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Dollhouses and Battles

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by VirtalLaptop, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Everything is fake. Marz only watches his mom as she drinks another glass of wine, ignoring the smudge of lipstick on his dad's shirt that's not from her. He only observes the way his dad will happily flirt with any of the countless women dancing through out the halls. It's like watching a wind up toy on repeat. The same flirtatious remarks and innuendos that has the man's wife grabbing for another drink. Marz even watches his sister move through out the crowd. Her dress having a very lecherous design that a few single 'gentlemen' make attempts to. Even as she slips past them, she allows their hands to cope a feel of her. A smile gracing her in such a way that it makes Marz look away. Her display of perverse enjoyment making him wish he could leave the ball. However, that would go against the whole illusion everyone is playing right now. It all needed to be seen as absolutely perfect.

    Marz only turns away from the young woman trying to get under his skin. Her silk clad hands squeezing his arms slightly as she asks him for a dance. It makes the poor man want to throw her off. However, he needed to keep up this image that was forced on him. Even if this girl's grin reminds Marz of a Ganger's. So, he moves with her. Keeps a good distance between them and acts like a proper gentle dandy as the song ends. Another man already moving in to take his place, thankfully. He could only move away from the crowd as he slipped into the balcony. The night air feeling like a deadman's breath as the sound of Noctowls called out.

    Out here, it felt like a weight was lifted off of Marz's chest. Breathing didn't feel as labored and his thoughts seemed to be more, tangible. His hand rested right above his heart as he looked out at the garden. Blue eyes simply stared off into space as the few nocturnal pokemon came out to play. None of them even seemed to take in the teen's presence as he smiled slightly. The repetitive music inside, stayed inside. It was nothing short of an otherworldly experience as Marz listened to the songs of wild pokemon. It was a lullaby he never understood the words to, and yet, it was something he treasured each time it leaked into the stone walls of his luxurious prison. The only other light that isn't the mansion or the moon's is the glow coming off of a near by Volbeat. Illuminating nothing more than a few nearby pokemon and flowers. Nothing existed besides this single moment right now.

    Marz could only enjoy this moment of relief as the ball went on. A celebration for the one person who wanted nothing to do with it. For him. For his achievement of capturing his first pokemon. A last hurrah before Marz left to start his journey to become an Elite in the world of trainers like his family. The luxury ball hung off the belt of his pants as he felt the design once more. His eyes only glancing down as he stroked it affectionately. A smile crept back on Marz's face before the ballroom music grew louder. One of the other children presumably looking for an escape or his attention.

    "What?" Marz didn't turn around. The bright lights of mockery would sting too much as he spoke to the unknown guest.
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  2. Cassandra Michaels. Cassie Michaels. Two names, one person. Each representing a past of lost childhood, and a present of hollow success. Oh, she had it all. A nice house in the finest distrct of Anistar City; a hometown she was spirited away from at a young age, strong, loyal Pokemon that loved her, the only beings who loved her, and badges. Too many badges. One would say you could never have too many badges, but the glittering pins were like a drug to her. Once she received one, she just... Couldn't stop. She kept going and going with the feverish obsession her mother once held. Moving place to place, and perhaps, that was why she loved it so much. Seeing new places, new faces, and then leaving them without ever looking back. Her heart was like a Skarmory. It couldn't stay in one place. Not for anything. Not even for a champion title.

    Her journeys took her many places, and met her with many people. Powerful people. The connections brought many advantages. Money and effort saving advantages. It struck the nerves of her Lucario each time she played her connections to such a tee. But hey, isn't that why you make connections? This celebration for instance, as farewell party to the luxurious mansion's young master. However, being the free spirit she was, gazing at such a large, absurdly exquisite home brought only one thought to her head;


    The dress she wore was red. It hugged her form but flowed like a river from the waist down. A decorative belt hugged her defined hips, bearing two Pokeballs which contained her most trusted Pokemon. Her dark hair was held in the most elegant of buns, styled by Lumoise City's finest hairstylist and embedded with strings of gold. Cassie was a petite young woman, and the thought of wearing heels thrilled her. But now, as the night dragged on and the pressure of the feet pinching shoes settled, she was not so thrilled anymore.

    Socialize. Smile. Make nice. Gain trust. Dance. Play the facade she'd been stuck with since the day she was born. Daughter of a veteran trainer. A seasoned ace trainer. And in the far reaches of her mind she wondered what she was doing there. She stared at her reflection, in the glass of champagne she held delicately among her dainty fingers. A face she didn't recognize, and gray eyes that lost more and more life by the day. Heaving a sigh, she put the glass away. With the gentle clicks and clacks of her tormented feet, she decided to leave the stuffy ball room, into the balcony.

    A breath of fresh air hit her and left her shivering in glee. And that was when she saw him; the young master himself. The one all the girls flocked to. The one she'd stolen glances at. But that was it. Perhaps he heard her coming, or perhaps he had a supernatural ability, but the word 'what' flew from his mouth before she could even say anything. An amused smile tugged on her lips for the first time that night. "What, what?" Her voice came smooth like velvet and wet silk, a tinge of thought in each word. "It's a lovely night, and everyone is cooped inside. Is a breath of fresh air so wrong?"

    With the grace of a Gardevoir, she floated to his side, yet, a distance away. She looked deep into the night sky. Thinking. Always thinking. And she asked him, "Have you ever wondered where Cleffairy come from?"
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  3. Eyes only looked over at Ms. Michaels from the corners before they went to stare back at a now empty garden. It was a rather fitting metaphor for how Marz felt, a dark emptiness with a very small beam of hope filtering in. Another smile was forced onto his lips as he went to look over at the woman fully. He had some notation to who she was. A famous ace trainer, with a lot of ties and a lot of money. Another doll playing the same game he was, only she might have been more skilled in handling it.

    "I suppose not." Marz looked away as his hand continued to brush over the pokeball hanging on a thin strap of leather. Black stain and blue silk felt like he was being strangled. Forced conversation was not something the young master was good at. "However, I rather have the dolls stay inside."

    Marz soon looked over at Cassandra with a single eyebrow raised before he looked back towards the moon. "The answer's out before your eyes, and it's casting a rather lovely light tonight." He only pointed towards the sky as he smiled slightly. A soft tinge of sadness leaked into it as Marz sighed once more. It was only for a moment before the teen plastered a polite smile back on. Turning to stare at Cassandra with a gentle bow. "I'm no philosopher though, or a scientist. I'm Marzipan Kyandi, and you miss?"
  4. Dolls.

    A soft chuckle left her almost immediately. It was uncanny how a single word could describe a person. Be it a very large group of people. Nicely dressed, mindless flesh wandering about with no real aim or reason. Feeling so superior, yet, in truth, are the most pathetic ones of all. Her smile was bitter, thinking about how she was probably one of those people. So bitter, she could almost taste it in her mouth. Or had that been the champagne she'd downed not too long ago?

    Cassie glued her gaze to the effervescent moon, finding interest in nothing else but the large orb in the sky. She did not want to entertain this boy. She'd done nothing but entertain all night long and frankly, she was drained. She just wanted to be left alone. But of course, that wasn't an option. It was never an option. 'Must be worse for him. It's his party after all.' She thought grimly. "But how? In a place so barren and lifeless, how can life begin?" She paused, a hint of despair creeping into her eyes. The same way sadness crept in his. "And when it does... How can you tell it has begun?"

    As Marz bowed gently, the lady moved away. In a single sweep of her dress, she was at the far opposite end of the balcony, drifting away like a Butterfree carried by the wind. "Can we please not?" Her voice was much softer. She peeked at him through the strands of her hair, taking in his form and memorizing the crevices of his face. Something she always did without meaning to. "I'm tired of the formalities." Her eyelashes casted a dark shadow over her brilliant grey eyes, and just like his, they too held a certain tinge of sadness. "Michaels. Cassandra Michaels. But don't call me that, if you will. I prefer Cassie much better."
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  5. "You can never know, when or if, life has begun its cycle on a new place." Marz stood straight as he moved to the opposite end of the young lady. A small, distant smile crawled onto the blond's face as he looked down at the garden. "After all, some distant species observing the earth may think this dismal planet is uninhabited." Marz couldn't help but look back at Cassie, looking at her with cautious eyes as he moved to lean on the railing. Looking for any sort of fake image that could end up having the teen in a bind later.

    A soft, hollow chuckle escaped Marz as he only nodded. Blue eyes staying on the stone ground as he addressed Cassie once more. "Yes, leave the pretend politeness for the fakers inside." He couldn't help but give his own sour smile, the taste of foul success clouded his palate. Yet, this woman seemed to at least understand the game that all of them were in. The reassuring sound of Kricitunes played though the night air once more. "If I call you Cassie, you call me Marz then. I've always hated chocolate."
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  6. He was right there. That much closer to her, and yet, it left her with an uncomfortable churn in her stomach. She moved her gaze to her hands, hearing his thoughts on the matter she'd come up with not ten seconds ago. "You're worried." Cassie noticed the way he looked around, perhaps, hoping to find a camera lens that had been hidden away. Ready to take pictures that posed as blackmail and ruin his life. "It must be so difficult for you to do anything. One wrong move... And everything dissapates." She may be an ace trainer, but reporters don't crab on her the way they do to nobility. She'd seen many stories. Rising stars reduced to trainer school fallouts, and barons crippled to penniless men. All because of a single wrong move. "You must be glad to finally leave."

    A long pause. She closed her eyes to take in the songs of the Kricketune in the garden; allowing her solace for a very brief moment. Until she felt the night was too beautiful to miss, so she opened her eyes and once again stared into the glittering skies. "Marz." She inched away from him in discomfort. 'I would very much like to enjoy my space.' She thought, but didn't let it leave her lips. "It's a different world out there. You'll love it. Or perhaps you'll hate it. Well find out soon, won't we?"
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  7. Marz laughed a bit as he kept his distance. Nothing would please him more than having no one around him. Even though his laugh was a bitter, solid object trapped in his throat he couldn't help but try to choke it up. "I don't mess up. I don't have the luxury to do so." The look on his face was nothing more than pure discontent as he looked over the railing, his hand already grabbing for his new comfort object. "Freedom is never truly freedom. It's an extension of my cage, and a raise in expectations. I'll enjoy what I have and then I'll settle in for the life everyone has already picked for me." Marz sighed as he took a few steeps back. It felt like te space was becoming smaller and smaller as he stood there.

    "Love or hate, I at least have someone staying with me." Marz's eyes moved down at the luxury pokeball that rested heavily in his hand. A small, distant smile crawled onto his face before it went back to nothing more than a doll's smile. Glancing back at Cassie with a heavy sigh he only pointed to the clearing in the garden. "Do you wish to perhaps have some fun while the dolls dance? I would like to see how my partner preforms."
  8. "Stop that." She'd listened to his woeful words, hating how much she understood his feelings, but his smile, that very same smile she used, it drove her over the edge. "Don't smile if you don't mean it." Her eyes had a certain steel to them now. Cold. Hard. She also hated how she probably had it better than he did. The day she left her home, she was her own person; an actual whole person. Not the doll she was today. She hated seeing herself in others, because it pulled heart strings that had long been severed.

    Once upon a time, she was just like him. Thinking that mistakes were things you could avoid. But such ideas were dangerous. Because the moment you realize you were wrong, it crushes you. She always thought she was broken. But until the day the realization hit, life never looked better. "Cages will always be there if you think it is. You set yourself free. It kills you. It really does. But let's face it." She reached up a finger to nip between her teeth. "We had no real future. The only way we would have one, is to let ourselves die, and start over."

    She took a step. One. Two. Until she circled halfway around him and observed him like a predator sizing up its kill. "So it's a battle you want?" Her delicate finger traced over one of the simple Pokeballs clipped onto her belt. Her eyes were glued to him now. He was the one that intrigued her. She pulled the said Pokeball from her belt, and tossed it high in the air before catching it easily in her hand. "Anything for the young master." She gave a bow, and while she did this, the ace trainer kicked off her heels. "Let's go then."
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  9. "I'll stop when you stop, but things are the way they are for reasons." Marz stopped smiling as he glanced at the glass door that showed the unknown masquerade party inside. Multiple people dancing, flirting, talking, yet no one noticed the two of them having escaped the illusion everyone had set up for them. "It's a simple play, Cassie. You follow the stage directions and silently loathe the role you were placed in." Marz's voice was nothing more than Damascus steel as he looked over at the girl. He knew both of them had had nothing short but a empty beginning before they caught their first pokemon.

    Once upon a time, Marz was able to express joy. He was able to actually smile for the crowd of people that gathered around him and begged for attention. It was only when the teen realized that people wanted to be friends, and or more, just to receive something. Be it money, fame, or just to say they knew Marz. Everyone stopped thinking as the blond as a person and saw him as a simple prize. So, everything ended like that. He needed the guise of a doll to make it through and so he played the part to the 'T.' "Death is a rather cheap escape. I much rather suffer for a while trying to build something from absolutely nothing before I meet Dusknoir's mouth." Marz gave a genuine smile as he watched Cassie slowly circle him. His face becoming one of pure interested curiosity.

    A laugh left Marz's throat once more as he moved to jump off of the balcony. His shoes becoming filthy with mud and fresh grass clippings as he stared back at Cassie. "As I said before, Marz is a lot better than false titles." In his hand was a well decorated pokeball of high class. Though, there were a few scratches in the black paint of the capture sphere's outer case. "I suggest you come down, I'd hate to have someone ruin the actual party."
  10. "You don't need to tell me how these things work." Cassie said simply, giving a roll of her shoulder as she corrected her posture. Without her heels, Marz was much taller than her, granted, she always was on the short side for height. Even Gardevoir had her beat by an inch. She'd never really come to terms with that, but she was as fit as a trainer could be. And that was all that mattered to her. "But there are many kinds of death, Marz." She continued, leaning down to pick up her heels in one hand before putting it away in her purse.

    All the while, she thought. Wondering still who had it worse. Cassie lost her childhood to her parents' careers. They moved around like nomads and had her cooped up inside the house, studying day in and day out. The day her mother retired, it was a completely different story, yet no better than the one before. Battle Tournaments, and Battle Exams, endless streams of them until the life was sucked right out of her. Her parents had colleagues to impress, and she was a trophy that everyone admired from a glass case. Her entire journey was not like most trainer's, for her parents' shadows loomed over her like a storm cloud constantly. It only disappeared after she beat the Sinnoh League. But now... Now she was hollow. Simply expanding her collection of badges.

    Cassie watched in slight surprise as Marz jumped off the balcony. Sure, it wasn't too high off the ground, but she didn't expect such a dandy to something like that. She strode back to the railing, her feet aching with each step as the blood rushed back in. She slung each leg over the other and pushed off. Her feet dug into the fresh grass and dirt, and a relieved exhale left her, not caring that the hem of her dress became stained with mud and grass. It felt like a distant childhood memory. One she never had. Cassie lifted her gaze to Marz and watched his face thinkingly. Still just a boy about to discover the hells of the world. However, the ball he held in his hand caught her attention quite a bit. A soft hum left her, as she took steps toward him. Slowly. Teasingly slowly. "Luxury balls are quite underrated. Not only does it make the caught Pokemon friendlier, its catch rate is also second to Master Balls." She stopped just inches away from him, looking deeply into his blue eyes with a genuinely amused expression.

    "Shall we begin? Or were you just trying to lure me to a dark place?" She let out jokingly, an eyebrow cocked with a tease. A small smirk pulled at her lips, but her eyes wandered past him, into the moonlit garden ahead. Only for a moment. She strode on, once again, this time brushing playfully past him as she searched for a comfortable position, and stayed there. What could she say? She was just nothing but a tease.
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  11. "Yes," Marz chuckles slightly as he watches Cassie jump down after him. His eyes nearly seemed to glow as he continued on. "But, I let myself die a while back now. There's only me now." The teen soon tossed his pokeball up into the air as a cooling breeze went through the garden once more. The feeling of chilled breath relaxed Marz once more as he smiled a ghastly grin. His hand quickly grabbing at the falling object as the teen caught it with ease.

    Marz soon frowned when he heard the remark on the object the was in his hand. A bored expression crossed his face as he stared at Cassie. Disappointment leaked off of his stare as he coughs lightly. "I didn't buy it, my partner gave it to me and wanted me to use it on him." Marz's hand only brushed the clean surface of solid metallic, black ball before throwing it up once more. This time, he threw it hard enough that it seemed to vanish into the sky for a few quick moments.

    "As much as that's a tempting offer, I'm afraid we still have a battle to do first." Marz was clearly amused as he kept his eyes right were the pokeball was. "Now, let's go, Gourgiest." He watched the sphere spring open as his partner was revealed. The large ghost type called his name out to the moon. A purple hue replaced the normal orange as Marz lovingly stroked his pokemon's head. His hand nearly going though him as he coo'd lightly. "Jack here, is my pokemon of choice. Now, what about you?"
  12. Cassie twirled the Pokeball on her finger, absently listening to Marz's story of how he'd attained his first Pokemon. A Gourgeist. A very dashing Gourgeist. From where she stood, she could feel its energy emenating, but her expression became harder, and once again she caught the sphere in the palm of her hand. "It's so unfair how some people manage to catch their Pokemon so easily. All of my team members put up quite a fight." She gazed absently at the Pokeball in her hand, but there was a clear emotion of fondness in her gaze as she stared at the Pokemon inside. "But that's how you know you're getting iron willed ones."

    At that one moment, she launched the ball into the air, aligning it with the moon as it popped open and spewed a light that was blinding in their low light conditions. There was a light 'thump', as her partner landed on the ground. His red eyes glowed in the darkness and eyed the Gourgeist before him. A proud Lucario stood there, his dark fur nearly blending in with the evening darkness. "This is Ryu. He's the first Pokemon I caught. We've been together for seven years now." She adjusted the position of her dress, and her face was different now. As if another person had replaced her. The previous, debonair smile and ladylike charm was gone, replaced with the thinking, cunning face of a seasoned ace trainer. "I find it fitting, since you're battling with your first Pokemon too."

    Perhaps it was unwise of her. Especially since her other Pokeball her Ninetales, who would have the upper hand over a Gourgeist by type advantage. However, she liked a challenge, and she believed her Pokemon can win no matter who they needed to face. That was the way they were trained after all.
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  13. Marz couldn't help but smile as Jack gave a shriek of clear indignation. One that, his trainer knew was completely deserved as he looked over at Cassie. "Jack isn't technically mine, the woman dressed in a way that would have a Jinx blush actually breed and raised him." He can't help but make a gesture of dismiss as he saw his partner cross his arms, a clear pout if the human ever saw one. "She wanted a girl and, well she found out Jack wasn't one. So, traded him to one of contestant friends who thought a shiny would be amazing in the contest world. Well, she found out he was boy again. Now this one just released him here, and it took a while to even befriend him. I'm surprised he even let me caught him." Marz laughed once more before he waved it off once more. "But that's a story for another time."

    Eyes only traced the Lucario as Marz studied the fighting type before him. A chuckle escaped his mouth as he looked at Cassie once more. "I'm a little surprised, I thought you might have a Psychic type or maybe a Gallade." Not wanting to offend the more experienced trainer he quickly added something to explain his thoughts. "You know, for the illusion. Though, it's better seeing you have pokemon you connect to." Marz soon went to his more, expressionless face as Jack looked back at him with an amused type of stare in his eyes. The kind of amusement one might find when a young boy brings a girl over for the first time, a rather dangerous kind indeed. "At least you make the playing field fair. I'm fairly new at first hand battles, so this should be a rather... Sobering moment. I don't need an ego just because, I have a shiny."

    Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Well, it probably wasn't. Marz had very little experience in battling, and what he did have was all simulated situations. They weren't the real life experiences that would actually make or break a battle. However, he wasn't going to back down. Not when he was the one to actually issue the challenge no less. "I suppose, I'll make the first move then." A sly grin made itself at home on Marz's face as he looked over at Jack once more. His teeth exposing themselves as he gave his first move out. "Jack, use Will'O Wisp."
  14. Nobility would always be nobility. They have a certain trait attached to them, and it was present in every single one of them; they throw words that sting. Whether thry realize it or not, whether it was through passive aggressiveness or an all out disregard for other people's emotions. Not that she minded. Her mother too was nobility, before her grandfather threw away their fortune for his second wife. That was just how she grew up. Gentlemen sought frail, fair ladies while ladies craved well-groomed, financially sound gentlemen. And from the way he smiled, and moved, and spoke, she knew Marz had the same blue blood running through him.

    "Using a Psychic against a Ghost is as risky as a Dragon type battle." She quipped at his remark. "I'd rather not be reckless. That's why I don't have a Psychic type on my team. I compromise." Shiny Pokemon were always a cut above the norm, but judging from the story Marz had just told her, his Gourgeist, despite being a sturdy one, was generally untrained. Her hypothesis was proven when Jack launched his Will-O-Wisp attack. The orbs of fire moved a second too slowly, but that was to her eyes; eyes that have seen the same attack move at the same speed as Thunderbolt. "Dig."

    Ryu dove into the ground moments before the attack hit. He burrowed underground and proceeded his way to target. Lucario were not ground Pokemon, but they are Pokemon of Aura. He could still see the surface and where he was in real time, and the best part was, her Lucario had telepathy; making it easier for him to receive instructions no matter how deep underground.

    For the moment, it seemed like Cassie was just standing there in thought, arms crossed. It wasn't the nastiest of games she could play, but she'd already given Marz a type advantage; Ghosts were immune to Fighting attacks. But she and her Lucario had their ways. 'I'm in position.' Ryu informed his trainer, and finally Cassie's gave moved to the Gourgeist on the other side of the field. "Shadow Ball."

    Lucario were fast Pokemon. They can out-move most any other Pokemon without even trying. Thus, the attack seemed to literally come out of nowhere. Ryu had position himself a foot below Jack, and blasted his Shadow Ball from right beneath the Gourgeist's feet. Ryu's sheer power manage to break through the foot of dirt and hopefully land the attack on Jack.

    It was essential that Ryu got out as soon as his attack opened the way out. So hit or no hit, Cassie exclaimed, "Get out, now!" And her Lucario sprung from the hole and back above ground, jumping back and establishing distance.
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  15. "True, but it makes everything fun. Though, it does become unfair." Marz only kept his hands by his sides as he watched the fire dance. A frown already forming when he noticed Ryu had been able to dodge the attack. His teeth already biting his bottom lip as his watched the ground in uncertainty. Jack was also looking at the ground, his hands resting right on top of the area around him. "Jack, get ready." Marz only gave him a fair warning as he looked back at Cassie. His eyes only hardening as she said the words 'Shadow Ball.'

    "Move, now!" Jack was already ahead of him as he lurched himself away from the mound of darkness and ground coming for him. A small amount of rock hit the Gourgeist's foot, though it didn't hurt as much as the ghost type would have. He only gained his footing once more as he gave out a rather loud cry towards Ryu. Marz only looked at the opponet before closing his eyes once more and giving out his move. "Use Shadow Sneak and grab onto Lucario!"

    Jack only turned into a black silhouette as he rushed for Ryu. Eyes trained on the fighting type as he moved behind him with a blinding speed, his purple arms outstretched as he moved to grab at the faster's legs over anything else.
  16. (I'm assuming that Jack is a Large sized Gourgeist, that being 3'7)

    "Hm." Cassie's expression was vague. There was no hint of disappointment or frustration. Not even a small smile or a cocked eyebrow. The attack missed, and she commended Marz and Jack for their split second reaction speed. She was still unfazed, however, and Ryu kept calm.

    However, an amused smile crept on her face when Marz told Jack to grab Ryu's feet. A million possibilities swirled in her head as to what she could do with the said opportunity. "Hold your ground, Ryu." She watched closely as Jack's purple arms looped around Ryu's legs. Ryu read his trainer's mind, and was slightly amused by her ideas. "Let's take Jack for an evening stroll. Grab him, and use Extreme Speed."

    Marz was still a beginner, he probably didn't know that you shouldn't grab a Fighting type if you weren't using a Fighting type yourself. Ryu was a sturdy, firm Pokemon, and he was larger than Jack by several inches. In a blink of an eye, he took off, dragging Jack who was clutching onto his legs with him. He zipped here and there faster than the eye could follow, and once Cassie felt that he'd worn Jack out, she commanded, "Now, point blank Shadow Ball!"

    Ryu halted almost immediately. He quickly reached down, grabbing one of Jack's arm from his leg and held the Gourgeist up, forming a Shadow Ball in his free paw and then thrusting it towards Jack at point blank.
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  17. (He's an XL sized Gourgeist)

    Jack could only yelp as he was dragged across the garden clearing. His body gaining a few bruises and cuts as he held on the Lucario for all of his worth. Large hands soon felt numb as the roller coaster stopped, Jack felt as if his body was near the point of exhaustion as he looked at Marz. His eyes pleading for some sort of plan as he was held by Ryu, a mass of darkness inches from him.

    Marz only stared at the fighting type before looking back at his own pokemon. A small amount of blood rolled down his chin from how hard he was biting at his lip as he gave out a quick command. "Use Phantom Force, now!" The trainer could only hope that Gourgeist was fast enough to vanish from Ryu's grip as the Shadow Ball went flying past him. "Now, use Incinerate!"

    Jack was barely standing as he returned behind the fighting type. His hand already wiping off the dirt that smudged his mouth as he gathered his remaining energy. A bright light soon enveloping the Gourgeist's body, heat rolling off of him before he released it all upon Ryu. One last final stand.
  18. (He should be bigger than Ryu then! O_O but I guess he's still strong enough to be able to pull him and lift him up)

    Ryu's eyes widened slightly in surprise as the Gourgeist vanished into the shadows. "Tail his aura!" Cassie exclaimed from her side of the field, and the Lucario did just that; turning a full 180 degrees to find Jack had reappeared behind him. Both trainer and Pokemon was fazed to hear Marz say 'Incinerate'.

    Incinerate was a radiation attack. It went everywhere and was nearly impossible to evade. That is, if one didn't know of any guard moves. The problem was, it was super effective for Ryu. Sure, Cassie could've avoided it by telling him to use Quick Guard, but she had a riskier, bolder plan that would finish the battle at last. Despite being quite some ways away from Marz, she noticed the trail of dark liquid stream down his chin, and she knew she needed to end this battle quickly before Marz did something more rash to himself.

    "Alright, Ryu! To the belly of the beast! Payback!" Ryu gave a nod of understanding and took off straight into the Incinerate. It damaged him badly, but that only made the dark, ominous glow of his paw even stronger. Upon close proximity, he rammed his paw into Jack, the damage done to him doubling the power of his attack. With the ongoing attack, Cassie hoped Jack wouldn't be able to dodge in time.
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  19. Marz only winced as Jack was sent flying backward. The poor Gourgeist only gave a final cry of pain as he was sent into a nearby cherry tree. Jack lifted his hand up once more before his hand fell down beside himself once more. Swirls around his eyes clearly showing that he was unable to continue on with the battle. "Oh no..." Marz couldn't help but rush over to the shiny pokemon as he knelled down besides Jack.

    A frown consumed the teen's face as he pulled the Luxury Ball out. "You tried your best." Marz gave a weak smile as Jack looked at him once more before returning. He couldn't help but sigh for a moment before standing up and looking back at Cassie. Blood already being wiped away with the sleeve of a dark silk suit before Marz went to speak once more. "I guess, you win." He couldn't help the pout that formed on his face at that moment.
  20. Cassie let out a sigh of relief. Ryu's Payback had successfully knocked Jack right out. Walking over to her Lucario, she gave him a smile and a nod of approval, pulling out a Full Restore from her purse and healing the damage he'd taken from Incinerate. He too let out a relieved breath. 'Thank you.' Cassie patted his head. "I'm proud of you, Ryu. That will be all for now." She held up his Pokeball and in a flash of light, he was gone. Eyes searching for Marz, she latched the said Pokeball back on her belt and proceeded to make her way over to him.

    "You put up a great fight. Most beginners don't have half the reaction speed and cool-headedness you do." She said honestly, and couldn't help but grow amused at the childish pout on his face. "Plus, it's still just your first battle. You're sure to improve over time, as long as you keep battling. And," She reached out, carefully touching his chin with her thumb to observe his mangled lip. "Try not to hurt yourself next time."
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  21. Marz couldn't help but smile softly. His hand still gripping onto the pokeball as he looked at Cassie with kind eyes. "Thanks, but I doubted I could win against you. At least, the first time we battled that is." Hints of red started to form on his cheeks as a warm hand touched his gashed lip. Marz's eyes instantly dropped to the ground the moment he felt a small pang of pain and embarrassment. "Ah, yes, sorry about that... It's, a bad habit of mine." The young heir tried to explain his actions as he quickly looked towards the balcony.

    If Marz could fake happiness, than hopefully he could fake indifference. His eyes hardened softly as the music leaked out of the balcony door ever so slightly. A true reality had to shatter at some point, and it seemed that it came to a head sooner rather than later. A sigh escaped the youth's mouth before he turned once more to face Cassie. His eyes expressing his apologies as he spoke rather calmly. "I guess, it's about time we went and rejoined the dolls." Marz only walked to a nearby ladder that was covered with vines. Blue eyes only stared at the female trainer once more before looking back at the rusted metal.

    "Ladies first, Cassie."
  22. She was stunned. With a genuine smile on his face and kindness in his eyes, Marz truly did look handsome. He was dashing before, but now... She couldn't take her eyes off him.

    However, such a vision was ephemeral. One glance at the balcony, and his eyes had hardened, his face shifting back into his mask, and he was a doll again. Cassie pulled back her hand, watching the apology in his eyes as the young man strode back to the balcony from which they came. Ladies first, he said. But she didn't budge. "I don't want to. I know you don't want to either." Instead, she unclipped the second Pokeball on her belt. "So how about a plan instead?"

    She tossed the ball into the air and released a fox with nine tails. His fur was pale yellow, not yet gold, for her was still a young Ninetales, but Intelligent as any hundred year olds of his species. 'Greetings.' He said to Marz through his telepathy. Cassie went and caressed his mane lovingly and knelt down to talk to him. "Marz, this is also my trusted partner, Nine. Nine, I need you to make an illusion." However, the Ninetales merely cocked a brow. 'What are you up to?' And Cassie smiled. "Something pleasant."

    The Ninetales gave a sigh and obliged. First, he looked into Marz's mind, studying how he walked, how he talked, who he knew and how he treated them, and then, as if by a 3D projector, Nine created an exact copy of him. The copy had his adamant face, and his suppressed disintereste towards the entire ordeal, and as Nine walked towards the balcony, so did the copy. Nine hopped up and on while the copy climbed the ladder, and while Nine sat by the glass doors, the copy entered. "How about we take a moonlit stroll instead?" She held out her hand.
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  23. A large, Cheshire grin enveloped Marz's face as looked at the projection of himself. Blue eyes soon left the model to stare at the hand being offered to him. Soft chuckles left his mouth as he gently took Cassie's hand within his own. "That sounds like a splendid idea." Marz couldn't help the twinges of happiness as he started to walk slowly through the gardens. The moonlight enveloped both of the freed dolls as he led the trainer to the center of the manor. Sliver lights glistened off the fountain that show cased a stone Ganger and Slurpuff as crystal waters ran down them.

    "It's not as beautiful during the day but, I like coming here during the night to see the stars reflect off of the waters." Marz couldn't help but take his shoes and socks off as he placed them on the ground near the polished statures. Dipping his feet in slowly as the water rippled away from him, twisting the moon and manor into unrecognizable images before settling. A sigh left Marz as he felt the cool water soak into the heavy fabric of his pants legs. "Would you care to join me?" He only looked over at Cassie as he patted the stone spot near him. A soft smile over taking his face as he gave a happy laugh for what felt like ages. "The water's perfect for sore feet."

    The golden lights of false merriment seemed like a lifetime away as Marz watched the main stage of this doll house. His bare feet kicked at the glassy surface of the water gently. There was nothing but exotic flowers surrounding them both in a loving lie. Shades of purples and pinks morphing into blacks and blues as the moon danced between the clouds every few seconds. Here, Marz could feel the plastic and porcelain melt off of him with every moment he basked in this one freedom. Turning his head slightly, he smiled a bit as he looked at Cassie. His eyes reflecting nothing but the stars and flowers surrounding them both.

    "You going to join me, or just stand there?"
  24. Warm.

    That was the only thought in her all-too-female mind as Marz laced their hand together in a gentle clasp. Her mind was strangely foggy. She couldn't find an idea to dwell on or amuse herself with. It was a strange feeling; to be alert, and yet, distracted at the same time. His chuckle ringing in her ears and his smile making her wonder if she was simply dreaming. It was ridiculous how these people living in golden cages were always, always so beautoful. Or was this what people called infatuation? The moon truly did hold mysterious powers, for under its light did everything look surreal. Cassie kept her steps in tune with his, yet each one shot pain up her spine. The heels had given her blisters, and the rubble crunched and grinded against her tender skin. It was hard to enjoy anything. And yet, she kept walking. Perhaps it was a fear; the fear of being left behind, or she simply did not care anymore if she won't be able to slip back in her godforsaken heels.

    Cassie trained her eyes on the mansion's centerpiece; the fountain showcasing a Gengar and Slurpuff. Yet, she found herself more interested in the young master, rather than the flawless, lifeless statues surrounded by the color of exotic flowers. That was why she left the ball, after all. Despite this, she let out a small hum of interest, though a smile did not caress her lips. As she promised, she wouldn't smile if she didn't mean it, and she would honor the statement the way he did. She told him anyway, "It's beautiful still." She found it curious how everything glowed under moonlight, and stood beneath it just a while more. Amongst the flowers, she looked right at home with her scarlet dress. Her eyes were the color of silver, and they shared the stars in his eyes when they locked gazes. She smiled, life filling the once cold irises.

    Cassie sat on the spot beside him that he'd ponted to, lifting her dress up to her shin so the water couldn't catch it. She was a petite young woman, and the size of her feet rivaled that of Cinderella's, however dirtied by the dust and dirt it picked up along the way. The water engulfed her tormented feet, soothing her blisters and washing away the layer of dirt, and she allowed a relieved sigh to escape her lips. "That feels good." Moments passed with only silence, and for once, it haunted her. Battles connected people, they said. Now Marz was in her space, and it gave her a lovely feeling in her chest. She was starting to believe it. Or perhaps her world had just grown to large for her to live in alone.

    And for the first time that night, she laughed too.

    Feeling rather playful, the girl leaned down and splashed Marz with the crystal water, a mischievous glint in her eyes and a smirk on her lips. She laughed once more. Her hand later found its way to a nearby flower bush, and she began to pick each blossom to place on the water, watching them dance with the moon. "Someday, I'll learn to float as free as these flowers; content and fulfilled. I won't be afraid anymore."
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  25. Curt was pulling on his collar again, trying to cool himself down a bit. These butler uniforms were stuffy and uncomfortable, but that was not why he was sweating. Curt heard about big social events like this being a “game” of sorts amongst nobility. How everyone was constantly gauging and judging you. How one small mistake could ruin your image forever, get you cast out of your family, and end up damning you to a life of poverty. It almost made the stunt Curt was planning on pulling tonight seem like the safer life style choice.

    “Hey Kevin! Bring dishes to the kitchen now!”, The staff manager screamed at him, causing Curt to jump in shock. It was funny, he gave them the false name of “Herbert” when he signed on to be a temporary replacement waiter, but nobody even bothered to remember it.

    “R-right away sir”, Curt stammered as he grabbed the pile of dishes, leaving the dining room and stepping into the ballroom. Apparently it being only your third day on the job didn’t merit you any slack. Curt was the new member of an “on call” wait-staff that the staff-manager quickly drummed up! Curt was able to make up a resume they apparently didn’t bother checking and BOOM! He was part of the staff.

    While heading to the kitchen he allowed himself to gaze around the room that was, Curt believed, could fit his whole house inside it. He had to admit: The mansion was one hell of a sight. The granite floors seemed polished to the point where they could have severed as mirrors and no matter how many people walked across them, they never seemed to dirty. Thick marble columns where scattered around the room, holding up a grand celling, beautifully painted with numerous legendary Pokemon found only in myth’s and legends.

    All around the Ballroom, nobles and people of importance were standing around chatting with one another. Occasionally showing off their supped up child or pampered Pokemon to the others, bragging about it in one way or another. Pokemon was an expecially big deal tonight because, apparently, the whole shindig was being thrown because the owner of the manors son, Mark or, Michael, or…something, was leaving on his Pokemon journey soon. Curt was born in a humble town to a lower-middle class family, so such extravagance was something completely new to him, but Curt had to admit, he was rather blown away by the whole spectacle.

    Everything was top of the line, from the elegant eight course meal the chefs were just finished serving , to the classical band playing, right down to the polish used to clean the floors. Even the Pokemon the wealthy nobles brought to show off were either extremely rare, powerful, or both. Curt even allowed him a brief moment to gap along the rest of the attendees at a mighty Tyranitar that some lucky bastard had the privilege of being the trainer of.

    Dinner had just finished, and off course, it didn’t take long after dinner for everyone to start getting drunk, and that was the wait-staff’s cue to start clearing the dinner tables. He dropped the pile of dirty dishes off at the kitchen and left without a word.

    “I don’t get it, he should be here by now”, Curt said as he stopped to look at the huge grandfather clock propped up against a wall in the now nearly empty dining room. It was just about time, the party was being to wind down a little, people were getting drunk, he need to make his moves soon.

    Curt made his way past the head waiter, who seemed preoccupied talking to person of importance who was probably upset by some trivial thing. He seemed utterly distracted and wasn’t paying any attention to the other people around him, it was the perfect moment for Curts to make his move. A silently as a Rattata, he slipped into the outer halls unnoticed, everyone else was to wrapped up in their own work to either notice or care about him.

    The place was huge, and it was easy to get lost, but Curt had spent all his off-time memorizing the only route he needed to know, and made it to destination: a dead-end hallway on the bottom floor, with the only thing there being a single window and barred off room. Taking a quick look around to make sure he was completely alone, he opened up a near-bye window and stuck his head out, like he was looking for something. It didn’t take long before two heads popped out of the bushes, one bright orange and scaly, the other a vibrant yellow with spikes.

    “Embertail, Raviel, glad you got here safe”, Curt said to the Charmander and Jolteon respectfully,”you two avoided the camera's and set up our escape route, right?” Embertail just gave a big smile and gave him a thumbs up. Curt returned the smile before extending a hand to help the two Pokemon in, they had to move quickly before they were spotted. After helping Embertail and Raviel into the hallway, Curt turned his attention to the sealed off oak doors.

    “All right, its time to get this show on the road!”, Curt said pointing at two large oak doors at the end of the hallway. The past couple of days had been planned all around this moment, and though they been extremely careful, Curt couldn’t help but feel that luck had played a huge part in them getting this far. Though for many of the mansions guest the party was beginning to wind down, for Curt and his team, their night had only just begun.
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  26. Marz couldn't help but smile when he heard Cassie call this one slice of peace beautiful. Stars seemed to pale in the comparison of the young woman sitting in his presence. The moon's soft glow reflected itself down in the shinning silk that was wrapped tightly around his lithe figure. Marz's own golden locks seemed to turn a ghostly white as he listened to the silence that enveloped both of them.

    The young couldn't help but sputter as cold water splashed his face in an invitation. Marz could only smile a bit as he flung a bit right back at Cassie. Water trailed down his cheeks as he looked at the flowers with interest. Hesitantly, Marz placed his hand right on top of the epitome of beauty's. His thumb gently stroking her own as he looked right at her silver eyes with his sapphire ones. "I hope you find that one day, Cassie." A voice filled with sincerity as a man picked a small blossom off. His eyes staring at it for a moment before a smile emerged from his lips.

    Slowly, Marz placed the rose in Cassie's hair. A soft blush already rising to his cheeks as he finished placing the fauna in. His chest felt tight, and it wasn't the same as it had been when he was forced to pretend at his party. It was... Nice, in a way. Almost akin-ed to having someone choke you softly, yet he still liked it. Marz had no idea how to explain the feeling bubbling inside him. So, he moved to look away. Blue eyes going to look at the nightlight in the sky. Maybe if he stared at it long enough it would tell him a story it remembered seeing from so far away. Or, would it talk nothing but gossip on the constellations surrounding it? No, for now, Marz didn't want to know.

    Instead, Marz looked over at Cassie once more. A smile slowly falling off his face as he went to stare at her reflection. The mirror image of them together made his chest grow taunt again as he stared down. Petals drifted over them in such a way, Marz wondered if flowers were actually raining down on them. He closed his eyes to stop the pictures from reaching them as he spoke once more to Cassie. His voice sounded hollow and strained as he forced the words out gently.

    "What's happening right now?"
  27. A laugh once again left her when water splashed onto her face. It was cold. A tad too freezing on her warm cheeks. However, it all subsided when suddenly, she found Marz's hand atop of her's.

    All this time, it was as if her heart was a Metapod. Still. Trapped. And somehow, with a single touch, Marz had cracked it open and released the Butterfree inside. Its wings fluttered inside of her, making her feel oh so light when he caressed the back of her hand with his thumb, when their eyes met. A brush of cherry red caressed her cheeks, and it was such an oddly pleasant feeling Cassie experienced. Her stomach turned when he expressed his sincere wish, and yet it was a nice kind of stomach turn. She might just burst, but she was too lost in his sapphire irises to care.

    Perhaps it was the moonlight's doing; making Marz look like an angel, but she'd never seen anything so beautiful.

    As the rose was placed in her hair, her eyelids fluttered shut. Cassie felt his fingers in her hair, and she marveled at how gentle they were. However, even after the flower was in place, she kept her eyes shut; simply to relish and memorize the feelings she was experiencing. Swearing to never forget them. And once they opened, Marz's eyes were shut. She wondered if they'd been closed the entire time too. But mostly, she wondered why he seemed to be upset.

    Cassie swallowed an unusually large lump in her throat, attempting to search his face for an answer. However, she instead found it in their doppelgangers on the other side of the water. And the answer was oh so clear. Nobility and Nobody. She was just one of a million other ace trainers in the world. He was one of noble blood, with centuries of legacies behind him. Surely he deserved better. Once again, she swallowed, if only to quench the dryness in her throat. Her eyes drifted hesitantly back to him, encaptured by the glow reflected off his suit, but answered anyway, "The moon does strange things to people." Silver orbs quickly flicked away. Along with this, she gave a weak, bitter laugh. The silence became heavy, too heavy, and she couldn't resist the urge to stare at their hands. Heartbeat quickened, blood rushed to the white of her cheek. Carefully, she turned her trembling hand over to clasp Marz's. Delicately, and ever so intricately, she laced their fingers together into a single weave. She recorded this ephemeral moment, for surely, it would not last.

    However, Cassie was always a bit selfish. And tonight, he was no one's but her's. "It mesmerizes you in its effervescent glow, making everything around you so much more beautiful than it really is. Maybe we've fallen in love." She gave his hand a gentle squeeze, hoping to bring him back from his fear, and back to her. But her eyes instead found themselves staring straight into the silver of her own reflection's. "Or perhaps we're simply being fools."
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  28. "You shouldn't waste yourself on me if we're being fools." Marz looked over at Cassie. His eyes half lidded as if he was about to go to sleep. Light blue turned into a silver white before the youth looked away. His heart couldn't bare the truth being placed on it as a hand ran through styled locks of hair. "More so when you could do better than a noble's doll." Marz felt like a Weedle was trying to crawl its way out of his throat as he swallowed around the lump caught in him. Maybe it was just the delicate fingers, or sickness causing the pain as he stared out towards the manor.

    The shadow of success swallowed Marz up. Its pointed teeth barring down on his very being to be like the people attending the party. To allow his mother to choose the woman he would marry. Allow everyone else to make decisions on what his life would be like for him. Closing his eyes once more, Marz couldn't help but wonder if he could give his heart over to Cassie if he were a different man. If he didn't have to put up with this charade, could this be a person he could love honestly? His mind nearly override his heart in the choice. Nearly, yet it failed to do so when Marz tightened his grip on Cassie's hand lightly. More or less reassuring himself as he looked back over at her.

    "Right now though," Marz looked at his hand intertwined with this trainer's as he brought it to his face. "I want to think this could be love if you'll go along with me." His lips barely brushed against the soft flesh as he kissed it. Blue eyes only peering out of blond lashes as he gauged Cassie's reaction. The look in his eyes, the feelings in his heart, Marz was left uncertain if he was looking at this woman as if she was Arceus himself before him. However, he hoped he could even portray that to her. "If I'm a fool for feeling like this, then call me one."
  29. Selfishness.

    Oh, how selfish she was. Knowing this man- this beautiful, broken creature would never be her's. And yet she couldn't stop her desires; to steal him away, have him fill the crack inside her. Fix her. She clutched harder on Marz's hand; afraid that if her hold loosened, he would vanish into thin air. Cassie stared into his paling irises, and it scared her how it felt like she was still staring into her own reflection. She'd been a doll once too, just like him. A pretty little prize. But then her body was hollowed and her limbs were tied to strings, and she was made into a puppet to play the role her birth had given her. Once the role was fulfilled and the strings were cut... She was simply hollow. Lost without direction. And it made her desires all the more stronger.

    She won't let that happen to him too.

    Marz's grip began to tighten more around her hand, and that small gesture felt like an anchor; keeping her flighty heart in place. However, it didn't feel like a weigh, a trap, or a cage the way she'd assumed love would feel. It felt like... A home; a place she could return to where she felt safe. Perhaps, somehow, in the short time that they'd known each other, they'd struck a bond, and he'd tamed her. Slowly, hesitantly, the petite young woman began to inch closer to Marz, close enough for their arms to press against each other, and she relished that feeling of wholeness. The touch of his lips against her worn, tired hand sent an electric shock up her spine, and a crimson red to sweep across her cheeks. Her eyes were thinking. The way they always were. But she listened closely to his words, this time bringing their hands close to her lips. Close enough for her gentle breaths to tickle their skin.

    They were bathed in moonlight, and Cassie's lids cascaded over her eyes, allowing her long lashes to brush against his fingers. Her free hand came up and cocooned Marz's hand in between. "I want to steal you away." She expressed her selfish wish. "Away from your golden cage. Into the world, with me. You've tamed me, somehow. And now, I'm yours, and you are mine. If only for tonight. But I'll go along with you until my heart can beat no more." Cassie lifted her gaze, searching deep into his blue eyes, and a soft smile graced her lips. "So let's both be fools tonight."

    It was a thrilling experience. To want something so selfishly, yet knowing that it could never be yours. Happiness was fleeting, but that was why it needed to be enjoyed while it lasted. Thus, she pulled her dainty feet from the water that held the moon in its surface, and planted them back onto the ground where she stood. Kricketune played their wistful melodies, harmonizing with the far away calls of Noctowl. A perfect symphony. A hand still holding onto Marz's, and another sweeping her dress over the ground, she whispered gently, "Would you care for a dance, my dear Marz?"
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  30. In retrospect, trying to steal from one of the wealthiest families in the regions, with absolutely no experience in thievery outside from what they saw on T.V was a pretty stupid idea. Curt, Embertail, and Raviel were running across the manors outer grounds, trying desperately to avoid capture.

    It was funny, they had all seemed to get cold feet just as they were about to entered the room, even Raviel, who was known to HATE to shy away from anything, was getting cold feet. Maybe they realized the gravity of what they were about to do, maybe their conscience finally caught up to them, or maybe they realized a sinking amulet wasn’t worth the jail time. No matter what it was, they were spotted by several of the noble families personal security and were forced to flee out the window. Curt was just glad he decided to bring that Smokebomb after all, it provided them with enough time to make decent head-way on the security.

    It was dumb really, none of them were thieves, but a long string of bad fortune made them desperate enough to consider such and act. Truth be told, Curt was having second thought all throughout the night, but whenever he began to seriously consider backing out, all he could think of was how he was cheated out of that amulet. The amulet that could have allowed his family to keep their home, but was instead snatched up by some noble women to be locked away in some room, all because she claimed it was a treasured “gift” given to them by some long gone house and it was precious to her family.

    “But if it was so precious, then why did we find it in the middle of a forest”, Curt thought to himself as they rushed through the manors outer grounds, trying to make it to their planned “escape” route, which basically amounted to a hole Embertail dung through the fence. With any luck they would be able to slip through the hole, lose them in the numerous alley ways that covered the city, and be on the far end of Kalos taking a ship back to Kanto in just a few short days.

    Finally, they reached the hole Embertail dug, Curt noted it was just barely large enough for him to squeeze through as he just managed to pull his way to the other side, and making a complete mess of his butler uniform in the process. Embertail had done Curt the courtesy of retreating Curt’s backpack that he hide in the bush just before they started their little operation. It was strange, to Curt, it actually sounded like the hired guards were getting farther away, not closer.

    But he had no time to think about the how’s and whys of this, there was just one last gauntlet to make before they were home free: The Manors Gardens.
  31. Marz was left stricken as he looked at Cassie. Her warm breath danced over the skin of his hands in such a way that he felt an electric charge go down his spine. His mind was left blown as this soft, touch stole his breath away. Blue eyes only watched in a dazed stupor as Cassie rose to her feet. Marz could barely swallow the lump of emotion in his throat before he also stood up. The tail coats of his jacket gently floated on top of fountain's water as he faced Cassie. A soft sadness covered his face as he smiled at her alone.

    "I would love to dance, my dear." Marz's voice was barely a whisper as pure rapture over took him. His hand hesitantly moved to Cassie's back as his own body moved closer to her own. The warm trickle of his breathing touched her neck as the symphony of pokemon guided this waltz between them. Moonlight was their own personal spotlight as he gently swayed side to side with Cassie in his arms. Both of their strings finally being placed down, if not just for this one moment between them. "I can't help this feeling..." Marz made sure his voice was barely audible as he rested his forehead against Cassie's. Half lidded eyes stared into her silver ones as he continued on softly. "You make waves happen in my mind, and they clash with the pulsing beat you create in my heart. Yet, I don't know anything about you..."

    A gentle hand cupped Cassie's face as if she was made out of pure glass. Marz's thumb stroked the soft, make-up covered cheek as he laughed sadly. Tears started to slide down his face as laughter turned into a soft, quite sob. Light bounced off the crystals running down his pale skin. His grip on her back brought Cassie even closer as Marz stared at the scenery behind her. His voice sounded weak as he spoke softly. Not knowing his last moments as a noble were about to end in a series of stumbles made by a young thief.

    "What are we even doing?"
  32. Starlight. Moonlight. Yes, they were their spotlight tonight. A luminescent glow, turning Marz's skin, his hair, his eyes, his everything into one of an angelic vision. Cassie was enchanted. Her eyes found nothing more beautiful to grace than the man before her, wrapping his arm around her slender form with his hand on her back. Oh, it made her heart melt; bursting at the seams with emotion. It was one of those rare moments when, she felt alive. Color seemed to course through her skin with drops of acrylic peach and pinkish hues, or perhaps the exotic flowers surrounding them felt the need to share their shades with the girl who was fading under the moonlight. The night was cold, and her dress did little to shelter her from it. But Cassie had never felt more warm.

    In his arms, she swayed like a rose caught in a breeze. Her arms lift up, intertwining themselves around his neck, atop his sturdy shoulders. Feeling secure and protected, as each of his breaths sent shivers down her spine, and she found herself addicted to his eyes, so blue and clear, like the brightest midday sky. Their bodies lapsed together by the silk and thread of the clothes on their backs, her's on his. Cassie inhaled a breath of Marz's scent as he pressed their foreheads together, noting how perfectly she fit into the contours of his face. "Battles tell you the equivalent of a thousand words. And I saw my reflection in you. And I won't let you become what I have."

    She felt him, his warmth, how the tips of their noses brushed against each other, and she felt herself give in; submitting her very being to Marz. And yet she was afraid, thinking on how he conquered her so easily, and how fast and hard she was falling for him. How dangerous it was. Yet, her heart was slick with the melted ice, and it slipped through her grasp each time she tried to catch it. But with his hand on her cheek, Cassie found herself leaning into his touch, and she wasn't so scared anymore.

    "For the longest time, it felt as if I'd been dead." She told him, her voice just as soft. Her eyes watching his as her the tip of her fingers brushed against the skin of his neck. "But now... My heart is suddenly beating again. It's like you've filled a missing piece in it, and now it's whole again... And I'm terrified." She laughed in unison with him, until the melted ice of her heart came choking up her throat, and she gritted her teeth together to keep them from spilling. "I'm so terrified, Marz." She whispered, a bitter, shaky smile tugging on her lips. "Because now I do have a heart, and once this night is over... It'll be broken. I'll lose you." She shut her eyes tightly, her lips twisting into a cringe. "Yet I still can't help myself... I'm falling for you." A soft, broken sob, resembling a hopeless chuckle. She opened her eyes again, and the tears finally spilled. However, she moved her hands from his neck to cup his face, gently, tenderly. With her thumbs, Cassie wiped away his tears, looking into his sapphire irises with the very same sadness in his heart. "I know I can't keep you... So I'd like to think that for tonight... I've found a love that is mine."

    Silver irises shifted their attention to the young master's lips. The dried blood that coated it. Carefully, she began to pull his head down, her eyes sliding shut as her lips delicately captured Marz's in a tender, innocent kiss. She tasted the iron of his blood, her heart pumping as fireworks went off in her mind, electricity coursing through her veins and left her shivering in awe. Caressing the gash gently with her lip, she pulled back once again. Her hands slid down to his chest, smoothing over the silk of his suit. Her tears were salty, so she pressed her head against the silk and stained them. Caught up in his arms, Cassie was oblivious to the thief wondering through the very gardens they reside in. And the worst thing was, she knew him.

    "How, in one night, have we come so far?"
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  33. Curt could almost swear he lost them, by some heavenly blessing upon him, they seemed to have gotten away. He figured that someone would be able to spot Embertails flame, or Raviels bright yellow coloring, or he’d just goof up and do something stupid to get them all caught, but fortune smiled upon them this night.

    “All we have to do is make it through these gardens and we’ll be home free guys”, Curt whispered to his partners among pants. They had managed to hide in the garden shrubbery for the moment catch their breath, but they couldn’t stay still long, lest they risk getting caught. It seemed like an easy sprint across the remainder of the park to safety, but it was across an almost completely open area, if anyone was near-bye or out of their peripheral vision, they’d be spotted. After the night Curt and his team had, nobody was in the mind set to just throw caution to the wind for a mad dash for freedom, they would have to stick to sneaking through the tree’s ad other shrubbery that surrounded the park. They were making their way through the foliage easily enough (Embertail taking great care to not accidentally set anything on fire with his tail), keeping low to the ground to avoid detection. Till suddenly, Curt felt a tug at his pants leg.

    “What is Raviel, you hear something?”, Curt asked the Jolteon tugging at his pants leg. The lighting Pokemon tilted his head upwards, he didn’t growl, but did obtain a fierce look on his face. It didn’t take long for Curt to find the source of Raviels concern. Curt and Embertail carefully poked their heads up to see what blocked their way to freedom.

    At first glance, it appeared to be nothing terribly unusual, just a young man and a women sharing a romantic evening in the moonlit park. The man had vibrant blond hair and stern gaze, but for the moment, it seemed to have been softened by his evening with the women. His clothes seemed expensive and well cared for, leading Curt to mentally pegged him as a noble. The women he was with seemed to be in a similar boat as him, she had…..

    “W-wait, that cant-Embertail is that?”, Curt whispered to his partner. The women with the blond haired man was about a head shorter then Curt, with long brown, almost black hair and familiar piercing, grey eye’s. The red dress was new though, the last time he and Embertail saw her, she was wearing a white shirt with a trainers jacket.

    “T-that’s Cassie isn’t it Embertail?”, Curt whispered to Embertail, who merely returned his partners question with a reaffirming nod. The last time they saw each other, they had gotten trapped in a cave with a bunch of other colorful characters and had to work together to get out alive. But Cassie stood out in Curt’s memory most vividly of all because of the battle they had after they had escaped that cave. Well, that and she kissed him on the cheek, he remembered THAT almost as clearly as the following week of teasing Embertail and Whips gave him over how red he turned.

    Putting their heads back in the shrubbery, the group began to contemplate their next move. Bolting for it was defiantly out of the question now, Cassie was a sharp girl and would no doubt recognize them in an instant. Trying to talk their way past Cassie would be practically impossible, she’d KNOW something was up almost instantly. Curt heard Embertail give a soft growl, his gaze locked on the ground, making it clear to his human friend that something was on his mind.

    “I know Embertail, but as much as I want to go over and say “Hi” to Cassie too, we can’t risk being seen by security, we’re just going to have to wait here until th-“, Curt began to say before he was cut off by soft rustle and the sound of waddling feet approaching.

    Gardens, especially large and lavish ones such at the Kyandi's, were practically a beacon of attraction for grass Pokemon, it would come as no surprise to anyone that few wild grass types would manage to find their way into the garden. And right now they found a rather large Tangela to be staring them down in the midst of all that shrubbery.

    “C-crap, nobody move, maybe it will go away”, Curt told his partners, a desperate hope in his heart that the wild pokemon would do just that. And it just might have, if it weren’t for that fact that it just happened to spot a certain lizard Pokemon with a flame on it’s tail. The wild Vine Pokemon didn’t know Embertail didn’t mean any harm, all it knew was that a Fire Pokemon was in what it considered it’s territory, and to it, that was enough to warrant the whole group being a threat to it. Immediately, it’s vines began to rustle, the Tangela’s face turned hostile as it let out a low growl. The trio’s eye’s grew wide, they all fought Tangela before, trained and wild, and they knew what was coming.

    “Everyone move!”, Curt yelled. Immediately they all dived out of the bushes, just barely avoiding the Tangela’s Stun Spore, but putting them all in the open. They quickly picked themselves up and Raviel angrily launched a Pin Missile barrage at the wild Tangela, scaring it off.

    “Well, so much for that”, Curt thought as he dusted himself off. That was it, any hope of remaining unseen was blown, they were in clear view of anyone in the gardens, Cassie and her friend were already staring at them, and Embertail…..

    Embertail was waving at them.

    “Errro!”, he heard the Charmander growl. Well at least Embertail broke the ice for him. Letting out a small sigh, Curt turned to face Cassie and her stern looking friend. To be honest, a small part of Curt secretly hoped Cassie denied knowing them.

    “H-hey Cassie, long time no see, you remember Embertail, right, and this is my Jolteon, Raviel” Curt said motioning towards the waving Charmander and the bemused Jolteon respectfully. He has a smile on his face that completely contradicted how he felt as well as the unsettling mood.

    The fact that he and his pokemon were covered in dirt and sweat did not help to defuse the situation either.

    “So, uh, who’s your friend”, Curt said gesturing towards the blond man, desperately hoping to defuse the situation a bit.
  34. Marz was completely stunned as Cassie kissed him. His hands only moving up to hold her head in a gentle grasp. The taste of cold iron and bitter salt coated the noble's tongue in a loving embrace. A burning fire was making him feel like his entire being, heart, soul, and mind, were melting into this singular moment. Yet, it all ended far too soon as the woman in his arms pulled back. Her tears slowly being absorbed within Marz's expensive facade. His hand was trying to soothe the sobs escaping Cassie as he tried to stay strong enough to hold both of them up for the time. Words were already trying to make themselves known, but they were interrupted by someone else making their presence known.

    Hard, angered eyes stared into Curt with enough force that it would've challenged a Giga Impact on the spot. Marz only continued to hold Cassie as he glared at this intruder. The fact that he seemed to know Cassie, didn't harden his stare. No, he was patient enough ask her about it later. However, for the time being, Marz had to deal with Curt. Sweaty and covered in dirt barely disguised the uniform the catering staff was being forced to wear. Anger turned into suspicion as if someone had flipped a switch in his brain. A hand already slowly reaching for his Luxury Ball as he spoke in cold, malicious tone. "Sir, I'm Marzipan Kyandi."

    Any attempt to defuse this situation was gone. Having been blown out like a simple candle, Marz slowly removed himself from Cassie. It was clear that he didn't want to release her, yet something within his mind told him he needed to. Even if it was for just a second. Blond hair gently moved as a slow breeze passed the garden. The calm before the storm of Marz's rage. His hand already gripping Jack's Pokeball tightly as he raised it up, his pale face looking like a golem of pure stone as he tossed it out. "Jack, come out." His voice was nothing more than a sharp hiss as he called the Gourgeist out once more. Jack's purple hue shone in the moonlight, his large arms already stretching as the ghost Pokemon called out his name loudly. Almost as if he was trying to make the world shake in fear of his presence.

    "I suggest you tell me why you're here." Marz's face was nothing more than cold ice as Jack stood protectively in front of him. Three-fingered hands already flexing, as if the Gourgeist was getting ready to strangle the group within his territory. "You have five seconds. One... Two..." Marz continued to count slowly as he watched Curt.
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  35. A stumble. A simple mistake. Three figures came tumbling out of the bushes, and she thought her heart would stop, then and there. It didn't fortunately. Glazed silver irises glanced curiously at the dirtied, mud-stained strangers just getting up and dusting themselves off. The thing was, they weren't strangers at all. Cassie sucked in a breath, parting herself from Marz on instinct, yet his arms kept her there. Her hands gripped onto the noble's coat in uncertainty, eyes blinking quickly as they watched a Charmander approach them with a wave. A rather... Familiar Charmander at that. And then, it hit her. "E-... Embertail?" Memories of claustrophobic panic inside a collapsed cave. Nearly drowning, starving, and getting crushed. It was the very reason she could never, ever enter another cave. Not even for shelter. Just the thought of imprisonment, it made her weak in the knees and tight in the chest. But then, if Embertail was there, that would only mean this man- this dirtied, waiting staff was, "Curt."

    The name came out in a choked whisper; a sole remainder of a beautiful battle that made the traumatic experience bearable. Her pupils were the size of apple seeds as her mind worked overtime to try and decipher the situation at hand, brows knitted together with utmost confusion. However, things spun out of control before anything snapped into place. Suddenly, Marz had released her from his grasp, leaving her to the biting cold of the night as the petite young woman shivered in misery, and he'd started speaking to Curt in the most hostile way possible. Jack was suddenly released again from his Pokeball with a hair-raising cry that she'd sworn would've woken the dead. Was he initiating a battle with Curt? Her eyes shifted anxiously between the two men, knowing well that if she didn't step in soon, blood will be spilled.

    Ryu had seen all this from his Pokeball, and began to stir restlessly. Granted, Lucario had a strong sense of justice; he kept her in line, and Cassie knew that Ryu was less than happy with the way Marz was treating Curt, who'd done no serious wrong to them. The moment Marz started counting, however, the Lucario burst from his Pokeball to block Jack from Curt and his Pokemon like a sturdy wall, while Cassie sprinted in front of her gentle dandy, arms out in a comforting manner.

    "Marz, stop." Her voice was steady, different from the fragile one she'd used before. Slowly, ever so carefully, she placed her hands on his arms, eyes pleading to him. "We can talk this through calmly and rationally. You don't need to get Jack involved." Her eyes looked deeply into his sapphire ones, terrified by the storm brewing in them, yet, more so that beauty she'd seen in them had vanished forever. Her tears had washed away what thin make up Cassie had bothered to put on for that night, and it revealed the small, faded scar just below her left eye. Her thumbs caressed his arms comfortingly as she turned her head to glance at the man who'd interrupted their peaceful evening.

    "This is my friend Curt." She started, eyes once again glancing to and fro between the men with caution. "We were both victims of the cave collapse and flooding in Glittering Cave. That's where we met." Hesitantly removing her hold on Marz's arms, her gaze became that of a questioning one as she focused on Curt. "Though I had no idea he was part of your waiting staff." Her eyes began to narrow in suspicion at the man and his soiled uniform. "I also have no idea why he's out here, or why it looks like he'd just crawled out of a hole." Cassie began to suck in an impatient breath at the trio before them, pinching the bridge of her nose as if just now grasping the ludicrous situation they were all in. "Curt, I swear to Arceus if you were trying to crash a party..."

    She didn't need to finish her threat to get her point across. Because Ryu's now prominent glare towards him was more than enough to finish it for her.
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  36. The pained and terrified look Marz saw in Cassie's eyes was enough to stop him. A regretful look crossed his face as one of his hands went to gently touch her own. His thumb lightly stroking her own before he closed his eyes and took a deep, shuddering breath. The noble never wanted to see any of those emotions flash within those silver eyes. More so when those feelings seemed to be directed towards him. Marz only looked at Cassie once he felt the hot iron inside his chest simmer down. It wasn't gone, but it was more manageable. For now, that was something to work with decently.

    "Alright," Marz spoke softly, his voice was still tight, but it was clear it wasn't directed to Cassie. Jack barely needed to turn his head to hear the small command to stand down. The Gourgeist's body falling into a more, lax position as he looked over at Embertail and Raviel from Ryu's shoulder. Purple hair sweeping over Jack's left golden eye as he watched the two. His trainer's tight stance still keeping him on guard as Marz took one more shuttering breath. "But, are you sure his name's Curt? The tag on his shirt says Kevin."

    A noble's eye for detail. Sometimes it was the best thing to have. Blue eyes watched Curt as he moved to get a better look at the man. Marz knew he had seen this face before, and not from something prestigious by any means. Then it hit him, this was the guy that his mother found the Arceus Amulet with before she reclaimed it. At that moment, Marz's calm demeanor vanished as he looked at Curt with enraged eyes. "I know you..." His tone was slow as continued to glare at the dirtied man. "You found my family's lost artifact." Jack couldn't help but tense up and release an angry growl. Large hands dug into the ground to stop itself from harming Ryu. "Are trying to steal it?" Marz never yelled, no, but his gritted teeth and clenched fists showed his rage.

    It wasn't long before a loud voice was calling out from one of the garden's wall. "I think he went over here!" It was clearly one of the security guards Marz's father had hired to protect the prized artifact.
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  37. Curt was beginning to feel as though he intruded in on a personal moment between the two, he got that much from the blond haired mans cold glare, but when happened next went really rapidly.

    First, the blond haired man introduced himself as Marzipan Kyandi, Lord Kyandi’s son. Curt’s eye’s grew wide as he began to realized how big the Tauros pie he step in was. Then, immediately after introducing himself, the nobles son threw out a Pokemon that Curt had never seen before. It resembled a mix between a black and white gourd and a jacko-o-lantern, Curt thought it looked kind of cute until Marz started threatening them with it.

    Almost like they were on a cue, Embertail and Raviel jumped in front of Curt, ready to defend him against the gourd-like Pokemon, and Curt was worried his team was going to have a scrap with Lord Kyandi’s son. Thankfully, Ryu popped out and was able to intervene between the other Pokemon long enough for Cassie to calm Marz down.

    Curt’s relief was not to last however, everything about Curt right now reeked of suspicion, and it took no time at all for them to start drilling him with questions. He had to admit, he was surprised that Marz knew about his relation to the amulet, and it made him just as worried. What’s more, Marz seemed to have figure out his original intentions of stealing back the amulet, but before he even had a chance to say a word in his defense, did he hear the sound of the security team he thought they ditched rapidly approaching them.

    “You know what, I’m sick of running”, Curt thought as he began to take off his backpack. He unzipped it and began dumping all of its contents on the ground just as the security team approached reached them. Curt, Embertail, and Raviel complied with the securities demands of remaining completely still while they patted Curt down and searched his belongings.

    “Please, listen, I didn’t steal anything, I just snuck away from work from a moment to give my Pokemon some leftovers from the dinner”, Curt told them for what felt like the hundredth time, “he doesn’t like being inside his Pokeball so I let him wander around the mansion, when we heard the alarms go off, we panicked and bolted, I know we shouldn’t have, but we didn’t steal anything”.

    It was technically only a half-lie, staff where aloud to let Pokemon roam around a fenced off part of the mansions grounds, provided they could prove the Pokemon were “tame” as they called it. Really, in the few days Curt was hear he learned it wasn’t uncommon for the staff to nick food to bring to their Pokemon (even though it was against the rules).

    “I just came here because I wanted a chance to talk to Lord Kyandi, I was hoping to explain who I was, what my situation was, and maybe he’d give me some sort of compensation for the amulet I found”, Curt continued while the guards where frisking his pants again, “I couldn’t get an audience with him by regular means, so I hoped by joining his staff I would have a better chance at talking to him, and maybe make a little money on the side.”

    Curt felt it was a mostly believable story, except for the part about expecting some sort of compensation from Lord Kyandi. Curt wasn’t good at reading people, but he took one look at that man and he knew he would have better luck getting blood from a stone then money out of him.

    “As for the name tag, they just messed my name up”, Curt finished with a shrug. Even that was fairly believable, he knew at least two other people on staff who also had got their name misspelled. But still, the chief of security didn’t seem totally convinced.

    “I don’t know kid, all of that seems possible, but all of it happening at once, you got to understand why I’d be suspicious”, the chief of security said, Herbert Vensuie according to his name tag. He was a tall dark skin man, he had a hard face, but had actually been fairly civil to Curt through the whole ordeal, aside from the beginning when he threatened to have his Arcanine roast him and his Pokemon alive if anyone of them moved.

    “There’s a lot of other factors that we’ve got to consider”, the man continued, “you could have stashed it somewhere when we lost you, you could have had another one of your Pokemon run off with it, or you could have had another partner you passed it of to”. Herbert sighed as he took of his cap and scratched his head.

    “I’m afraid I’m going to have t-

    “Don’t bother Mr. Vensuie, this boy didn’t steal it, according to our security systems, the vault that contained the amulet wasn’t broke into until after the alarms went off and the boy fled the area”, a hard voice said, one just arriving on the scene, “someone else is behind this, and they’re long gone, at worse this boy was just an unwitting red herring, but we can look into that in just a moment."

    Curts eye’s grew wide as the man stepped into view, he even heard Embertail and the normally fearless Raviel gulp. There’s was no questioning as to who this person was, though Curt had only seen this man a few times at a distance, but he’d recognize him anywhere. If he was here, then Curt and his team had just gone from simply stepping into a Tauros pie, right to jumping into a whole pile of it.

    “Marzipan, what are you doing out here with Lady Michaels?”, Lord Kyandi said as he walked onto the scene.
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  38. Marz was smiling in clear victory as Herbert showed up. This thief having failed to even get away was now going to be in the jaws of a man who could match that of a Mawile's. However, the taste of this small relief had soon turned into a bitter coldness that consumed him to the very soul. Blue eyes slowly grew to the size of platters as the sound of his father's voice penetrated the harsh air like a Pin Missile. Marz was certain he felt his heart actually stop as his a gulp for air was caught in his throat. "Oh, father..." He only tried to get the words to come out, but when he saw a stern hand rise to tell him to be quite, he stopped. The tight knot growing inside of the teen only intensified as he saw the knowing look in the man's eyes.

    "That's enough, Marzipan." Adair's words were sharp as he stared into his son. Dark, emotionless eyes dug their claws into Marz's very being as he appraised him and Cassie. The 'tsk' that came from him only showed how disgusted and disappointment he was in seeing his heir in such a predicament. "I expected this sort of thing after you married Lady Lilith, it would be a lot easier to cover up. Yet, here I find you disgracing the Kyandi name at your own ball as a staff member catches sight of you defiling it." Adair could be patient, however this sort of public humiliation was something he could not tolerate. Not from a servant and most certainly not from his own son. His own affairs were excusable, but not that of his only heir.

    Jack only moved to his owner as the lord's words made Marz drop his head. The Gourgeist's hands gently trying to soothe the blonde as his father only continued to berate him oh so clearly. Nothing escaped his throat as he stared at the ground, submitting to his father's words as Jack tried to keep him calm. "I apologize, but I-" Marz didn't even have a chance to finish what he was going to say as the Head of the Kyandi House interrupted him.

    "I don't wish to hear it." Adair's voice was tight with rage as he held the bridge of his nose. It was clear that the usually composed man was about to lose it as he looked at both Curt and Marz. His thoughts on what to do running rampant like a horde of Pokemon searching for food in the dead of winter. Until, one sadistic thought made itself known like a diamond lost among a pile of coal. A bitter, harsh smile started to cover his lips as Adair's eyes were blocked by his black bangs for a mere moment. It was a look that challenged the fear that a Banette's preformed on a child, and only Marz would be able to make out what he was thinking behind that mask of intimidation.

    The heir only tried to stop his father before he actually said the words. "F-Father, there's no need to so ra-" It only took one harsh look to reduce Marz to a mute fool as he shut himself up. Even the world around them seemed to go quite as the Pokemon knew who was in complete control, or maybe it was silent because they ran off in utter fear. Either or, Adair didn't care. Marz knew that, and Adair did too.

    "You, both of you," Adair's voice was hard as he looked from Marz to Curt. His eyes filled with some sort of sadistic joy as he continued. "Are going to battle. Whichever one of you wins, I'll forget this whole mess. However, Marz if you lose... You can never come back here. As for you," Cold eyes stared into the filthy trainer standing in his presence. "I'll forget this ever happened and you can go home."
  39. Everything simply came apart at the seams. The moment the guards arrived, Cassie knew it was all over. She wanted to tell Marz to run. Hide. So he wouldn't be seen, so at least their masquerade, their facade of what might be love could last longer. But she knew it'd lasted long enough. Though the guards were only interested in Curt; searching through his things and patting him down, she knew she was as caught as he and Marz were. She'd created a copy of him, stolen him from his own party, and what's worse... Possibly ruined his engagement. That was a crime of impersonation, attempted kidnapping, and sabotage. And yet, a selfish part of her didn't feel guilt or regret at all, for as the short moment it lasted, she was happy.

    Her hand latched onto Marz's arm, watching from the sidelines as Curt conversed with the Chief of Security. Something twisted inside of her to see the the authority figure drill down her friend. "I know him. He's many things, but he's not a thief." Came her strained, small voice. She was trembling badly; to have reality crash in, filling the lie she'd lived in with Marz for that night. It was over far too soon.

    However, a deep, hard voice arriving at the scene made her neck feel as if a Tangela had constricted its arm around it. Cassie literally couldn't breathe. Her grip on Marz's arm only tightened; she refused to let him go, and the sounds, the sights, everything, it began to drain. His double, the illusion Nine had created, it was still parading inside. She hoped her Ninetales was alright, that nothing had happened to him, and she hoped somehow Lord Kyandi didn't realize how his son was suddenly in two places at once.

    The conversation between father and son took her to the identical exchange she used to have with her mother. It made her chest tight. Oh so tight. Her jaw clenched, and she began to tremble. But right at that moment, Nine came running, his pale yellow fur glinting in the moonlight as he rushed to his trainer's side. The Tangela grip on her throat was suddenly released, and a deep inhale of oxygen filled her lungs. "Nine..." Her hands found their way into the Ninetales' fur, running through it and holding him close, like a child hugging a teddy bear.

    'I left the moment I heard the alarm. It's chaos in there.' He told her, and Cassie nodded stiffly. Slowly, Ryu also began to draw back and return to his trainer's side. Cassie removed herself from Nine, somehow finding bravery inside of her, and she faced Lord Kyandi with a new resolve. "Good evening, Lord Kyandi. If I may interrupt." Her voice was steady and cool; the way it needs to be. If Curt had his share of lying, now it was her turn. "Your son was simply helping me find my Ninetales, is all. He ran off when he saw a Dedenne in the garden. I was so worried, you see." She feigned wiping her tears away, the ones she'd shed for a completely different reason. It was time for her mask to come back on. "The alarm must've scared him, he jumped right off the balcony. I tried to get help, but your son was the only one who spared me a second glance."

    Cassie glanced back at Marz, the hollow, meaningless smile once again plastered across her lips. "Isn't that right?" Yet deep down, she knew she was only digging a deeper grave for herself.
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  40. Adair only glanced at Cassie, his eyes barely even taking in her features before making a look of pure disgust. "Lady Michaels, I never pegged you for a liar." His voice was nothing less than harsh as he spoke to the young woman. "You honestly can't think that I wouldn't realize your Ninetail's projection of my son did you?" The cold composure this man held only made the air surrounding him freeze as he spoke. "I know him well enough he would never accept a kiss from Alyth or continuously dance with her." Adair was nothing more than a knife's edge before he looked back at Curt. Marz didn't need to agree to the battle, and he knew this. All he had to do was order it and his son would do it.

    "What do you say? If you win I might even add in a small amount of money for winning." Adair's sadistic nature didn't show itself until an opportunity showed itself to him. The bitter smile on his face was covered in the slime of charisma as he stared at Curt.

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