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Private/Closed Discussion for Mexican Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Hecotoro, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    No, but it will be mentioned and if she ever stops by, then it'll be there.
  2. That is definitely okay. I will begin to RP in about 90 minutes.
  3. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Yeah, I was just asking to make sure it was a Pokemon in the region.
  4. The Pokemon based on a Mariachi? Hell yeah he is!
  5. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I’ll get to it eventually! Any chance I could do a rockruff starter?
  6. @Mango137 no sorry, but he will be available to catch.
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  7. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Bummer, you already broke my heart with getting rid of Squirtle. This might take awhile for me to get started then, I have to come up with a new character
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  8. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Someone took Pichu already ;_;
    Name: Jade Cooper
    Age: 16
    Height: 5"3
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Jade has black messy hair that she wears in a messy pony tail. She has piercings on her ear and nose. Her skin is lightly tanned and she has dark brown eyes. She wears a blue sports bra and black short shorts, along with black worn out Converse. She has her right arm tattooed with tribal designs resembling dragons and a Pikachu surfing on her belly. She is in good physical condition and her muscles are somewhat toned. She wears an open red hoodie so she doesn't call to much attention. She also wears black leggings.

    Personality: Jade is a very competitive person and stubborn. She glows with the great amount for energy she has and expresses it fully. She is the type of person that cannot stand still or quiet in a library and prefers doing things with her hands, rather then reading and listening. She will not stop until she achieves her goal and always keeps a positive attitude
    Starter Pokemon: Piplup (Quilavarulez)
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  9. @The Pikachan
    *The Eevee slowly backs out of the room, tucking her ears, hiding the OC with the Pichu that she made.*
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  10. We can blame @EmoKitty21 for disturbing the balance xD
    Prizes! For @EmoKitty21 @Tudor21G @EeviumZ for being the first ones to start their journey. You each get a Rare pass.
    (Passes and Pokemon catch rates will be explained shortly.)
  11. I want in, it sound fun, but I don't like the starters
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  12. Hey! @EeviumZ knows it is a race when Eevee is involved and she usually gets it first. This time I took the prize. >:D<.>:p
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  13. I want litten
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  14. This sums up my feelings towards you right now. :@;)
    (nah, just kidding)
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  15. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I ended up just adapting Sol
    Name: Sol Erdrick
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Hair: Silver with red tips (not dyed, just naturally weird)
    Eyes: Light Blue
    Outfit: Sol wears a baggy maroon hoodie, dark blue jeans, and white sneakers.
    Personality: Sol is a very genuine and nice guy. He also is very ambitious and will pursue his goals with limitless enthusiasm while everything else seems to fade away in his head. He does not come off very smart, but is quite intelligent in his own right. While he struggles with remembering basic things like names and directions, Sol's unique way of thinking allows him to come up with creative solutions to any problem he is faced with. Simply put, he is an abstract thinker whose thoughts would make little sense to anyone but himself. His kindness and compassion is a bit of a burden, if anything remotely sad happens he could spiral into depression.
    Pokemon: Tyrogue
    Quilava is alright
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    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
  16. @Eliiiscool sorry I can't include Litten.
    @Mango137 something is wrong with your application, the last part actually.
  17. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Eh I stand firm
  18. Heart breaking words, accepted, but with a bad attitude.
    @The Pikachan sorry you're accepted also.
  19. Okay guys here is the explanation for how catching Pokemon works.
    Pokemon that are very common, can be caught two per location, yes you can repeat Pokemon.
    Common Pokemon are one per location.
    Rare Pokemon you can catch 5 during the whole journey. (Doesn't include passes, using passes you can have more then five)
    Very Rare only one. (You can also use passes for more.)
    Shiny Pokemon only through passes.
    Remeber that you will have an opportunity to get poke eggs, I will give you a list of the possible contents of THAT specific egg and you choose what comes out. There will be a chance to get an egg more then once.
    I hope this makes sense!

    @Eliiiscool the Pokemon that were available were chosen randomly, trust me I love Litten, if I start giving out the starter everyone wants then it kind of takes away the gimmick this RP has, which is work with what you have. It's suppose to be challenging and part of that is making a team with what you have available.
    Also I would've given it to Maker, I'm a big Litten fan.
  20. Rubs chin Now where could I have heard this from before.
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  21. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    @EeviumZ I will let it slide this time, since you didn't know. Maybe I could forgive you if you trade me a Rare Pokemon >:D
  22. *Gasps*
    You must know the inspiration for my character then...
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  23. @The Pikachan
    *The Eevee glares at you in annoyance, before shooting a Freezy Frost projectile directly in your face. She swishes her tail and leaves.
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  24. @The Pikachan did you mean Lysia or Rowena? They both have their Pokemon already.
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  25. Ok, this is important to my decision
    How does one get a pass?

    How rare are these pokemon:
    Any kind of costume colored pokemon (If I can)
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  26. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I love how everyone chose their starters while Sylva was all: 'Oh, I'll just choose last.' *Snivy walks up and says 'You're my trainer.' * Sylva looks down 'guess I'm her trainer now.'
  27. Another question.

    How are we treating moves?

    Tm moves, Move Tutor, Egg moves?

    and do we have a move set, or can we have as many moves as we want?
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  28. That's what I meant yes.
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  29. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    @EeviumZ well I know who my character is going to rival now :@
    @kyuukestu to your character, sorry I didn't mention it.
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  30. @Eliiiscool Litten and Eevee are very rare. The other two are common.
    You obtain passes and other prizes, by completing achievements, I can't mention which ones otherwise everyone will rush to them and it will kill part of the RP. But I do plan on giving out a lot.

    Regarding moves, I completely forgot to post that. Here it goes:
    Egg moves- Starters don't have them. Pokemon born from eggs can have two of your choice. There is a price called Move pass, which allows you to add any egg or tutor move to any of your Pokemon. (As long as they can learn it.) Very rare Pokemon have an egg move of your choice.
    TMs- These will be prizes given by gym leaders or me.
    Level up moves- Your call. Just be fair, your newly obtained starter Charmander can have ember and metal claw, but not fire blast and slash.
    There is no limit to moves, but don't overpower your Pokemon.

    Abilities- Your choice, I'm not picky.
  31. Pichu is going to be rather weak until he evolves. Pichu only gets one damaging move by level up, and it's Thunder Shock. xD
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  32. Name: Eli
    Age (15+): 18
    Appearance: Medium light brown, messy hair, Quilavarulez about 5'10, brown eyes
    Outfit: Dark red suit, white undershirt with a lighter red tie, black shoes, dark red fedora (Has many more outfits[likes costumes])
    Personality: Fiercely loyal, kind, tries to make friend with about everyone
    Choose your starter: Rowlet

    Ok, I'll bite
  33. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    One of these achievements better be 'great character moment', because other than that I don't see myself earning any with the character I currently got. She's very, unmotivated and is a follower. So she doesn't do anything first.
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  34. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Could I get egg moves for tyrogue? Otherwise I’ll switch my starter... he doesn’t learn any moves from level up and wouldn’t have any fighting moves until he evolves. Plus, the normal way someone would get a tyrogue is through breeding
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  35. @Hecotoro sounds to me you're giving a lot of privileges to these Rare pokemon, and by proxy the three people you gave special offers to.
  36. In defence of the owner, we all have a very rare, and they did come in first, although, that does seem a tad weak of an excuse
  37. Its just the first passes of many, my goal is that everyone has a chance to get many Pokemon and have their characters switch up their teams often so it's not always the same six Pokemon. By the end of the gym challenge, you should have many to choose from.

    @Mango137 Yes you can change your Pokemon or add a fighting type egg move. I'm sorry I should've looked into it's moveset before.

    I'll do everything I can to keep things balanced so we don't have one overpowered character. Best there will be times when you can split up, choosing between two or three different paths. Each one will contain different results. It will start of slow I'm sure some will quit, but it's like the snowball effect, it will get better as it starts to roll down the hill. You just need to participate.
  38. Well, I probably shouldn't talk as one of the persons who got a rare pass (though I don't want any of the rare Pokemon in this area so I'll be passing on them) the whole achievement system is fairly...straight forward.

    You can guess some of the achievements like:

    First One to beat the Gym
    First One to win a battle
    First One to catch a Pokemon

    I doubt it'll be that hard to get a pass.
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  39. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    So if you look at Tyrogues movepool it’s extremely limited. It has fake out and tackle for its only two offensive moves and fake out only works the first turn of a battle. I think it’d be fair if I got vacuum wave, bullet punch and/or Mach punch, and counter. That way he can just be a glass cannon
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