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Ask to Join Cultura Pokemon College (Romance)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Florem, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Info and Locations: A Large Island in the middle of the Poke World has dedicated itself to raising Pokemon and Poke Eggs from all over the different regions, this Island now houses not only it's Daycare but a thriving Town and a School where trainers, coordinators, breeders, future gym leaders and champions go to study. The new school year has started which means that the Egg Festival has began where the Daycare gives each student an Egg to raise and to care for the entire school year, this Egg will become a part of the students daily life and before long they'll have a Pokemon companion to call their own. This Island has a lot of attractions for students to explore after school from the Amusement Park by the Beach to some of the local Shops and Cafes in town, The Daycare where many Pokemon stay, to the many types of habitats that are available through out the Island in the Cultura Park filled with forests and meadows to marshes and lakes to the more rocky and dessert terrains as well and lastly The Hot springs where the Dorms and the School are located by.


    1: Please follow the PokeCharm's Rules
    2: NO Autoing, Bullying or Swearing
    3: Romance is encouraged but Don't go over board! (Dating and Kissing are fine)
    4: Please NO Legendaries or Fakemon
    5: You can have 3 characters max as long as you can handle it
    6: Teachers are able to teach 2 classes max
    7: Mega evolution are allowed as long as you have permission as well as Z-moves
    8: The Max amount of Pokemon you can have is 4 unless your a student because you'll have received an Egg from the Daycare.

    Sign Ups Here ---> https://pokecharms.com/threads/cult...omance-discussion-sign-ups.18752/#post-578564

    Class Schedule:
    1. Pokemon Raising and Egg Caring (Keahi Prince)
    2. PokeScience and Biology (Florem Nagi)
    3. Pokemon History and Mythology
    4. Geography and Pokemon Habitats
    5. Break/Lunch (You may leave School grounds for an hour)
    6. Pokemon Nature and Evolution
    7. Economics and Agriculture (Florem Nagi)
    8. Battling and Strategy (Coach Tillan)
    9. Math and Physics
    10. Art and Music (Keahi Prince)


    Florem walked along the decorative streets of the Egg festival with a bright smile on her face since tomorrow would be the first day of the semester for the college she now worked at, "oh I can't till tomorrow right Oliver?" she giggled looking to her Furfrou who walked along side her with a grin excited to see his trainer so happy. The Pinkette happily petted her dandy trimmed Pokemon before hearing her name being called looking up she spotted her cousin carrying an egg in his arms, "Oh Kaileb there you are, I'm so happy you decided to come here as well and I see you've went and received an egg too, congratulations" she said running up to the boy who over towered her in terms of height and giving him a small but welcomed hug.

    Kale hugged his older cousin back making sure to keep a steady hold on the Egg in his arm he was also aware of the over protective glare he was receiving from her Pokemon as it came up to them while his Toxicroak that stood next to him gave him a slight smirk, "Thank you, it's a Stunky egg from what they told me" he said with a small smile releasing the pinkette and patting her head which in turn made her pout making Florem look more like a child instead of a 25 year old woman.
  2. Keahi Prince stood in the middle of the cheerful hustle and bustle of the Egg Festival and took a long, deep breath, stretching her arms up into the sky. The scent of the ocean was on the wind, the wind was warm and balmy, and there were tons of people gathered here to celebrate new life and pokémon just waiting to enter the world and make their mark! It really got her blood pumping! The dark skinned beauty had been helping to hand out eggs to students all morning, so decided it was time to take a break and check out the sights and the food (mostly the food) that the festival had to offer.

    Pulling her long, dark hair up and away from her bare shoulders in a messy ponytail, Keahi grinned and looked down at the two dog pokémon flanking her. They made quite a striking trio - Keahi was dressed to impress today, wearing some fancy, high-waisted black shorts that showed off a lot of leg, a red, floral-print crop top and heeled leather sandals. She even had a chunky gold bangle on, gold hoop earrings, and a string of multi-coloured Alolan pearls around her neck. Her pokémon, a houndoom Dirge and dusk form Lycanroc named Pelé, were both groomed to perfection today as well! Pelé’s emerald-green eyes were positively shining with excitement - she was always eager to celebrate! Dirge, however, had his usual deadpan expression. What a pair the two of them made.

    “Ever the grump, aren’tcha buddy?” Keahi chuckled, ruffling Dirge’s short fur a little, “Loosen up! We’ll get a bite to eat first and then dance it off. How’s that sound?”

    Dirge let out a little harrumph. Apparently, it didn’t sound all that good. Pelé however barked excitedly and pranced on ahead, following her nose to the most appealing food stall. Keahi picked up a basket full of ridiculously decadent poké puffs for all of her pokémon, feeding Dirge and Pelé right away while she grabbed herself a soft pretzel. It was at that moment she caught sight of a familiar head of cotton candy hair.

    “Hey there!” she called out to Florem, a fellow teacher, who was accompanied by someone a little younger that Keahi could only assume was a student. Keahi, Dirge, and Pelé strolled on over to the duo and beamed, “How are you guys enjoying the festival?”

    Her light, golden brown eyes then spotted the egg in the younger man’s arms, “Look at that egg!” she practically sang, “That’s a real beauty you’ve got there, kid. Lucky! Can I ask your name?”
  3. Florem turned hearing another call out to her and smiled seeing Keahi, "Oh hello Keahi, the weather is so perfect for the festival and the food is wonderful, me and Oliver here are having so much fun now I just can't wait till tomorrow" she exclaimed happily to her fellow teacher while Oliver stood up straight and barked happily seeing Pelé and Dirge though more happy to see the beautiful Lycanroc.

    Kale smiled seeing his cousin so happy as she talked to the woman who came up to them before and did a slight bow to her, "thank you Miss, I'm Kaileb and this is Kayn" he stated while his Toxicroak mimicked him and bowed to the woman as well.

    Florem giggled at Kale's mannerisms as he and his Pokemon stood back up, "this is my little cousin I told you about and his Toxicroak they're quite a pair honestly but they're very kind boys" she stated with a proud smile. "He heard about me being a Teacher here and decided to come and study to be a Pokemon Doctor and Breeder because of how well the school is, I'm sure he'll be a great student especially in your class Keahi he just loves taking care of pokemon" she started rambling again as Kale merely blushed at all the attention while his Toxicroak tried to hide it's teasing grin from it's trainer.
  4. Delilah was, to say the least, overwhelmed.
    The Egg Festival was a huge event, that she had apparently underestimated.
    She’d already gone to the Daycare, and was now cupping an egg in her arms, desperately trying to maneuver through the crowd as to not damage it.
    She was beginning to wish for longer arms.
    Kai and Azami were in her bag, Kai, her Torchic, happily chirping and Azami, the Eevee, being cheerfully silent, just taking in the looks of the place, which wasn’t unusual.
    Kaiju, however, would not fit in her bag. The huge creature that easily towered over the small girl was standing beside her, thankfully looking intimidating enough for people to go around them, so Delilah didn’t have to worry about someone shoving into her and dropping the egg, even though she was clutching it like her life depends on it, her short arms could only cradle the egg so much.
    It came to Delilah’s realization that her being here was kind of pointless, now that she’s gotten her egg; sure, it was a chance for her to socialize with her classmates to-be, but she wasn’t a very social person to begin with.
    The sudden dryness in her throat took her mind off that, as she realized she was incredibly thirsty, and she quickly stopped at one of the booths offering food and drink. Near her, she noticed a group of people, and out of the corner of her eye she noticed a Furfrou, a Lycanroc, and a Houndoom, so she had to hide her general excitement about the doglike Pokémon.
    Kaiju did not seem as interested, snorting gruffly. The Garchomp definitely did stick out, being so tall and such, and already she’d been stopped by a few people- mainly children- who just wanted to admire the creature, much to his dislike.
  5. Keahi blinked at the polite bow offered by the young man and his pokémon partner, then let out a delighted laugh. How formal! What else was there to do but offer a traditional Alolan greeting?

    “Well Kaileb, Kayn, Alola! How exciting it is to meet you both!” Keahi said, waving both hands at the two, “With all those lofty goals and this impressive toxicroak you've got at your side, Kaileb, I certainly have high expectations for you in my classes. School can be tough, so make sure to let loose in my art classes okay? It really helps!”

    She then winked over at the little teacher with her fairy floss hair and winked, “Don't worry hon, I'll keep an eye on ‘em for ya! Now...I bought entirely too many poké puffs and my basket is full. Why don't we all go find a place to sit and let put pokémon have a treat…”

    Keahi was distracted by the sight of a large, looming garchomp sticking out of the crowd like a sore thumb. She let out an impressed whistle and wave cheerfully at the timid little trainer standing beside that hulking beauty. It looked like she was seriously relying on her partner to keep away from the pressing crowd here at the Egg Festival. The girl was holding an egg...which meant she was a student!

    “Hey there sweetie!” Keahi called out to her, “Come on over and join us! My laugh is so loud it'll help keep the crowd away!”

    As if to prove a point, Keahi let out a booming laugh that, frankly, garnered some weird looks and parted the crowd like she promised. She winked at the timid girl and chuckled at Dirge’s sigh. Pelé just barked cheerfully at the display.
  6. After paying, Delilah noticed the woman just after Kaiju did, an iced Roserade tea in her hand, holding the egg in an awkward way, with her forearms. The girl exchanged an amused glance with her partner as the woman boomed a laughand slowly made her way over.
    She noticed a woman about her height, pink-haired, and a boy about Delilah’s age next to them, also holding an egg, although he did not seem to be having as much difficulty as her. And then, of course, the woman who called her over, and their Pokémon, the aforementioned Houndoom, Furfrou, and Lycanroc.
    Shifting the egg’s weight to her other arm, she gave a one-handed wave, half of an Alolan greeting.
    “Alola,” she managed, the word feeling foreign on her tongue, easily giving away the fact that she wasn’t from here.
    Kai and Azami quickly leapt from her bag, the latter staying by Delilah’s foot while Kai nestled himself in the grass a safe distance away. Kaiju remained unmoving, a solid statue that just looked behind the little-girlish looking Trainer, who took a small sip of her tea. “Are.. you a teacher at the School?” She asked curiously, tilting her head slightly, a little bit like a puzzled Rockruff.
  7. Kale nodded to Keahi and smiled softly, "of course Miss Keahi, I'll do my best" he said while holding the Stunky egg close happy to get such praise from another especially his future teacher while his Toixcroak stood tall and let out a croak happy to get praise as well.

    Florem smiled brightly at her fellow teacher, "thank you Keahi please take good care of him, Oh and what a wonderful idea I actually got carried away making lunches today so we'll have plenty of food for all of us and there's a nice spot in the park for us to use and to let our Pokemon stretch their legs and have some fun" she giggled out as Oliver yipped happily agreeing with his trainer.

    The duo saw Keahi get distracted at looked to see a Garchomp along with a small girl next to it holding and egg in her arms and they both smiled as she came up to them and Keahi. "I'm Florem Nagi and I'm a teacher along with Miss Keahi here and my little cousin Kaileb is a student just like you" the pinkette introduced everyone to the girl while Kale stared at the egg she held.

    Kale saw that the girl was slightly struggling with the egg before he spoke up, "Miss try holding the egg like you would cradle a baby to see if it's more comfortable to you" he stated even though his face was a bit stoic his eyes held nothing but kindness.
  8. Delilah blinked, a bit amused, as Miss Florem called the boy her ‘little cousin’. She knew she meant younger, but he easily towered over the woman (although Delilah couldn’t talk; he towered over her, too). The girl seemed a little surprised, perhaps, at the ‘Miss’ Kaileb referred to her as, considering there was a fair chance he was older than her, and, seeming a tiny bit flustered, did as he suggested. It was a little odd to admit, but Delilah had actually never held a baby, as they made her uncomfortable.
    ...She didn’t particularly like them.
    But she’d seen people hold them, close to their chest, cradling them. So she did just that, and it was a little bit easier, and she flashed him a small, thankful smile.
    “Oh- thank you, yeah, that- that is easier..” she mumbled admittedly, ducking her head a bit.
  9. Keahi watched the scene unfold before her with a discerning eye, becoming uncharacteristically quiet as she folded her arms across her chest. She happily returned a polite Alola to the young girl, and was about to comment on how she was holding her egg until Kaileb cut in. That earned the kid an approving little smirk from his new teacher, who put her hands on her hips before chiming in.

    “Kaileb’s right! Cradling your egg is a great way to keep it secure,” she said, taking on a much more professional tone of voice than she had been using previously. Time for a teaching moment! The Alolan beauty flashed her golden-brown eyes downwards to catch a glimpse of the drink the girl was holding, then looked into her eyes and gave a playful wink, “One very important rule to never forget, though, is that you can always ask for help! Rearing a pokémon from an egg is no easy task, so a little help can go a long way. Feel free to rely on your peers, your teachers, and your pokémon any time you feel like you have your hands full!”

    She then reached her hands down and scratched Dirge and Pelé’s heads, beaming. She had relied on these two for more than she would ever be able to put into words. They were family to her, and she’d do anything for them! “That garchomp of yours was very obviously raised lovingly, and it’s no easy feat to train a gible. I’m positive you can rely on him! Now, we were going to head on over to the park to give our pokémon a bite to eat...care to join us...ah! I don’t think I caught your name, little one!”
  10. Delilah stood, stunned, looking temporarily but absolutely mortified. Manners had almost been a strict thing in her house, and here she was on her first day of college (or, day before, rather), and she had engaged in a conversation without even offering her name. Blinking the look away, she fixed her face and tried to straighten her posture a bit.
    “Oh! Sorry, I- Delilah. Delilah Lorayne,” she replied. She gestured to her Garchomp, the Torchic (who was seemingly dozing in the grass), and the Eevee by her feet. “And this is Kaiju, Kai, and Azami.”
    Kaiju snorted gruffly at his name, while Azami stood a tad taller, her bushy tail straight, looking almost as flustered as Delilah, quipping a swift reclamation of her name as a way to say hello.
    In a lot of ways, the little Eevee was like her trainer; easily flustered, a lot a bit of a people pleaser (or an attempt at one), and very passionate, although a little lazy..
    Kai, however, was busy napping.
  11. Florem smiled as she watched the scene unfold in front of her, she was so proud that Kale had help out the young girl with her egg and judging by the look in his eyes she could tell he would continue to help others. "Well then Delilah would you like to join us to the park, we are going to eat and let our Pokemon have some freedom from the crowds" she spoke up while petting Oliver who let out a happy yip, she knew how over whelming the Egg Festival can get so a small break wouldn't hurt.

    Kale nodded and another small smile graced his face as he and his Toixcroak gave the girl a small bow, "It's a pleasure to meet you and your Pokemon then Delilah" he said while he and his Pokemon stood back up while the maroonette made sure to have a secure grip on his own egg. "If you have a problem I don't mind helping after all Kayn here was raised from an Egg himself" he explained while motioning to his poison type partner, he knew just how hard yet rewarding it was to raise an egg into a Pokemon and his Toxicroak was a prime example of just how hard he worked to raised him from and egg to now.
  12. Delilah nodded briskly, taking them up on he offer, although again she went vaguely pink at Kaileb’s mannerisms, mainly because she was most definitely not used to being bowed to.
    “And- you, too!” She replied quickly, offering a small smile to him, and even to Kayn.

    Azami perked up as she got the memo that they were leaving, and she quickly crouched down, springing herself into the bag, the top flap resting snugly over her head. Delilah clicked her tongue, and the dozing Torchic woke frantically, quickly realizing what Azami had. However, he was not nearly as graceful nor agile as the lithe Eevee, so the girl bent down for him to crawl up her arm, finding himself back in the bag with Azami.

    “So- the park, right? I had a map earlier, but I ended up.. losing it...” she mumbled admittedly. “But I highly suspect you all are from here and know a lot more than I do, so I’ll just follow you.” She added, straightening herself. She was rather ecstatic about the whole ‘college’ thing, although a little clueless, and her childish excitement shone through her eyes. To befriend teachers (and another student!) had to have benefits, and if not, friendship alone was more than enough for the small girl.

    Kaiju didn’t seem as excited. Not nearly. He grumbled something, glancing back at the crowd, protectively angling himself towards the group, Delilah behind him. She snorted.
    “Oh, hush, you big baby.” She scolded lightly. It was rather impressive, and surprising, she’d been told, to see such a small girl scold the huge creature. Or be near it, for that matter. The girl lowered her voice, resting her hand on the Garchomp’s shoulder reassuringly (having to get on her toes to do so).

    “It’s okay, alright? We can trust them.” She murmured softly, but it didn’t seem like he bought it, because he let out a low growl (hopefully only audible to Delilah) before begrudgingly allowing her, although she would’ve gone without the beast’s permission anyway. She was the trainer, after all.
    Smiling sweetly at Kaiju, who looked away, she turned back to the group.

    “Ignore him. He’s throwing a tantrum. Jealous little punk.” She teased, looking back at the Garchomp, although her words were fond. “Lead the way!”
  13. Keahi grinned up at the garchomp, Kaiju, and gave his trainer a little wink, “Looks like you’ve got a proper grump on your hands! Reminds me of my Dirge, overprotective and unfriendly and altogether off-putting. Except they have their own brand of charm, hm?” Golden-brown eyes practically glowed with loving warmth as the teacher smiled down at her houndoom. He returned her gaze, his typical grumpiness fading away a little, and with a completely deadpan expression used his pointed tail to lightly poke Keahi’s side.

    She immediately jumped up with a yelp, startled just about out of her skin. “That tickles, you hellbeast!” she laughed, scratched under his chin, then started walking away from the group.

    “Okay then, folks! Let’s head on out!”

    Pelé was the first one to dash on ahead, thrilled for the freedom to stretch her legs that the park provided, but also (and mostly) for the food she would get to enjoy while she was there. The orange-furred beastie was practically prancing she was that full of energy, and when she couldn’t get Dirge to join her she trotted on over to Oliver and gave him an inquisitive tilt of her head, as though she were asking him to join her in her prancing.

    “So, my little littens,” the Alolan beauty asked of the two students as she started to follow after Pelé, “Tell me, what made you decide to study at our school?”
  14. Florem let out a soft giggle as she watched Delilah and Kaiju as well Keahi and Dirge, she was also delighted to see Oliver turn a light shade of red before joining Pelé in prancing towards the park. "Oh Oliver you silly thing you" she stated while watching her love stricken Furfrou follow after her fellow teacher's Lycanrock.

    Kale on the other hand let out soft almost silent chuckle knowing how overprotective some Pokemon could be thinking of all the times his cousin's Furfrou would stop him or any other of the male kind from being to close to her. He started to follow Florem and Keahi towards the park and looked to the other teacher at her question, "I just finished my journey and went to visit Florem in Kanto, she told me all about this school she became a teacher for and I decided to come and check it out myself and looking at the classes I knew that this school would help me to become the best Pokemon Doctor and Breeder" he said as a soft smile grew on his face, "This school has brilliant teachers and from meeting you and from what Florem would teach me when she came to visit I can say for certain that this place would be perfect for me and my dreams" he rambled on passionately his eyes a lit with fire and determination as he held the Stunky egg close to him. Kayn let out a loud croak as to accompany the passion his trainer had just shown, the Poison type Pokemon now couldn't wait to help either the bond he and Kale shared rooted deep within the two.
  15. Delilah perked up as she was prompted to answer, and her eyes shine in a way similar to Kaileb’s; full of passion and excitement, although her eyes held a vaguely anxious glint that hadn’t made an appearance in her fellow student.

    “Oh-! Well- I was visiting my Aunt over in Sinnoh when I snuck out to catch this big goofball, back when he was a Gible,” she started fondly, gesturing to Kaiju, “and at first my family was really angry with me- they thought girls were supposed to be coordinators and guys were supposed to be trainers- but I think he grew on them and they started suggesting schools for me. I’ve always been a sucker for travel, so coming out to Alola seemed amazing, not to mention how good the school here supposedly is.” She stopped for a moment, smiling vaguely at the fond memory, her smile somewhat wistful. “Admittedly I’m not too sure what I want to do with my life.. but I suppose that’s why I’m here.”

    She ducked her head, quickly realizing she’d gone on a tangent, but saying nothing about it. Azami had jumped back out of her bag, weaving her way through the prancing Lycanroc and Furfrou, being careful to jump out of the way if she needed. The little Eevee looked like she was having a blast, yipping occasionally.
  16. Watching Oliver and Pelé prance off together, Keahi chuckled and nudged Florem lightly, gesturing at the two pokémon with a mischievous grin. “They’re getting along nicely, hm? Poor Oliver, though, Pelé is a bit too dense to pick up on all the signs. Like me, all that one is ever interested in is dancing and making friends. Not a bad thing, but many potential suitors are shot down before she ever learns they’re interested! She certainly moves to her own tempo...”

    Another warm, loud laugh escaped the Alolan beauty, causing Pelé to turn around and tilt her head at her trainer before prancing along with Oliver again, almost as if she were dancing. Keahi, pun master. Perhaps that should be her title, over her actual professional title of teacher! Dirge, of course, was looking at his trainer like she had lost it...which, to be fair, she probably had.

    When she eventually stopped laughing, she tuned in to what her students were telling her. Both of them had brilliantly-shining motivations and dreams, and both seemed to hold a great deal of potential. Little Delilah, still unsure of herself, was like a raw gem waiting to be polished. That much was clear with the garchomp that not only respected her, but doted on her! Kaiju was protective and caring, and for such a rare, large, and demanding pokémon that was no small feat. Whereas Kaileb was already laser-focused and honing his skills, an admirable and driven youth, Delilah was still learning a great deal about who she was and what she was capable of. Keahi felt that they could learn a great deal from each other, and listening to them made her smile.

    “Well, my little ones,” Keahi just about purred, “I’m excited to watch you grow into brilliant scholars!” She winked, then, at Delilah, and added, “And I assure you, my diamond in the rough, that this school isn’t just supposedly good. We’re the best around! So we’ll help you chase your dreams and prove that us women can be way more than just a pretty picture, hm?”

    And it looked as though their little conversation had carried them all the way to the park, where Pelé was running through the grass and wildflowers in her bliss, chasing flocks of pikipek to watch them take off into the sky. Putting her hands on her hips, Keahi looked to her fellow teacher and the two kids, “Anybody bring a blanket we could sit on, or will we be roughing it?”
  17. Florem giggled at Keahi's comment and decide to make an input of her own, "That they do but poor Oliver tends to fall hard though just a few months ago he fell for a trainer's Delcatty and he would bring it flowers every day it took him weeks to finally give in" she laughed along with her fellow teacher just thinking about those days of constantly having to bring him back home. The pinkette smiled hearing Delilah and Kale's answers she was happy to know that the young girl had so much raw potential from the way her Pokemon were cared for as well as the way her Pokemon also acted towards her, "You'll definitely find something that'll suit you here then, each class was designed to help students figure out what kind of field suits them the most and to help them polish their skills as well" she stated to her future student. She was also very proud of her little cousin's determination and ambitions knowing how hard he would work when she went to visit him and the rest of her family.

    Kale listened intensely to Delilah and he was very impressed with the way she followed her own path, he was also happy to know that she still had an open mind of what she wanted to do as well. "Ah thank you Miss Keahi, and honestly I look forward to what these classes will bring" he answered honestly his Toxicroak letting out a happy croak to agree with his trainer.

    Florem smiled brightly as they made it to the park also excited to get away from the crowds at the festival but she giggled softly at Keahi, "don't worry about that I brought one just incase!" she exclaimed happily "Kale, Kayn can you boys help set up the food please?" she asked turning to the boys as she began laying out the blanket from her bag while Oliver happily follow Pele around running through the flowers as well.

    Kale and Kayn nodded both getting work by laying down the large lunch box/basket Florem had brought, they placed to food on the blanket and noticed the pinkette wasn't kidding when she made too much food there was enough to basically feed a small army, all types of sandwiches, little pork and fruit skewers, oatmeal fruit squares, a large bowl of berry salad and..."Are those Cheri and Pecha Berry Pies and Oran Berry Cookies...." Kale asked looking at the two different pies and large container of cookies with a slight dust of pink on his cheeks his Poison Type partner also sporting a more reddish hue on his own cheeks it was the duo's one and only weakness....Florem's homemade sweets.
  18. Delilah smiled hopefully at the two teachers. They both seemed very confident in her, admittedly not something she’d even developed for herself. But she nodded quickly, clearly excited for what was to come. She watched the frolicking Pokémon with amusement, watching her little Eevee dancing between them, probably being a bit of a nuisance, before getting overly-distracted by a patch of wild daffodils. Always one to please, she ran towards them, gently gathering seven between her teeth, carrying them back over to the group in a manner that was extremely delicate, laying one individual flower at the feet of Florem, Delilah, Keahi, Kaileb, and Toxicroak, and even to stoic Kaiju and Dirge, although she seemed a little apprehensive to offer the flower to the Houndoom; grumpy Pokémon didn’t bother Azami, as she was alongside Kaiju quite often, but new grumpy Pokémon were always a little scary.

    Delilah laughed softly, reaching over to lightly pet the Eevee, who beamed at her, seemingly satisfied with her work, before getting distracted again by prancing around Pelé and Oliver.

    The girl had sat on the blanket, setting the egg down beside her, incredibly gingerly, still a bit skittish with it. She felt herself crane her neck up at the mention of some sort of pie, taking a curious note of the vague, sudden pinkness in both Kaileb’s and Toxicroak’s cheeks. Delilah, always a sucker for sweets, added ruefully, “Oh- I’ve never had Pecha Berry pie.. is it any good?”
  19. Keahi watched the picnic unfold, enraptured. All of that food...just waiting to be eaten. And who better to eat it than she? After all, you don’t maintain as sumptuous a figure as hers without a healthy appetite! When it comes to food, the beauty’s motto had always been ‘feed your curves!’ Salads and skewers and squares and…

    “Oh...pie! This all looks unbelievable, Flo! Normally I’m the one cooking to excess, but at a festival I just waste money on street meat and drinks.”

    With a laugh, Keahi plunked herself down on the blanket and watched the scene unfold before her. While everyone was distracted with the food being laid out, Delilah’s little eevee started going about her busy work, plucking flowers and bringing them over to everyone! Keahi took her and happily snipped the stem just enough to fit the flower into her hair and wear like a barrette, while Dirge looked from his daffodil to his trainer adjusting her hair with a discerning eye. Pelé was, unsurprisingly, running around with hers in her mouth, trying to jump up as high as the pikipek she was chasing were flying.

    Dirge, then, having no use for his flower, picked it up with surprising delicacy and walked over to Azami with it. He dropped the flower, then stepped on the stem and used a claw to shear off the length the way Keahi had. Then, for the finishing touch, he picked up the daffodil once more and tucked it behind the sweet little eevee’s ear before returning to lay down by his trainer. Keahi beamed and waved at the eevee, “Hey, Azami!” she called, “Thank you!”

    Now...it was time to bring everyone to the party! The bronze-skinned woman reached into the small white purse she had slung around her shoulder, pulling out two pokéballs. “Alright, little ones, come on out and join the fun!” With a flash of light, a bounsweet and a mime jr landed softed in the grass before the group. Cherry, the bounsweet, immediately perked up and bounced up to sit herself comfortably on Keahi’s head, her typical perch. Mr. Mimsy, though, saw the picnic being laid out and immediately rushed over to help! He popped open Keahi’s basket of poké puffs and started laying them out on dishes.

    “Everybody, meet Cherry and Mr. Mimsy!”
  20. Florem smiled as she saw the pink hue on her little cousin and his Pokemon, "Why yes it is, I knew you would enjoy my home cooking so i decided to make your favorite sweets" she giggled out before taking the flower that Delilah's Eevee, "oh why thank you little one" she happily thanked the small Pokemon while placing the flower in her hair. She got excited seeing Cheery and Mr. Mimsy and then grabbed the Pokeballs from her bag, "C'mon on out you guys!" she exclaimed tossing the three Pokeballs in the air and with a flash of light came a Gengar, a Spinarak, and a Joltick, "Well everyone Meet Spookz, Venom, and Rai" she said happily as the two small spider Pokemon crawled up her arms and each took their place on her shoulders while her Gengar on the other hand stood by her side with his signature mischievous grin.

    Kale and Kayn beemed seeing the sweets before the maroonette turned to Delilah, "good? That honestly is an understatement, Florem's sweets have won contests all over Sinnoh when she'd visit, we're known all over the regions for turning berries into all kinds of stuff like Snowpoint City having Tamato Berry icepops" he began rambling is eyes sparkling when talking about his home region. He then saw his cousin and Miss Keahi letting out their Pokemon and thought it would be a good idea as well and reached for the Pokeballs on his belt, "alright everyone let lose" he called out and with another flash of light his own Pokemon appeared. "This is Vi, Galio, and Xin" he said introducing his Ekans, Golette, and Breloom before sitting down on the blanket gently placing the Stunky egg in his lap, he opened the tray of Oran Berry Cookies and handed one to Delilah, "here try one it won't disappoint" he said with a smile while his Toxicroak went ahead and grabbed one himself happily eating his favorite treat.
  21. The girl looked ecstatic at the sight of Florem’s Gengar, although not quite as much for the two spider Pokémon, although she didn’t show any rudeness towards them. Spiders just weren’t her forté.
    Scary things, or anything pertaining to ghosts, definitely were. She studied ‘Spookz’ with awe in her eyes, lips slightly parted, the dumbest little grin on her face.
    “You have a Gengar? Oh, that’s so cool! I’m a huge sucker for Ghost Types, anything rendered scary, really,” she admitted, ducking her head, now her turn to turn vaguely red.

    Azami stiffened at the sight of the considerably larger Pokémon approaching her, ducking her head and shutting her eyes tightly, mainly because she was scared he’d.. bite her head off. Or something. So the little Eevee was surprised when Dirge placed the daffodil just behind her ear. She blinked, once, then twice, as he treaded away, and she returned to her running around, seeming excited that she hadn’t died.

    Delilah looked back up at Kaileb’s (rather lengthy) explanation of Florem’s sweets, and she nodded quickly, an understanding making its way to her eyes.
    “Oh! Yeah, I heard about that when I was with my Aunt! I hadn’t realized it was you, although I supposed ‘Florem’ isn’t the most common name..” she murmured, taking the cookie with a brief ‘thank you’. She studied it for a moment, before taking an apprehensive nibble, looking like a cautious child trying something new.
    “This is incredible!” She breathed excitedly, looking back at Florem with a smile.
  22. The Egg Festival, it really did hold true to its name, it practically radiated festivity. Swarms of people swamped the streets, pooling every so often at Food Stalls, Game Stalls, or even just to take a quick break. Between the chit-chat of hundreds of persons, peals of puerile laughter, and the yelling of vendors trying to promote their goods or mini-games Autumn was honestly having a hard time hearing his own thoughts, to think about enjoying the festival... well that was ludicrous.

    He'd never been one for such large, social occasions. Having just received his egg, a Nidoran from what he'd been told, he'd decided to leave the noisier, more bustling sections of the festival and find somewhere that was maybe just a bit quieter. The combination of a sleepless night and the thundering voices of thousands of people was giving him a major headache. All he wanted to do right now was find a nice, secluded spot and catch some Zs. This, however, quickly proved to be utterly impossible! His eyes, which showed clear signs of sleep depravity, were now almost bloodshot. Even after enlisting the help of all his Pokemon his search was fruitless. For the past hour he'd tried to move to an area with fewer people, but in every direction, as far as his eyes could see, was an endless sea of humans and Pokemon. It was driving him insane...With a sigh, he plopped himself onto a nearby bench, opting to close his eyes and relax. As the trainer tried desperately to soothe himself to sleep(or at least to rid himself of his headache), his Pokemon stirred, making their presence very known. Just because Autumn wasn't one for festivities didn't mean that his Pokemon shared his sentiments and his idea of spending the entire festival sleeping had 4 unanimous votes in opposition.

    As the impromptu leader and 'big sister' of Autumn's small collection of Pokemon, Cerise, the Lilligant, ended up being the one to finally vocalize the decision of her fellow brethren and sistren. Accompanied by a soft, pleasant cry the Grass-type brandished its leafy appendages, wielding them with surprising grace and dexterity as she assaulted her trainer, leaping onto his lap and then attaching herself to his face.

    30 seconds later Autumn found himself on the ground, having fallen off the bench at some point during his frenzied attempts to free himself from a leafy demise. By some stroke of fortune, the egg had rolled out of his hoodie and now lay prone on his former resting place. Sweeping his gaze towards his assailant her puffed cheeks and unwavering gaze assured him that sleep was no longer a viable option. Partially hidden behind her frame were the trio of Chilla the Minccino, Wyver the Joltik, and Astarte the Vullably, all who seemed to be snickering at their trainer's predicament. 'Those brats... sigh' Outnumbered and outmatched, Autumn gave in. Picking up his newly received egg Autumn set off, slipping back into the everpresent stream of people. Trotting behind him was a visibly pleased Lilligant, carrying a Vullably in her arms. Racing up his legs and into his jacket were Wyver and Chillia, shuffling around restlessly within the trainer's clothes.

    Cultura Park, being less crowded than the festival venue (even if only by comparison), was where the trainer and his Pokemon now found themselves. With groups of people enjoying the scenery, taking picnics, or like himself, just taking a break from the festival, it wasn't quite as secluded as the trainer would have desired, but it would have to do. It was as good as a compromise would get, and from the glimmer of excitement within his Pokemon's eyes, it had their approval.

    "Have fun, but don't go too far." Even before the words had finished leaving his mouth, his Pokemon had already rushed off to explore the park. Autumn chuckled in amusement before throwing himself onto the soft sea of grass beneath him. 'With Cerise around, they probably won't get into too much trouble...' With that thought, he relaxed, reveling in the refreshing feeling of the wind tickling his face. Finally, he could get some shut-eye.

    His Pokemon, on the other hand, had done the complete opposite of their trainer, kicking into high gear as they raced across the Park. They were like little bundles of boundless energy, nothing could shackle them, nothing could hope to tame them except- maybe that devilishly delightful smell that slowly wafted its way into their sense. Surely it was a temptation! The quartet sniffed once, twice, thrice. Whatever that smell was, it whispered promises of sweet sensory bliss. Lured in by the enticing smell (It truly would've been a sin to ignore it) the Pokemon found themselves faced with a sprawling picnic where four humans, three females and a male, and a slew of Pokemon seemed to be indulging in what could only be the heavenly delicacies that had been seducing them from afar. They looked on enviously, eyes scanning each savory treat and sumptuous snack. But how would they get it? This one question plagued their minds. With no solution in sight, they simply stood there, staring at the food, staring at the picnicking humans, and staring at each other. What ever were they to do!?
  23. Yen, unlike Autumn, was having a GREAT time. He was partying through the festival, partaking in raging battles with his 3 fire types and his Spinarak, and eating a bunch food. "E-e-eeeeg! Egg festivaaaaal!" He cried, and a few people joined in. Everyone went back to their normal business, and Yen found an egg stand.

    He pulled out his egg card. "So, what do you have here?" He asked. The man said; "Well, I do have this one egg left. Nobody will take it, sadly." He sighed. He took out a blue egg, and Yen studied it. It was a brilliantly bright shade of blue... Reminded him of his sister. He shrugged. "Okay, I'll take it." He said, and the egg was handed to him. His card was stamped and he walked with his new egg.

    "Check it out! A new egg!" Said Yen, pulling out the egg and showing it to his partners. The four studied it. They were in the park, taking a break. They seemed to like it. "Okay. You guys can explore." He said, and sat by a tree near a resting trainer.

    His four Pokemon ran around, and caught a strange smell. They ran, and saw the picnicking trainers. They looked at four other Pokemon. Flareon looked at the four, made a serious face, and made a slow nod. It said in Pokespeak; "Alliance for dat food, bro?"
  24. Keahi took a slow, deliberate bite of one slice of pie...then another bite from a second pie, then continued quietly sampling morsels of each plate of food. She had tuned out the world and everything that was happening around herself as her inner gourmand flared to life and demanded she taste everything. So she did, and she did so with the proper focus and devotion such an impressive spread of culinary artistry demanded. With each bite, colour flushed her cheeks a deeper shade of red until eventually she was completely in her bliss and her golden-brown eyes sparkled with pure delight and amazement.

    The teacher whirled around to face her colleague, scurrying over to grab Florem’s hands in hers and look her straight in the eyes, “Florem Nagi,” she practically sang, “This food is...this food is divine. I’ve always prided myself on my cooking, but this is a whole new level of flavour! May the love of the sun and the moon shine upon you!”

    Laughing brilliantly and radiating cheer, the Alolan beauty pulled Flo up and off of the blanket and into the grass, singing an old Alolan folk song and whirling her colleague round and around in a dance! Pelé, who loved to dance just as much as her trainer, stopped in her tracks when she heard the singing and dashed over, launching up onto her back legs and placing her front paws on Keahi’s shoulders. That lycanroc was an impressive beast standing up like that - her size was quite impressive! With her huge paws on Keahi’s shoulders, she danced cheerfully behind her trainer, who still had a smiling little bounsweet on her head. It made quite an image...a woman with one pokémon on her head and another leaning on her back while she swept the small, pink-haired teacher along in her rhythmic flow. What a fun afternoon!

    Dirge, meanwhile, had been resting peacefully until a shift in the breeze carried an unfamiliar scent to him. Immediately he glared up at the new pokémon standing in the distance, watching the scene. He immediately stood and stared back at them, quietly growling as he tried to make out whether they were friend or foe-

    “Oh, hush, you cantankerous thing,” it looked as though Keahi had been pulled out of her food-inspired revelry. She released Flo and curtsied, “Sorry, Flo! I got swept up in the moment...good food tends to do that to me! But it looks like we have visitors!


    Keahi waved and invited the new pokémon over. With such an eclectic mixture of pokémon, she could only assume there were trainers with them as well. And the more company the merrier! Dirge, however, did not agree. He slunk back to Keahi to stand behind her, a wary eye on the strangers, just as Pelé finally dropped down from leaning on their trainer’s shoulders. The autumn-orange lycanroc clearly had a plan, though, because she dropped right on top of Dirge with a cackling bark and caused him to roll his eyes so far back it was a wonder he didn’t pull anything!
  25. The four Pokemon jumped, and decided to go to the new trainer. There was a Quilava, a Charmander, a Spinarak, and finally, a Flareon who seemed to be the leader. They turned their heads questioningly at the trainer, wondering why they said; "Alola!" Could they be from that region? They'd only heard stories of it when they were in their home, The Jotoh Region.

    Yen was awoken by the Trainer's yell. He looked and saw the source. His Pokemon were over there as well, so he shrugged and went over.

    "Oh, hey. Are you an Alola trainer?" Yen asked, seeing all the Pokemon he had, along with the fact that he used the greeting style of that region. He ruffled his Ho-oh/Lugia shirt, signifying that he was a trainer from Jotoh. "I'm Yen, and these are my Pokemon. They don't have nicknames, but they'll have them soon enough." He said. The four Pokemon nodded, and Flareon and Quilava started wrestling. "Ugh, you two. They're always fighting over the leader of the Pokemon. Flareon was originally my strongest, but now it's a neck and neck tie." He said.
  26. Florem smiled at Delilah when she talked about Spookz as the said Gengar puffed up his chest loving the adoration he was receiving, "I adore Ghost-Types as well, I grew up in Lavender Town and loved to explore the Pokemon Tower because of that I wound up meeting Spookz, He and I have been friends ever since we first met" she remembered fondly of when she was younger and meeting him as a Gastly. The Pinkette giggled at the two students as they ate her homemade treats and a bright smile appeared on her face at how well the young girl like her cooking, "why thank you all those years of traveling alone I had to learn how to cook but after a while I stared going around and studying how to use Berries in my cooking as well" she giggled out before blinking when Keahi grabbed her hands. Florem let out a squeak as her colleague pulled her up and into a dance though she let out a chiming laugh as she danced along, not wanting to miss out on the fun, or a chance to impress Pele, Oliver leaped over doing the same as the Lycanroc dancing with his paws on the back of his trainer's shoulders while the two spider Pokemon lifted up their little legs enjoying the fun as well, though Spookz on the other hand stayed back at let out a loud laugh watching the scene.

    Kale chuckled watching Delilah lit up at his cousin's Ghost Type and at how her eye sparkled when she took a bite of the Oran Berry cookie, "I told you it would not disappoint" he let another soft chuckle pass by his lips as he reached over grabbing a sandwich from the tray. His Pokemon all took a spot near him though Vi on the other hand curled up around her trainer also being careful of the egg in his lap, the small snake Pokemon deciding it would rather nap in the nice sun while the others all took a piece from the spread of food and enjoying themselves. Kale stifled a laugh as he watched Keahi drag Florem away though he was happy to see his cousin enjoy herself, "seems like Miss Keahi is happy about the food as well" he chuckled out while his partner nodded letting out a low croak in agreement.

    Florem giggled her cheeks a bit rosy almost the color of her hair as she curtsied back, "No No it's alright I had fun" she giggled at again before she spotted the group of Pokemon that Keahi saw, " Oh my they're all so cute" she gasped out leaning out to see them. Venom and Rai both let out a happy cry from her shoulders seeing the other Joltick and Spinarak they let out friendly cries wanting to play with the other spider Pokemon as Oliver let out a chuckle watching Pele and Dirge. Florem then looked up to see a boy walk up to her and Keahi introducing himself to her colleague and smiled, "Oh my h-hello there I'm Florem Nagi it's nice to meet you and your Pokemon" she said with a soft smile her Spinarak and Joltick both waving one of their legs at the newcomer.
  27. "Thank you!" He said, and then smiled. "Hey, what do you gat when you mix a Chatot and a Smartphone? An 18 year old girl stereotype!" He said, winking and laughing. All his Pokemon sighed, disappointed. Flareon looked at the two spiders. "Flar flar!"(Hey. I'm Flareon, the coach.... No.... The leader.... No.... The boss..... No. Just say I'm the caretaker of these Pokemon.) he said in Pokespeak. Quilava head butted Flareon out of the way. "Quil! Lavalava!"(Don't listen to this guy! I'm the leader!) it cried angrily.

    Charmander and Spinarak went over to the Spider Pokemon's side to spectate the fight from a good enough distance so they don't die. The two yelled at each other before slamming into each other, and then getting into a full-on fight. There was fire and dust flying everywhere. Yen saw this and made a small sigh. Spinarak looked at Florem's Spinarak. "Spina."(Whassup.)
  28. Cerise frowned...'bro?' The Lilligant looked herself up and down, twirling on the spot inspecting every corner of her body. Just which part of her looked like a 'bro'? Although she'd never met a male Lilligant she was 100% certain she did not look like one, and the mere notion that she could be anything other than a spectacularly groomed and blossoming Lilligant was almost downright offensive. As she puffed her cheeks and prepared to give this Flareon a piece of her mind she was interrupted by a clarion cry of 'Alooooooooola'. Cerise, always one to mind her manners, dipped into a practiced curtsey giving a light greeting towards the approaching humans. She turned around to gesture to her three poke-companions only to realize only Astarte was left. She blinked in shock, her head swiveling around as she searched for Chillia and Wyver.

    With the appearance of other Spider-typed Pokemon -and another Joltic at that- Wyver had scuttled towards them chittering rapidly. On the other hand, Chillia, who was likely the friendliest of Autumn's four Pokemon, had already found herself next to Oliver. The small Chinchilla Pokemon inspected Oliver, or more precisely his fur, her eyes glowing with adoration. As a well-known neat-freak of the Pokeworld, the Minccino was more than happy to spent a fair amount of time to appreciate the neat dandy trim that adorned Oliver. She seemed to be on the verge of scaling his body to inspect him even further but managed to hold herself back. Instead, she settled for a few squeaks complimenting his Fur and asking for his stylist.

    Cerise breathed a sigh and place a leafy arm across her chest, a clear gesture of her relief. She skirted her way around the feuding fire types and made her way over to Florem. "Lilli-Lilli, Lilligant!" With a series of gestures and cries, she tried to explain that Yen was, in fact, not her trainer and her trainer was actually sleeping a short distance away.

    Meanwhile, Astarte had waddled over to Dirge, staring at the bone-like horns and skull-shaped pendant that adorned it, comparing them with her own bony apparel. After a few moments of that, she nestled down, staring at the Houndoom, some level of kin-ship flickering in her eyes as she faced a fellow Dark-type.
  29. Kaiju, always one to be overly alert, was also just as quick as Dirge to notice the new Pokémon watching from afar. He chuffed loudly, which easily got Delilah’s attention, bringing the cookie back up to her mouth for another bite.
    “What’s wrong..?” She mumbled, very quietly, past the small mouthful of cookie, and it seemed like she inflated with excitement at the sight of so many new Pokémon- the two that most easily caught her eyes being the Lilligant and Flareon, both carrying themselves with a slight pride, although the Lilligant seemed a bit more humble.

    Delilah, clearly not taking Kaiju’s snort of warning as such, smiled at the sight of the Pokémon.

    “Oh-! I think your cooking brought them over,” she noted cheerfully, looking back at Florem.

    Azami has definitely noticed the new group, stopping dead in her tracks, almost tripping over her little brown paws in the lush meadow of grass and flowers. The little Eevee bounded up, a curious glint in her eyes as she approached Chillia with a soft, tentative ‘Vee?’, tilting her head vaguely.
    Kai was also intrigued by them, slowly making his way out of Delilah’s bag. The Torchic seemed more invested in the Quilava, admiring the other fire type with an equal curiosity.

    Kaiju was not interested in them. Not at all. He stood protectively over Delilah, snapping and growling furiously at anything near her, who was obliviously enjoying her snack and sitting (with her legs criss-crossed, like a child), with her egg in her lap.
  30. When Dirge had finally pulled himself out from under Pelé, he found the two fire pokémon who had approached scrapping amongst each other like buffoonish children. The houndoom cast them both a dirty look, severely unimpressed by their boorish behaviour. He slunk away from Pelé, who was looking up at their trainer curiously to see how she’d handle things, and sat himself down next to Mr. Mimsy, who seemed equally as unimpressed with the newcomers. These two in particular got along very well, if only because Dirge respected Mr. Mimsy’s work ethic, while Mr. Mimsy wasn’t put off by the houndoom’s sour personality.

    When the vullaby approached, Dirge looked down at her, sizing her up. Well. She wasn’t jumping on him, or making a fool of herself, or (most importantly) proving to be a threat to Keahi so in his eyes, she was decent enough company. He offered her a little nod, then turned his attention back to the rabble rousers. One toe out of line...so much as a hair damaged on Keahi’s head… There was fire in Dirge’s eyes, but he was patient. He wouldn’t act rashly.

    Keahi, meanwhile, was keeping a close eye on Dirge. She was delighted that Flo had enjoyed their dance, and would make a mental note to perhaps teach everyone something from her home Alola later...but for now she was concerned that the new student who had approached and his rather, er...energetic pokémon were about to set Dirge and Kaiju into a protective fury. The fighting started getting close to a full-on battle, and Keahi’s patience was wearing thin quickly.

    First thing’s first. Manners! The lilligant on the scene, whose trainer wasn’t around at this moment, had offered Keahi a terribly polite little curtsey in greeting. The Alolan teacher smiled brightly in return, and offered her a traditional Alolan wave. “Thank you for your excellent behaviour, my dear lilligant. It is greatly appreciated Now if you’ll excuse me…”

    Keahi returned her attention to the brash new youth, walking over towards him with an austere gait; she had a feeling this one was going to be a handful. She pulled Cherry down off her head and set her down to go join Mr. Mimsy. Then, with a hand on her hip, a tight frown, and a professional demeanour washing over her, she nodded in the boy’s direction. Time for some tough love!

    “I am indeed an Alolan trainer,” she finally responded, “And I teach a couple of courses here at the school on Cultura island...which I’m assuming you’ll be studying at, considering the egg. And it seems, as your teacher for Pokémon Raising and Egg Caring, like I’ve got my work cut out for me. You’ll need my course more than you need some new jokes.”

    She held out her index finger, “First thing’s first. The life in that egg is entirely your responsibility. That’s a life that can’t fend for itself, and it’s a life that could be hurt or lost if dropped, say...if your aggressively dominant pokémon were to bump into you or hit you with a stray flame and cause you to drop the egg? Or if the two of them fighting for dominance upset the other pokémon around them? Right now that little life is priority number one. So read the room - my houndoom and that garchomp over there? Both ready to pounce because your feuding pokémon have them on edge. But they’re not making a move because they’ve been trained well. If you acknowledge that they have a problem, address it. Don’t just talk about it. Get a handle on your team and calm them down before I take that egg back from you. Now. Tell me your name.”

    Tough love indeed. Keahi is a name for fire - and she was a burning flame right now, her passion blazing in her eyes as she folded her arms over her chest. She would not tolerate this kind of display, not with three fragile eggs in the midst of this action. Fun and rough-housing was one thing, but displays for dominance like that were completely unacceptable. Keahi always did possess strong caretaker instincts. And sometimes, being a proper caretaker meant knowing when to laid down the law. A stern talking-to, a good spook, well... if that didn't do this kid some good, she'd had to cross that bridge when she came to it.

    Pelé, who had been romping and playing up until now, sat beside her trainer with stoicism to match Dirge’s. She would be the perfect portrait of good behaviour to help Keahi make her point - she always listened to her trainer, even though she was a reckless fool herself at times. Cherry and Mr. Mimsy were still as the grave...they very, very rarely heard their trainer take this tone.
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  31. Kale had noticed the other Pokemon but continued to ignore them seeing as how his little cousin and Keahi were already taking care of them until his sharp magenta eyes narrowed at the two fighting Fire Types, his Tocixcroak also aware of it though both had noticed Florem's Gengar had disappeared from the picnic which meant that Spookz was not happy. Kale had learned from experience anything that came on as a threat or upset his cousin her Gengar would become angry and protective and an angry Ghost type is not something you want to mess with, looking to Florem's shadow he noticed how pitch black it was now knowing where Spookz was he sighed, "Spookz isn't happy He's probably going to teach them a lesson now" he muttered out softly.

    Florem smiled to the Lilligant watching and studying her movements before nodding, "ah I see no need to worry He's not your trainer" she giggled, it had taken her a second to figure it out but due to all those years of studying Pokemon seem to have helped. Oliver stared down at the small Minccino a smile appearing on his face as it complimented his fur, he motioned to his trainer trusting only her to trim his fur and honestly she was the only one who knew what styles he liked best though his eyes narrowed due to the fighting but he took his place next to his trainer's side. Venom and Rai were happy to make new friends but the two half bug types hid in her long hair from the Trainer's Quilava and Flareon at their fighting.

    Florem noticed to fighting due to her two Spider Pokemon and from Keahi scolding their trainer before she walked up to the two Fire Types and knelt down next to where they were fighting not minding the dust and fire that flew everywhere, "now now that's enough fighting your both misbehaving and making the others on edge as well as making your own trainer look bad, you both should spot fighting this instant!" she scolded her voice cold as ice though what made her look scary was from her Gengar who made her own shadow loom over the two from behind her, his glowing red eyes seeming to glare through the two, not happy that they had upset his trainer nor that they were putting her in harms way.
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  32. Whirling on delicate legs Cerise flared her flowery dress. The lids of her eyes met, and the flower atop her head seemed to explode with radiance. Her leaves seemed to be just a bit lusher, her flower unfolding its petals, deepening in color until its matched her namesake, displaying a luxuriant red. The Lilligant swayed on her feet, a soothing scent effusing from her crown, wafting over the surrounding Pokemon and Humans. Aromatherapy, a move which calmed and healed Pokemon, when used in concert with a Lilligants naturally soothing fragrance the effects were impressive, to say the least. Cerise was a Pokemon rather aware of her surroundings, and as Autumn's only Pokemon for the first few years of his journey, she was treated much more like a human companion than a Pokemon. She was fully capable of reacting to a situation like this and making an impromptu judgment, which in this case led to her usage of Aromatherapy. She would provide assistance to the group, helping to calm the combative duo, but if a battle actually broke out her priority would be to get her 'younger siblings' and swiftly return to Autumn.

    Chillia tilted her head to side coyly, staring at the Eevee. Her eye for detail was impeccable, she immediately took notice of a few spots of dirt and stray blades of grass that had attached themselves to the Eevee's fur. Brow furrowed she got to work, traversing the Eevee's body with her tail, careful to avoid the Daffodil perched behind its ear. Once she was done she quickly backpedaled, inspecting the Eevee from a distance. Satisfied with her work she zipped back towards the Eevee energetically talking with chitters of 'Min-min, cino!' She spoke with shocking levels of enthusiasm and at a baffling speed, it would be a miracle if Eevee had caught even a word of what she'd said.
  33. Quilava and Flareon calmed down, and shook paws. "Flareon"(I'm sorry, bro.) "Quil"(Yeah.)

    Charmander and Spinarak sighed, thankful that they calmed down. They have such a firey heat for battle that they get Yen in trouble all the time. They turned to their trainer, as well as the not-anymore brawling duo, who looked worriedly at their trainer to see if they'd gotten in trouble.

    Yen made a small bow to the teacher. "I am sorry. This egg is completely my responsibility. I will always make sure to raise it well, even when it has hatched into a Pokemon, no matter what type." He said, pulling out his sea blue egg. "My name is Yen. I am a trainer from Ecruteak city in Jotoh, as you can see from my Pokemon selection. Those two are always getting into trouble. Luckily, it all boils down fairly fast." He said, making a small smile and quickly and shortly scolded the two Fire types. They nodded, remembering to stay out of trouble again.
  34. Keahi felt her resolve buckling a little as the lilligant’s aromatherapy washed over the scene, enveloping each pokémon and trainer in a calming perfume. The scent was so fresh and so sweet...like standing in a vast field of flowers with the wind whirling their petals into the air and all around you. The fiery woman took a deep breath, tranquility flushing away her distaste and helping her to cool down a little more quickly than she normally would. The quilava, flareon, and their trainer had all calmed down as well, offering apologies to herself and Flo politely.

    Her expression softening, Keahi smiled at the young boy and tousled his hair playfully, “It takes courage to admit your mistakes and apologize for them. You’re a good kid, Yen. As long as you keep putting that egg’s well-being at the forefront of your thoughts, as long as you’re considering it in every decision you make...I think you’ll do just fine! Show that egg, your pokémon, and yourself a lot of love and kindness every day and you’ll go far in this school. Just keep in mind that being kind sometimes means drawing hard lines and being stern. Now, Yen! Come join the fun!”

    With a mischievous grin, the teacher’s professional countenance melted away and her natural effervescence shone through. She whirled around on her feet, dashed over to the huge, round basket filled with poké puffs, and dug around a little… Dirge was watching her with a careful and furious eye, clearly not satisfied with the apology coming from the frivolous youth and his reckless pokémon. Keahi simply winked at him, a clear indication that she wanted him to relax, and so the houndoom grumpily plucked a poké puff from the basket and plopped it in front of him. That vullaby was still near him too… Carefully, with his pointed tail, he sliced his snack in half and pushed the second half towards the odd little bird. Then, with a harrumph, began munching away at his half quietly.

    Keahi, in the meantime, had found what she was looking for in her basket and with a triumphant cry pulled it out. The prized possession she had brought with her today was a fairly large frame drum complete with wooden tipper! Beaming, she held the drum in her left hand and wielded the tipper with the right, not hesitating to begin pounding out a hypnotic rhythm as she stood up once more.

    “How about this for a little mood music?” she asked, her feet tapping along to the sound. Once she found her groove, she began to weave around the people and pokémon gathered at their little picnic, dancing with wild abandon while she drummed. And of course the moment she began to dance, Pelé, Cherry, and Mr. Mimsy began to follow her and bop along as well, forming a sort of impromptu conga line.

    Keahi laughed a very deep-bellied laugh as she danced and drummed, then began singing along with a cheerful tune she made up on the spot,

    “Alola, alola,
    my happy companions!
    Come sing and come dance
    with reckless abandon.

    The sun is on fire with laughter and passion,
    the clouds rolling by in lackadaisical fashion.
    The sea twinkles blue like a brilliant jewel,
    and all I want is to dance with you!

    So alola, alola,
    friends old and new!
    Come sing and come dance
    ‘til we summon the moon!”
  35. Yen smiled and sat down. He ate a few Pokepuffs and pet his Pokemon as they played around. Spinarak hung from a tree, and drank some of the delicious sap that sat dormant that it set free with its pincer-like teeth. Quilava and Flareon were grooming themselves and each other with fire and oils that they created themselves. Charmander searched Yen's bag and found her favorite accessory, her burgundy bow. She put it on, and smiled.

    Yen listened to the words of the song. They make sense in a philosophical manner. "Wow, you're a good singer." He said, pulling out a cloth that he used to shine the egg. "Wow.... I can't wait to see what comes out. To be honest, I'd say a water type. They aren't my favorite, but it would be good to counter some types and maybe I'd come to like it...." He said, sighing a bit.
  36. Cerise blinked, looking around carefully. It would seem her Aromatherapy had exceeded her expectations, not that she was complaining. If the fire-types had started brawling then she might not be able to secure the safety of her siblings. She herself was weak to fire and from what she knew both Flareon and Quilava could come equipped with the ability Flash Fire, which would dramatically raise their attacks when hit by a fire type more. The mere thought the two boosting each other until they were uncontrollable infernos left her shuddering. If you'd asked her that would be the very definition of the apocalypse. Thus, having avoided the end of the world as she knew it, the pure grass-type sat herself down. Perfectly content with simply listening to Keahi's melodic voice- or maybe not. Without an inkling as to how she'd gotten there, Cerise found herself at the back of a congo-line, moving with the flow of the music she unleashed Quiver Dance. She'd seen the dance of Bellosom once before and begun to form a dance of her own without a second thought. Twirling away from the congo line she began to sway her arms. Her hips soon following, syncing to the rhythm of Keahi's drums, soon her whole body was a picture of constant motion.

    . . .

    Astarte stared. First at Dirge, then at the snack, back to Dirge, then the snack again... Finally, she settled on titling her head to the side a look of bafflement on her feather-laden face. For what seemed like a short eternity she stood there...motionless. Abruptly, her eyes widened, epiphany evident within their depths. With an overjoyed chirp, she gathered the half-treat into her wings, plodded over to Dirge and settled herself into the Houndoom's fur. Bone-like structures on its body? A dark type? Willing to feed her? It might not have matched up exactly with her impression of a Mandibuzz...but it was close enough! Although it was far too late for her to start imprinting on other Pokemon, what she was doing now was pretty darned close to it. She pecked at the snack in an odd unrhythmic fashion, giving off chirps that weren't exactly 'the twitters of a songbird' but hey, a vulture could try right?

    . . .

    While the people and Pokemon had been enjoying the sound of Keahi's singing and the steady beat of the drums, the same combination of voice and instrument had managed to drift over to Autumn's resting spot. The trainer awoke with a start, furrowing his brow. Although he was quite annoyed at having been woken, the voice that rung within his ears was maybe a bit too beautiful to stay mad at. Just maybe. He'd decide when he found his way over to whoever was the source of this lyrical music. Without further ado the trainer picking himself up and transitioned into a light jog. The music crescendoed. He was getting closer. Finally, he caught sight of a picnic, and quite a large one at that, its participants were numerous and diverse, containing Pokemon of almost every type, and people that appeared his age and even a bit older. Wait, hold on just a minute! Squinting his eyes he picked out three Pokemon from the group, a Lilligant, dancing her heart out, a Minccino socializing with an Eevee and Furfrou, 2 Joltics and a Spinerak and to top it all off a Vullably cuddled next to a Houndoom. Now Autumn wasn't one to jump to conclusions, but those 4 Pokemon look strangely like the same 4 Pokemon he'd brought with him to Cultura... He hadn't made a single friend since he'd arrived, not even so much as an acquaintance. He was actually going to wait until the school semester had started before he dived headfirst into the whirling hurricane of ups and downs that was a 'college social life', but it would seem his little quartet of Pokemon had other ideas. Not knowing where to start Autumn pulled on all his years of travel and social interaction, compiling them into a single line that radiated inexplicable charm and charismatic magnetism.


    Brilliant! He mentally face-palmed, he'd definitely been traveling alone for far too long. Right there and then he decided, 'The next time I go traveling I'll definitely need to have some traveling companions...' His eyes darted from Keahi to Florem shifting to Yen then leaping to Delilah before finally landing on Kale. He sincerely hoped at least one of them would save him from the awkwardness of following up on his own greeting.
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  37. "Yo, whassup." He said. "I'm Yen, and this is my team." He said, as his four Pokemon gathered around. "You know what.... Hm." He said, checking the stats and abilities of his Pokemon on his Dex. "Flareon. Ability:Flash Fire Quilava:Flash Fire Charmander:Blaze and Spinarak:poison Point." Beeped the dex'. "Whoa." He said.
  38. Azami wasn’t able to suppress a squeak of surprise as the Mincinno got to work, polishing her, wiping stray blades of grass off her fur, noticing absolutely every detail, every flaw. The little chinchilla was.. supposedly speaking to her, although at the speed she was going it sounded more like gibberish. But then she pulled away to look over her work, and the Eevee blinked, unable to do much else. She studied herself with a pleased eye, admiring what she’d done, vocalizing said thanks with a quick little “Vee!”

    Delilah had taken her ukulele from her bag, lightly strumming something that went along with the song and dance, the egg balanced in her lap. She was watching Keahi with a small smile, admiring the sunkissed Alolan beauty with a vaguely inspired glint in her eye. The woman was just so spontaneous, so hungry for life. Judging by her looks, and her strong personality, Delilah could easily tell she’d probably be the kind to be plagued with suitors, perhaps if it hadn’t been for the protectiveness of Dirge. Delilah herself wasn’t one to know anything about courtship, but it was extremely evident to her. Although Keahi didn’t seem dense- nowhere near it, in fact- for some reason it was easy for her to imagine the woman being completely unaware of another’s feelings to her. Or maybe she’d just ignore it.

    Even Kaiju was pitching in, stepping forward to make his presence more known, participating in the song with a low.. growl.. at the newcomer. This was quickly cut short as soon as Delilah took notice, briefly slapping the Garchomp’s chest- mainly to get his attention, considering the girl’s strength was about those of a Magikarp, a glint of warning in her eyes.
    “Quit it out. They’re friends.“ she scolded lowly, and he merely looked away, although the growl rumbling in his throat from earlier had faded.
    “I’m really sorry about him. He’s.. he’s a handful.” She murmured, ducking her head and sighing softly, although there was affection in her voice.

    A brief flash of panic crossed over her face as she realized she hadn’t introduced her name to either the newest to come- who had slightly disheveled, auburn hair, but in a way that was intentionally tousled, per say- or the trainer with the aquamarine colored egg. Her face went very slightly pink at this realization, not necessarily noticeable unless they’d been watching her intently, which was unlikely.
    “I’m- I’m Delilah, it’s- nice to meet you both! And- this is Kaiju-“ she looked up to where the Garchomp was still towering protectively over her, his gaze askance,
    “-and over there are Kai and Azami.” She introduces shortly, gesturing over to where the Eevee and the Torchic were sitting. She smiled apologetically, although there wasn’t too much to apologize for. Delilah always had been the kind to apologize over nothing..
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  39. Once Dante had arrived he made sure to keep Zane in his Pokéball so he didn't start getting into trouble as soon as he set foot on the campus. It was quite a wonderful day out... He felt bad that he would probably just waste it sitting indoors, but thats what he liked to do. He knew eventually, he would have to attempt talking and making friends with people in order to accomplish his task, but for now he had to speak with whomever ran the grounds.

    He approached a huge building which he assumed was the head office and walked right in. He made his way to the Headmasters quaters. Dante stood at the door hopping that his boss at least called and explained the situation and why he was here. "Guess there's only one way to find out..." He said giving the door a loud knock.
  40. Florem smiled feeling the effects of the Aromatherapy, she was also happy that the two Pokemon had stopped fighting she turned to look back at Spookz who she new was in her shadow and giggled not at all scared of how he used her own shadow, "now now Spookz it's alright now let's go back to the picnic okay?" she asked before her Gengar came out of her shadow and stood next to her with a huff though he was glad his trainer wasn't hurt. The duo walked back to sit on the light blanket Spookz grabbing an Oran berry cookie and munching on it, "Venom, Rai you two can come out now" Florem spoke softly before feeling the two Spider Pokemon crawl out of their hiding spot in her cotton candy pink hair and crawling back onto her shoulders making sure everything was indeed safe before they both crawled off to go play with the other Joltick and Spinarak. Oliver let out a chuckle watching the little Minccino groom and clean up the grass covered Eevee, he kind of wondered if the little chinchilla Pokemon would like to be styled up a bit by his Trainer though he decided to just wait until the little guy asked. Florem and her Pokemon all perked up at Keahi singing and the pinkette smiled as she swayed back and forth listening to her colleague singing and playing music and a small giggle escaped her lips as she watched a conga line form though she almost lost it as she watched her Furfrou make a beeline to join in the dance.

    Kale stopped taking a bite out of his food as he listened to the music but he smile softly watching as Delilah joined in with her ukulele this picnic was definitely a fun one as he watched his Breloom join is as well while the other of his Pokemon decided to stay with him but still enjoyed the music. The maroonette perked up seeing another most likely another student and probably the trainer of the other Pokemon, "I'm Kale and this is my partner Kayn, the others are Vi, Xin, and Galio" he said pointing out his quartet of Pokemon and introducing himself with a slight nod.

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