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Digimon Idea

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Reynald, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. I know there is already a Digimon roleplay going on but I was watching season one and two, my personal favorite seasons, and I realized something . They mention something about what the Original Digidestined did to stop the chaos that was happening to the digital world, but they never show or say ANYTHING about these Digidestined. So I throught it would be kinda cool to do a roleplay based on what these Original Digidestined did and their crazy adventurers.

    I'd like to hear what you guys think. I know we'd each get their own digivice, tag, and crest based on your characters strongest quality(like the series), and digimon partner dude. The tag and crest would come later of course.

  2. Dude that sounds awesome! Going back to the roots of it all, if you'll let me I'd love to join.
  3. So far I have
    Dragonian King

    I'm thinking one maybe two more. I don't do well with large amounts of people. You can make your own crest and if you plan on making your own digimon it must be sent to me first and approved by me which will probably involve some discussion. On the whole I would like to use existing digimon but yknow I don't like to stifle creativity.

    I should have a profile skeleton up here soon.




  4. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Alright, I finally gave in, got rid of my stupid bias, and started looking up more on Digimon...and surprisingly enough, I'm quite intrigued by it, especially that of these unknown past Digidestined. Been reading up all of the basics as of late, namely the details on Digivices, Digimon as a species and the Digital World in a general sense, and I think I've got enough info now to finally get in on one of these RPs.

    So, if you'll have me, I'd very much like to join.
  5. Sure RMA. As much as people say Digimon is like Pokemon...I really think it's not. I love the first two seasons and I would definitely recommend watching them. And having general info is enough because well I can fill you in as I go cause that's how rps roll yknow.

    Current Digidestined:

    Dragonian King

    I'm probably calling it full for right now. If you would still like to join you can send me a message and if things change you will have reserved for an immediate slot fill. Alright?
  6. OK so it's profile time for me. If you guys can provide pics haha. If not it's fine but that way I get a good idea of our people.


    Name: Alex Mason
    Age: 16
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Hometown: Milford, Ohio
    Personality: Lighthearted, Caring, and often Stubborn as hell. He's fun to be around and charming.
    Digivice: [​IMG] / [​IMG]
    Crest: Determination
    Digimon: Patamon>Angemon>MagnaAngemon>Seraphimon
    Past: Alex has a fairly normal past. His mother is in the military as well as a banker and his father owns a small band of friends. He was raised in the country side near Chicago before his family moved to the suburbs around Cincinnati for his mom's work. He is an only child. Even though he was picked on a lot at school growing up he didn't let it get to him, choosing to be a joker and nice guy instead of becoming a bully. He's a little socially awkward at first but once you get to know him he's fun to be around. He first saw a Digimon in Milford, his hometown. His school playground became the battleground for digimon that had fallen into the real world.
  7. Sorry not as artisticaly gifted and Rey but I got the profile down pretty much.

    Name: Jacob Knight
    Age: 17
    Description: (I should probably tell you what he looks like) Jacob is a tall kid at 6'2, his black hair goes straight down to his chin. He has fairly tanned skin and typically wears his usual tennis shoes, blue jeans, and his red t-shirt.
    Eyes: Blue
    Hometown: Seattle, Washington
    Personality: Fun, Sarcastic, Stouborn, yet true hearted, Jacob is an okay guy in general with a sense of loyalty to put a dog to shame.
    Digivice: Plain old Digivice for its normal stage and when the crests are activated its the same colors as the crest.
    Crest: Honor
    Digimon: Gabumon>Garurumon>WereGArurumon>MetalGarurumon
    Past: Jacob lives with his mom and his dad lives somewhere else. When he first saw a Digimon, he was 8 and all of Quest Field was a battle ground for a mass of Digimon. Most of the time he spends hanging out or dancing with his friends but that day he saw those Digimon still lingers in his mind.
  8. Also note. Don't commit to this if you cannot post within a week or two once it's your turn. I dun want to kick people out.
  9. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Took a lot longer than I had expected, but, finally got my profile set up:

    Name: Dave MacNeil
    Description ('Cause when one can't find a good pic to base his character off of, and can't draw to save his life, he tries to paint with words...emphasis on "try".): A young man of 6'3 with a fairly sturdy build, light skin, and short, messy hair. His sense of style, or lack thereof, is rather simple, wearing a dark blue t shirt, khaki shorts, grey tennis shoes, and, probably his most noticeable article of clothing, a black trilby for a hat.
    Age: 17
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
    Personality: Generally optimistic and humorous, he's most often the cool head in a conflicting situation, always looking for the most peaceful end result, but not afraid to fight back if the situation turns violent, or if he's provoked enough. Always looking out for his friends, and is more than willing to help them out with any issues they might be having, sometimes regarding himself as a go-to sidekick.
    Digivice: [​IMG] / [​IMG]
    Crest: Charity (Support sounded...just off for some reason)
    Digimon: Hawkmon>Aquilamon>Silphymon>Valkyrimon (Not sure if this is a problem, but I think there was something in the anime about it being sealed away for a while. From my little knowledge, I believe that was just in reference to that specific one in 02, but in any case, I think I know a way to get around that if it's referring to the entire species.)

    Past: Dave spent the majority of his childhood in his birthplace of Marlborough Massachusetts under the care of his soft spoken and good-natured mother and his hardworking and idealistic father, living there for ten years until his father was laid off from his job as logistics manager there, requiring the family to move to his new place of employment in Chicago, in which the entirety of Dave's adolescence has thus far been spent. Though Dave had very much enjoyed life on the East Coast (even to the extent of retaining much of his bostonian accent after the move), he was quick to adapt to the change, embracing the urban nature of Chicago and spending countless hours downtown to take in all the sights and the unique culture of the windy city. School was never really an issue for him in both cities, something he likes to think his size attributed to. Grateful for being ignored for the most part in the bullying scene, yet concerned that he was intimidating to the smaller kids, he was quick to befriend many of his more timid classmates, as well as many of the outcasts, more often than not sticking up for them in the face of adversity and giving them whatever advice he could conjure up when they asked him for it. His first encounter with Digimon happened on one of his many strolls through the city on Navy Pier, in which the creatures seemed to have appeared from out of the blue, turning the place into a chaotic and destructive battlefield before they almost just as suddenly disappeared, much to the befuddlement of everyone who had witnessed the surreal occurrence.
  10. Just need Blazi's profile and then I can start working on an opening post. I'm thinking since we all from different cities that we all end up in a different spot on File Island and we have to find each other. I'll be playing the big dark bad guys as well as my character so I can throw stuff everyone's way.

    Also this way you all have some freedom with what you want to happen to your character until we meet up. We don't have our tags or crests at first and our digimon can only really go to Champion until then.

    If you all have any ideas on what you would like please fill me in. I'm always open for suggestions.
  11. I had just thought of an idea. Maybe we could all meet when we all fight ab uper level digimon like an ultimate level and then get to know eachother that way.
  12. Oh and waiting on Dinova. But yea that would be the general idea. We would be separate and end up meeting in place and fight big dude. Find out the whole we have a destiny thing to save the world and then go to stop the big guy and go from there.
  13. Whos going to be the big guy? Just a curiosity question if you don't want to answer don't wont bother me either way.
  14. Name: Gabriel (Gaby) Ashwood
    Age: 16
    Description: Gaby is a little short at 5'10". His hair is messy and unkempt. He wears a grey zip-up hoodie over a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He also wears glasses.
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Green
    Hometown: London, England
    Personality: Gaby is very shy and quiet around other people. He tends to talk in either single words or short sentences. Despite this he's very good at keeping a level head in tough situations and isn't afraid of a little adventure. Since his fraternal twin Michael often drags him into trouble, it's a good trait to have.
    Digivice: When his crest activates his digivice becomes dark orange, with yellow buttons.
    Crest: Courage
    Digimon: Sunmon,Coronamon,Firamon,Flaremon,Apollomon
    Past: Gabriel and Michael both grew up in England, despite being born in California. Their father however got a new job overseas, and planned to take the twins with him for 'some new sights', especially after their mother died in a car crash. While in California, Gabriel and Michael made new friends, and never quite left each other's side. Their first encounter with a digimon was when they were walking home from school one day, and a digimon broke through in a nearby alley. After Michael got close enough to see what was going on, they left quite fast, planning to not tell their father of their encounter.
  15. Name: Michael Ashwood

    Age: 16

    Description: Michael is slightly taller than his twin, standing at 5'11". His hair is messy and slightly spiky. He wears an orange vest jacket over a black, long sleeved shirt, as well as blue jeans, and red high-top converse.

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Green

    Hometown: London, England

    Personality: Michael is very loud and outgoing, almost the complete opposite of his twin, Gabriel. He doesn't freak out when situations become tough, but rather goes into them with relish. He dives headfirst into trouble, dragging his twin, Gabriel along with him. He can become very withdrawn, cold, and snappy however, when people start talking about family. He can really only be cheered up by Gabriel when this happens, and likewise is the only person who can get Gabriel to open up, albeit usually only to him. He downright loathes his father, a fact that he's kept secret from even Gabriel, though Michael believes his twin suspects something.

    Digivice: When his crest activates his digivice becomes bright orange with dark red buttons

    Crest: Loyalty - Bright orange background, with a cross split into four segments marking the different 'quadrants', with a circle in the bottom right-hand 'quadrant'.

    Digimon: Sunmon Flamemon, Agunimon, BurningGreymon, EmperorGreymon.

    Past: Gabriel and Michael both grew up in England, despite being born in California. Their father however got a new job overseas, and planned to take the twins with him for 'some new sights', especially after their mother died in a car crash. This caused Michael to grow apart from his father, whom he viewed as insensitive and greedy, due to him leaving London so soon after their mother's death. While in California, Gabriel and Michael made new friends, and never quite left each other's side. Their first encounter with a digimon was when they were walking home from school one day, and a digimon broke through in a nearby alley. After Michael got close enough to see what was going on, they left quite fast, planning to not tell their father of their encounter.

    There we go! Here's Michael! As you can tell, he's the older twin to Dinova's character. By fourteen hours I might add~ I'll get the pictures for his crest/digivice as soon as possible. For the in-training, I originally had DemiMeramon, but I realized Sunmon was a better choice. Plus it suits with me and Dinova's characters being twins.
  16. We have one more addition because someone vouched for him and because I play favorites like that and he asked real nice. So once his profile comes up I can get us started. SO to compile all our information!

    The Digidestined:

    Reynald: Alex Mason - Determination - Patamon - Milford, Ohio, USA
    Dragonian: Jacob Knight - Honor - Gabumon - Seattle, Washington, USA
    RMA: Dave MacNeil - Charity - Hawkmon - Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Dinova: Gabriel Ashwood - Courage - Coronamon - London, England
    Blazi: Micheal Ashwood - Loyalty - Flamemon - London, England
    Tangrow: Marie Clemens - Faith - Lalamon - Avignon, France
    ???: IT'S A MYSTERY!

    Alright so I figured everyone would start in a different part of File Island and we work our way to Mount Infinity.

    Here's a map to help everyone out. Pick where you want to be and lemme know.What is in the general area is pretty flexible so it's going to be a lot of make it up as you go while I throw stuff at everyone until we get to the plot.


  17. Sweet! Okay I think its really only natural for me to start in that polar section where its all icey and such.
  18. I guess i'll take that wooded area on the southwest part of the island, near the beach.
  19. Name: Marie Clemens
    Age: 17, nearing 18
    Description: Marie is a girl with a simple beauty. She stands shorter than the men at 5'7". She keeps her hair at around shoulder length, and leaves it straight. She wears a blue v-neck sweater with a red t-shirt under it. On her lower half, she sports a knee-length black skirt with white shorts underneath. She often carries a simple black shoulder purse to hold important items.
    Hair: Strawberry Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Hometown: Avignon, France
    Personality: Marie often comes off as motherly, and will scold others when she sees them getting in trouble. She genuinely worries about all her friends, due to the limited amount she has available. Despite saying french phrases offhandedly which confuses others, she is generally a pleasant girl who enjoys helping others.
    Digivice: It looks like the rest normally, but when activated, turns a sort of mint color with light red buttons.
    Crest: Faith [​IMG]
    Digimon: Lalamon > Sunflowmon > Lilamon > Lotosmon
    Past: Marie is a French girl with English parents. They had decided to move from America to France while Marie was very young, so Marie was brought up learning two languages, although she spoke English at home. Marie lived a quiet life in the countryside for the most part, going to the local school. She was brought up to be pleasant and polite, and happily lives up to such values. The first time she had seen a digimon was one day, early in the morning as the sun was rising. She was on the second floor, and once she walked out on the veranda she could have sworn she saw some odd creatures in her backyard, roughhousing with each other. Once she had ran down there, however, they were gone.

    As for terrain, I would possibly enjoy the craggy mountainous area next to the frozen tundra.
  20. I've just realized that with Tan and Tan's friend (whomever it may be)we have reached the same number of characters as the original cast of "Adventure".

    By the way awesome character Tan, she seems really cool.
  21. I suppose I'll go in the wooded Area with Dinova, our characters being twins and all.

    And very nice character Tan, I'm glad Gabriel and Michael aren't the only non-Americans!
  22. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Sorry for short response. No internet here so I'm using my crappy phone. Should have better access tonight though. Anyways, I'll take the far western part of the island, deep within that beach/desert/sand place. Also, great to see you joining Tan! Along with this mystery person.
  23. So were only waiting on one more? Sweet, I hope we dont have to wait long though. Another thing I was curious about, after watching quite a bit of "Adventure 2" I was wondering if Armor Digivolving would be possible later on. It might involve some creativity but nothing wrong with that right?
  24. The way I am thinking of doing the story is if people want it will keep going straight into Adventures 1 and Adventures 2. Just what WE are doing while the new digidestined are out saving the world from there end. So it is a possibility that later we will be able to armor digivolve but that depends on everyone.

    And no we are all ready to go. The mystery person will come in later I've already talked with them and have the profile and everything. I should be able to write a start up tomorrow and I guess I will be starting in the south where no one else is lol. So is everyone ready?
  25. Ready, willling and able. Let's get started!
  26. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Ready whenever you guys are!
  27. Post is up! Get started!
  28. We may be having some slots open up soon. Is there anyone that would like to jump now and get profiles ready?
  29. I'll have a post up sometime this week!
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