store is still closed, including some fancy blonde lady with some expensive art I've seen in her bag. She whispers to me about some papers she wants, and I was heading to the bathroom, so I said only if I get to see her art after I wash my hands. She sorta looked sternly at me, so I said something like fine, whatever, and went to the bathroom.

    I think I was knocked out in there cause I went into flashback mode of this guy who is always polite, no matter what. Then I woke up, in the bathroom, and it's filled with either Shandera, or Ranpuraa. Except they're about as big as me, and their tops were a neon green or orange. One of them knocked me to the floor, and I got up, kept walking, and said "Thank you, have a nice day." As I left, two of them whispered something like, "Did he really just say that?"

    Then my brother sat on me and I woke up as I was leaving the bathroom D:<
  34. I'd like to share the little bit I remember about a dream:

    I was in Raimon City, and I was a female protagonist. I don't remember which one, but I was one. Thing is, instead of Team Plasma, Team Galactic was there. So out of nowhere comes Cyrus, and instead of a Pokemon team, he chooses to fight me with... nunchucks. Yes. Nunchucks. I then pulled out my weapon of choice. I kid you not, it was a shopping cart. So this epic battle began, and I caught one end of the nunchucks in my shopping cart, pulled down, and defeated him. I then ran over the bridge, and on the next little street thinger someone offered me a full body mech suit. It was an evil character though, so I couldn't accept it. I ran away, but slowly, as if I knew it was a game event that they would catch up to me.

    I just liked the "nunchuck v. shopping cart"ness of that dream.
  35. Ok, this will sound really crazy

    It all started out in a random building, FRED was there, with me and a random group of people. Next thing you know we're outside, in a kinda cleared out forest. A giant replica of Hitler was shooting a bazooka, maybe looking for FRED. I don't know why, but I told FRED to hide. Hitler shoots his bazooka at us almost killing us! Then all of the sudden, the "spy vs spy" characters show up, and I yell out, "hey, spy vs spy! I need you to get Hitler!" Then a bunch of other people (or random cartoon characters) do whatever.

    Then I wake up.
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    One night i was pulling an all-nighter playing video games.Then all of a sudden ,(the dream starts here)Rotom flies out of my tv and sucks me into a compilation of the game I was playing.To put it in a nutshell ,imagine a Salamence in a Link costume running at sonic speed through Green Hill Zone overrun with Goombas ,Koopas ,Badniks ,Octorocks and Gibdos.So I'm here fighting my way through and when i get to the end and i say "Oh shit" at the sight of Gannondorf ,Dr.eggman ,Bowser ,and King Dedede in one level!!!After that I killed them all ,and got tossed out of the game and back into my dark ,cold living room.Then Rotom says "Dammit , I failed in trying to kill you ,but I'll get you next time my pretty!!".and that's when i woke up staring at the game-over of Castlevaina Judgment.
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  37. I remember having a dream where I got into the Pokemon league and my first opponent, was my soul mate... what was weird is I knew it was her and all, however it was Misty in the dream. I would assume it'd be a different character if Pokemon were real, anyways, one of my pokemon turned out to be Infernape, and she had one as well (Misty with an Infernape?!), she turned out to have an OBVIOUS female Infernape, make up on, she had feminine features (not quite anatomically correct, mind you) and I eventually won the battle, but I woke up as soon as I was delivering a final blow, it was NOT in Anime, it was first person IRL sort of dream.
  38. I keep having dreams where I'm in some other location. Its odd, because its like a movie. I have little to no control, so I have to watch this go through. Last time it was where I was in court because one of my family members saw someone beat up my sister, so I had to testify on their behalf. I know, wierd.

    Then I had a dream where I literally talked to myself....and by myself, I mean my OC's: Diego, Keel, and Oreck. Keel kept looking at me like I was pathetic, and even commented that he was only made to show my aggressive side. Oreck sat there trying to shut him up, as he was afraid I would wipe them from existance. Diego, on the other hand, seemed to like me, which I guess is because he is essentially me with some traits exagerated a bit. After I met them, I was shown an epic battle between some powerful being, and their dragon's (Ononokusu, Kyurem, and Sazando). Then I woke up.
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    Well, I just had a dream that started off in the middle of a war scene - very movie-like. I was part of this group that was battling these elvish people, and while every member of the group had heightened abilities (sometimes even supernatural) - we were all Pokemon trainers, too. The first part of the dream finished with us pushing the enemy back and forcing them to retreat. Everyone rejoiced, but I had doubts looming in the back of my mind. The victory just seemed too... easy.

    Scene change to our classroom, because apparently we were all classmates. Life had returned to normality, and everyone was getting ready to celebrate one of our classmate's birthdays. It was a noisy and happy time. In the end however, the birthday boy didn't show up. Another student, who'd arrived late, informed us that the kid was sick and wouldn't be coming. Just when everyone was sighing and "awww D:"-ing there was an explosion outside our building. My suspicions peaked, and I told everyone to prepare for battle as fast as they could. If they didn't, we'd all die. Mere moments later the doors and windows burst open and our enemies poured in once again, more fierce than ever before - and we were already one man short. We were ready for 'em though and started releasing our Pokemon, and thus the battle raged.

    It was a loooooooong battle, and it took us through many, many different environments. We ended up storming their base, which we'd thought was empty, to discover that they'd been doing technologically advanced experiments on humans and Pokemon. There was something strange about everything I saw in that facility, though. While the others were convinced these elvish beings wanted nothing more than total destruction of our world, I wasn't so sure...

    Flash to a totally different sequence. There's a typical TV narrator voice giving an uppity spiel as a camera pans out over a massive school-like complex. It appeared to be a promotional ad, and went something like this: "Have you always felt like you just didn't fit in? You're often described as having superhuman abilities and intellect? Then Vanity High is the school for you! At Vanity High, we train gifted individuals to become the leaders of tomorrow. If you study hard, you may even be nominated to join an elite team of our top and brightest students! Only the best of the best can enroll, so ask yourself: are you one of them? If the answer is "yes", visit Vanity High today and find out what you're made of!"

    Uh... yeah. XDD It flashes back to my group then, and apparently WE were that elite team of students. And currently, that elite team is getting their asses trashed. A few of our human and Pokemon allies have been critically injured, and we're finding ourselves gaining less and less ground. The enemy is nothing like they were the first time we fought. At one scene, my grandmother randomly shows up because she had an important parcel for me. I start freaking out at her because we're in the middle of a warzone (understandable really) and tell her to leave immediately, but naturally we're jumped by multiple enemies - too many for me and my Pokemon to handle. Thankfully both of my grandmother's most trusted Pokemon burst out of their PokeBalls then to help, one being this MASSIVE fuzzy teddy bear named "Heugo", and the other this canine-like deer. I commented that Heugo looked more like Monzaemon than a Pokemon... :X

    While my grandmother managed to make it back to her hovercar (totally~) and fly away, Heugo and her other companion chose to stay behind and keep battling while she escaped. I battled with them and between me, Kasai my Charizard, and Grayskull my Marowak (who was wielding a sword I'd given him instead of his usual bone club 8D), we managed to beat everyone off, but not soon enough. Both Heugo and the canine-deer guy were mortally wounded. D':

    With the help of my Pokemon we managed to pull both injured creatures to our healing monument, a round platform made of a beautiful white-ish blue stone (seemed almost holy). In the middle was an equally gorgeous fountain-like structure, but it didn't release water. What it generated was pure energy that seeped out over the platform to envelop all who lay upon it, and in most cases that energy would've been enough to heal any injury... but they were just too far gone. Before he breathed his last breath, Heugo said to me that the fighting had to stop; that both sides were fighting for the wrong reasons. The elvish creatures were aliens trying to find a new home, and from their perspective we humans were destroying Earth and thus shouldn't be allowed to control it. What they were doing wasn't the answer, but the the way we had initially reacted to them hadn't been either. There needed to be peace for the preservation of all living creatures!

    I heeded his words, and as I walked away from the monument I vowed that I'd stop the fighting once and for all. With that I rushed back into the fray with my Pokemon... and WOKE UP! ;____;

    Reaaaaaally didn't want to wake up from that dream before it was completed, but at least I got to experience it that far. It was really fun and jam packed with drama and Pokemon. Can't complain. XD
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    In the dream I had last night I was at a family reunion at a location that did not look anything like any of my family members' houses so I'm assuming we rented a fancy place for the reunion. Anyway, while we're there some rowdy teenager shows up even though he wasn't invited to our private party. I call him out on this and escort the mongrel out as painfully as possible, but he gets away from me and runs away like a coward.

    Later I have to defend this apartment from two guys who I am assuming were burglars. Whether they had anything to do with the kid or not, I don't know because neither of them looked like him or mentioned him. Problem was, there were two doors to enter from on opposite sides of the room, two of them, and one of me. I think I had a partner but he/she/it was too busy designing booby traps that I could use despite my repeated requests to guard an entrance.

    On more than one occasion the burglars were able to open one of the doors, but I was always there to fight against them and some how get the doors closed and locked again. A few of the times I was able to use a booby trap or some sort of improvised weapon (such as a bag full of heavy objects) to beat them back.

    By whatever luck I have (monkey magic or protagonist power) the burglars got tired out before I did. As soon as I realized that, I left the apartment I was defending, smiled at them evilly, and said "Ass whoopin' time." I proceeded to thrash them for all the trouble they caused me.

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