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Open Dragon's Bravery

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Stormursa, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. In this rp you are a dragon. Humans exist but are either prey or hunters, using the bodies of fallen dragons to wage war and continue their hunts. Territories split the world and everyone has either claimed land or haven't left their nest. There are many different types of dragons each with a distinctive look and breath. Fire hail from the scorch lands to the south, a desolate land where little grows and even less water is seen on the surface. Ice drakes hail from the northern mountain reaches, keeping warm in their weakest places with thick patches of fur. Shadow drakes hail from along side both ice and fire drakes in their natural homes, using their acid breath carve new caves and passage ways. Siren drakes hail from the west great sea, where they use their gills to hunt fish and breath underwater. Astral drakes hail from the central forests but unlike their other brethren lack wings and heavily rely on their energy breathe that matches the colours of their eyes for defense.
    Ice drakes- lush fluffy fur that rests around the base of their necks like the collar of jackets, in the back of their knees and elbows, and finally a patch on their head that can be kept short or long. Can last longer in cold environments.
    Shadow drakes- great night time and dark vision, two sets of wings
    Water drakes- gills hidden behind frills on the base of their skulls, frills instead of horns, webbing between toes
    Fire drakes- larger than most other races as ice rival them, scales thicker scales then most(but they are slower because of it), small flames at the end of their tails that grow larger the angrier they are.
    Astral drakes- smaller, built for speed when running, sharper claws for tunneling, no wings, their breath weapon's colour matches the colour of their eyes.
    (Just a small forum to help people keep track of their characters)
    Race(ice, shadow, water, fire, astral this determines your breath weapon):
    Looks(mutations such as the hydra gene that allow for multiple heads exist and there are sometimes cross bred dragons that will show traits of both parents like a shadow dragon that has gills that don't work):
    Here are my characters
    Name: Storm lyric or lyric
    Race: astral drake
    Gender: female
    Looks: Pale green with white feet and tail tip, baby blue eyes
    Territory: a heavily forested area with rocky area that branches out into a feild to the east, small streams run through her territory.

    Name: Fading skies or Fae as he likes to be called
    Race: fire drake
    Gender male:
    Looks: up in age he has seen many battles and has many scars, dark Crimson scales with a tan underbelly and once bright gold eyes, the left eye is no a milky white as a scar runs across it and his muzzle.
    Territory: bordering with lyric he moved from the scorch lands and claimed land for him and his mate. Mostly feild but has tall rock spirals that reach into the sky.

    Name: Sun leap but call her sunny or just leaper
    Race: fire drake
    Gender: female
    Looks: pale brown colour with dark flecks, almost looks like sand, yellow eyes, also up in age
    Territory: shares territory with her mate, fading skies.
    Storm lyric leapt and dodged through undergrowth as she chased after the deer she had been hunting. The astral drake leapt over a log with her front legs outstretched as she tackled the prey into the feild that made up part of her territory. The young dragon quickly biting down on the deer's neck to quickly kill it. She sat back once it was dead and wiped the blood from her muzzle with her left paw, "thank you for your life. May your spirit wander to rest".
  2. Name: Ursaly
    Race: Shadow drake
    Gender: female
    Looks: Black scales with indigo tipped wings, Dark amber eyes and long back scales that go all the way down to her tail from her head.
    Territory: A dark cave she carved herself surrounded by rocky territory with dotted swamps nearby she made her home after leaving her nest, it's close to Lyric's forest.
    Moving away from her cave she saw it was still daylight but had to hunt due to her unsuccessful night, moving quickly through boulders and dying trees she had to find some food at some point. She hissed softly as her two sets of wings raised so she could fly off to see if she could have any better luck with prey now closer to the swamps and forests.
  3. Lyric started to drag her prey towards where Fae and sunny's den was. The astral drake willing to share her prey since the old male had become ill and sunny was putting fall of her energy into caring for her mate. The pale green dragon moved slowly as she had carry food across the feild, eyes looking about as she made sure nothing would steal the food. Her white feet digging into the earth as padded toward one of the large stone pillars that spiraled skyward.
  4. Usurly noticed the pillars .... crap she had got deep into that astral dragon's territory as well as the two fire drakes as well. She was a bout to go back when she smelt the blood of prey and it was fresh too, silently she swooped down to see where the smell came from, she soon saw it was being carried by another dragon and she gritted her teeth, was it worth it to try and fight the astral for the deer .... she stayed hovering thinking over what to do.
  5. Name: Midnight Sun
    Race: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Looks: A normal dragon, except his scales glow slightly under the moonlight
    Territory: a cave in the side of a mountain, at the bottom is a massive human village which he cant be bothered destroying, they are amusing at times

    Midnight sun exited his cave, surveying the land around him. there was a great forest nearby, as well as many streams. He saw something happening in the forest, but decided to ignore it. It was probably just that stupid astral dragon. He re-entered his cave and went back to sleep
  6. Storm lyric got tired of dragging the deer so ducked underneath the carcass so that it rested on her back. The astral dragon continued on her way and as she got closer gave out a cry to let the two elderly drakes that she was arriving. She stopped when a brush of wind swept over her nose and the wingless dragon looked up to see a shadow drake flying above her. She hissed loudly is displeasure and face shifted into a snarl, "what do you want, two wing! There's noting here for you"!
  7. The shadow drake hissed at her "I was just wondering where the food was, too bad it's being wasted on you and your so called friends" Ursurly growled back at the astral, even if the other two dragons were older she knew she had no chance against al three of them. She dove quickly, spitting acid by the astral's feet before swooping back up to find another deer in the forest, sighing at not getting the chance of an easy meal. She soon caught a few rabbits which would have to do for now, she'd get a better chance at night but she despised Lyric having much easier hunting territories. She slinked back into her cave not wanting any more trouble as she went to eat.
  8. Storm lyric leapt back from the acid, the deer on her back falling off. Sun leap charged out of her den when she heard she heard Lyric's cry of surprise. The old fire drake let out a blast of fire after the shadow drake's retreating form. The old female dragon let out a anger roar before turning to her younger neighbor. The young astral dragon dragged the deer away from the acid after letting a hiss out, "she almost go the catch. Want to help me carry it into your den".

    "Of course, little one," Sunny smile taking the deer into her large jaws and started to pad her way towards the den. Lyric followed her, head bowed in respect and tail low as to not challenge the male that rested in a cave under the pier. The three talked and laughed as they shared the kill. The youngest of the three ate very little to allow for the much bigger and older dragons to gather strength.
  9. Ursuly sighed, if the damn fire drake hadn't come up dear she could of quite easily flown away with the deer before that astral could do anything about it. She also knew she was bitter about being alone but most shadow dragons were like that, at least she had eaten and would be able to keep going.

    it soon became dark and the black scaled drake moved out of her cave again, she looked at the distant stone pillars and narrowed her eyes, there were two older and bigger fire drakes she didn't stand a chance against and that meant the astral was protected and she couldn't hunt as easily in the forest. Her tail swept in annoyance as she glanced around. She was alone in a barren territory .... you could see why she was so cold towards others but that never helped her situation. Too angry to go and hunt again she decided to try and calm down by flying for a while, hopefully the moonlight would calm her mind as she set off.
  10. Storm lyric left her neighbor's den and started back towards hers. Her brighter scales making her an easy target in the darker grass the surrounded her. She walked slowly taking in the scents and sights of the night, stopping to jostle a few fireflies from the grass of the feild. She stretched from having sat so long talking, front legs out infront of her as she arched her back with a content sigh. The small drake dug her claws into the turf a little bit before walking off towards her den.
  11. Ursuly couldn't help but glide over the forest in curiosity, it always looked so different at night. She noticed the astral and glared but knew she was hidden in the dark sky so kept her distance as she looked at the other drake. She was a quiet flyer and knew how to keep still in the sky, if she could find where the astral slept she would know which areas to keep away from and where she could hunt in the forest, as well as possibly going to deal with any threats.
  12. Lyric ducked into the trees, weaving through them with practiced grace until she reached two trees that had fallen against each other , making an archway. Strolling in she did not notice the shadow drake flying above her. Lyric's claws kicked up dirt as she crawled into her small burrow, a nest of furs and bones resting against the back wall. The small astral dragon curled and rested her tail over her muzzle as she allowed sleep to over take her.
  13. Now knowing where the astral drake slept she grinned softly and flyed back to her home. If there was ever a reason to attack she now knew how and when to do so, she just had to be careful around those fire drakes and she should be ok to take over more of the forest and have proper hunting ground. She looked towards the fire drakes homes and thought carefully, if they figured out she had hurt their friend she knew she'd have to run from two furious fire breathing beasts. She growled before gliding back home.
  14. Name: Zmaj
    Race: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Looks: two dark purple mixed with violet wings left having a few injuries given by man, pure black scales with a line of spikes lead from the top of his skull to the tip of his tail, with sharp claws on his feet able to slash other dragon skin
    territory: N/A
    Zmaj was having a problem flying thanks to man leaving his left wing badly injured making it virtually impossible to get anywhere through the air within seconds of him taking off he found himself falling to the ground with no chance of saving himself the pain of hitting it. He crashed finding it made more noise than he expected but he was alive that was good but he realized he landed in a forest he knew as the territory of a astral drake named Strom Lyric. He held still as possible hoping to blend in with the night.
  15. Lyric lept to her feet when a lrage figure broke through the trees outside her den. The astral drake hissed and growled as she crept out of her shelter. She flicked her tail as she surveyed the surroundings, lowering her head to the ground she followed the debris and the smell of blood toward the intruder. When she reached the crash point she tried hold herself as tall as she could, light blue eyes scanning around area, "come out! I know you are here"!
  16. Knowing he had get away Zmaj tried to fly away only crashing back down due to the wounded wing. He looked back at storm he moved his left wing revealing five individual holes torn into his wing. Zmaj then looked back to Lyric hoping he didn't have to explain why he had the injuries.
  17. Lyric leapt back when the shadow drake tried to take flight. When she saw his wounds her heart clenched in sadness. She crouched down til her stomach touched the ground and slowly crawled forward, "hey calm down. I'm not sorry I yelled".

    She slowly crept closer, keeping her body low to ground in sign of submission. Once she was close to the wounds she looked them over and clicked her tongue, "I have a den near by. You should rest your wing until the cuts close. Can you follow me"?
  18. Ursuly had sensed the other dragon passing her but saw it crash into the astral's nest, in case something may happen she landed close by but not so that they would notice her. She sniffed the air to sense dragon blood and kept silent as she peered through the bushes to see another shadow drake, male. She was surprised to see one so close, possibly a wanderer? either way he was injured but he was of her race and an urge wanted her to help him. She stayed back knowing she would be hit instantly by the astral due to their previous confrontation which made her tail flick slightly in annoyance as she looked at the two interact
  19. Zmaj was shocked no one in the world that he has seen has never shown kindness to a shadow dragon especially an astral dragon." Yeah that's a good idea thank you" he said humbly " My name is Zmaj but most call me mage" Zmaj looked at the astral drake with his eyes dead on the inside"I don't know why but its interesting you an astral drake are willing to help a shadow being hunted by man."
  20. "We are all hunted by man. It is simply if if we are caught that it is out downfall," lyric hummed as she turned to led the shadow dragon back toward her best. The astral dragon padded slowly looking back to see if he was following her, "my name is Storm Lyric but many call me lyric".

    She flicked the end of her tail in a sigh that meant to move. She body relaxed as she tried not to spook her injured guest. Her light blue eyes scanned over Zmaj, looking for anymore cuts and scrapes from his fall, "you will have to not move when I dress your injuries. I know the herbs can sting but it's best to just let them".
  21. Hearing what Lyric said but ignoring it for he sensed something other in the area "there is someone else in the area" he said while his cold and lifeless eyes carefully observed the area seeing movement he than said " I know your out there and I know your name you're called Ursuly and I may be injured but I have very keen senses" he finished his sentence looking in the general direction of the female shadow drake with lifeless grey eyes.
  22. She should of guessed he'd sense her, shadow drakes being good in the night and what not ..... she wasn't sure if she should say something as the astral would probably recognise the voice, she started moving back not wanting to deal with the two of them together "I only wanted to see what was going on ..... trust me or not I don't mean harm " her two sets of wings were open and she was ready to leave "...... sorry to disturb I only wanted to know if my brethren was safe .... I grudgingly think your wont mean harm storm lyric, I wish I hadn't done what I did before I was only looking for food" with that she started flying off knowing the other two were in no position to chase after her
  23. "Wait" Zmaj said to himself "How did I know her name even though I have no idea who that is" he turned back to Lyric "so who is that anyways" he said to lyric.
  24. Ursaly shook the thought off herself as she flew back home, angry that she couldn't help a shadow drake and seeming once again against other dragons. "stupid you had to go and ..... whatever" the flight only got her more stressed and now she just wanted to sleep.
  25. Storm lyric growled lowly when Zmaj spoke about someone watching them but it quieted when Ursuly spoke. Her stance changed so that it showed dominance and challenged the other female as she flew off, "easy prey that was to given to a sick and dying elder. An elder who's mate can not hunt because she looking after her loved one"!

    "She is one of the neighboring dragons. We have had a few scuffles when it came to territory and borders," lyric huffed as her tail lashed around. The astral dragon took a few deep breathes and calmed herself down. She turned back to the grey eyes dragon and nodded towards her den once again, "let's continue".
  26. Zmaj followed the astral after what just unfolded "So uh when did you start to help the elder" he said trying to further the conversation " something tells me they are nice folk" he said with a voice that was humble like before he saw Ursuly. despite the thing that unfolded and what Lyric said yet remained very curious about how he knew her name could I have known her before, he thought while stopping for less than a second no there is no way that's true. He continued on like nothing just happened.
  27. "They helped me when a large ice drake tried to muscle in on my territory. I was still pretty young, just out of the nest and was easy prey," Lyric explained stopping when they reached the front of her den. It would be a tight fit for the shadow drake and an even tighter fit for bother of them, "you can take the best and den. I'll sleep out here and grab some herbs for those wounds of yours".

    She moved swiftly though the undergrowth and gathered what she needed before returning. The astral dragon moved around to Zmaj's wing were she could dress the injuries and looked for permission to continue.
  28. " go ahead you will not have any problems from me" Zmaj exposed the his wing " I'll be gone as soon I can fly again but until then I'll help you out for being so kind" Zmaj said while without motion looking almost still enough to look dead. He grew silent, motion less, staring off into the void of space.
  29. Name: Glacier Sea or "Glacier"
    Species: Ice drake
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Has a frill on top of her head, instead of fluff. Whitish blue (OOC: quick question, do ice drakes have wings?)
    Territory: a relatively isolated sea in which there are many rocky shores and glaciers

    Glacier was out hunting, scanning the ice for rabbits, or if she was lucky, bears. Prey seemed to be getting scarcer in her realm, thus forcing her to wander further and further away from her den. Luckily for her, she was an ice drake, and so could withstand much cold. Glacier flew onwards.

    It wasn't long until the dragon reached the opposite shore of her sea, where there was a thick forest growing. "Well, there's the end of my territory," she grumbled to herself. But, something was in the shadows. That something was a deer, and was absolutely exuding hunger sating vibes. Glacier couldn't resisted. She dove at the deer, swiftly killing it(I'll spare you the details). "Thank you for your life. May your soul wander and find peace." She whispered, then feasted on the deer. Then, the dragon heard voices and froze.
  30. (Ooc-ice dragon wings are pointed at the edges and are a little more like bird wings in their look)
    "You welcome to stay for as long as you need," Lyric hummed and she got to work grinding the herbs up to place on the wounds. When she started placing on the salves on she had to put her paw on wing to get better access. The astral dragon would every so often make sure she wasn't over stepping her boundaries, knowing that some winged drakes didn't like their wings to be touched to much, "if you need anything for the nest, just ask. I'll try and find whatever it is want".
  31. Ursuly sighed as she got to the cave, how did he know her name? possibly littermates that got separated?, she didn't remember much when she was very small so it could be possible or maybe it was something to do with shadow drakes, either way she had to speak to him again somehow but she had to get storm lyric out of the way at least for a little while so they could talk.
  32. Glacier slid into the bushes, wincing as they rustled. She wasn't used to the leafy greenery of the forest, or the way sounds traveled, and was lost. Her white coloring would stick out like a sore scale among the trees and shrubs. She should get away while she could. But something stopped her. Was it curiosity? Glacier growled inwardly. She might as well meet these dragons.
  33. The astral dragon slowly rubbed the mushed herbs on the injuries. She had to step onto the bigger dragon's wing to reach the higher up cuts, the pale green dragon swung her tail slowly back and forth. She finished her job and nipped softly at the shadow drake, "now don't try to clean your wounds. The herbs taste disgusting and you don't need you accidentally spitting acid into your wounds. That I can't heal".

    She shifted back and wandered over to a few of the fallen trees. The astral drake used her claws to do dig quickly underneath them, a small den forming fast. She curled into it and poked her head out, "I hope you find my den confortable".
  34. Zmaj was very surprised at how comfortable Lyric's den was. He never stayed in one place for that long a night at most and even then the spots were in caves or hidden atop a mighty castle. "Everything is just great it's been so long since I've had a den" he said still in a very humbled voice "Good night" he softy said to Storm Lyric.
  35. "Good night," lyric murmed back tucking her head into the small make shift den. Her pale green tail moved so that it rested over top of her muzzle. Slowly her baby blue eyes closed and she fell into a comfortable darkness, no dreams filling her head as she simply rested. The astral dragon's flank moved up and down slowly as she breathed, guard lowering as she drifted further into unconsciousness.
  36. Zmaj didn't yet fall asleep he kept on thinking and thinking. how did I know that shadow drakes name? Once I can fly I'll go and find her maybe then I get answers he thought to himself. He stared out into the night sky being reminded of his family, his mother and father, his brother, his sister "I'll find you guys eventually" he whispered before slipping further and further into what he called the dream realm.
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  37. As light started to peak through the trees lyric crawled out of her make shift home. The astral dragon did so quietly as to not wake her guest, padding away she started hunting. Picking up a scent she charged forward after it. A bull mouse let out a startled cry as he kicked at his attacker. The drake dodged to the best of her abilities but took a hoof to the side of her face and another to her right shoulder. Biting down on the prey's neck she pinned it, clawing at it until it stopped moving. Storm lyric then proceeded to move the carcass onto her back, moving back to the den slowly as to not drop her meal.
  38. Glacier shrank back as one of the dragons swiftly killed their prey and dragged it back to who knows where. The ice drake crept out of her bush and sought out to follow Storm Lyric. She quickly learned the difference between ice, and forest floors. Both crackled, but the forest was louder. Glacier Sea officially failed the forest stealth test.
  39. Ursuly woke up once again and sighed softly remembering what had happened during the night. She needed to figure out who the other shadow drake was but she wouldn't visit too soon as she would probably end up getting chased back to her territory at this rate. Stretching she decided to go to one of her nearby swamps in which to swim, while there was a lot of plant life it was clean and the water would help on a hot day like this.
  40. Storm lyric whirled around to face her follower, the mouse falling to the ground as she did so. The astral dragon hissed as she zeroed in on glacier's position, her eyes sharp and narrowed at the ice drake, "who are you? Why are you following me? Why are you on my territory"?

    The astral dragon stood as tall as she could to try to give off a large presence. Her claws sinking into the ground incase she need to lauch herself forward or duck to the side.

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