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Dark Horizons

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Nieru, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. ((just wanna say i would like people to join if they want, if you wanna join, just go ahead and post. if not, ill probably just end up joining another RP))

    Nieru opened his eyes, slowly, looking out across the small lake into the Jhoto Region as the sun began to rise. He dropped down from the tree he was in next to a sleeping Umbreon with blue markings, "Come on, Blue," he said, slipping on a pair of sunglasses, "Time to get back in your Pokéball. I promise it'll only be for a few minutes while I have Leviathan ferry us across the lake, then I promise I'll let you back out." Blue Moon sat down and looked at him, sadly. Nieru had always had Blue traveling outside his Pokéball whenever possible, ever since he was an Eevee, although, because of his rare coloration, that had made Blue a target in many a Pokémon-napping scheme, but nonetheless, Blue got terribly seasick when riding a Pokémon, so he sat quietly as Nieru put him back in the ball.

    "Thanks, my old friend," Nieru said, clipping Blue's Pokéball onto his belt and pulling out another, a Great Ball, "Ok, let's go, Leviathan!" Nieru's Gyarados came out of his Ball and right into the water, then turned to look at Nieru. "I need you to use surf and get me across this lake. Can you do that?" Leviathan roared and bowed his head towards Nieru, so he could climb on. As the Trainer climbed on, he patted the Gyarados' horns, and they sped off towards Azalea Town.

    Upon reaching the shore, Nieru thanked Leviathan and called him to return to his ball, then pulled out Blue's ball again. "All right, Blue Moon, come on back out!" Blue appeared before Nieru and gave him a look of supreme happiness. Nieru looked around, "So, this is Azalea Town in the Jhoto region... Well, it may have been 6 years since I competted in the Kanto Pokémon League, but this'll be no different... Here I come, Jhoto league!"
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  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    The early morning sun shone down on a waking world. Route 32 was already busy with activity as Pokemon began to rise and scurry out of their burrows and nests. Sentret and Furret played in the tall grass while Rattata scavenged for food. The distant cries of a few Pidgey could be heard, much to the disdain of the nocturnal Pokemon such as Spinarak and Hoothoot, who slept in their webs and trees. A nice cool breeze flowed through the land like a river and a soft earthy smell was in the air.

    On this route was a sole person, making their way to their next destination. The trainer woke early; in hopes of reaching the next town before too much of the day had gone. The trainer was of average size, about 5'2". The human was slender and had a normal musculature; the trainer was clearly male and was 16 years in age. On his feet were black, travel-worn skateboard shoes, or they were black originally, but started to take on a greenish-grey color. And he wasn't a skater by any means.

    Going up the body one would notice the highly developed muscle in the legs, due to the amount of time this trainer spent swimming, running, biking, and just walking in general. Covering these legs were dark grey cargo shorts, which ended about an inch past the knee. Continuing past the waist and up to the torso where a dark green shirt was worn. The head possessed black hair, longish, going about 3/4's of the way down the forehead. The hair was straight and shone slightly. The eyes were grey, err, the left one was anyway. The right was almost white due to the fact that the trainer had no sight in that eye, and had above normal hearing because of it. The skin this being had was a light tan color, naturally that way.

    He wore a one strapped backpack, black in color and water resistant as well. The strap went from his left shoulder to the right side of his waist. On the front of the strap were six poke'balls. More noticeably though was that on the right shoulder stood a small, purple Pokemon. It had gems imbedded in its body and has large diamonds as eyes. This gremlin-like Pokemon almost always wore an unsettling smile. This Sableye, as the species was called, was usually on this trainer's right shoulder, being able to see where he could not.

    "You think we're almost there, Sableye?" the trainer asked.

    "Sable..." responded the ghostly companion in an unknowing tone. The trainer spoke comfortably when he was alone, and oftentimes to himself even. People were an issue though, and he only spoke openly to those he knew well. He certainly wasn't the type of person who would walk up to any friendly face and say hello, though he's tried a few times, looking only like a fool in the end and beating himself up for it afterwards.

    His face also gave of the notion that he was always emotionless. The only things that ever moved on his face were his eyelids. His eyes always had the same blank stare, and his mouth hardly ever formed a smile. His voice didn't help any, as it was emotionless as well as cold. Though it was true that his feeling was almost always a neutral one, neither happy nor sad, he just had a hard time making his emotions known.

    "The Poke'Gear says we're close…" he said, looking at the high-tech device on his left wrist. "about another fifteen minutes I suppose." The trainer paused then laughed for a second. "If we continued walking for just a little more yesterday we could've spent the night at the Azalea Pokemon Center." Sableye hung its head and growled playfully at the boy. They had started out from Violet the day before and made good time because they spent most of the trip flying on Tropius' back; which was always fun.

    The boy continued walking towards Azalea with the sun warming his back, much to his dislike. A perfect day for this guy was overcast, windy, and rainy or snowy. He had grown up in the cool waters of Pacifidlog town of the Hoenn region and had a liking for colder climates instead of warm.

    "Sableye!" the pokemon pointed towards a small building.

    "Ah, the town gate. Good." he said as he began to quicken his pace.

    "Sable..." Sableye said suddenly in a low murmur. It tugged on its trainer's ear. He looked to see another trainer in all black, with shoulder length, brown hair. This trainer was male and looked a few years older. Beside this mystery trainer was an odd looking Umbreon. One of the "shiny" Pokemon some people seemed to have. The dark-type and an amazing coat of fur that glistened in the sun and bore those marvelous blue rings. It was obvious that it was trained well.

    "C'mon. You should compliment this guy and his pokemon!" he said to himself as he sighed silently. "Perhaps I should..." He thought for a few seconds. If he wanted to say something he had to say it now. He felt another tug on his ear; Sableye was encouraging him to say something as well.

    He opened his mouth and out of it came, "Nice Umbreon you have there." He said rather flatly. He tried adding a smile, which probably looked weird, and he then walked away. "Well that was lame, good job!"

    As he walked away he heard his Sableye cackling, obviously poking fun at him for his lack of people skills. "Shut up." the trainer said silently as he passed through the gate.
    OOC: Yep, I sense the beginnings of a great RP here. ^^ Feel free to PM any questions.
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  3. ((just as a mention, the ASCII code for é is alt+130))

    Nieru grunted at the new trainer, tucking his dirty blonde hair behind his ear, "Thanks," he said, "Your Sableye looks well-trained, as well." He started to turn away, but turned back around to face the young trainer, "My name is Nieru Kitera, um.. I'm from the Kanto region, and I don't really know my way around here... but I'm looking to register for the Johto Pokémon League, and someone told me there's a Gym in, um, Violet City, I think, do you know which way that is?" He tried to smile at the guy, but he felt that it must have seemed a bit creepy, so he reverted to his usual scowl.
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  4. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    The trainer stopped walking as heard a voice ask him something. He loathed the fact that this person was asking him for help, not because he disliked helping people, but because he feared messing up and looking stupid.

    He turned around and scratched the back of his neck saying, "Uh... Yeah. There is indeed a gym in Azalea. Bugsy is his name last time I checked." There was an uncomfortable pause. "I can show you where to sign up for the Johto League if you want... Follow me." He started walking back towards the gate, pausing only for a moment to introduce himself, not wanting to seem rude. "My name's James, James Detron. Nice to meet you, Nieru." Sableye would've said hello as well but was too busy being proud of itself for receiving Nieru's compliment.

    James reached for the handle of the door and walked in, nodding briefly to the gate-keeper and heading towards the other door. A rush of noise passed through the door when James opened it. He stopped for moment and looked at his PokéGear and pressed a button. It came to life and the holographic menu appeared in the air a couple centimeters above the screen. James pressed the map button and the device automatically brought up a map of Azalea Town. James found the Pokémon Center icon, which was a 'P' and a 'C' overlapping each other. The map said that it was not too far away. He shut the device off and continued walking.

    This had been James' first time to Johto as well, though he had no will of competing in the League. He was merely here for exploration. He had heard many stories of Johto from his parents, who spent quite some time studying the Ruins of Alph which were actually not too far away from where James and Nieru were now.

    James looked back to see if Nieru was following. "He seems pretty nice..." James turned back around. "I wonder how far he'd make it in the League." James looked back at the Umbreon trailing its trainer. "If he has other Pokémon like that one then he's certainly a skilled trainer, not a newcomer."

    "Sableye!" James looked again at Sableye, who had been quiet the whole time. It was pointing at the red roof of a Pokémon Center. James entered through the sliding glass doors into the tiled lobby of the center. The tile was white, almost glass like, and the walls were a light yellow color with a white border going along the walls. There were couches and chairs left and right as well as a few plants. Nurse Joy was busily typing away at a computer.

    "Go and talk to Nurse Joy about registering, she'll tell you everything you need to know." James said to Nieru. James nodded to him and was about to leave when he thought it would be better to stay. "Just to make sure he figures it out ok..." James walked over to one of the couches and sat on it, leaning back and closing his eyes for a few moments.
    OOC: He thanks for telling me about the accent, I've always wondered how to do that. XD Silly me.
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  5. Nieru smiled at the pretty nurse behind the desk, All Nurse Joys were pretty much identical, but most of the ones he had seen were at least a few years older than him, this one looked to be just about his age. "Um, hi, I'd like to register for the Johto Pokemon League, I was told this is where I register..."

    Nurse Joy smiled at him, "Yes, here is the registration form, do you have much experience as a trainer?" She said eyeing Blue Moon, "Um, depends on what you define as much experience... I've been in the Kanto League, and made it all the way to the Elite Four, then lost to Lorelei, but that was 6 years ago, and I heard the Johto League is a bit tougher..."

    She chuckled, "Well, I don't know about that, I've never been to the Kanto region, but if you've been through their Pokémon League, you must be a good trainer, would it be ok if I saw your Pokémon?"

    Nieru smiled, "Sure, well this Umbreon here is named Blue Moon, or Blue for short, and let's see..." He pulled out an Ultra Ball, "We'd better go outside for the rest of my team." He started to head towards the door, and Nurse Joy followed him, "You coming, James?"
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    "Sure." James responded. Looking at Pokémon was always fun, and there's no telling what this guy had as his companions. James walked out of the Center to a small grassy area in front and waited.

    OOC: Don't stop the post for a simple question like "You coming?" If I come or not will be said in my next post, so to minimize the amount of useless 1-2 liners. ^^
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  7. As they walked outside, Nieru looked back at the other two, and flashed a smile, now he was in his element, "All right, Amethyst, come on out!" He threw the Ultra Ball and watched as a purple Charizard materialized before him, "This is my Charizard, Amethyst." He patted her snout, then tossed a Great Ball towards the lake and called out "All right, Leviathan! you too, Shocker!' He called as he threw another Poké Ball and a Raichu with a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his back materialized. "And for the grand finale, Ali and Omelet, let's go!" A shiny blue and pale green Hitmonchan and an Exeggutor, appeared. "So, this is my team, in fact, I don't really have any other Pokémon... I don't really intend to catch all of them, I'd rather just develop a good relationship with the Pokémon I have. So, what do you think?" He asked, looking at James and Joy.
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    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    "Interesting bunch of Pokémon you have there." James said as he studied each one.

    "Sableye." Said the dual-type on James' shoulder. It nodded its head. It had been the first time either of them had seen any of those Pokémon, in person anyway. Seeing the Gyarados and Charizard was both magnificent and... rather terrifying.

    "This guy will definitely make it through the League." James said, shifting his gaze to the Hitmonchan and the Exeggutor. "He definitely has the right stuff." Nieru was clearly very proud of his collection of Pokémon, he had no reason not to be proud. All these creatures clearly loved their trainer as well.

    "You must be proud of this bunch, especially since they got you real far in the Kanto League." James had never really participated in any Leagues, he was more with the exploring part of the journeys. He never turned down a challenge though, and James a bit competitive at heart. It was dreadfully lonely on those many travels though. James had a few friends, but none had ever really been traveling companions. The thought of having adventures with another person was something that greatly excited James, and was something he was hoping for in this journey through the Johto region.
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  9. "Yeah, but I haven't had a good battle in quite a while, how about we have a go? I could use a warm up before I go to the Gym, and I'd love to see your team, as well." Nieru gave James a piercing stare, "Six on six, it might be interesting, whaddya say?" Nieru tossed Amethyst's ball up into the air and catching it, "Nurse Joy can referee, can't you, Joy?"

    Nurse Joy nodded, "I'd love to, your Pokémon look very strong, I'd love to see what they can do in a battle, too."
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    OOC: Six on six? That'll take a looooong time in RP but ok, I'm game if you are.

    James blinked for a second out of shock. "M-me? Battle you?... Sure... I'll give it a go. Heh..." It had been a while since anyone had asked James to battle. Let alone out in front of a Pokémon Center where everyone could easily see them. James walked rather stiffly a few yards away from Nieru. He pulled a pokéball off of his backpack strap and gripped it firmly in his hand.

    Nurse Joy walked to the side of the makeshift arena. "Doesn't she have injured Pokémon to tend to or something?... Ah well."

    "This will be a six on six battle with no time limit! Either opponent may switch out at any time! The person who knocks out all the other trainer's Pokémon is declared the winner!" A few people has already started to gather. The pink-haired nursed stopped for a moment before finally shouting, "Begin!"

    James tossed the ball onto the ground, where it cracked open and released its contents in the form of white energy, which slowly began to take shape. The end result revealed a purple star-shaped Pokémon. It bore a large jewel at its center. The Starmie sighed in a refreshed tone and readied itself for battle. James waited in anticipation for Nieru to choose his battler.
    OOC: Right then, I guess I have the honor of setting up the rules. How about:

    Up to two attacking moves and one support move per post? And you may switch out for other Pokémon at any time.

    If you disagree with that then let me know.

    Also, this is my last post for tonight. I'm tired and am no longer in any condition to post. :p 'Night.
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  11. Nieru looked at he water and psychic type, A Starmie, huh, Well I guess that means I'll be using either Shocker or Blue, but which one? Well, I'm not entirely sure what else he's got up his sleeve, so I don't want to reveal too much, I think I'll go with Shocker on this one... "All right, Shocker, Let's show this guy what you're really made of! Come on out and open up with Quick Attack!" The mouse pokemon jumped into the ring and seemingly disappeared as he sped towards James' Starmie, narrowly missing. Nieru couldn't see his pokemon, but he could sense it and was almost irritated that the cocky Raichu was seemingly toying with Starmie, when as soon as he thought that, Shocker suddenly changed tacks and shot in for a direct attack. at the last possible moment, just as Shocker was about to strike Nieru called out "Now! use Zap Cannon!" Shocker shot a ball of electricity at his opponent, who was in such close range, Nieru couldn't see how it could dodge it, there was a large explosion and a cloud of dust enveloped the two Pokémon Obscuring Nieru's vision. He could sense that Shocker was OK, but he wasn't sure about James' Starmie, so he gritted his teeth and waited for the dust to clear...
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    "Psychic!" James shouted at the last possible moment. A blue energy enveloped the powerful electric attack and caused it to explode away from Starmie, leaving it untouched. The Starmie sighed in success. A few members of the crowd cheered.

    "Starmie isn't as slow as you think it is, and it was a mistake to think so." James knew he was at the disadvantage facing a speedy electric-type, and Starmie's speed only shone its brightest when it was in the water. They would have to be as fast and unnavoidable as possible. "Go! Use Rapid Spin!" Starmie jumped into the air and began rotating the two segments of its body in opposite directions. It began flying like a sawblade towards the electric rodent. "Now follow it up with Hydro Pump!"

    One by one, each of Starmie's ten tips erupted with powerful blasts of water. Five shots of water spun clockwise while the other five spun counterclockwise. How the Raichu, or Shocker as Nieru called it, would ever dodge this attack was unknown to James, but anything could happen.
    "You're doing good! Keep it up Starmie!"
  13. "Use Quick Attack to dodge it," Shocker suddenly disappeared into the air, above Starmie's spinning water jets Nieru growled at himself, I clearly underestimated James, ok, time to pull out all the stops, there is no way I'm going to let Shocker lose to a Water Type He thought back to earning his Cascadebadge, the gym leader in Cerulean City, Misty, had used a similar tactic, albeit with Water Gun, rather than Hydro Pump. "All right, just like when we faced Misty, now, Thunder Wave, Shocker!" Shockers cheeks glowed blue for a second befor he shot out a blast of static electricity that covered the whole field. Starmie's attack isnt over, and that water should be a perfect conductor for Shocker's attack... but all I can do is wait and see...
  14. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    James could only watch as the Thunder Wave hit Starmie. The Hydro Pump ceased and Starmie moaned in pain, as if it was about to crack and shatter. Starmie came crashing down into the earth, but it wasn't down for the count, not yet. Thunder Wave was a Paralyzing attack, the one status condition that Starmie did not do well under.

    "Can you move, Starmie!?" The starfish Pokémon slowly got up, surges of electrical energy pulsed all around its body. "Right then, easy to fix. Starmie! Use Refresh!" Starmie flashed a bright white for a brief moment before it faded. Starmie sighed happily, relieved that it no longer was paralyzed.

    "You're pretty good at thinking on your feet!" James shouted across the field, though the overly cocky Raichu irritated him to no end. "Let's see how you fair against this! Starmie! Surf!" There was nothing at first, but slowly a large amount of liquid began to form as water was being taken from the air and from the nearby water source that Gyarados was previously in. Soon the wave was at an exceptionally large size, and the water began to stir with the wrath of the ocean itself. Then, without a moments notice, the attack was unleashed.

    The large wave raced towards its target, ripping up the battle field along the way. "Now, Ice Beam!" An orb a blue energy began to form in front of Starmie's magnificent gem, three strands of electrical-like energy flowed from this orb and struck the wave, turning it into a large block of ice that was still moving towards Shocker. "Let's see how you deal with that." James said to himself. Sableye watched eagerly as well, the will to battle shone in its eyes. "Soon, Sableye. Soon."
    OOC: Also, forgot to add. Each pokemon is allowed up to two dodges, which includes: jumping out of the way, deflecting it with a barrier such as Reflect, and deflecting the attack with one of your own. That way the battle doesn't last long than it needs to. Shocker and Starmie have each already used one dodge.
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  15. " Very nice move, James," Nieru said smiling, "but, I'm afraid I have a trick up my sleeve that I picked up in the Seafoam Islands, Shocker! Use your tail so slide along the curve of that ice, just like surfing, buddy!" The Raichu jumped into the curve of the ice-wave, using his tail like a surfboard and came out on the other side facing towards Starmie, "Now, use Thunder!" Shocker's cheeks glowed blue, and a bolt of blue electricity sped down from the sky towards Starmie, just as Shocker landed, "Now, before the Thunder hits, attack with Swift!" Raichu set his feet and shot a series of little energy stars speeding at Starmie.
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    The ice block came to rest near Nieru and Raichu had easily dodged the attack. "Psychic on the Thunder attack!" Psychic energy surrounded the powerful bolt of elemental force, suspending it in mid-air, which was quite a sight to see.

    "That Raichu of your's is well trained, its amazing, but so is Starmie... Now, Starmie, return his gift, we don't want it." Starmie used its power to send the bolt sailing right back towards the being who summoned it. Starmie moaned in pain after it did this, as its body was hit with the barrage of stars. James knew it would happen, but he chose getting hit by Swift over being hit by Thunder for obvious reasons.

    "That Thunder attack won't do much damage to Raichu if it hits, but any damage is good damage." James' hands were rolled into tight fists, the white of his knuckles showed. It was nervewracking facing such a skilled trainer, especially since Nieru had the advantage. But Starmie had fought and conquered many Electric-types before, it could certainly do it again.
    OOC: All our dodges are gone now. XD
  17. Nieru watched as the Thunder attack hit Shocker, it wouldn't do much damage, but it would definitely hurt. As the attack hit, Nieru winced and almost fell to the floor as he felt the pain of the Raichu's electric attack, He looked at Shocker, asking through gritted teeth "Are you ok, Shocker?"
    "Rai-rai, Raiiiichu" Shocker replied, looking at the Starmie, fires burning in his eyes. "Ok, Shocker," Nieru said, "Use Zap Cannon again, but this time, don't hold anything back!" Shocker's Cheeks started gloing blue, followed by his eyes and then the lightning bolt on his back. "Raaaaiiiiiiii.." Shocker cried out as a ball of incredibly compacted electric blue energy started growing in between his paws, 'CHUUUUUU!!!!!!" He flung the ball of electricity towards Starmie, either way, the battle was over, there was no way Starmie could recover if hit, and if the attack missed, Shocker wouldn't have enough energy left to make another attack, Nieru clenched his hands into fists, This had to work, it was his only chance.
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    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    "Starmie can't survive that monster of an attack!" James looked quickly at the weak Starmie, whose gem recently began slowly blinking. It had been attacked by both the Thunder Wave and Swift, not counting the amount of energy it took to create that Hydro Pump attack and redirect that Thunder. "It won't last in its current state anyway." James said. "But what if Starmie was at or near full health?" Heh, it was a move that most people forgot Starmie had, but it was very useful in tough situations.

    "Starmie! Recover!" James shouted. They had more odds of surviving the attack if Starmie had more energy. Starmie glowed pure white for only moments until it was hit by the Zap Cannon. There was an explosion that sent rocks and other debris flying everywhere. Starmie's moans of sheer agony were audible and it sent a chill down James' spine. He and Sableye covered their eyes for a few moments before looking through the smoke, trying to find any trace that Starmie was still able to fight. "Do you see Starmie, Sableye?" Sableye peered through the smoke, using its Keen Eye ability.

    "Sableye!" It pointed through the smoke; it cleared after a second or so passed.

    "Yes!" James said. Starmie was indeed still standing, although just barely. It would've gone down if Recover hadn't been used. The gem was once again blinking and making faint noises. Dirt, bruises, and burns covered its body. "You okay, Starmie!?" James shouted. "Talk to me!"

    "I... I'm fine." Starmie said, communicating telekinetically as it often did.

    "You certainly don't look fine, forgive me." James responded sorrowfully. He looked down at the ground.

    "It's fine, you did what you had to." Starmie said as it tried to gain more balance.

    James looked at Nurse Joy and then Nieru. Who would win this round? Another attack and Starmie would be out, but Shocker seemed weak and was breathing hard. "How much energy did that thing use?!" This was no normal trainer, and he still had five other strong pokemon, the battle could easily go in his favor.
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  19. Nieru gritted his teeth, the Starmie was still standing! Shocker had used almost all of his energy in that last attack, and there was no way he could muster up another electric attack, his only chance was to get physical before Starmie had a chance to use recover again He looked at Shocker and used the empathic link they shared to tell it to use double team and then tackle on the Starmie, in the hopes that James would attempt to attack Shocker and miss...
  20. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    Starmie could only watch as it was surrounded by about a dozen Raichu. It knew better than to attack when something was using Double Team. "How is that thing able to attack anyway!?" James asked. It was clear that it had no intention of losing. James didn't want lose either, but he had no intention of overworking Starmie. "I'll try one last thing."

    "You should've attacked when you had the chance! Your Double Team can't stop this! Starmie! Hail!" The sky darkened as dark grey storm clouds blanketed the area, blocking the sun from seeding its light to the world around them. It was then, suddenly, that the clouds shed their frozen tears. The sound of ice hitting the ground became louder and louder until it was at a dull roar.

    "Ah, but that's not all! Starmie use Swift!" James shouted, putting his hand over his eyes to protect them from the hail. Starmie's gem shone white and released dozens of little stars. The laser stars came in contact with the falling hail, and were in turn, charged up with icy energy.

    Not only was there an unavoidable attack racing towards but it was more powerful than it would normally be. "No way that Raichu's escaping this."
  21. "Shocker may not be able to avoid that attack, but don't count your
    Pidgeys before they hatch, you overlooked one thing, I AM attacking! Go Shocker! Use that Tackle attack, now!" He winced as he felt each of the icy stars colliding with his Raichu. Raichu may have been low on energy, but his HP was still nice and high, but with this attack, he'd be wiped out, so Nieru had to make it count. As the Raichu collided with Starmie he called out "Now! Mega Punch!" Shocker turned around and put the last of his strength into his punch.
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    "Starmie! No!" James heard a crack as the punch collided with Starmie's gem stone. It was blinking rather fast now and the dinging became louder. The purple starfish sigh sadly as it felt its energy draining.

    "Curse that electric rodent. It simply will not give up." James said to himself, glaring at the other trainer. "He's good, very good." James pulled out a Pokéball and returned his fallen friend. "Good job, Starmie."

    James looked at Nurse Joy who was vageuly visible through all the hail and was awaiting her judgment. He didn't know if he lost, or if it was a tie. If Starmie had lost then he had the perfect Pokémon to take care of Raichu. James pulled out another ball and gripped in tightly in anticipation.
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  23. Shocker stood over the fallen Starmie for a second then just as James recalled him, he collapsed, still concious, but his energy was depleted, "All right, Shocker," Nieru said, clearly in massive amounts of pain, himself, " That's enough for now, return." He recalled Raichu and readied himself for Nurse Joy's verdict...

    "Starmie is unable to battle, Shocker is the winner!" Joy proclaimed. Nieru looked at her in disbelief, and she smiled, "Your Raichu may have been barely hanging on by a thread, but if he had been forced to, he still would have been standing into the next battle. You made a wise decision, and Shocker was definitely a clear winner in this bout. Now prepare yourselves for the next battle!"

    Nieru smiled, James was no slouch as a trainer, in fact, he was quite surprised at James' skills as a trainer, considering that James definitely didn't look like the type to go after Badges. I wonder which Pokémon James'll use next... Nieru thought, I'd better be ready for anything...

    He stepped forward, trying to hide his legs shaking slightly from the residual pains, and put his hand to his belt, "OK, James, it's your move."
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    "First again, huh? Well we'll see how this goes." James put the ball he was currently holding back in its place and grabbed another. He casually tossed it on the field, the ball opened and a white energy showered onto the arena. The energy took shape and then faded, leaving a pink and blue Pokémon in its place. The creature floated a few feet above the ground and made a few electronic beeps and clicks.

    "You ready Porygon?" James asked. Porygon responded in a positive chirp, as that was what it was programmed to do. Porygon was James' most diverse Pokémon, having many elemental attacks as well as defensive moves at its disposal. We'll see how those advantages work against Nieru.
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  27. Sebastian walked by the two trainers going at it in front of the Pokemon center where he saw to trainers battling.
    "Interesting, Usually trainers battle outside of cities but hey what difference does it make?" said Sebastian.
    "I guess i'll sit here and watch... this promises to be good," said Sebastian with a grin on his face.

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