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Open Dare The Eeveelutions!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by WolfyPop, Aug 14, 2016.

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  1. Cynder: Hey everyone! My name is Cynder and i am a Houndoom who has managed to get Umbreon out of the dark and stop him being a sour puss! Umbreon: Hey! Cynder: Anyways, Espeon and I have decided to bring the group together for what we call, Dare The Eeveelutions! If you want to dare someone, i will have something on my profile where you can ask! You have to say your name, what pokemon you are, gender and of course, the dare! How about i start this off! (Yells at the others)

    Cynder: Okay everyone, lets play. Flareon! I have a dare for you!
    Flareon: O-okay.. what is it?
    Cynder: I dare you to leap into Vaporeon's lake for a full minute!
    Flareon: ⊙_⊙
    Cynder: and if you dont I will shove you in there!
    Flareon: I'm going i'm going.

    (A minute later)

    Jolteon: okay let's get her out of there.
    Glaceon: You can come out now!
    (Flareon leaps out the water and is as fluffy as a Pomeranian)
    Umbreon: Wow...
    (Flareon begins rising body temperature)
    Sylveon and Eevee: RUN!
    (Vaporeon uses Water Gun and Flareon lands into the water)
    Vaporeon: Problem solved.

    Cynder: Ok now... you know what.. this is about.. you can try asking questions... bye..

    Cynder: Hey everyone we are back with..
    Everyone except Umbreon: Dare The Eeveelutions!
    Cynder: This dare is for you Glaceon!
    Glaceon: Oh boy..
    Sylveon: Introducing Blizzard the Frosslass!
    Leafeon: What's the dare?
    Blizzard: I dare Glaceon to stand in the crater of a Volcano!
    Glaceon: •••
    Flareon: YESSSSS

    (Everyone goes to the volcano)

    Sylveon: You can do it!
    Glaceon: I don't think i ca-AHHHHHH
    (Eevee trips her)
    Eevee: Oops, did i do that? *giggles*

    (A minute later)

    Cynder: I would do it for you if Eevee was not so cute
    Jolteon: That is the end of this dare! Bye!
    (Glaceon is chasing Eevee in the background)

    Eevee: Welcome back to-
    Cynder: THAT'S MY LINE!!
    Eevee: Sorry..
    Cynder: Anyways wwlcome back to Dare The Eeveelutions!
    Espeon: Apparently our next Darer is Dusk the Umbreon!
    Umbreon: ⊙_⊙
    Dusk: ⊙_⊙
    Cynder: What is da dare?
    Dusk: Ok, i dare Cynder to ship all of the Eeveelutions together!
    Cynder: Ok, lets see.. Umbreon and Espeon.
    U and E: •••
    Cynder: Glaceon and Jolteon
    Jolteon: LET ME AT HER
    Cynder: Leafeon and Sylveon
    Sylveon: umm, ok?
    Cynder: And Flareon and Vaporeon!
    Vaporeon: ●_●
    Cynder: Eevee is too young to be shipped
    (Everyone except for Umbreon, Espeon and Eevee are chasing Cynder)

    Eevee: Well i think that is it.. Bye!

    Cynder: Welcome back to..
    Everyone: Dare the-
    Umbreon: WE GET IT CYNDER!
    Cynder: Fine.. sour puss
    Umbreon: I HEARD THAT
    Eevee: Welcome back to Dare The Eeveelutions!
    Umbreon: This dare comes from Ember the Ponyta..
    Ember: Hey! This is a dare to Leafeon!
    Jolteon: What is it?
    Ember: I dare Leafeon to let Flareon set his ears on fire for half a minute!
    Everyone except Flareon: ⊙_⊙
    Flareon: >U<

    (30 seconds later)

    Espeon: (wakes from nap) Where is Leafeon?
    Cynder: Throwing water on his ears...

    Vaporeon: Ok thats it for this dare bai!
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  2. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    I... don't think this is an RP? It seems like you'd be better off posting a written work series in the Creative Corner for this.
  3. Sorry ill move this too creative corner..
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