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Ask to Join Demiguardians Rise

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by TheGrimmRemix027, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. In a time long forgotten Guardians, god-like creatures roamed the earth. They were human-like and they were worshipped by humans. The Guardians provided them protection from other evil guardians or other threats. There came an age where they began building temples with artifacts that if you had the right DNA or Family Blood you could get powers the Guardian bestowed upon the artifact.

    However, as time went on two Guardians, Entity the Guardian of Fear and Dolia the Guardianess of Deceit/Deception, grew weary and decided to lock up all of the Guardians including themselves to see how well the human's faired without them. The Guardians could still do their elemental job. (Ex. The Guardian of Death could still keep balance and take people's souls.)Civilization fell and what used to be a great civilization became the continent known as North America.

    Present-day the news is there are now superpowered heroes and villains roaming the streets of some cities of America and (Password: Juan the Cactus Guardian) saving people from harm nobody knows who they are or where they came from. But they know, they know their goal is to bring back the guardians to the world to save it from destruction, while the villains are trying to just get out Entity, Dolia, and a few other evil Guardians so that they can rule over the world spreading fear and evil wherever they go.

    You are a demi-guardian, the powers bestowed upon you by your guardian's temple that you stumbled upon.

    Your corresponding Guardian(Unless your Guardian is evil) appears before you, "I know this must be very alarming to you, however, you MUST meet the other demiguardians and form a team. Gather all of the artifacts and release us from captivity. The world will fall into Chaos if the demiguardians of evil let out Entity and his fellow nefarious Guardians.

    Entity appears before you, "Hello mortal ones. You must free us Nefarious Guardians and we will grant you all that you wish and more. The world will bow down to us. Irae, my demiguardian will be the leader follow him or die an untimely death. Of course, you will have to find all of the artifacts of the Good Guardians and break them. You cannot break them without all of the others present. If you succeed like I said you will get all you want and more.

    (The roleplay still has open slots so feel free to join. The Link to the discussion:https://pokecharms.com/threads/demi-guardians-roleplay-discussion.22141/)
    Mack and Chris were sitting at a table waiting for the arrival of the other 5 demiguardians. Chris had his feet up on the table ever so slightly swinging his bat around. Mack had been waiting more patiently than Chris. He began checking the cameras for anyone out of the ordinary.

    Bloodlust had already found Irae and was following him watching and waiting for others. The man was wearing a trench coat and was pale as pale could be.
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  2. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    14-year-old Terrin Ki shot into the sky, rocket boots on her feet and other assorted gadgets in her hands and on her belt. Her long black hair whipped around her face, and the small osprey feather she kept around her neck was a calming presence against her chest. The Guardian of technology and electricity, Killgia, had appeared to her and told her to meet the other demiguardians. Needless to say, she’d immediately put her technological genius to use and cobbled together some items she could use. It should be around here somewhere... she thought to herself. Her signal tracker that was finely tuned to the signature of a demiguardian, based solely off her own genetic signature, told her that at least two of them were in the building below her.

    Hopefully, they’d be good, and not evil. Terrin shot downwards and landed, then knocked on the door.
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  3. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akai walked down the street, listening to her favorite music as she headed to the meeting place. She felt annoyed as to why she had to do this, she only cared about getting things for herself and being comfortable, but she didn't want to die. Soon she reached the spot and noticed there were already two there. To be cautious, she made herself look taller, long blonde hair, blue eyes and red lipstick. She now wore a black coat that covered her to her knees.

    "Good day gentleman." She said with a British accent.
  4. Wallace's Demiguardian, Michael was on his way to this demi-guardians meeting. Young adult already made his way to a place of the meeting and he had earlier occasion to use his power bestowed to him by his guardian, to help person that was assaulted by group of thugs.. He just hopes that those thugs will heal quickly as he overdid it and that they will change. He saw a person, young girl, tennager was knocking to the door. It was probably place of this meeting, he slowly approached her and said "Hey" with soft, friendly voice.

    "Good day, beautiful lady~" said Irae with a gentle voice, he wasn't using his aura of fear. Pale, crow-black haired 15 years old teen. He looked at the blond haired woman... Hmmm, Some random people shouldn't be able to know just walk to this place and greet them. Father told him about demi-guardians that he would have under his command and that woman didn't looked like one of them... But he heard about a guardian specializing in hiding the truth "Its sad that you doesn't trust us.. Well, I wanted to apologize, my dear lady.. Seems like you didn't come here from your own free will.. I don't know, what exacly my father told you, but I will try to help you find yourself in time and will give a helping hand, if you will need something" he said to Akai and looked at his necklace with father's sign. "I hope that we will get along well, Miss. My name is Irae and I am the leader here~" he said calmly. Ophelia suddenly entered to the room and Irae smirked "You are late, Ophelia. You gathered the informations that I asked for?"
    "I couldn't find everything, but I know location of the first one.." She said and handled him a documents. "It's enough for now, good job"
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  5. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Terrin whipped around at the unexpected voice, lightning sparking around her hands. She realized it wasn’t a threat, just a boy who seemed maybe a few years older than her. She forced her fists to unclench. The signal tracker vibrated in her hand, notifying her that there were now a couple of other demiguardians in the vicinity. It seemed this guy was one of them.

    “Hi,” she said cautiously. Terrin still wasn’t sure if he was good or evil. She stroked the feather strung around her neck for guidance; her Native American mother had stressed the importance of following her instincts. She got a good vibe from him, she thought, so she decided to go out on a limb. “I’m Terrin.” She held out her hand to shake.
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  6. Mack got up waited and opened the door seeing Terrin and Michael standing at the door. "Are you both demiguardians? If so are you of the good variety?" he looked at the two of them with a friendly smile. It would instantly disappear if they were to say they are of the bad variety.

    Chris just kind of sat there in the back of the room still swinging his bat whistling awaiting either a fight or a boring meeting.

    Bloodlust decided to just stand there, "I'm guessing the both of you are demiguardians as well. Who do you work for? I work for Entity since the power bestowed upon me was that of the Guardian of Death. And apparently he is a hero. Pathetic, anyway, sorry for the rant." He pointed at Irae, "You're the demiguardian of Fear, " he then sarcastically turned to Akai, "You are currently hiding because you are the Demiguardian of Deception."
    (@EeviumZ, @Caselte)
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  7. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akai rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. She was always proud of her abilities and these two just saw right through them, which meant other demiguardians would also and therefore she was worthless. But again, the only reason she was here was because she didn't want to die, so she would just go along as long as necessary.

    "That's me." Akai replied, feeling annoyed and it showed in her tone of voice.
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  8. Michael took Terrin hand and shaked it, smiling "It's nice to meet you, my name is Michael"
    He looked up at the new person that opened the door for them. "I consider myself as a good person, I am a good variety.."

    Irae tried to calm himself down "Don't worry, my lady.." he gave her a little bow "I was expecting you, as my father told me to expect demi-guardians and only Demiguardians to be here. So I decided to test you, if you would react like now 'Yes, that's me', then it would be great, if you said 'I am not her but I have bestowed power from...' it also would be great... If you said 'No..' then sorry, for others safety, I would be forced to kill you" he said "I probably wouldn't recognize that you are, who you are in any other place, where I would expect to meet anyone" he turned to bloodlust and clapped his hands sarcasticaly. Ophelia step back, real Irae was about to show up "So smart.. I wasn't sure of this, but you guessed immidietly huh, Demiguardian of Death, Mr. Bloodlust...You like to tell others secrets out loud? Maybe I should tell them, what is the main weakness of your ability?!" his voice changed, he was seemingly annoyed, about how this guy just sit there for a while. " Think twice before you will say anything, mister and don't forget! Threat me like a leader and I will lead you to victory, threat me like a game and I will show you, how it's played! Who do you think, you are? The player of the world? Nice to meet you then, I am the coach!" he calmed down a bit "Don't forger your place before you say something and don't point fingers at people, its rude, you know?"
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  9. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Good,” Terrin agreed, nodding. “I’m Terrin,” she said to the other two, one of which was skulking deeper within the building. “Demiguardian of electricity and tech. And you two would be?”
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  10. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Lilith Frye
    Lilith hurried after the retreating figure, hiding from one shadow to the next, her light steps soundless. She watched as the lady's appearance fully changed with the same dull look on her face. It wasn't as if the fact that she could do so wasn't fascinating, she just wasn't the best at showing emotions. She paused as she realized that she had arrived at the meeting point. She adjusted her cloak, as today she had worn both her cloak and her bodysuit and was about to move forward so she could knock on the door before she heard an outburst from inside. She let out a sigh as she waited for the screaming to stop. I want to experience a new lifestyle, but if that means I have to listen to such rowdiness... She stopped that train of thought as she realized the yelling had stopped. She straightened herself up and walked towards the door before she phased through the door. My family was heavily involved with these people. Though I have learned bits and pieces, I'm sure they can fill in the rest eventually. "Hello," she said, without feeling the need to introduce herself. She lifted up her right hand to clearly show a ring, nestled on her pointer finger, with her family's insignia on the ring. "I believe you recognize this?" though she was asking a question, her tone had barely changed. She trusted the shadow of the hood, and the mask she wore, to hide her face.

    Aisha Risa
    Aisha, practically brimming with excitement, levitated slightly off the ground as she moved towards the meeting place. Though she could've manipulated gravity to allow her flight, she was worried that in her excitement she may have crashed into a wall. Finally, she stopped in front of an open door. Two people were shaking hands, and one was standing in the doorframe. "Hello," she greeted cheerfully, a grin on her face. She had heard Terrin introduce herself, both her name and the fact that she was a demiguardian. The truth that she was meeting people so closely connected to the guardians in the stories she had been told was finally settling in. "Oh my gosh, this is so exciting," she murmured, mostly to herself. The height of her levitation had fluctuated while she had been murmuring, but after a moment, she managed to calm down and maintain an even distance off the ground."So, I'm the demiguardian of space, my name is Aisha," She offered easily, waving her hand in greeting.
  11. Bloodlust smiled and laughed, "Now that's what I wanted to see. A leader. I will kill anyone you want me to. Without question. Now, what's in those files. I apologize the longer we wait the more chance we have of failing and getting us all killed." He looked at the new arrival, "That's unprecedented you didn't arrive here beforehand," he saw the insignia on the ring and the attire the figure wore, "Ah a member of the Frye family or at least an affiliate. I'm guessing you also are a demiguardian?"

    Mack noticed the newcomer, "Alright all of you may come in I believe there might be 2 or 3 more coming I'm not sure. That over there is Chris the demiguardian of Fire," he pointed at the man with the metal bat sitting in a chair.

    Chris nodded once in recognition of the newcomers as Mack pointed at him. He kept twirling his bat and whistling.

  12. Irae smirked as Bloodlust laught and declarated that he is ready to take orders without questions. Thats exacly what Irae needs from them, unqestionable loyalty of 'tools' that will help him release father and other Evil Guardians. "You are scared of dead Bloodlust? Don't worry.. Those files have informations about your first task" said Irae and approached the newcomer "... Frye family.." he stared at Lilith for a while, like he tried to pierce this mask of hers and see her true face. She was nine inches smaller than him, and he looked a bit down at her mask, smiling slightly "Nice to meet you, my name is Irae and I am the leader here. I would see it as really mean not to introduce yourself, but Frye family were my main sponsors, so let's leave it for now.. Make yourself comfortable here" he turned to Akai "You too, don't worry and take a seat"

    Irae sat down on his chair and looked once again at his necklace. Then he looked at everyone "I am glad to finally meet you all. We all gathered here for one thing, release Ancient beings, Deities, Guardians.. Call them however you want. Some of you may have their private goals and wishes from guardians, some of you may be here against their will and maybe some of you just came here out of pure curiosity.. Its not like I really care. I hope that you will help me gather all artifacts and I will help you, in anything that you will need.. But" he glanced at Ophelia and she nodded, it was a signal. They were closed in the meeting place now, surrounded by natural disasters, not to big to catch attencion, but big enough to not let anyone to come here. "If someone will think about turning against me, better think twice or even more. As a punishment they will receive fate worse than death. All of you are important to me, I would rather not do it..." he opened the files. There were 36 locations written, where artifact of fire could be hidden.
    " I am sorry, Ira... I couldn't tell which one isn't false one so I took all of them"
    "Nothing to worry about, Ophelia" said Irae and then he took a pencil and the map, after few minutes only one location left.. "My dear friends, I wish that we will get along well.. First mission is, 'Obtain the Artifact of Fire!'. We are going to Phoenix in Arizona!.. If someone has questions, doubts or doesn't feel good here for some reason, I want to hear them now!" he said with a voice of true leader. He hoped to hear their opinions about situation, how they feel and adapt to this, as he wanted to lead them in the best possible way. In the end, he kinda wondered if they will listen to him at first as he is only 15 years old... Well, he isn't even allowed to drive a car, but he is a leader of demi-guardians group.


    Michael smiled at Aisha, Terrin and Mack as they introduced themselfs (and Mack introduced Chris). "Well, I am the Demiguardian of Loyalty and Pride.. But I don't like this second part.. So maybe.. I would be happy to be called a Demiguardian of Fortitude" he said, kinda shyly as he said his request. "Its nice to meet you all" he said with heart-warming smile.
  13. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Lilith Frye
    Lilith was pleasantly surprised that her family's insignia was actually recognized. Though she was told that they were deeply involved, and she had been learning more about how involved they were, she had much to discover. Also, she hadn't had many interactions with any villains in the past as she had preferred to be neutral. As she listened to the conversation, she watched the emerald-eyed male approach. Her eyes immediately landed on his silver necklace, it seemed to be a symbol of the guardian of fear. Oh right, I forgot to mention who I'm the demiguardian to, I'll say it later. She looked up from his necklace and into his eyes as he began to speak to her. His steady gaze had been surprising, it felt different from the usual quick glances she was given, or the moments when she had been hidden and completely looked over. She began to think, as she made her way over to sit herself down. Sponsors, my family had sponsored villains. She wasn't very surprised, as large amounts of money were often going in and out of the multiple bank accounts they held.

    She listened intently to the mission plan, though she had waved aside the earlier threat of the consequences of betrayal. The only reason she had turned to be a villain, was that she knew her family counted on her. Nearly nothing would convince her to turn into a hero. She had watched in curiosity as Irae worked on the locations, crossing out all but one. He's smart, probably above the human average. That's good from a leader. However, when she heard they were going to such a warm place she deadpanned. Though she adored her black clothing, either she would have to wear shorter versions or burn. When he asked for opinions, she decided to speak. "I didn't mention this earlier, but my name is Lilith Frey. I'm the demiguardian of Shad. If needed, I could call in favors from my family, or if it's financially concerned I could cover that also." Her family was large but distant. Her parents had previously been the head of the family, a position she would assume when she was of age, but at the moment she was out in the world trying to learn all she could. Currently, one of her uncles was acting as head, and she had been keeping in occasional contact with him at the time. He had offered to help her if they needed any when she had mentioned she was meeting up with other demiguardians. She wasn't against getting help, as pride was the downfall of many, and she certainly didn't want to be one of them. "Also, what exactly do the artifacts do and do we know the agenda of the heroes organizing?" she asked. The more information they all knew, the better and easier it would be for them to act as a team.

    Aisha Risa
    Aisha stepped inside after she was invited in. She turned to see Chris, twirling a metal bat around while whistling. I wonder if he ever burnt it down while fighting? She looked back as the golden-eyed boy introduced himself as the demiguardian of pride and loyalty, but stated that he liked to be called the demiguardian of fortitude. She understood why, as some viewed pride as a negative trait. However, she felt it was nice to be proud at certain times. She decided to vocalize her thoughts as she opened her mouth "I think it's good to be proud of certain aspects of one's life. Like your accomplishments, or maybe a personal hobby." she said smiling. "But I'll respect your decision," she continued to say, the same smile on her face.
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  14. Bloodlust smiled, "I'm not afraid of death. I'm just sick of having to do this day over," he said twirling his knife, "Chris will know where to go indefinitely if they already have the whole goodie-two-shoes team together then we are screwed. What's the plan leader?"

    Mack set down a beige folder and 7 plane tickets looking at the rest of them. "Feel free to sit in the chair. We will discuss the plan once the other three show up, and please shut the door behind you who-ever is here last."

    Chris kept an eye on everyone and stopped twirling his bat. He kept whistling looking at all of them to see what they would do.
  15. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Terrin uncomfortably followed Mack inside. She didn't like being where she couldn't see the sky, and the fact that there was only one door, only one escape route without causing serious destruction, bothered her. Her hands sparked with nervous electricity she couldn't control, and she forced herself to step into the building. She didn't sit, however; that would've set her off. Instead, she leaned against a wall and began fiddling with a flathead screwdriver and a gadget.
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  16. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akai just sat down, keeping her disguise up. She had an annoyed expression on her face. She was here because she didn't have a choice, so it didn't really matter what they had to do. She looked at Lilith as she spoke. At least someone was thinking straight. The fact that they had been gathered and sent on some mission out of nowhere was already annoying, not to mention the teenager leader, but she could at least trust one of them.
  17. Michael listened to the girl with purple-blue hair and blue eyes, that were slightly different from each other. She told him that its good to be proud in certain aspects of life... "Maybe.. You are right.." he said and smiled back to her softly. "Thanks.."
    He walked inside and looked at plane ticket that Mack placed on a table.
    Irae smiled
    "Lilith... Nice to meet you" he said and then listened to her. If she was able to provide money and resources for the future, it would be a really great help. "Artifacts are like keys... We will use them to release Entity, Dolia and other Evil Guardians. I don't know for sure, if they have some more powers than this and in order to check it, I would like to receive the artifact to both secure it and check if it may be useful for us in more ways... Also, I got information that so called 'Good' Demiguardians also have their meeting today and... " he placed a plane ticket on a table "Seems that they have already prepared transport for themselfs. Now, about the plan. Around 8 hours from now, we will take helicopter that I brought from sponsors money to Arizona, you can take with you anything that you think will be important on the mission. We will search for the artifact, secure the area with it, seize it and return home. Dolia's Demiguardian, you powers are really great. You can walk in disguise to our enemy, give them false informations or gain informations with them. You may not believe me, but your powers of making people believe in your words is great. I would definitly start to believe that you are a different person, of you tried to persuade me to this. Lilith, your powers over shadows may be really useful in stealth missions. Ophelia, your destructive power over disasters will be a great help in fight against more than one opponent. Bloodlust, your experience and power to reset day after death will help us, if for example, our plans fails for some reason, always tell me after day reset, what exacly happend. All of you have great powers and would be a great help to have you as allies. Lilith... " he turned to the girl ".. Sorry, but I may already need your help with two things. First, We may need for our plans those things" he handed to her a 'shopping list'. On paper was written down 30 tons of gunpowder, 40 liters of helicopter fuel, flares , communicators, 5 tons of sand, 5 bulletproof vests.
    "Another thing is that I need someone to leave this thing on this certain plane, before we all head to Arizona" he said and placed a C4 on a table. "I don't plan to kill more people that we need to, as it may be dangerous and stop our plans later. I want it to explode around 20 minutes before anyone get inside the plane. They won't have time to search for new transport and we will have time advantage. I think the best to this mission would be one of you two" he said and looked at both Lilith again and Akai "Your powers are great for such missions and I am sure that you have abilities to do it, but if none of you would want this task, then I will do it myself" he said and sighed as he talked for a while and took a deep breath. "I really count on you all"
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  18. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Lilith Frye
    Lilith listened intently as Irae explained the use of artifacts. So we don't know the full use of an artifact, maybe it'll enhance our powers. Or maybe the mere fact that our guardians our free will enhance our powers? She looked down at the ticket on the table as he explained the plan. With eight hours to make plans and pack, her mind already began formulating a list. As he briefly mentioned everyone's powers, she mentally kept track. When her name was said, she turned to look at the taller boy. She reached forward and took the shopping list. After a quick glance at the list, she pocketed it. Money wasn't a trouble, money was never a trouble. The next task, however, might be a bit more difficult. Her gaze, hidden by her mask, lingered on the bomb on the table. "I can definitely provide for this shopping list. However, I have a few questions about this bomb," she said before she paused and fixed her cloak. "My assumption is that we are going to place it on the plane the heroes are using. Are we going to control detonate it while flying to Arizona? What if they get there early, I believed there was a demiguardian who specialized in technology. You said Ophelia had control over natural disasters. If they somehow defuse the bomb, is there any chance we can strike the plane down with a natural disaster?" she asked, before taking a hurried breath. "All questions aside, I can plant the bomb. If I get close enough I can phase through the wall, would that be possible? The easiest way would be to get access to the official plane entrance, but if we can't, something will need to boost me when I enter, and when I get out of the plane something will need to break my fall," she said. Tiredness took her for a moment, she hadn't spoken so much in a while. However, her stoic manner quickly came back as she regained her breath.

    Aisha Risa
    Aisha remained smiling and closed the door after she stepped further inside. She made her way to the table, her gaze bouncing between the other demiguardians in the room and the tickets. We're going on an adventure? How exciting, I hope I get to learn more about everyone. She pulled out a chair and sat down with care. She readjusted her billowy scarfs that were wrapped around her arms and stemming from her belt as she waited for others to come.
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  19. ~Allie and Talia~

    A pair of sisters arrived at the meeting place, one older, one younger. The younger sister was traveling on foot, while the older hovered just above the ground.
    "Hey, no fair! That's cheating!" Allie protested.
    Talia gave a slight chuckle. "You never said we couldn't use our powers."
    "Well, you knew that you would get here before me if you flew!" Allie replied stubbornly.
    The older laughed. "Let's just call it a draw, okay?"
    Allie seemed more satisfied with this.

    They entered, seeing a group of demiguardians already gathered. Talia visibly paled. "Oh, are we late?"
    Her expression quickly shifted to apologetic. "I'm so sorry, Allie and I were playing around with our powers on the way here. I'm Talia, demiguardian of light and half of creation. This is Allie, demiguardian of water. Although she can.. also use ice for some reason." As if on cue, Allie's hand began to freeze, which Allie quickly got rid of.
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  20. Young teen nodded, looking a bit happy as all of those resources will be useful and important. Irae listened to Lilith questions with a smile, as them wanting to ask question just showed him that they also want to give their best for this team and the task. After listening to her, he answered to her question "I wanted you to plant the bomb before plane will take off from the airport to Phoenix. On the ticket we have written a hour, when plane will leave airport and we will detonate C4, 15 minutes before that.. They won't enter the plane just yet, they will prepare for it and then it explodes" Irae explained.
    "Idea with Ophelia using her abilities on a plane sounds like good plan B, if somehow plan with bomb failed..However, if We would want to use plan B. We would need to be a bit close to the plane.. It wouldn't be very effective and in the end. We would end up getting in the same time to Arizona as them. That's why plan A needs to be a success. "If any of you have more questions, I will be happy to answer them. If not, then I would want from you to slowly prepare for our journey to Arizona and also, if someone would want to talk with me about something, then I will be here. I will be happy to have conversation with every single one of you.
    Michael smiled softly and waved to the girls, that just arrived at the meeting. They were playing with they powers? They were a teenagers, so Michael wasn't really suprised that they wanted to play with their new abilities.
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  21. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Two other demiguardians had arrived, and Terrin flipped the screwdriver in her hands back into her pocket. She fastened the other gadget she’d been messing with to her belt, then waved warily to the two girls. She was still probably one of the youngest, and was definitely one of the shortest, if not the shortest. But her size didn’t matter; she was powerful enough without being big or tall, and her smallness meant she could sneak into places easier. On a different note—

    “Is that everyone?” she asked, stepping away from the wall.
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  22. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akai listened closely to the conversation about planting a bomb. It was obvious she was the best one for the job. She didn't need to sneak around when she could just simple look like anyone on there and walk right in. She could be the pilot, a flight attendant or even a passenger. She placed her blonde hair behind her ear and looked at the teenager.

    "I'll do it. Just give me the full details."
  23. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Lilith Frye
    Lilith continued to listen intently, the more information, the better. She wasn't sure much about Ophelia's powers, but apparently it was more effective the closer they were to her. When Akai offered to plant the bomb, she let out a tiny sigh of relief. If she wasn't the one planting the bomb it would give her more time to buy everything on the list, and scour through her closet for clothes suitable for warm weather. Suddenly, she realized she didn't have any of their contacts. "Oh, we should probably exchange phone numbers," she said as she pulled out her phone from her shadow. Since her suit had no pockets, she kept her phone in her shadow. However, she didn't keep much hidden in the shadows as the heavier the objects were, the more weighed down she was.

    Aisha Risa
    Aisha looked up as two others entered the room. Though their hair color was different, their eyes were both brown. Either they were related, or it was just a coincidence. She watched as they introduced themself, and the girl's hand began to freeze. She shook it off rather quickly, perhaps it was an accident? The other one was demiguardian of light and half of creation. I wonder who the other half is? Before her mind could wander too far with questions, Terrin asked a question. No, the leader guy said there were three more. Only two of them just showed up. "There should be one more if I remember correctly," she said, a pleasant smile on her face. She always tried to keep herself smiling, from her experience it helped ease people, and she just felt better smiling.
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  24. As Lilith pulled out phone from her shadow, Irae was quite suprised.
    Really useful ability, I must say...
    Then he remind himself, that she told about exchanging numbers. It wasn't a bad idea. "Yeah, sure..."
    He took small pieces of paper and pen. He wrote his and Ophelia's phone numbers in them. Then he handed them to everyone, he gave the last one to Lilith "There you have mine, my is the one with big letter 'I' at the beginning and Ophelia's phone begins with an 'O'" He suddenly smiled softly " I wondered, what kind of people I will meet here... But with such team like you all, I am more than sure in our success. Every single one of you is important to achieve our goal" he said and glanced at Bloodlust, Akai, Ophelia and then he looked a bit longer at Lilith.

    When Irae was giving his and Ophelia's phone numbers to everyone. Ophelia approached Akai and gave her one file. "You have plans of airport and hours of flights here... I will take you to the airport 3 hours before we will travel to Arizona, its almost exacly the same time, when the plane leaves airport. If you don't think that you will have enough time to prepare for our trip to Arizona then I will help you with those preparations. When you will be in the plane, plant bomb close to engine's, but try to plant it in place, where nobody will see it. Irae will detonate it from here 15 minutes, before this plane leaves the airport. Do you want any more details?"

    Irae, after a while of glancing at others and looking at her, smiled to Lilith and turned to the chessboard and moved forward black pawn " We are going to be the ones, that will make their first move"
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  25. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Lilith reached forward to accept the paper. She turned on her phone and typed the numbers into her contacts list before turning it back off and dropping it into the shadows. She looked up in time to see Irae at the chessboard, smiling at her. A tentative smile took her face, not a fake smile like she had smiled many times in the past, a first genuine smile that she hadn't smiled for as long as she could remember. She felt as if she had a definite part to play and not only that, she had been feeling a tumble of emotions lately. It was a new experience, to say the least, but she had to focus and get ready. "Well, this first meeting was interesting. However, I should probably start to get ready. I'll see you later," she said, as she walked towards the door. She phased through it, and soon her small figure had vanished into the distance.
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  26. Mack looked excited, "Yep that should be all of you if not we have more tickets just in case. Sorry for the creepy dark barely lit room. Chris was the one who picked it. Now here's the pl-" Mack got cut off by Chris his arm on Mack's shoulder.

    Chris looked at the ragtag team of heroes in front of him, "The plan is simple we go to Phoenix Arizona. Each of us will have a separate job to fill as of right now," Chris looked at Terrin, "We need a backup way to travel, Terrin do you happen to have something to help us with that?"

    Bloodlust looked at Irae, "There is one thing you might need to take care of. Your one opposition is the Demiguardian of Fire. He already knows exactly where to look."
  27. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Terrin grinned. That was her cue! She slung off her camo-print backpack and opened it, kneeling on the ground. Inside, there was a vast assortment of rocket boots like her own in different sizes. She held one up so the others could see. “They take a little getting used to, but they won’t let you fall unless you cut a wire. They’re rigged to use me as a battery of sorts, so if you’re within a five-mile radius of me, they’ll work. Made a ton of them before coming, thought they might come in handy. Find your size and go crazy. Good luck—I was too lazy to label them.”
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  28. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Easy as you please, a boy hovered in the room laying down in a very bored position. He didn't bother to speak with anybody until he floated to the floor. He rubbed his eyes before talking.
    "Sup y'all. Name's Sam. Sand-slash-wind boy, apparent demiguardian and all that, you get the biz. I don't, however, so spill." he said, sounding a little harsher than he meant to.
  29. Chris looked at the rocket boots, "That's definitely plan B. Alright Now let's talk when we get there. I know exactly where to go it's just very dangerous. Allie and Talia, you will be with me on Team 1, I will need light and any water and ice to put out any fire traps that are still functional inside the temple." Chris turned to Mack, "Mack you will have team 2 with Terrin, Michael, the new guy, and Aisha with scouting and gathering more information on the closest temple to Arizona in Mexico. Sam, do you remember where the temple is or at least where the artifact is?"
  30. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Sam felt miffed that this guy told him what to do literally three seconds after he came.
    Whatever, it's to save the world or something. If any of them get out of line though...
    He shrugged "Sure, that guardian thing kinda shoved it in my head after all. We need the thingamajig to stop some douches from being world dominating douches right? I could probably get there by flying. Dunno how long it'll take though."
  31. Suddenly, a girl with pale blonde hair and light skin ran into the meeting place, stopping and holding her hands up apologetically.
    "So sorry I'm late! I'm Kiara, demiguardian of nature. I'm assuming that you're all demiguardians too?"

    Suddenly, Allie spoke. "There's - uh - one thing you might want to know about my power. I - um - can't really control it very well. I mean, I can do it whenever I want, but it sometimes just... happens, without me wanting it to. So - sorry if I do something by accident."
    Talia gave a nod of confirmation. "She doesn't seem to have very good control. I can control myself just fine, but she's had several outbursts."
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  32. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Info gathering. I can do that.” Terrin nodded thoughtfully. I. Cannot. Do. That. Unless it’s in a place with multiple escape routes. And windows. Nervously, her fingers fidgeted with the osprey feather around her neck. “I can crack passcodes and firewalls like nothing. Surf the internet like a pro. But I have no idea what I’m looking for. Someone’ll have to tell me that part.”
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  33. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Aisha glanced up bemused. So much was happening in a short span, with the sudden arrival of two demiguardians. Not only that, but she seemed to be going to a temple soon with three others. When others spoke, she listened. It was good to learn more about those she was working with. She was a bit alarmed when she heard that Allie's power usage was random. But then again, she did seem quite young. She realized they weren't in her group, and she turned her attention to Terrin as she spoke. They seemed to have been tasked with gathering information and scouting. "I'll do whatever is needed of me," she said. She knew how surprisingly versatile her power could be, but she wouldn't outright start naming everything she could do.
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  34. "Yes, I know... It would be.. Rather trobluesome.. I also don't believe that our bomb will stop them for really long, thats why we leave one hour before plane do" said Irae "The greatest weapon in every war are informations and comunication. That's why I was preparing for months, to not stay behind those goodie guys.." he started to whistle "As far as I know.. They have advantage in number and in the fact they have a Fire Demiguardian may know temple position. But I have something they don't have.."
    Then he showed Bloodlust something on his phone. A map, with red dots.
    "I was collecting informations, resources, allies, Demiguardian and not. Every single day, I was doing everything On could for this 1% of advantage and in worse case scenario" he grinned "I have you, Bloodlust.. And your ability to repeat day. As I said, if you repeat day after death, tell me about everything and my plans will change according to those informations. I have Akai, for secret missions and finding informations about our opponents movements, I have Lilith with her shadow powers and Ophelia with her higly destructive powers over disasters.. And me..." he stopped here and just made a little laught, Someone would think, that for a while his eyes turned from Emerald to Blood-Red and back into Emerald in the second. "It doesn't really matter, if there is many times more them than us.. It doesn't matter if they know their Guardian's temple location.. We are going to be always closer to victory than them and I don't see.. Any other scenario. One question, Bloodlust..Do you have faith in me?"
    Michael barely managed to focus as many new people arrived and as he heard to their plan. He understood that he would need to gather informations. Everything sounded like their team really was invincible, that they will succed without any problem, but... Something.. Something was worring him. He used to have dark thought from time to time. 'Its probably just in my mind.. Nothing to be worried about' he thought
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  35. Bloodlust listened intently trying not to show anything less than full faith. He understood what he was meant to do, be an informant and a possible assassin if need be. "I have faith in you, sir. There is no doubt in my mind that we will not fail."

    Chris looked at the team in front of him, "We will leave tomorrow morning you may pack things get used to the people you are working with Mack will pay for the nearby hotel rooms and you guys can figure out the sleeping spaces, I'm giving leadership to Mack as of right now since he needs more experience with that."

    Mack looked at Chris astounded at what he just said, "Alright, sounds cool with me."
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  36. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Terrin shrugged, replaced the rocket boot into her bag, zipped it, then slung it back onto her back. “Packing? So 2014.” She gave a laugh. “No, but seriously. All I have are the clothes on my back and the ton of stuff hidden in them. And I can crash anywhere, no problem. Y’all can figure the rest out. Most likely, I’ll take a tree outside, keep watch.” She gave an edgy glance to the door. Air, I need air! To which she countered, You dingus, there’s plenty of air. Stop being weird. To which she retorted, I meant fresh air! The sky, the wind! To which she responded, You know you’re gonna go insane if you keep this up. Too late, she lamented, then shook her head.

    On a new topic... so I’m with Mack, Aisha, Michael, and Sam. Michael seems nice, at least what I’ve seen. Mack seems like the reluctant-leader type. Aisha... she’s more reserved, but probably either very flexible, very powerful, or both. Sam... well, he’s like me, but more sardonic. Dunno how that’s gonna work. “Yeah, okay,” Terrin muttered to herself as she finished judging everyone on her team. “Yeah. Okay,” she said, louder. “I think I will take a tree, actually. I like sleeping under the sky.”
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  37. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Sam shrugged "Kay, well, you don't have to worry about me. I'll keep my powers under control, if I can. And whether I can entirely depends up to you lot." he smirked slyly.
    "Anyway, I'm fine with sleeping outside as well, I prefer the night anyway-night owl here-and I always did like camping." he seemed to muse something before turning to Terrin. "Maybe we could take turns on lookout? That way I can make sure you don't sleep on the job. Oh, and it'll help keep everyone safe, I guess." he cracked.
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  38. Kiara spoke up once more. "Um - can someone explain to me what's going on?"

    Allie gave a thumbs-up. "I'll sleep outside. It's kinda fun!"
    Talia started to speak, but Allie stopped her. "C'mon, I'll be fine! You don't have to if you don't want to."
    The older sister sighed, resigning. "Fine. I'll come with you."
  39. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Aisha listened as Terrin and Sam immediately offered to sleep outside. She was a bit concerned, as they both seemed to be teenagers. Then again, about half of them are teenagers. She had already said she would do what was needed of her, and she trusted the judgment of her teammates. After all, trust was a crucial part if they wanted to work together. After a moment, she turned to Fern's demiguardian, who seemed to have no idea as to what was happening. "We have to gather all of the artifacts from the guardian's temples and free them. Along the way, we might encounter evil demiguardians wishing to free their guardians," she said.
  40. Mack spoke up, "I suggest only some of us sleep outside. But if you guys don't make too much noise and disturb the peace that's fine. Anyone actually going into the hotel beside me?"

    Chris explained what was happening to the newcomer Kiara, "You'll be with Mack, he will further brief you on the mission if you ask him."

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