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Ask to Join Digital Pokemon Battles

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Welcome trainers to the 22nd century. Here Pokemon battling has become quite different. With poachers on the rise, and people who would kill for powerful Pokemon that they could use to rul the world. With this, Pokemon were becoming extinct. So a scientist by the name of Roman, used Bill's research involving the Pokemon Pc to digitize Pokemon, to keep Pokemon alive. So now all Pokemon, expect for Legendaries have been stored in this virtual world. Legendaries still live free, to protect the world, and remaining Pokemon.

    The Virtual World or the V-Network, as it is called, contains active biomes for Pokemon to live, and plazas for trainers to battle, participate in contests and live along side the Pokemon, however they wish. However Pokemon kept by trainers are no longer allowed in the real world, to keep them safe. However trainers can feel, taste and practically live in the virtual world. There are even ways to stay active and stay there, as your body is broken down into data and you can live in the V-Network.

    In the virtual world, a trainer is given from a list of Pokemon to start out with, and when children reach the age of 16, they are gifted with a VR device and given the means to enter the Pokemon world. Until then, they can only enter though guest servers at schools and libraries. However they cannot keep Pokemon, until they are 16, and have their own login, which is provided upon receiving a VR device. Trainers can also interact to their Pokemon through a handheld device called a handheld VR device. Trainers cannot enter from the handheld VR device, but can interact with their Pokemon.

    With the V-Network, trainers can attend High School, and regular classes, and after school be VR Trainers.

    And now with the plot. While Pokemon are supposedly unable to enter the real world, from the virtual world. but it is happening. As the new trainers begin to enter VR ad choose their starter from the list, something unique is happening. They are able to follow their trainer to the real world. Now, trainer and Pokemon must fight to keep all Pokemon, in the V-Network and real world safe.


    Only one starter can be claimed per RPers. However in the V-Network, starter Pokemon like Charmander, and Squirtle are a bit more common. But don't have a full team of them. First come first serve on the starters, and there is one representing each of the 18 types.

    Starters in the VR world can evolve with experience, but in the Real world they stay in their basic form. They can also speak human lanugue due to a glitch in their coding.

    1: Follow all PRP rules along with the General rules. C'mon people.
    2: If I haven't RP'd with you before, I may ask for a excerpt from one of your RPs so I can see your writing ability
    3: No one liners, or anything like them. The requirement per post is at least 5 sentences. Hiowever try to avoid this whenever possible and have higher posts. I making the limit for short posts at 5, because I understand life happens. Also, you have to be a competent RPer, and if I feel you won't be able to keep up and give good decent posts, then I may not accept you.
    4: All trainers will be set at 16, because they just received their VR systems on the first day of class.
    5: We will all be going to the same high school, in the RP. So keep that in mind. We will also be int the Kanto region, in Saffron City, attending Saffron High.

    Okay, so here is the character sheet.

    Physical Appearance:
    Clothing Style:
    Virtual Appearance:
    Starter Choice:
    Starter Nickname: (Optional)
    Starter Gender:
    Starter Ability:
    Starter Personality:

    And here is mine.

    Name: Ryker Yuto
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Ryker has thick messy brown hair, and green eyes. His skin is peachy and faint freckles cross the bridge of his nose. His jaw is slightly angular, and a clean shaven face. He stands at roughly 6'0" and has a slightly rounded body shape, but not by much. Just a slight pudge.
    Clothing Style: Ryker sticks to hoodies and jeans, with sneakers, for his average garb. He prefers to carry his backpack with him at all times. It's a brown canvas bag, with faded black straps. he sticks to black or light grey colors. He also has a black beanie hat he wears sometimes.
    Virtual Appearance: In the V-Network, his hair is more spiky and wild. He wears a dark grey sleeveless shirt with a black short sleeved jacket over it, wearing it open. He has an earpiece and a mic in his left ear. He wears black fingerless gloves, and dark navy jeans. He tops it all off with black converse high tops, and a black canvas backpack. He rarely has a beanie on, unless he is sneaking.
    Personality: Ryker has two sides to his personality. In the real world he is quiet, and keeps to himself. he can be often found at a computer and is quite a decent hacker. He pulls pranks on the school from time to time, but keeps his identity private. However in the V-Network he is more loud and reckless. He thinks things through less and more follows his gut.
    Starter Choice: Shinx
    Starter Nickname: Cyber
    Starter Gender: Male
    Starter Ability: Rivalry
    Starter Personality: Cyber is a battler, with a tough attitude. He is stubborn and can be hard to get along with at times. Cyber and Ryker's personalities clash from time to time. However on the battlefield they seem to resolve any personal conflict and can focus. However they both have full faith in one another.

    And with that, I'm done. If you have any question feel free to ask. Also, in case you were wondering, yes. This RP has a mixture of elements from Digimon, along with Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, added to Pokemon.
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  2. Name: Karah Mavis "Karma" Garcia

    Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance: She has a medium length black hair which she usually tied into messy low pigtails, a fair complexion and hazel eyes. She has an innocent face, a petite figure and she's a bit on the short side possessing the height of 5'0".

    Clothing Style: She wears a pair of red framed glasses and a Litten ears headband. She likes to wear sweaters, hoodies and jackets that had a slightly dark color tone. Her usual attire consists of a sleeveless indigo sweater dress with a butterfly-shaped crest on the chest area, black pantyhose, indigo flats, and black armwarmers. She usually pairs it with a red muffler, indigo jacket with a blue hood and a black rucksack which she carries everywhere.

    Virtual Appearance: Karma's hair turn a rich shade of brown and shorten to only reach the base of her neck, a heart shaped face, sadly her height stayed the same and she now possesses a pair of amber eyes. She now dones a dark and grey plugsuit that was hidden by a black sweater with s red stripe on the middle, maroon midriff t-shirt, brown cargo shorts, and brown army boots. She also has her signature red muffler, electronic Litten ears headband which had a hologram visor with built in earphones, and a pair of elbow length red gloves that only covers her middle fingers.She has a bag similar to May.

    Personality: In the real world, Karma is a shy individual, she's easily pressured by stress, dislikes being a leader or taking responsibility as she's afraid to fail and be blame by her members. She's content with only having a few friends but she often tell them lies to either make them interested of her or to make them laugh but she never let them be too close since she's also a very secretive girl. In the V-network her personality took on a full 360 degree as she became a very bash person and speaks unreservedly even to an authority figure. But the similarities between her and her V-network self are her lazy and gamer nature.

    Starter Choice: Ralts

    Starter Nickname: Hera

    Starter Gender: Female

    Starter Ability: Trace

    Starter Personality: Like Karma, Lizbeth has a reserved and bashful persona. She loves Karma very much almost like a sister to her sibling, she found the need to protect Karma in the real world thus causing her persona to change drastically just like how Karma's personality changes in the V-network.

    Here's my theory about my Pokémon:
    Being a Psychic type she can communicate with Karma via telepathy but in a certain distance, depending on her level in the V-network whilst in the real world the range of her telepathic powers increases as the real world is the place of her origin.

    Is this alright or nah?
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  3. Name: Sakuna Shiruba
    Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance: Sakuna has a small and petite figure, standing at 5'1. Short sapphire blue hair and eyes, she is normally seen with a happy smile.
    Clothing Style: White and cyan hoodie, white skirt and white sneakers.
    Virtual Appearance: Sakuna's hair is now shoulder-length with ice blue highlights. A white shirt with an unzipped blue vest, showing the Pokéball symbol on the shirt, a white and silver headphones, a blue bubble skirt, black knee-length socks and white slip on shoes.
    Personality: Bubbly and kind, always ready to help others. Air-headed at times and gullible, falls for the same trick all the time.
    Starter Choice: Gible
    Starter Nickname: Topaz
    Starter Gender: Male
    Starter Ability: Rough skin
    Starter Personality: Topaz is a fierce battler with a prideful attitude. He would always boast on his winnings and often gets careless in battle. His bond with Sakuna is surprising as he would normally act nice around her and would listen to her at all times. Nonetheless, they both have a strong bond with eachother.
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  4. Both accepted. I'll get the thread up soon.
  5. Well I have to ask but since the V-network and the real (Pokémon) world are different what kind of region will you base the V-network in?
  6. Think of a central hub. Like a lobby in a MMO. Then of course habitats for Pokemon to live in, are bashed around what kind of Pokemon would live there. So in a forest like habitat, there would be Pidove, Rattata, Ledyba, etc. There is less walking around traveling, and there are doors to lead to a variety of habitats through the Hub. So it doens't have a shape, but more of sectors, if that makes any sense. With each habitat or sector as it is called more specialized to fit the kind of Pokemon who would live there.
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  7. Sorry if it doesnt make sense but I sort of did it in a jiffy since its kinda late in my place (11 pm). And did the VR devices looked like the headgear in SAO since that's where I referenced it in?
  8. Yeah that's the setup of the headgear. But instead of being knocked unconscious, it breaks your body into data and transfers you to the V-Netwok. Somewhat like Digimon.
  9. Alright then, that makes writing the accessing easier for me now.
  10. Name: Halt Willow
    Physical Appearance: Tall and slightly fit. He is very skinny, but is a very fast runner.
    Clothing Style: Halt wears jeans and a plad shirt normally. The plad is in different colors. He wears a poketch on his wrist. (The sinnoh pokewatch)
    Virtual Appearance: Halt wears blue jeans, and a solid blue shirt, not plad. He keeps the watch, but he also wears a black version of the team flare glasses.
    Personality: He is reckless, and slow thinking when out of battle. But when battle, he uses unbelievable strategy, and is two cautious of his moves. He also cares enough for pokemon, he would put himself in danger to help one.
    Starter Choice: Snover
    Starter Nickname: N/A
    Starter Gender: Male
    Starter Ability: Snow warning
    Starter Personality: Reckless and understanding. He likes to chat about things, and makes jokes alot.
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  11. Bagon isn't one of the Starter Options.
  12. What are the options? I didn't see them.
  13. Under the spoiler on the first post
  14. Thanks, I would have never saw it. Editing post now.
  15. I might join just to let you know,but Damn,your post is long. Gimme time to read it!
  16. I changed my starter to Snover. Just to let you know.
  17. Are all the pokemon able to talk, or is it just cyber? I want to know before I make my first post.
  18. According to the rules, Cyber is able to talk due to a glitch in the coding.
  19. All of the Pokemon we will receive will be abl to talk. However ones we catch later ad ones belonging to others, can't.

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