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Daylight Savings Time

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Gosh, for those in the US at least, it is time to 'fall back.' Irritating, isn't it?

    For the past few years I've been the one changing the clocks, I always oversleep and miss church. It's somewhat funny, as I judge the time to be later than it is because I've forgotten I've changed it. XD
  2. I live in Arizona now, which doesn't have Daylight Savings Time.

    I did live in California for a few years as a little kid. My family, we would all wait to change the time until a) we needed an extra hour in the day or b) bedtime. Hey, who doesn't want twenty-five hours in a day? ;)
  3. Well, I'm 50/50 aboutit. When it happens on a weekday, it'll either A) Give me an hour sleep, or B) Take one from me. I don't like B. And that's why it's B, and not A. :p

    I often wonder how it works with T.V.'s, but I can never stay up those nights to find out, or they still do things normally.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    See, I love the falling back an hour. It's a great feeling to look at the clock and realize it's not as late as it feels, especially when you have work the next day. Getting to sleep that extra hour is beautiful when you're living on a schedule. :'D

    Mind you, it rather stinks for anyone who's currently at work when the clock changes. For nurses, they always try to even out that extra hour between the two shifts but in the end it's generally the night staff that gets stuck working longer. Glad that's not me anymore. XP
  5. I completely forgot about the time change this year but it helped me out big time. I only got four hours of sleep on Saturday and I had a really busy (but fun) day. When I woke up the next morning, I thought I'd overslept for church because it was so bright outside XD And for some reason it seems like Falling back occured later this year.

    Actually I like springing forward too because I look forward to having more daylight.
  6. This phenomenon scared the crap out of me yesterday. I was doing my homework, looked at the clock and sat that it was almost eight o' clock, and I was far from finished. Then I remembered that I hadn't corrected my clock yet. That's why I love my radio clock :p

    In daily life, it doesn't cause me any trouble, since I tend to get used to it in a couple of days. I never care much for time anyway |D
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  7. I managed to forget about it when I woke up, so when I woke up I was like "WOO I WOKE UP BEFORE TEN"

    Then I realized I woke up before nine which weirded me out.

    I don't really like it much because it gets lighter way earlier and darker way earlier as well, meaning I only get like an hour and a half to play with friends instead of two or three.
  8. Well, sleeping in on Sunday is fun and all. I didn't change my clock until I went to sleep. It really freaked me out and I thought that I was going to bed at midnight -.- but luckily it was only eleven.

    I think it's weird that it didn't happen until November this year. It's always been in October for as long as I've lived.
  9. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I've never been able to change my mindset from daylight savings to not, for some reason. Even several months after the change, I'm still waking up at 6 rather than my usual 7 (for during daylight savings). It's okay, I guess, since then I have lots of time to do my morning routine rather than having to rush through everything just so I make it on time to the bus.

    Because of this, I annoy the heck out of my old parents (not that old, but older than me duh :p), who love sleeping in and need coffee to wake up and all. Why? Because all my shuffling about is way too noisy for them... and unfortunately, the kitchen's really close to their bedroom. Yeah, you can see the problem there.

    All in all, there really isn't much of a difference for me besides the fact that I get lots of time. Then I'm bored out of my mind. Meaning I don't really care much between daylight savings and not~
  10. I ... am sort of oblivious to turning back the clocks. |D I mean, I do it, but I just ... it doesn't bother me at all. :>

    Actually, when we were changing the clocks, not only did I get another hour of sleep, but I stayed asleep for longer than I usually do |D Soooo I got lots of extra sleepsies. How useful. ♥
  11. I don't know, the whole daylight savings time never bothered me, considering I sleep on average 6 hours a day, I always have 2 extra hours, and it only falls back one, so generally it doesnt effect me. Although, I see the faults in my logic, I'm to lazy to correct myself. >:D
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  12. I've never really seen the point in daylight savings time. To me, changing the time just because you prefer sunlight in the morning is ridiculous.
  13. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    That's not why its done. Giving people more daylight during the morning originates wholly from farming - allowing farmers the light necessary to get their work done at the unGodly times of the morning they have to be up at. Without Daylight Savings time, they'd find it increasingly difficult to get their important work done every morning - especially in the days before electric lighting.

    These days, the major argument is that it makes it safer for people driving to work to be driving in the daylight than in darkness. There's also the well documented Seasonal Affective Disorder to consider, which makes those exposed to less daylight more lethargic and depressed "caused by a biochemical imbalance in the hypothalamus due to the shortening of daylight hours and the lack of sunlight in winter" (http://www.sada.org.uk/what-is-SAD.html).

    To say there is no reason to have DST is the truly ridiculous notion.
  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Lolz. Alex just science'd the thread. :D

    Even if it's not biochemical related for everyone experiencing SAD-like symptoms, people of all ages certainly do get a lot more rundown when there's less sunlight in the mornings. Going to sleep in darkness and waking up the next morning still in darkness doesn't do a mood good when you're used to having sunlight in the mornings.
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  15. Yeah, thats true... DoctorOak may have just science'd the thread, but you have just phycologized the thread. But I agree, generally its safer to drive in daylight and work in daylight. Humans are not noctornal, we are meant to function during the day, and rest at night. Generally, I find myself more drowzy upon waking up to the moon than to waking to the sun, thats my internal clock saying "Oh look, its still dark out, I guess you still have to time to sleep." DST is neccisary when you look at it, but still keeping in mind that I sleep 6 hours instead of 8, it doesnt really matter to me.
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