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Does anyone collect Pokemon Cards?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by ShinyCharizard124, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. How are all of you? Just wondering if you wanted to talk about Pokemon Cards? I'm OBSESSED with them and I'd really like to know about your collections. I'll find the time to converse!!!
  2. I've just gotten a new Pokemon card. It's in Japanese characters. I'm pretty sure it's a Bellsprout,but it being Japanese I'm not certain. I plan on getting a "golden" Mewtwo card soon. I've got connections! :D
  3. Whoa!!! I got a new card too! This might sound impossible, but I got a 1st Edition, Dark, Shining, Japanese holo Erika's Venusuar! Also, I got a German holo base set Carizard!
  4. Nice! I'm still waiting for the golden card. For a guy who's got massive connections, he's pretty slow. :-\
  5. Dude, It's cool anyway. If I am waiting for something, I take my mind off it, and it comes in what seems like 5 minutes. If I think about it more, It'll feel like 5 DAYS. That's me, at least. My 2nd grade summer break was ruined that way.
  6. Can I make a suggestion?

    Topics such as this "Hi Guys!!" are considered, by and large, to be spam. This is turning into a two-person conversation, something that should be done on Chat, through messages, or some sort of instant messaging system, such as MSN or AIM.

    And I understand what you wanted to do, talk to someone, about something, and there's nothing wrong with that. But more detail, and an actual subject in mind with the first post, would have made it of much better quality.
  7. Okay. I will change the name of the topic, IF you can do that. Lucario and I were talking about Pokemon cards. Care to join?
  8. The most input I can offer on Pokemon Cards is that I used to collect them obsessively, and still have a dozen or so around that I dubbed "special" and worth keeping. Among these are the Umbreon one I have, and I'm pretty sure Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon. I also have a Japanese Metal Energy card, and if I'm not mistake, somewhere, a Rainbow Energy Card.

    (Also, if you want to change the subject, you can when you reply by going up to where it says "Subject:" and changing it from "Re: Hi Guys!!" to whatever you want it to be)
  9. I changed it, as you can see here, but it is not changed on your posts or Lucario's. ???
  10. I just got an update on that Japanese card. Actually, It's a Weepinbell. I also Have news on a trade I made a few months ago. I traded a Celebi card for a Venesaur card. I plan to get it back by trading him my Beldum. I told him it wasn't as nice as the Celebi but he still wants it. ;)
  11. I'm just going to pretend you didn't post poor quality posts, ShinyCharizard, and reply since I am interested in the topic.

    I have always collected Pokemon cards, but at one point the original cards I had were ripped off. In the past couple of years, however, I've been re-collecting the cards I used to have and buying tons of new ones, so I have over 500 cards at the very least. Luckily I was able to get back all of the original holos and rares I had, such as all of the old promos (Surfing Pikachu, Flying Pikachu, Ancient Mew, all of the other first movie promos, etc.).

    Also, buying cards online is a great way to go. =D
  12. What do you mean by that?
    As for buying cards online, I do not agree. I bought a Dark Charizard and a Shining Magikarp On Ebay 3 years ago and they haven't came. :-\
  13. Oooh, that really sucks. The cards not coming, I mean. Did you check out the seller's history? It's always important to check reviews and such of the person you are trying to buy from. I've always had rather good experience buying online, like Rain has.

    And, I think she means they were stolen, by ripped off.

    Also, I went through some of the cards I kept, and these are some of the little critters I found:

    Umbreon (I'm guessing it's the first Umbreon card that was put into print, I don't know any way to check on that though.)
    Light Flareon, Light Jolteon, and Light Vaporeon.
    Moltres. It has a little star promo thingy underneath the picture, I think it was from Pokemon the Movie 2000
    A Pichu, holographic. (The card, not the picture)
    A uh... German Aipom? It's some other language, I can't tell.
    Blaine's Vulpix, the picture is win.
    That Japanese Metal Energy I was talking about, holographic.
    Japanese Holographic Togetic
    Misty's, Holographic, Japanese, Gyrados
    Brocks, Holographic, Japanes, Rhydon
    Movie One Mewtwo
    A German, maybe Russian, Murkrow.
    A Mew (I used to have the Ancient one...)
    The "Destiny Deoxys" Deoxys one
    and a Surfing Pikachu.

    There's the highlights of my collection, that I could find, anyways. I just felt like doing a bit bragging, I suppose xD
  14. The seller's history was very good, so i'm not sure what to say. On the bright side I am about to get a Japanese holo mint condition Brock's Ninetales from a kid named Dylan at my school. Ninetales is one of my favorite Pokemon. That's why I offered my French Holo, Sinnoh Mew up for grabs. But he wants a Beedrill for it. I don't have one. :( Also, about the Umbreon card, go on www.beckettpokemon.com and you will be able to find which card it is. Also, they sell old Pokemon cards so you could probably buy a duplicate of the Umbreon online and compare them.
    By the way, the link is bad. Sorry.
  15. I went digging again and found this awesome Duskull card. The Duskull is shiny, so he's red instead of black! I checked the Pokemon TCG site and it said the card was legit. I freaked out when I found out it was a holo rare card. :o
    I also found my old Lv.X Heatran. I got it out of a random booster pack that my friend gave me for Christmas. As soon as he saw it he tried to claim it back! ;D
  16. Well, a long time ago, in 2003, I was at a birthday party. We went to Funway, but that's not the point. In each goodie bag there was a pack of Pokemon cards (Team Rocket). Everyone's cards were really crappy, but in my pack I got a Dark Charizard (Not holo) and a Dark Dragonite (holo). This is similar to your story because my freind claimed that since he was the birthday boy and he bought them, he had the right to take them back. By the way, I am not friends with him anymore because he started hanging around bad people. Good times... Good times... ;D
  17. First of all, duh! Who doesn't

    Secondly, I have a huge book of cards that weighs like, IDK, 10-14.5lbs. I'm still adding to it.
  18. Yes :)


    I still have all my old cards from when I was little and everyone collected them, but the only recent ones I've bought is a pack from Toys R Us that I picked up a couple weeks ago.

    It was awesome 'cause when I opened it the first card I saw was of a Drifloon (my second favorite Pokémon) so I was really happy. I meant to get another pack when I went to get Platinum but I didn't bring enough money. :T
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  19. I still have a binder full of Pokemon from when I used to collect them. There are several cards that I adore--including a holo Light Arcanine, holo Yanma. and a holo Sabrina card. I may start back collecting again and maybe even start playing the TCG.
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I actually just bought a box of cards that included 3 random booster packs and a holo Chimchar. Beyond that, I haven't actively collected the cards for years. It was different back in the day... I had a number of friends to play with, so it made collecting the cards and perfecting my decks meaningful. Slowly the number of players dwindled, though, until I had no one left to play against.

    After that I kept buying the TCG, but less and less as time went on. For a long while I made a point to buy at least 1 pack of each new set released for the hell of it (I really got back into buying them during the E-Readers lifetime, too), but even that I stopped doing due to costs. The cards aren't cheap (not in abundance), and since I can't even use them for anything anymore it's hard to justify purchasing them as opposed to buying other Pokemon merchandise. I love the Trading Figures...

    Also, my favourite card is still my base set Charizard card. I think it always will be, too. I have no idea how much it's worth now, but I remember when it was the most expensive card in the game... and I'd gotten mine in the 3rd booster pack I'd ever bought, lol.
  21. Well, Linkachu, at my school (I'm in fifth grade) last year the cards were ridiclously popular. They became so popular that they became a, in teacher's words, "a distraction during classes". (We battled under our desks.) Pretty soon the principal
    started taking them away on sight. Jake Kruse claimed that she burned them in her fireplace. haha :D That was a fun year. Also, most of us only collected for rarity, not battling. I have a vintage Japanese Shadow Lugia. It came inside the case for the game Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness. Cool twist, isn't it? :D
  22. Sweet, dude. Was it in a japanese XD case?
  23. No. I traded the English version for the Japanese version to my "friend". (He's just an idiot 1st grader that has awesome cards, but little common sense.) He gets all the cards from his 5th grade brother who is in my class that hates me for taking advantage of his little bro.
  24. I collect for rarity too. ShinyCharizard, why would anyone go to secretly battling underneath their desks,during class, where their teachers could kill suspend them? It doesn't make sense. :(
  25. I also collect for rarity. Here are my rare cards:

    Sparkly lv 58 Blastoise (2/130)
    Delta Species (fire) Arbok (13/101)
    Lv 43 Ninetales (36/127)
    Cartoon Chansey (20/115)
    World Championships 2008 lv 44 Blissey (5/123)
    Lv 37 Beautifly (21/127)
    Sparkly Dusclops (14/108)
    Lv 48 Ramparados (33/123)
    Lv 8 Munchlax (33/130)
    Lv 46 Glaceon (20/100)
    Lv 39 Jolteon (23/100)
    Shining Lv 32 Carnivine (21/130)
    Lv 44 Shaymin (38/127)
    Sparkly electric energy (104/106)
    React energy (82/92)
    Holon energy FF (84/101)
    Also, someone traded me a fake manaphy >:( but that doesn't count. I also have a lot more cards, but they're not rare (*)
  26. OMG!!! Those sound like some really cool cards!! I have the urge to see all of your collection!!
  27. Also, today in a pack of 10 cards I received a lv X sparkly drapion =O it's ultra hyper rare! It was my 1st small pack of 10 aswell! I'm lucky.
  28. They take them until lunchtime\end of day. They wouldn't dare suspend us (Parents are already fed up with the school, including mine.) and it is illegal for them to keep them forever. If they did that, you can sue them. We kids have advantages in school...

    Anyways jertyuiop, the luckiest pack I ever got was with a reverse holo Cresselia and holo Glaceon in the same pack! I have bought at least 3,000 packs in my lifetime and this was the luckiest pack! Crazy, in my opinion.
  29. Kids get advantage? that's insane!
  30. Getting those two in the same pack must have been so cool! I had a trade yesterday and got a lv 30 Jynx (30/132) from my friend! (He doesn't collect for rarity, so I can get some rare pokemon off him without him minding.)
  31. I have a reverse holo Larvitar with the EX Emerald logo (somewhat rare... ???)!
  32. Cool! I got a new card today, though! A old school holo 1st edition Raikou! I only had to give the person a reverse holo Carnivine!!
  33. If I find an 'old school' card I keep it and don't trade it. They're the rarest.
  34. Well, I have 3 pages of cards in my binder that I dubbed 'keepers'. I will not trade them, no matter how much people beg. Also, I got a Sinnoh Typloshion at school today. I traded a semi-rare reverse holo Bronzong for it. The person I got the Typloshion from is a idiot.
  35. They take them until lunchtime\end of day. They wouldn't dare suspend us (Parents are already fed up with the school, including mine.) and it is illegal for them to keep them forever. If they did that, you can sue them. We kids have advantages in school...


    Wow. I never knew a school like that existed.

    I'm planning to buy some cards off of EBay. It said that it includes super rare cards. There are 20 of them and there all holos. ;D The best part is no one has bid on them yet and it closes tonight!
  36. I'm not trying to get your hopes down but don't be surprised if they never come. That happened to me. I wasted 20 freaking dollars doing that. :(/good luck
  37. It wont be much of a loss if they don't. It looks like they'll only cost me $2.00. Besides I've ordered from him before. Everything allways makes it. If it doesn't I'll report him. 8)
  38. Cool. I use my dad's Ebay account when I buy something. In case you are wondering why of all people a 54 year old would have an Ebay account, it's easier to buy Christmas and birthday presents that way. Saves gas, and it's easier.
  39. Whoa! Your dad is smarter than my mom. She goes down to shop and buy wrapping paper for next christmas.

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